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Background of Hot Wife


I probably should have written this story first to explain my hot little European wife. We are very close and both think of each other as best friends. We are crazy about one another and I can write to you why.

She is a great person who loves her family more than anything. She is funny, smart as can be and a very sexy woman! Obviously I am going to concentrate on the sexual aspect of our lives and let you in. All of the following is 100% true and not exaggerated at all!

My wife, Helena and I have always tried to find time on Saturday nights for each other to spend quality time. Which we did, but over time we changed that to be our sexual time, Having fun, experimenting and trying different things.

Wife’s Physical Features

Before I go to far, here is my wife’s bio. She stands just over 5” tall, 120 Lbs, with dark hair, a beautiful face, a pouty mouth, dark tanned olive skin, with a 35” chest (C cup), 35” waist and 36” hips, very curvaceous. Her breasts are full, soft with no sag, sporting gorgeous nipples that stand out easily when excited. Her chest leads down to her sweet waist moving to her sexy as hell ass (her ass is a magnet). Her pussy is actually pretty with soft lips and a clit that is conservative until she gets excited then appears as a throbbing, hot, sexy piece of her anatomy coupled with a wet dripping pussy!

Wife’s Personality

Helena is a very sexual oriented woman. She loves sex but as most woman do set boundaries and limitations, due to society. She has different moods just like any other person (man or woman). But sexually to this day she still surprises me. Again, she is a funny cool person, who is not a super vocal woman, but just enough to excite me so. Yet, she seems to want more and more to tap into her dark sexual side, which I take as a compliment by her sharing with me, plus I reap the benefits! As an example one night she wants to make passionate love (slowly, with lots of foreplay) and another night, she wants to dance and put on a sex show with her and her dildo.

Special Nights

As I mentioned before, we try our best to set Saturday nights aside for us. We can either have a romantic night or what we do typically is try some sexual experimentation. I as a guy am always ready for something erotic and hot, but even she will sometimes surprise me by wanting to do more and push it!

Here are some actual true times (mostly on Saturday) we have shared.

Sample Saturday Night Fun

I will share in no order some hot Saturday nights we had over the years. It was a typical Saturday Night and we were in our reck room, having a few drinks. We both knew that at the end of the night we would be together, but she was frisky and wanted to play. We talked and joked and were having a good time. We began to kiss and touch each other. As I touched her hot pussy, I slid one finger in and licked away at her clit. “Put anther finger in” she said. I did then she asked for another and another. I was pushing 4 fingers in and out of her sweet pussy. “Put a finger in my ass," she said. I did, then, she asked for another then another until I had 4 fingers up her ass and 4 fingers in her pussy. She loved it, I guess not of the feeling but the rush and excitement of doing something so naughty seemed to excite her so. I remember that night as she turned over and said finger my ass. She typically does not enjoy having me play with her ass, but I went with the flow. “Finger my pussy and ass at the same time," she said. I did loving every minute of it. “Spread my ass and lick my ass," I did as she asked. She took over spreading her ass cheeks and said “Fuck my asshole with your tongue," “Deeper," uhhhhhhhhh, and “Eat my fucking asshollllllleeeeeeeeee”! After she came she jumped on top of me facing away and impaled herself on my cock. She reached down and held my ankles begging my to shove my thumb up her ass to the knuckle. She came like never before as I erupted deep in her pussy.

Another Saturday night we were having a few drinks and there were two shot’s of Goldshlager left, which she poured for us both. “Here is to getting laid," she said. Hell yes I said. She lifted her shirt and showed me her nipples harden. “Suck my tits,” she said. I was loving how she was talking, sounding so dirty. She asked if I could put some music on said she would be right back. She emerged from the bedroom, in a light blue nightgown barely covering her tits and ass. She sat me on the couch, reached behind her back and pulled out the largest dildo I have ever seen. She lay back on the coffee table and rubbed the rubber cock all over her chest, thighs and eventually to her pussy, which she slowly worked it in. She grabbed it with both hands and began to move faster, deeper, until she was pounding her cunt to no end. She then turned over on her stomach raising her ass in the air and said go-ahead fuck me with it for as long as you want. I did just that staring down at the finest ass on the planet as I reamed her pussy with it until she exploded into a loud orgasm. I jumped up and fucked her pussy as hard as I could until I came all over her ass.

Again, other nights we chat; hold each other and she loves the soft foreplay and sensual touching while loving each other with no words. Sometimes, just simple kissing, touching and appreciating our love for one another.

Then comes another night where were having a nice quiet night talking and she leans back in her chair and slides two fingers in her pussy and puts them in my mouth. She crawls under the table and unzips my pants and sucks on my cock like it was the last one on earth. Making a lot of noise, getting it wet and pulling back so that her spit is stretched between my cock and her mouth. She continues her assault until I shoot all over her chest, that’s where she wanted it! When she sat back down, I went to eat her and she said no, I just wanted to please you. We continued to talk. When I got up to get another beer, she dropped to her knees and gave me another world-class blowjob. Again she said I love you and just wanted to please you.

She poses for picture for me whenever I want and sometimes she asks if I want to photograph her. She likes when I videotape her, her and I etc. Her favorite is to strip for me and she is damn good at it. I have never loved, appreciated or been so infatuated by someone in my life. I love her more than anything in the world and her letting me tap into my fantasies and seeing this woman “perform” for me is unparallel!

Of course there have been other major events where she has entertained others for my benefit, but I think she loved it almost as much as I, but that’s where you can read our adventures………………..

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