tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBackpack in Mother Earth's Crack

Backpack in Mother Earth's Crack

byoutside and naked©

It was my favorite thing to do, to find one of those wild Utah sandstone canyons where only one person a month is likely to visit. They aren't the most dramatic canyons, in fact they are pretty plain, but not easily accessible to the ATV junkies or cattlemen. A long backpack in, without a definite water supply such as a spring, and not part of a National Park are good indicators that it might be the kind of place that I can get lost in. The more rugged the better, as each hot dusty mile weeded out the city folks seeking refuge.

My heart leapt as I hit the end of the road, there were no other cars. The 20 miles of 15 mph roads might guarantee that, but there are plenty of canyon fools like me that will endure the bumpy ride just to get the solitude we crave. The warm morning sun contrasted with the crisp and inviting air as I loaded my heavy backpack and started walking down the deer trails along the wash. The stubby juniper and tough sagebrush stand isolated, casting their aromas as they warm. In a mile or so, I stopped, listening. I hadn't seen any footprints on the trail, so I knew no one had been here since the rain last week. As the silence descended around me, I smiled, removed my shorts and t-shirt, feeling the cool breezes tickling my buns and balls. Hefting the pack, I tucked my shorts in the waistband, in case I had to quickly put them back on. Ah the feeling of freedom of being naked in the warm sun. I got semi-erect for a while, but the rhythm of the walking and the calling of birds and the beauty of rock soon distracted me back to just a soft jostling of my full cock with each step.

The canyon slowly developed, turning into a wash with a four foot rim of rocks where the desert thunderstorms had broken through a layer of rock 3 million years old. Then, suddenly the canyon turned and dropped, joining into a narrow canyon with its greener bottom, indicating that there might be springs or mud holes that can be filtered for my water. You never know whether the canyon will be bone dry or lush unless you see a spring or a river on the topographic maps, but even those are notoriously inaccurate. Perhaps when it was surveyed it happened to be a wet year.

I followed the canyon as it twisted beneath the still red walls, coming out of the brisk shade into brilliant warm sun then just as suddenly diving back into cool stone dimness. I gave a shout to the sky and the echoes rippled up and down the canyon, slowly dying off to the clear silence of the narrow place. The sudden loudness made me listen hard again, did anyone return the greeting, letting me know there is someone else nearby who doesn't want their space invaded? I shook my head, what am I thinking? I'm miles from the end of the only road in 20 miles and I haven't seen a footprint in the soft sand, nor the crusted dried up muddy places. I am alone.

Ahead I could see the grand walls indicating that at last I was joining the main canyon. Although I'd passed a couple of damp places in the sand, there really wasn't a place to get water. With anticipation I rounded the last bend and stepped into the broader and deeper canyon. But as I looked up and down the canyon there was no water in sight. That's bad news because I was only carrying enough water to get back to the car tomorrow. But the sun was still hitting the walls of the canyon, so I figured I may as well head up canyon at least another mile while looking for some flat high ground for my camp.

The pack was getting heavier every turn of the canyon and as the boulders were much bigger now, my progress was slowed. Just as I was about to settle for a not-so-good camp that I saw back a quarter of a mile, I rounded the bend and found a scummy deep green puddle where I could pump some water through my backpacking filter. Freedom! Now I can stay and explore this remote canyon for a few days, heading even further up canyon, down below the side canyon I came from and up on either rim if I could find a way up the crumbling sides.

I climbed up the slopes below the cliff walls and found a narrow ledge where I could lay down my pad and sleeping bag. The sun was going down and it was getting chilly so I reluctantly put on some pants and a shirt. A whole day of walking in the nude without seeing one track or cow print! This is a rare place, a place that my heart can swell and drink in the beauty and peace of canyon solitude.

The next day I left my heavy pack behind and grabbed water and food and a light shirt and pants in case it clouded over. But within a mile I was astounded to see a trickle appear as I walk up canyon. It fanned out and disappeared into the sandy bottom, but as I continue upstream it grew from a trickle to a gurgling deluge, at times a foot wide and three inches deep. In the desert, this is called a river.

I returned to get my pack and within an hour found a gorgeous place to camp, with a pool to swim in, and a high spot where my buried shits won't pollute the river. I set up camp and walked down to the pool. It was probably twenty feet long, eight feet wide and maybe four feet deep where it hugged the cliff that drops straight into it. I slowly eased into the freezing water, slipping on the slimy muck on the bottom. It has always seemed so strange that the water in this hot land is so cold, chilling as it evaporates into the dry air. After dipping my chest into the water and scrambling out to shiver on the bank hollering with the cold, it got easier to get in the second time. The third time I actually swam across the pool and back before I struggled out jumping in the warm sun until the warmth eased back into my limbs. Although a towel would be nice, you just can't afford the weight of it on a backpack, so I could only squeegee off the extra water with my hands as best I could. I look down at my shrunken penis, bluish at the end with my scrotum tightly drawing my balls into a little package. Ah its good to feel the many sensations this world has to offer, even if its not exactly comfortable.

I laid back on the cool smooth sandstone beside a giant boulder that reflected the warmth of the sun. The heat penetrated deep into my bones as all the parts that were shrinking away from the cold, finally relaxed and expanded again. Including those blue parts. I spread my legs and let the sun hit my cock and balls, spreading a languorous sleepy warmth through me. Gradually I became semi-erect as I looked down at my cock's fullness, laying up across my lower belly. I stroked it a few times, watching it swell into a long erection lifting off my belly. I twirled the drop of precum over the head, delighting in the slippery feel of it. I closed my eyes and began fantasizing of some warm lips taking me in her mouth, willingly loving it. My strokes picked up their pace. I felt the old familiar stretch, the instinctual push of the hips to heighten the feeling another notch. My legs tingled as the energy began rising nearing the brink, pulses of ecstasy along the stiffness. I held back as the peak approached. I had learned over the years that there is a delicate spot where the full intensity is there brimming but not spilling over. I noticed that my muscles were tight and I consciously relaxed, letting the energy move in me. It takes will not to give in to the desire for release, but sometimes the orgasm energy rises clear up my spine and belly and into my heart. With a sweet silent ahhh my orgasm spills over gently.

Thump! Out of my dream state I jumped up as something big landed right next to me. She let out a scream and so did I, startled out of my wits until I realized I was looking at a young woman, nearly as naked as I, carrying a big backpack and clearly as surprised as I am to see another human in this empty place. "Oh my god you scared me!" she stammered as I replied "I thought a .. a .. I thought something was attacking me!" We both started laughing at the absurdity of it, she had jumped off the boulder I was tucked behind, not seeing me until she was in the air. and now we were standing there shaking with the adrenaline. Suddenly shy in my nakedness and the sperm trickling down my belly, I looked around for something to cover up with but my clothes were back up at the camp, and my sun hat was still sitting beside the water. With a forced casualness I held my hands in front of my rapidly dwindling erection. She was also trying to cover herself, but she was wearing nothing but her hiking boots, and a pack. She turned away and took off her pack. I couldn't help staring at the sweetest buns I had seen in years, slim, firm and full. As she bent over, her dark bush flashed between her legs, and I could see the tiniest hint of the lines of her slit. She grabbed the shirt that she had tucked under the pack straps and turning back to me, held it in front of her as she started talking quickly . "I didn't expect to see anyone down here since there weren't any other cars on the road I came in on. How did you get here?"

"I came down Sticky Draw and then headed up canyon to here."

"Oh, I came down Lost Wash and headed down canyon to here."

"I also thought I had this place all to myself since I didn't see anyone else out here and in fact haven't seen even one track in two days. I didn't think anyone would come from above, it looks like a long slog through that wash."

"Yeah, well, keeps out the hunters."

I didn't seem to know where to look, embarrassed to have been caught naked, but then again realizing that we both liked hiking in the nude. She seemed to be trying to act casual, like it was not uncommon to be standing talking to a naked guy twice her age.

"How amazing that we came from opposite directions and ran into each other! Um, and that we both seem to enjoy hiking naked.," she said.

"Yeah, I love hiking nude but I really don't want to freak anyone out so I generally don't get naked unless I think there is no chance that I'll run into someone. I, uh hope you don't mind..."

"Do I look like I mind?," she asked coyly, squenching up her eyes as she gives me a once over. My heart pounded as the thrill washed through me, jeez I'd never had an attractive young woman do that to me, much less a naked one, much less a total stranger that just scared the shit out of me.

I saw her eyes widen as she looked at my belly, and replayed what she saw out of the corner of her eye when she jumped off the rock.

"Uh, sorry to have startled you, jeez what timing huh?" she grinned as she rolled her eyes and looked closely at my belly.

I looked down and realized that she was talking about the semen on my belly. "Yeah, caught me at a bad time! Sorry, I didn't know someone might be coming along..."

"Oh hush. Its my favorite thing to do out in nature too. I sure wish all this nudity and sexuality stuff wasn't so repressed in our country, what's cleaner or more natural than enjoying the beauty of our bodies when we are alone. It's a lot more complicated when there's another person involved, you know, are you both willing and all that, but when you are alone, hey do what feels good!"

My embarrassment vanished. Here was someone so free and confident in herself that she could talk like this to a stranger in a place miles from anywhere. She could take care of herself I could see, her muscles were clearly defined beneath that soft layer that women are blessed with. Grinning like a fool I replied "Well thanks for putting me at ease. I thought you might be creeped out, but I can assure you I am a gentleman."

There was a bit of awkward silence. It felt like we were moving too fast. But I dropped my hands to my sides, daring to take her at her word. She looked at my now flaccid penis, grinned and tossed the shirt she was clutching to her chest on her pack.

"So how long are you planning to be here?," she asked, sitting on her pack and getting out a water bottle. I tried not to look between her legs, for they weren't exactly clasped together like girls have learned to do.

"I have four days, but uh, if you need space I could move down canyon..."

"Seems like plenty of room here, shall we share this beautiful waterhole?"

"I'd love it actually. I've done tons of solo camping, it will be fun to have someone else around."

"My girlfriends will be showing up in a few days, it will get crowded then. But til then I'd enjoy hanging out with you. Of course we can do our own things too, I do need my space from time to time. But being in the canyons with an interesting guy, hey I can handle that!," she said with a smile. "Even if you are almost old enough to be my dad.," she grinned.

"Well, I'll have to see if you are mature and wise enough to grab my attention, you know, that's what turns us old guys on.." My cock was stirring from this flirting, I had never felt so free to say something so forward, to show my interest and attraction. To let my feelings flow. She kept glancing up at my cock as we talked, and even licked her lips once in a way that made me get even bigger.

"Well, I've got to set up camp" she said, "and you look like you need to clean up." I watched her get up, turn around and bend over to pick up her pack, catching a glimpse of her wet red crack and an obviously swollen clit. I couldn't stop staring at her luscious backside, those trim hips that switch as she steps over the rocky ground. This was blowing me away, is this me? Could I dream up such a fantasy, old fart with a naked young woman who seems to like me together alone in the Utah wilderness?

She set up her tent on the other side of the canyon, partially behind a tree. I decided I should stop staring and drooling so obviously. I yelled over to her "I'm going off for a walk, see you in a couple of hours."

"Ok, I'm not going anywhere, I'm beat from the long hike."

I started off, looking for a way up the steep canyon walls, enjoying the feeling of the sun on my buns, the wind through my balls, the soft scratch of weeds against my thighs. I found a way up eventually and made my way back along the rim til I was above our camp. I gasped when I saw her spread-eagled on a rock thrumming her clit, and breathing heavily. I stood entranced, I had never watched a woman masturbating. I felt a little guilty that she didn't know I was watching, but I couldn't bring myself to announce my presence and maybe halt the proceedings. My cock had sprung to life and I couldn't resist stroking it as I watched. I could see her legs trembling slightly and her stomach jumping as the orgasm approached. I was pumping harder and harder, imagining how sweet it would be to be there with her, smelling her cunt and touching her soft body. She arched her back, she growled, she came. Moments later, I shot my load, carefully keeping quiet so she wouldn't hear me. I eased back from the edge so she wouldn't see me, wiping the trails of come from my fingers.

I was torn, should I go back to the camp and see if something more might happen? Well, she probably wouldn't be feeling sexual for the rest of the month, if she was anything like my wife. So I went off, exploring the beautiful canyons, but keeping an eye out now, maybe there are more people around than I expected. But I didn't see anyone else.

I dropped back into the canyon further upstream and headed back towards camp. The thought of the gorgeous girl waiting for me down the canyon got me hard again. Shit, how would I walk into the camp with my dick pointing right at her? While she was acting like she was comfortable with the situation, I'd hate to make her think I was the sex addict I am and make her shut down. Luckily, as I walked the erection subsided a bit, at least it was hanging down now.

As I rounded the last bend my eyes were hungrily looking to see where she was. I didn't see her anywhere, I bet she went on a hike too. Oh well. As I jumped off the big rock just before the pool, I saw her laying where I had been earlier, and she was going at it like I had been. I hit the ground and she jumped, but we broke into laughter at the irony that I had caught her just like I had been caught.

"I thought I'd see you coming back up the canyon from the way you left! What are you doing sneaking up on me like that!"

"Hey, I had no idea.." I mumbled, embarrassed.

She punched my arm grinning, "Just desserts!" She glanced down at my dick, which was just starting to grow again, standing this close to such a beautiful young woman. She looked back in my eyes, and I saw no discomfort there, in fact maybe even a little gleam of lust. My god, what an angel!

"Well, I have got to finish up here." She said as she plopped back to the ground and lay back, closing her eyes. I didn't know what to do, was that an invitation to leave, or to stay? She must be expecting me to leave. She put her hands back in her crotch. I tore myself away after a heartbeat and left, my cock now standing straight up. I looked back, and she was looking at me and smiling, but now I was too embarrassed to turn around again with such a hard on.

I got back to my tent, but I couldn't see her behind the rocks now. My heart was beating hard and I was shaky. Damn, should I have stayed? I think she might not have minded if I stayed and watched! Was I going to have to decide how far to go? I am committed to my marriage, but would it be unfaithful to flirt or watch? Could I control myself if she threw herself at me?

I didn't see her again until after nightfall. I had gone up out of the canyon to gather some firewood, leaving the delicate canyon environment as untouched as possible. The small fire flickered beneath the billions of stars as a coyote yelped nearby. I shed my clothes as the night was warm enough to not need them with the heat of the fire. She appeared out of the shadows, still bundled in her fleece jacket and jeans.

"Uh, come on in the fire is warm! How about a little skinny firing?"

"What in the heck is skinny firing?" she asked.

"Well, you know, like skinny dipping, except this is with fire instead of water."

"Duh, I get it. I don't know, I think it's a little too chilly for me. But don't let me stop you."

So we sat there watching the flames. It was so goddamn romantic I couldn't help imagining going over and holding her. That got my cock stirring again. She looked at the movement, but looked back at the fire, a Mona Lisa smile just crossing her lips. I suddenly felt confident, she doesn't care if I get hard, I'm not offending her in any way. Heck, maybe she even likes it.

"God I love watching the fire," she said. "I think its sacred, don't you? Like, its been with us humans for so long, far longer than any religion or philosophy. Our buddy."

"Oh exactly. That's why I like getting naked in front of it, the warmth on my skin is not like any man-made heater, it penetrates. It blesses."

She stood up and started fumbling with her jeans. They were a bit tight, I was surprised as when you are backpacking you better go for comfort first. She sucked in her stomach and undid the button and slid down the zipper. I was staring as she did this, but it wasn't like watching a stripper, she just looked so natural, getting out of her jeans. But the thong she was wearing beneath caught me by surprise. I've never been with a woman that wore them. She looked at me and asked "What?."

"Oh, uh sorry. I was just, uh."

"Haven't you seen underwear before?"

"Well sure, but actually, I've never seen a thong before! They came in long after I was married."

With that, she turned slowly, showing me the little triangle in the back, above her firm buns, the string disappearing down her crack. From the side, the thin straps, from the front the tiny bit of cloth just covering her pubic triangle. I kept staring at the beautiful shape of her belly, hips and mound. She ran her fingers under the cloth and was about to take them off when she stopped and walked around the fire to where I was sitting. "You look like you want a closer view. So tell me what you want to see."

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