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Backdoor Man


Nancy was tired. Her work at the bank had been especially tough today. Just one of those days where she wished her husband, Doug, earned enough that she could stay home. She put her purse on the table and hung her suit jacket on the back of the chair. She would get changed later. She kicked off her shoes. Right now all she wanted was to sit with a glass of wine and put her feet up.

Nancy had just about dozed off when she heard the tapping of metal on glass. Nancy peeked around the edge of the recliner toward the patio doors behind her. She knew before she looked who it was, and what he wanted, but she said it out loud anyway.

"Aww. What the hell does he want?"

Nancy put her glass of wine on the end table, kicked her feet to get the chair upright. She walked to the doors but didn't open them. Her neighbor, Jake, was holding a quarter between his thumb and finger and tapping on the glass. There was a big smile when he saw her walking to him.

"What?" She asked.

"Open the door."

He said, loud enough for her to hear through the glass but not so loud that anyone else could. She frowned thinking what her neighbors would say if they heard. It's not really the kind of thing you want the whole block talking and blogging about.

++ Nancy let Jake into her place to fuck her while her husband was at work today. That's the third time this week. ++

It had been going on for a couple months now, every since the big 4th of July fiasco. Since then, Jake had been coming over every two or three days and she let him in. In her house and in her body. Nancy looked at Jake's eager face. Her eyes moved lower and the bulge in his shorts said his cock was already at half mast in anticipation.

She shook her head. "No."

Jake's grin dropped to a frown.

"I'm tired. I had a rough day at work. I just want to relax." She insisted.

"You know the deal. If I leave, we're done." He said forcefully. He was serious.

"We can't. Doug will be home soon." She lied. He wouldn't be home for another 45 minutes to an hour and she was pretty sure Jake knew that also.

"Whatever you say." He turned away.

"Goddammit." She muttered under her breath.

She DID know the deal. If it was anyone else she would be confident he would leave and be back the next day. If it was any of the guys she worked with that had let her know they wanted her, or any of the customers that had asked her out, she knew they would go away and be back begging at another time. But not Jake. Jake wasn't begging. He was telling her what he wanted. The choice was hers. He made it clear from the get go, if she ever refused it would be the last time.

She hated that she needed him more than he needed her. She hated that she was cheating on Doug. She hated that she wasn't strong willed enough to say no and take the chance he would be back. She hated that he had this control over her, but she loved the way he made her cum.

"You are such an asshole. I don't know why you can't wait."

Nancy's hand shook as she flipped the latch on the door. She slid it open. Jake entered and slid the door closed. Nancy had already reached under her skirt and pulled down her pantyhose and panties. Nancy closed the drapes.

"How do you want it? Clothes on or off?"


At least that will take less time, she thought. "Where?"

"On the couch."

Nancy went and sat on the couch. She lifted her skirt to her hips and put her feet flat on the cushions. She spread her knees exposing her naked cunt to her neighbor. She slid forward a bit so that her ass and pussy were right on the edge of the cushion. A tremor ran through her.

"Let me see your tits." He ordered.

"You are such a sweet talker."

Nancy said as she unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up her bra. Her nipples tingled as the material brushed across them. "Oh what? The sight of me with my tits out and my snatch exposed doesn't even get you hard anymore?" She said when Jake unzipped and pulled out his half erect cock.

"If you use your mouth for something besides bitching, I'm sure you can change that." He said, stepping close to her face.

Nancy was enthralled with his cock. It was what she thought a cock should be. Even though it was only half hard, she had to stretch to get her thumb and finger to touch when she wrapped her hand around it. The head was perfect. The doctor who had circumsized him had done a good job. There was such a big ridge where the head met the shaft. His dick looked like a mushroom. A great, big, seven inch mushroom.

She grabbed it near the base and pulled it as she licked the head. She watched his large hairy balls lift and fall from the motion. She tickled the pee hole with the tip of her tongue. She looked at Jake and opened her lips wide. She lowered her mouth on the purple head and sucked hard. Jake groaned. He put his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed himself deeper. Nancy accepted as much cock into her throat as he wanted. It stiffened in her mouth. Her nostrils filled with his scent.

"Goddamn, you suck a mean dick."

"Machs caa oo mave a mean ick." She mumbled around his meat pole.

Jake laughed and then groaned again as Nancy cupped his balls and qently squeezed them. She pulled her lips off his cock and licked just under the head. She worked her tongue down the shaft, licking and nibbling the large vein. When she got to his plum sized balls, she popped one in her mouth and sucked it. Then the other, while she vigorously did double time pumping the shaft. Jake was fully erect and hard as velvet covered steel. Nancy pulled her face away and looked at him. She smiled.

"That's better." She said, still jerking him. "Now fill me up with that fucking baseball bat between your legs." She leaned back against the couch.

Jake groaned to himself as he looked at her. What a fucking sexy piece of ass she was.

Nancy and Doug were the perfect match as far as looks went. They were married five years. Nancy wanted a popular, life of the party guy. Doug was that. He was always the perfect host. Laughing. Telling jokes and stories. A man's man, but women were also comfortable around him. He was 31 and she was 30. Doug was 5'11" and about 150 lbs. A tall good looking guy with a mustache and great hair. The squared jaw, kind of guy women turn to look at when he walks down the street.

But his looks and free wheeling attitude were where the party ended. He did a lot of booze, cocaine and weed. When he got wasted and the guests went home, he always accused his wife of flirting and trying to fuck his friends. And then he was always too wasted to fuck her himself. And even when he was up to the task, he wasn't very good or adventurous.

Nancy was the kind of woman a guy would be jealous over. She was a looker that guys get whiplash to drool over when she walks by. She was about 5'6" and all of 110 lbs. She had almost no boobs, maybe 32 b, but she made up for it with a perfect ass and legs. She knew they were her best feature and dressed appropriately. Loose tops with tight jeans or short skirts. Just a peek up those sexy legs at her panties could get you immediately hard.

Her blond hair had frosted tips and she wore it to her shoulders. Nancy had a beautiful face and her large green eyes were enough to make a man cum if she batted her long lashes at him and smiled that sexy smile. Her lips told you that she could suck your dick so hard you're eyeballs would hurt. Jake dropped to his knees and stared at her pussy. She trimmed it but didn't shave it. Jake liked that. He liked a little grass on the field. Her cunt lips were dark red and slightly parted. They glistened with moisture. He ran a finger between them and her hips twitched. He slid his finger further and pressed the tip against her puckered rosebud asshole. He pushed it in to the first knuckle. Nancy groaned and lifted her hips slightly. Jake worked another finger into her and sawed back and forth.

"Oh god baby. Stop teasing me. I need that cock." Nancy moaned.

Nancy spit in her palm and reached between her legs for his thick cock. She rubbed her spit over the head and it at her anal opening. Nancy rubbed the fat head against her asshole. Jake didn't even have a chance to push into her. Using her legs and pushing her shoulders against the couch for leverage, Nancy impaled herself on his dick.

"Ooof. Unnnnggg.

She grunted as she felt the tip enter her and stretch her ass open. She pushed her hips further and felt the pop of her sphincter as it stretched wider for the head and then tightened again against the narrower shaft. "Oh shit, you're so fucking thick. You stretch my ass like a goddamn ... " Nancy didn't get a chance to finish. She felt three of the seven inches slip up her ass.

"Aaaaauuugggh. Fill me up. Fill my ass with your big, beautiful cock." She begged.

Jake groaned as he felt the tightness of her asshole squeeze his dick. He pushed more into her. He looked at her face she was beautiful and young. He smiled as her eyes rolled back and she bit her lip. Nancy closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side as Jake pumped his cock in her.

"You want more? Tell me you want more cock. Beg me."

Nancy opened her eyes half way. He liked doing this to her. She was already so full of meat it felt like it was touching the back of her throat. She knew there was more. And she wanted it. She wanted his hips plastered against her asscheeks as deep as he could go. She needed it to hit that spot deep in her bowels. That trigger that would send her over the edge.

"Please Jake baby." Nancy whimpered like a junkie. "Pound my tight little asshole with your big man cock. Slam fuck me until you shoot your load in my ass." She wiggled her hips. "Nobody makes me cum like you do. Pleeeeease baby, pleeeeeease. I need it. Oooohhhggggod. That's it. Ooooo. Right there."

Jake pushed all the way in and smiled as his neighbor's wife's eyes opened wide with surprise. It happened every time. She thought she knew how much cock was left but it always surprised her when he was fully in. Jake slid in and out of her faster, trying to get as deep as he could. He put his hand under her knees and pushed them to her shoulders. He dropped on top of her and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Nancy jammed her tongue into his mouth. She wanted a part of her to invade him. He sucked her tongue. She moaned into his mouth. Jake moved lower and sucked her tit. It was small enough that he could get the whole thing in his mouth. He sucked hard and roughly flicked his tongue across her erect nipple.

"Oh shit. That's it. Suck my tittie. Fuck my ass." Nancy moaned. She could feel her orgasm coming. He was hitting the spot. "Uunng. Uunng. Uunng. Uunng." She chanted with each stroke. His dickhead was bumping her trigger.

"Ooooooooooo yessssss. Right there. Oh shit. You got me,daddy. You got me."

Her ass tightened and her body started to shake. He was having trouble holding her legs in the air. She arched her back arch pushed her legs hard against his hands. He let go and her legs wrapped around his hips and tensed. Any second now. He increased the speed of his thrusts.

"Of fuck, I'm cumming." He bellowed. "I'm cumming in your ass. Huhh. Huhh. Huhh."

"FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM. Oh Jay- ake fill my ass." Nancy screamed.

Jake watched her jaw clench as she slammed her head against the couch back. Her neck muscles bulged and her whole body stiffened. Nancy could only moan as her climax wracked her body. Her legs trapped him in a scissors hold like a pro wrestler. Her heels dug into his ass pulling him as tight to her body as possible.

He grunted as his cock exploded in the pretty bank teller's ass. He pumped a couple more times and was done. He knew it would be another minute or so before he could pull out. That's why he liked doing her. She was one of the few women he'd met who came from a dick in her ass. And it was quite an intense orgasm for him too. Like if a broad is sucking you but doesn't stop after you cum and she won't let go. The head of his dick was raw and sensitive for hours after.

When Nancy came from ass fucking, her sphincter clamped him so tight that he was like a dog hooked up with a bitch. Until he softened a bit or she relaxed a bit, he was stuck with her ass muscles milking every last drop out of him. The overworked nerve endings at the end of his dick caused little twitches every time her ass squeezed him. Jake held her hips and watched as her climax continued to cause tics and twitches as different nerve endings reacted.

"Unng. Unng. Unng. Unng." Nancy moaned, through clenched teeth every time she flinched.

A part of him wished he could cum like that. He wondered if she would keep twitching if he could pull his dick out. Could he go to the fridge and get a drink and come back to find her still cumming?

Finally, he felt her body relax. Her legs dropped and his pecker slipped out of her. He stuffed it in his pants. Nancy was panting and her chest was still heaving. Jake stroked her cheek. Nancy lazily opened her eyes. She smiled weakly.

"Did you cum?" Jake asked.

Nancy slapped his arm. She smiled at him. "Almost." She replied.

Jake laughed and stood up. He looked at his watch. "Oh shit." He went to the patio door. When he was outside, he peeked his head back in. "Thanks."

Nancy waved her arm at him. "Oh no. THANK youuu." She waggled her fingers at him as he disappeared once more behind the curtains and closed the door.

Jake looked at the houses on either side. He wanted to make sure no one was watching. It was getting dark, so he figured he had a pretty good shot of getting back home unseen. His backyard was directly across from Nancy's. Just make it through the gate and everything's fine. He took about 25 steps. He wasn't a very good look out.

"Hey Jake. Whatcha doing?"

It was Linda. A very pretty, 23 year old friend of Nancy's that lived with her husband, Frank, in the house to the right. She was at her backdoor with a trash bag.

"Just heading home." He answered.

Linda set her bag down and walked the few steps to him. She looked at the closed curtains in Nancy's livingroom. She looked at Jake and smiled. She was wearing a red and white checkered shirt that was tied at the waist. Her large tits jiggled as she walked, letting Jake know, she was braless. About 6 inches of flat belly showed between her shirt and shorts. She ran her fingers across her bellybutton.

"Is Doug home? I need to ask him something." She asked, with a sweet tone. She was curling a lock of her black hair around her finger.

"Ah. Yeah." Jake lied. "Got home a while ago."

"Oh okay. Well, it can wait." She looked across the yard at Jake's house. "I never noticed before, but I bet from your bedroom you can look right into mine." She moved her hand to let him know where her bedroom was. "I guess I had better make sure my drapes are closed when I take off my clothes for bed at 12:15. Wouldn't want to be putting on a nudie show. You might get the wrong idea. Especially since my husband is working the late shift this month and doesn't get home until after 3. "

Linda turned and sashayed her hips in her tight white shorts. She bent at the waist to pick up the trash bag. She bent over further than she needed. The shorts stretched across her cute little ass. She turned her head toward Jake. "No peeking now." She dropped the bag in the can and went inside.

Jake felt his cock stir. He looked at his watch. He set the alarm for 12:10.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nancy picked up her underwear, pantyhose and her wine and headed upstairs. She ran a bath. She threw her clothes in the laundry. She turned off the water and dimmed the lights. She eased into the steaming tub. Her anal orgasms always left her body aching. She finally understood why the French call it 'the little death.' She sighed as the hot bubble bath soothed her back and neck. She laid back and draped a cloth over her eyes. Her fingers traced lightly over her nipples. She was off in a dream state thinking of how things had started with her neighbor when she heard Doug shouting for her.

"NAN! Nancy! Nan-cy!"

She knew he would go through every room downstairs calling her name even though he could see her purse and jacket in the kitchen.

"Dammit Nancy. I told you to keep that glass door locked. You never know who could come sneaking in your backdoor." He shouted.

"Well, he came in my backdoor but he wasn't sneaking." She mumbled under the cloth on her face.

"Are you in there?" Doug called from the other side of the door as he tried the knob. "Why is it locked?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm in here." She answered, sitting up. "Because I'm taking a bath. I had a rough day and I just want to relax. Alone."

They had separate bathrooms so she could take a nice long bath without worrying he would come in and take a dump and stink up the place. It was her private area. Her sanctuary.

"I don't see why you have to lock the door. I AM your husband. Are you alone?"

"Doug, don't be an asshole. If you think someone's in here with me, why don't you sit in the hall guarding the door until I'm done." She snapped.

"I just don't see why you have to lock the door." She heard him mutter as he went downstairs. "It's not like I haven't seen ..." His voice trailed off as he got further down the stairs.

Nancy took a drink and settled back in the tub again. She heard the TV going. She thought back to how it started.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Things had been a bit rough between her and her husband for a while. Doug was doing more drinking and less in the bedroom. Nancy found she was left to pleasure herself on too many nights. More often than not, when she was diddling her pussy lately, her fantasies turned to her new neighbor, Jake.

It started just after he moved in. He had bought the place across the yard and one Saturday, while she was on her hands and knees in the garden, Nancy noticed a movement behind her and turned. She almost had a heart attack. There was a strange man there. He just came waltzing through the connecting gate in the fence. No warning or nothing. Just suddenly he was there. Standing behind her. Staring.

The young wife felt very self-conscious at the view she was presenting. She liked to show off her legs, so she had an assortment of nylon short shorts. They would be called daisy dukes if they were jeans. These were looser but just as short. Todays shorts were black and white stripes. She knew they rode part way up her ass when she bent over. That's why she liked them. And she was not opposed to flashing a bit of skin while her husband was there to protect her, if need be. But she didn't like the idea of a stranger getting an uninvited view of her half bare ass. It wasn't until she noticed him, did he speak.

"Oh wow. You've got a pool."

"Oh my god." She exclaimed when she saw him. She rolled over so she was sitting. "You startled me."

Nancy looked at him. He was a big man. Older. Mid-fifties, she guessed. While her husband was tall and thin, this guy was more bull like. He had a belly and broad shoulders. On his tip toes he would probably be 5'8". His hair was grey and as long as hers. He looked like her image of a biker. He hadn't shaved in a couple days and the stubble was also grey.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I hope I didn't frighten you." He said in a deep almost gravely voice. Nancy got the impression that frightening her was exactly what he wanted to do. "My name's Jake. I bought the place over..." He pointed to the 5ft high wooden fence that separated their yards. "There was a gate and I got curious. Little did I know it would lead to such a lovely neighbor."

Nancy was struggling to get up. Her legs were splayed at an awkward angle.. She was having trouble getting the leverage she needed to stand.

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