Backsliding Ch. 04


She and Sarah were sitting at the table laughing away as if they'd never missed a beat in their relationship. I came into the kitchen and spoke a greeting, and then walked behind her to the fridge to get a beer. I noticed that she had a much embellished and intricately designed cross tattoo on her right shoulder. I didn't comment. I just grabbed a cold beer and started to close the fridge.

"Can I have one of those?" Kelly asked. "I don't usually drink beer, but that one looks so cold. Do you mind?" she asked me without looking at Sarah. I glanced at Sarah, expecting to see shock in her eyes, but instead I saw nothing. She obviously wasn't bothered about her former church mate drinking beer at her kitchen table. I handed Kelly a Bud Light and walked to the den to enjoy mine. Kelly stayed well after midnight talking to Sarah and catching up on lost time.

The next day was one of my rare Saturday's off. I decided to sleep in and I awoke to find Sarah gone. She left a note on the table saying that she was going in to the salon for a few hours to catch up on some paperwork and that she'd be home around noon. I looked at my watch and discovered that it was 11:00 already. I was outside in the back yard when I heard the patio doors slide open. I figured it was Sarah, so I didn't turn around.

"Did you get your work done at the salon?" I asked.

"Sure did. I even stopped by the church to clean my Sunday school room. Of course Sister Marilyn had to be there. I swear I can't stand that witch!"

A few weeks ago, I'd have been astonished to hear Sarah talk like that about someone, now I was used to it. I turned and looked at her, smiling. For some odd reason, she was smiling back. Something looked different, but I couldn't quite place it. I did notice that her denim skirt barely brushed the top of her knees, shorter than normal, but that wasn't it. She wore tight, stylish name brand t-shirts all the time now, so that still wasn't it. Oh well, maybe I was just imagining things.

"Hey, guess who I saw at the shop today?" She asked. She cut me off before I could answer. "Lizzie, Tommy's wife or girlfriend, or whatever she is. I really like her."

"She's nice. She mentioned last night that she was just at the salon yesterday. She said you convinced her to cut all her hair off."

Sarah laughed out loud. "Cut it off? All she did was cut it up past her shoulders. I told her she should have gone shorter. Did you like it? I thought it looked really good on her." Sarah was rambling. Something was obviously on her mind. "Anyway, she just stopped in to pick up some conditioner and styling gel she forgot yesterday. But she did invite us to go for a ride with her and Tommy later. They'll be here in about 20 minutes, so you better get dressed." She said, turning to leave.

When she turned around, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Was I seeing things? Was my mind playing tricks on me? It couldn't possibly be true, but I knew I wasn't hallucinating. I called out to her before she could walk through the open patio doors.

"Did you cut your hair?"

She wheeled back around, smiling. I knew now that was what she was waiting for me to notice. I was floored. I absolutely knew the implications of this, but I wasn't about to ask.

"I didn't think you'd notice. Actually, I only trimmed about an inch off. The ladies at work said my hair was damaged on the ends and trimming it would make it healthier. I know some people at church might frown on it, but it is my hair. Besides, I'll still wear it up at church tomorrow and no one will know. Now, go get changed. We've got a bike to ride!" She spun and walked into the house as if she hadn't just revealed that she'd committed the cardinal sin for women in her church. I was speechless, but Tommy and Liz soon arrived and I was too preoccupied with the ride to re-open the subject.

After the ride, Tommy and Lizzie came back to the house. I fired up the grill and threw some steaks on for dinner. Tommy and I killed the rest of the Bud Light I had in the fridge, so he suggested to Liz that her and Sarah go to the store and get us another case. I expected Sarah to object, but she didn't.

When they came back from the store, the steaks were almost done. Liz brought us out a cold beer while Sarah stayed in the kitchen, finishing our salads. Liz walked back in the house and came out with a bottle of bourbon and a Coke. Sarah walked out behind her and she looked like she was upset. Her eyes were red as if she had been fighting back tears. I didn't say anything in front of Tommy and Lizzie.

"Damn, girl, you must be about to get your drunk on," Tommy said, nodding toward the bottle of Jack.

"I sure as fuck am!" Lizzie exclaimed, taking a swig directly from the bottle even as she fixed herself a mixed drink.

We sat on the patio for the next several hours, drinking and telling stories. Whatever was bothering Sarah earlier seemed to have disappeared and she was laughing and joking like the rest of us. At one point in the conversation, Sarah even admitted that she'd tried champagne recently and got a little tipsy. Tommy and Lizzie laughed at her use of "tipsy".

"I'd pay good money to see your ass drunk or stoned," Lizzie said, laughing. "I bet you're the shit when you've got a good buzz going."

"Oh, I don't know about that. That one night with a glass of champagne was the only time I've ever drank alcohol. I know for a fact that I'd never use drugs," Sarah replied, a little self-conscious.

"Weed isn't drugs, sweet cheeks," Lizzie said, obviously feeling no pain now. "It's not any worse than drinking beer and you don't get that dumb ass hangover in the morning. So, did you like your buzz off of champagne?"

"Yeah, I did, actually. It was nice. I didn't like the headache the next morning, though."

Eventually the conversation turned to other things. Sarah seemed to be perfectly at ease and I never even saw her flinch as the evening wore on and the beer started to run out. Lizzie had been drinking bourbon for quite a while and she was obviously well on her way to being shit faced. Tommy and I had been smoking cigars and we both laughed when Lizzie reached for one and lit it. She tried to inhale like a cigarette and coughed violently. We laughed even harder. Lizzie put the cigar in an ash tray and started to pour herself another drink. She realized she was out of ice, so she stumbled into the kitchen and came out with two red plastic cups of ice. Without saying a word, she sat down and fixed two bourbons and Coke. She handed one to Sarah. I stopped laughing and looked at my wife.

"Here you go, sweetie," Lizzie said, sliding the glass toward Sarah. Sarah hesitated. "Go on, Sarah, don't be a chicken shit. You did some brave shit today. Just cutting your hair was a huge step. But when you agreed to let Allie give you that hardware, you could've knocked me down with' a fuckin' feather! You did all that shit in one fuckin' day, might as well finish it out!"

I could see that Sarah was visibly shocked. I had no idea what Lizzie was talking about, except for the part about the haircut. I hadn't imagined that Lizzie was present when Sarah decided to trim her hair. I didn't know the positions of all the girls in the salon, but the one time I'd met Allie, she was piercing a client's ears. I started to put two and two together as my dick started to get hard.

Sarah looked at Lizzie with fire in her eyes, but she knew it was just the alcohol talking. I heard her mumble to Lizzie, "He doesn't know yet. It was supposed to be a surprise."

"Damn. I'm sorry, Sarah. I forgot. Now, here, little miss perfect, drink up."

"No. I don't drink, remember?" Sarah said, sliding the cup away. Lizzie slid it back to her.

"You didn't do a lot of things until today. One sin is no worse than another. Hell, I'm pretty fond of all of 'em myself. Now I went through all that trouble of fixing you this drink, the least you could do is actually taste it."

Sarah reached for the cup and glanced at me. I swear she actually smiled as she brought the cup to her lips and took a sip. My dick sprang to attention so hard that I was certain it moved the table. Lizzie and Tommy both cheered her on.

Sarah only drank that one sip and put the cup back on the table. After that, she started really loosening up. She even laughed out loud at Tommy's dirtiest, filthiest jokes. I knew that her tolerance for alcohol, especially for hard liquor, was so low that she probably felt a light buzz, but probably not enough for the alcohol to really affect her actions. Right now, this was pure Sarah. If she was acting differently, it was because she was choosing to, not because of strong drink.

Sarah didn't drink any more that night and I didn't press the issue. The party finally wound down and Tommy and Lizzie eventually said their goodbyes. Tommy was fine, but I was worried that Lizzie might not be able to stay on the back of Tommy's bike, so I told him to take my truck and I'd bring his bike home Sunday morning. Once they were gone, I went back inside to find Sarah sitting at the kitchen table, staring into space. Now that things were quiet, I could see whatever was wrong earlier, was bothering her again. I assumed I had it figured out, so this time I spoke up.

"Listen, honey, there's no shame in tonight. You didn't do anything wrong. It's not a sin to let your hair down and have fun every once in a while, especially in your own home."

"But it is a sin to cut that hair that you let down. And it is a sin to drink alcohol. It's really a sin when someone professes to be a Christian to allow drinking and partying in their own home. Worse yet, I took part in it! I can't believe I was so stupid" she said, standing up abruptly from the table. She started to cry.

"Hush, now, baby," I whispered softly, stepping up to hold her close. She just put her head on my chest and I stroked her hair. "We all do things we regret. Your hair is barely trimmed and it'll grow back. I don't think you've done anything wrong, but if you do, then I promise it will be okay. God will forgive you. "

"He might, but the people at church won't. Remember when Liz and I went to go buy your beer and I came back upset? Well, when we got to the Quick Stop down on the corner, they were out of Bud Light and Lizzie said that's all Tommy will drink and she wanted some Jack, so we went to the supermarket. Guess who walked up behind us in the checkout line? Marilyn Baker! That biddy saw me with a case of beer in my hand and my hair down. She's not dumb; she could tell its cut. I'm sure she's already called pastor by now. "She started to cry again and I just stood there quietly. I understood her fear and it was real, but what's done is done and we couldn't undo it.

She didn't say anything for the longest time. We just stood there embracing, understanding the moment as only a married couple can do. She quit crying and I felt her take a deep breath. She stepped back slightly and looked up at me.

"Do you know what bothers me the most? It's not that I cut my hair. I did that because I wanted to. I might regret it tomorrow, but today I was happy that I did it. What pisses me off is that I'd wanted this to be an amazing evening of surprises for you and somebody like Marilyn had to come along and ruin it!"

I was probably standing there with my mouth open because Sarah had just said "piss", the closest she'd ever come to cursing in her life. But what happened next almost knocked me out cold.

"She even ruined this," she said, lifting her t-shirt to show me a brand new, sparkling barbell through her belly button. She looked at me. I just stood there with my mouth open. My wife had trimmed her hair, drank alcohol and got her first piercing all in the same day. While these things were mundane and probably even boring for "regular" people, considering our religious background, this revelation was earth shattering. I was still speechless when Sarah commented on it. She saw my reaction and finally smiled.

"Do you like it? I wanted to do something wild today and the shop was really slow, so I let Allie and Lizzie talk me into it. The church preaches against outward adornment and wearing jewelry to entice men, but I've never heard them talk about jewelry that can't be seen."

"Well, they got the enticing part right," I said, stepping up and lifting her off her feet to carry her to the bedroom giggling. I stood her up beside the bed and started to undress her. She just stood there and allowed me to. When I'd finished, she stood there like a Greek goddess. Her beautiful make of scarlet hair hung down, bluntly cut and just brushing the tops of her nipples now. Her milky white skin seemed to glow and the light from the bed lamp reflected off of the silver in her belly button. I smiled when I'd noticed that she'd also saved one last surprise for me... a bikini wax. I picked her up and laid her on the bed, then crawled in beside her and started kissing her bare neck.

"Do you like the surprises?" she whispered. "Do you like it when I'm bad? "

"Yes," is all I managed to say as I continued the foreplay with my tongue.

"You know you did this to me, right? It's your fault. When I discovered that porn on your computer, it opened a brand new world for me, one that I've been obsessed with now for weeks. I can't get enough of it, especially the stories. I never dreamed there was such a world of forbidden pleasures out there and I sure never dreamed that they'd make me so horny. You corrupted me."

"I'm sorry," I whispered, moving down her neck to her breasts with my tongue.

"Don't be. I like it. But I do have one more surprise for you," she whispered. She turned away and opened the drawer on her night stand and turned off the lamp. She rolled back over to me and moved her hand under the covers to my dick, which was pressing up against her waxed mound. I felt something cold and metallic brush up against the head of my dick. Then I heard a click and a buzzing sound.

Oh my god! Sarah had a vibrator. The girl who had caused the biggest fight of our marriage over her perception of masturbation was now running a vibrator between my dick and her pussy. It was all I could do not to cum right then and there just thinking about it. She pushed the vibrator against my hand. I knew what she wanted without asking. I took the metal shaft and started rubbing the head against her clit. She moaned and instantly got wet. I rubbed it side to side and pushed gently into her folds as she started to lightly thrust against me. I felt for her hand and found it nestled between her thighs, her fingers brushing the folds of her pussy. She was masturbating as I was working her over with her own vibrator. My innocent wife who abhorred sin, degradation and personal sexual gratification was slowly getting herself off.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I turned off the vibrator, rolled over on top of her and pushed the head of my dick into her dripping wet pussy. She opened her legs to accept me and grabbed my shaft to help guide me in. I knew I was so aroused that I wouldn't be able to contain myself much longer. I was about to explode just from thinking about today and the events of the last few weeks. As I thrust into my wife, bringing her almost to orgasm, I dropped my head to her mouth. She nibbled on my earlobe and whispered softly in my ear. I could barely make out her words, but I knew what she said. Her words pushed me over the edge and I erupted inside of her like I'd never done before.

"Fuck me," was all that she had said.

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