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If this was AA I'd be saying "my name is Dave and I'm an alcoholic" but my addiction was pussy! Ya, like every other guy I like sex - the feeling of thrusting my shaft in and out of a nice wet pussy until I fill it with cum is fantastic, but no where near the feeling of my tongue running up and down the slit of that same wet pussy. There's something about making a woman cum with my lips and tongue that turns me on like nothing else. If that makes me a pussy-lick-a-holic then so be it. The only problem is that unlike the girls I went out with before I was married, my wife Diane thinks that any sort of oral sex is gross and won't let me even kiss below her belly button. Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful lady and I love her dearly. Other than a total lack of oral sex, our sex life is great, she loves mutual masturbation, anal sex, mild bondage, porn movies, toys, fisting, the occasional spanking and pretty much anything else a couple would do but no way is my face coming near her pussy or her face near my cock.

Through our 8 years of marriage I've tried any and everything I could think of from online stories & porn films to talking our best friends wife into steering one of their wine and cheese conversations toward oral sex and telling Diane how wonderful it felt to have her pussy licked and that the orgasms were totally different but nothing changed her mind in the least.

I got to the point of considering hiring a hooker just so I could eat her but knowing how many other guys she'd likely had in the last week killed that ideal pretty quickly. I'd almost resigned myself to a oral-less life when Sarah started at the office. Sarah was 10 years younger than my 36 but seemed a lot more mature than the other girls her age around the office. She was the assistant to one of the other managers and while she wasn't model material she was one of the better looking girls - fit, brunette, 5'5", 125lb and likely a 38c cup, she'd mentioned a boyfriend to a few of the other girls and she was wearing an engagement ring which pretty much told me she was taken. She was usually one of the first to get to work and often stayed after others had left. Her dress was always professional but at the same time had a certain sexuality about it.

I came in on a Saturday a month or so after she started to do some computer work but forgot that they were going to be painting several offices including mine that weekend so everything had been disconnected. The only one I could get to was hers so I logged on and got to work. While I was waiting for some reports to print, curiosity got the better of me and I started looking around on her system. At first I found nothing interesting but then I found a directory called 'personal links' - that just had to be checked out and to my surprise it was a whole directory of links to erotic story and video sites & better yet when I started looking at them I realized that they almost all had to do with women being serviced orally. I thought I'd hit the jackpot and promptly copied all the links to my flashdrive so I could check them out later. Once they were copied, I just had to look at a few of them and quickly came to two conclusions: the first was that Sarah must really get turned on by the thought of being eaten and the second was that if she was spending work time looking at things like that then she likely wasn't getting enough or any at home.

Just for the hell of it, I created a subdirectory called 'new' and put several other links in to videos, pictures and stories that I'd found. I made sure I was there Monday morning before she was and kept an eye on her desk through my window but when she got onto the computer I couldn't tell if she checked her links or not but if she did, there certainly wasn't any outward signs.

Just before quitting time, she went to the washroom so I took the opportunity to dim my office lights and close the blinds so it looked like I'd gone. As usual, she was still working when the others had left but after everyone had gone, she got up, walked around and looked in the various offices and cubicles. Apparently satisfied that everyone was gone, she settled back in at her computer. There was no doubting when she opened up her link folder because I could easily see the puzzled look on her face when she saw the new directory and the surprise when she opened it. Over the next 10 or so minutes it looked like she was checking each one of them out and as she did, she slumped lower and lower in her seat. I was pretty sure she was playing with herself but couldn't see from where I was.

My office had a door into the adjacent office which I rarely used but figured this was a great time. I moved as quietly as I could and was quite happy that both the door between the offices and his door to the hall opened without even a squeak. Sarah was so engrossed in the internet that she didn't realize I was there but I had a great view of her skirt pulled up to her waist and her fingers busily stroking a beautifully smooth pussy. My first thought was to interrupt her and see what happens but realized that she might be too surprised or embarrassed to let things go any further. My second thought was to see if I could get her away from her desk again so I pulled out my cell phone and dialed the night line that rings at another desk. It's a line that's supposed to be answered if anyone's there regardless of during or after hours and she dutifully went to answer it. When she did, I quickly moved under her desk and quietly thanked whoever had designed the office furniture for leaving so much room underneath. I hung up my phone and stayed as far back into the corner as I could until she sat down again.

Within a minute of sitting down, her skirt was again up to her waist, her legs were spread wide and her fingers stroking her wet slit but this time I had a much, much better view. I knew what I was thinking was dangerous but figured if she reported me for harassment then she'd be going down for unauthorized use of her computer and viewing 'improper' materials so I took a chance and moved closer until I could almost run my tongue up her slit. Fate was with me and she stopped stroking herself long enough to open up another video so before her hand could come back down again I licked her whole slit from bottom to top. Thankfully there were no security guards in the building because if there were, they'd have come running with guns out when she screamed. She tried pushing back from her desk but I had a good grip on the chair legs so all that really happened was my face got pulled tighter to her crotch. She'd stopped screaming and by the time I pulled my face away I could tell she was putting things together. Likely due to shock but her words weren't quite as formed as her thoughts would have been because what came out was "links...you....how...shit....wow.....".

I still wasn't sure which way things were going to go but when her hands found the back of my head and pulled my face back toward her crotch I pretty much knew that while I might be graded, I wasn't going to be reported!

By the time I'd eaten, sucked, nibbled and licked her to several orgasms Sarah finally pushed me slightly away saying she was getting too sensitive to continue. I pulled up a chair and there were a few moments of uncomfortable silence before I decided to talk first. "Sorry to scare you that way, I found your directory the other day when I was doing some software upgrades (ok so it was a bit of a lie) and was really turned on so I copied some of my links there. I love going down on a woman but my wife thinks it's gross and won't let my mouth anywhere near her pussy. I didn't think I'd get too far just asking if I could lick your pussy so this was the best I could come up with."

Sarah thought about things for a few seconds then replied, "You might have been surprised, I like being eaten so much that there's a good chance I'd have said yes but then again maybe not. I love my fiancé but like your wife he'll do anything sexually except go down on me."

There was a bit more silence before anything else was said and then we both spoke at pretty much the same time saying, "maybe we could help each other out". It sounded so funny with both of us saying the same thing at the same time that we broke out laughing which got rid of all the remaining tension. Over the next few months we did just that - mornings, evenings and the occasional weekend we'd get together so I could eat her to as many orgasms as time or her clit would allow. In the back of my mind I knew that things could come crashing down at any minute but my need to eat pussy was so strong that I really didn't care. It was on a Saturday that things crashed - Sarah was on my desk with her legs over my shoulders and I was busily bringing her to her 8th or 9th orgasm of the day. I felt her whole body tighten and figured another orgasm was coming until I heard her gasp, "oh shit!".

The lack of any sexual tone in her voice made me stop and look around. I'm sure my face went as white as my shirt when I saw Diane standing there with a takeout restaurant bag in her hand. Everything went quiet for a minute until Diane said, "To think I felt sorry enough for you working another Saturday that I stopped and brought you some lunch down." Sarah was trying her best to get her skirt pulled down but Diane said, "no, leave it up around your waist, apparently my husband likes eating pussy more than I imagined." As she spoke she stood up and opened her coat, showing us that she was wearing nothing more than a sheer bra and panty set. "I was even planning on surprising you with a quickie at work but it looks like the surprise is mine. Why don't you keep eating your lunch and I'll eat mine?"

Her voice was so calm it was almost scary but that changed when I started to stand up. "Get the fuck back down there and start eating!" Diane screamed at me, "and you'd better keep eating until I tell you to stop."

Neither Sarah or I were quite sure what to do but I figured for now the best bet was to do was Diane said so I knelt back down and started eating Sarah again. At first she was quite rigid and not into it but as my tongue hit the spots I'd found she liked she began to relax and it wasn't long before her orgasms started again. Before long, Sarah was begging me to quit saying her pussy was way too sensitive for any more licking but Diane told her to sit back and enjoy it because it would be the last time I ate her pussy. It wasn't until Sarah was pretty much crying that Diane told me to stop. "Sarah," she said, "get the fuck dressed and go home. If I ever find you spreading your legs for my husbands tongue again you won't like the result." Then she looked at me and said "get your sorry ass home - we need to talk!", then turned and left.

I still had to lock up so I knew Diane would be home before I was & I wasn't sure what would be waiting for me when I got there but had a pretty good idea it wouldn't be pleasant. Sure enough, her car was there when I got home and I hesitantly opened the front door, expecting another blast but all there was was a note taped to the hall mirror.

"Option 1 - Upstairs & shower to get that sluts smell off of you. Put on nothing but the blindfold when you're done and wait for me. Option 2 - take the suitcase by the stairs and get the fuck out of here. Your choice!"

Now I was totally confused and not just a little scared. I think I'd have sooner had her screaming at me but now I had thoughts of Loreena Bobbit running through my mind. I looked at the suitcase but figured if she was going to kick me out then there wouldn't have been an 'Option 1' so I went upstairs. Our bedroom door was shut so I couldn't see her but it sounded like she was in there. When I went into the bathroom, sure enough there was a towel and a blindfold on the sink by the shower so I did was I was told and stood there naked with a blindfold on for a couple of minutes before I heard her footsteps. I'd like to say I wasn't scared but that'd be a lie - I'd been caught by my wife eating out a girl from the office and she was pissed. I heard the door open and she took me by the hand. She didn't say a word but a gentle pull indicated I should follow her. I knew by the direction that we were heading into the bedroom and she stopped me when I was standing with my back to the bed. Again nothing was said but a gentle push backwards had me laying on the bed. As I lay there, she took each hand and each foot and basically tied me spread-eagle, face up on the bed. If this had been any other circumstance, I'd have been hard as a rock by now but getting laid was the last thing on my mind. Once I was tied, I could feel her move off the bed and it sounded like she went to the chair by the window. All was quiet for a few minutes until she finally started talking.

"We've been together 8 years and I thought you'd been totally faithful to me just as I've been with you. When did the two of you start this affair?"

I hesitated but figured that I was quite possibly screwed either way so I answered truthfully, "A few months."

"Have you fucked her?"


"Has she sucked you off?"


"Have the two of you done anything other than you eating her pussy?"


There was another couple of minutes of silence, before she spoke again. "Ever since we started having sex, I knew you wanted to kiss me down there (even now she wouldn't say 'pussy') and short of tying me up (I'd thought of that too) you've tried everything you could think of to change my mind. I've always said no because I was brought up thinking it was disgusting, abnormal behaviour. Even on the porn films we watched I figured they were only doing it because they were paid but today I saw her willingly let you lick her and she seemed to be quite enjoying it. If you want to do it bad enough to risk our marriage then I guess the least I can do is try it and see if it does anything for me."

As those words sunk in, I realized that maybe this was going to be ok after all and I was finally going to taste the pussy of the woman I loved. As the thought went through my mind, my cock stared to harden for the first time since she caught me at the office.

"But," she continued, "it's going to be my way or not at all. Are you good with that?"

What could I say but 'Sure!"

I could feel Diane touching me all over, stroking, rubbing and teasing me. She touched my nipples, my chest and my face, finally touching my lips with her fingers. As I drew one finger into my mouth to kiss it, I suddenly realized it tasted like pussy! She must have noticed the look on my face because she said, "Yes dear, that's my pussy you're tasting! While you were in the shower, I was here playing with my self thinking of what I was planning on doing and I'm really wet. Do you want to lick my pussy now?"

I don't think my cock had been that hard in years and there was no hesitation when I said "yes".

"Well, you're not going to get to eat me yet but you can taste some more of me." As her fingers left my mouth, I felt something else brush against my lips and realized it was one of her dildos. "Lick it," she said, "lick it clean".

I could actually feel her juices running off it into my mouth so I started licking and kept licking until there was no taste of pussy left on it. She pulled it away and I could feel her shifting on the bed. I wasn't sure what she was doing until I heard her start moaning - she was masturbating with the dildo and I couldn't even see her!" There was no doubt how wet she was because I could hear the dildo going in and out and her moans kept getting louder and louder until she came with a loud groan. Immediately I felt the freshly juiced dildo against my mouth and without being told, I licked it clean again. She repeated this for several more orgasms and by now I could feel the precum running down my shaft.

I was hoping she was going to let me eat her now but I was wrong, instead I felt her move up and straddle me, slowly taking my cock into her. She lowered herself down bit by bit until I was fully inside her and then raised back up just as slowly until I could feel her outer lips gently gripping the head and then she slid back down again. Each time she slid up and down, she sped up until she was fucking me about as fast as she could go. Normally after eating Sarah, I'd go to the washroom and jack off but that hadn't happened and with all the teasing and finally tasting Diane's juices I knew I wasn't going to last long. I could feel it building and told her I was going to cum soon.

"That's good, you go ahead and cum, fill me up, shoot so hard I can feel it."

Well that's about all it took and in a couple more strokes I exploded into her. "Yes," she whispered, "I can feel you shooting! Give me everything you've got."

It felt like minutes but I'm sure it wasn't that long before the last jet of hot, white cum was pumped out and Diane said, "that was great, I don't think you've cum that hard in a long time." As Diane pulled up off my slowly shrinking erection she continued, "even though you knew I thought it was gross, you've kept asking to eat me for over 8 years and today I find you eating some slut at the office. Maybe this will give you an idea of just how gross I think it is." As she talked I knew she was still moving but wasn't sure where she was going until I felt her knees on either side of my head.

"Oh God," I thought, "she's going to put her cum filled pussy on my face" - and I was right. As her slit touched my face I instinctively closed my mouth until I heard her say, "You wanted it, now eat it. If you don't start eating then we're through and it's divorce time."

I didn't have a lot of choice so I tentatively stuck out my tongue and gave her pussy a quick lick. "Not like that, eat me like I saw you eating Sarah, get your tongue right in there."

The first taste wasn't that bad - somewhat salty, somewhat sweet and not as much of my cum as I'd thought there'd be. I started licking harder and the more I licked, the more Diane moaned and rubbed her pussy on my face, basically putting it wherever she wanted my tongue to be. Suddenly I realized two things - I was hard as a rock again and I was actually enjoying eating her cum filled pussy. The next time her clit came in range I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking which immediately caused contractions that I could feel against my chin. It may not have been the way I'd imagined it, but I was finally eating her pussy and from the noises she was making, she was actually enjoying it!

As her moaning increased, so did the contractions of her pussy and I was determined to bring her to the best orgasm I could. It only took a few more minutes but when she started cumming she screamed and her pussy squirted, something that usually only happened if we were playing with toys or my fist. When she started cumming, she moved up a bit so her slit was right on my mouth and to my surprise, I could feel stream after stream of her cum mixed with mine ooze into my mouth. It must have taken gravity plus her contractions to bring all the cum I'd pumped deep into her back out but out it was coming. I licked, I sucked and I swallowed until her pussy was as clean as the dildo she'd had me licking earlier. I thought I'd came for a long time but for Diane it was one orgasm right after another until she finally got to the point where she was so sensitive and so weak from cumming that she pretty much collapsed right beside me.

"Well I guess that plan backfired," she said as she lay beside me, "that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had! I figured a cum filled pussy would gross you out so much you'd never ask to eat me again and I would hate being eaten but you seemed to really enjoy it and my orgasm was amazing! I guess maybe I was wrong, if my pussy is available for eating will you promise not to go anywhere else?" she asked as she untied me.

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