Backsliding Ch. 07


"Did you miss me?" She asked, smiling and grabbing my hand as we walked toward baggage claim.

"Of course I did," I replied.

We chatted about non-essentials as I waited for the buzzer that would indicate that my baggage was on the ramp. After I collected my two bags, I asked Sarah if she had kept the meter running on the cab. She just laughed as she led me outside to a waiting limo.

"Is this for us?" I stammered as a tall middle aged man in a black suit walked around and opened our door and took my luggage to the trunk.

"Your carriage awaits, sir," Sarah said as she motioned for me to get in. She climbed in behind me and sat down across from me. Against one side of the car was a small wet bar and a bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket.

"Wow, this is nice," I commented.

"Wait until you see our suite," she replied. "Mr. Parker said it was a 'bonus' because sales have doubled since I got hired. I also got that raise I was hoping for."

"That's amazing, honey," I replied, reaching for the bottle of champagne. "This calls for a celebration, or is it too early for us to start drinking?"

"This is Vegas, Jim. There are no clocks here."

I sat transfixed as I looked through the darkened windows of the limo at the sights of Las Vegas. Although it was still early morning, the streets on the strip were already packed with people. I was amazed at the hotels that stood in contrast to each other as well. Medieval castles, pyramids, and skyscrapers dotted the scene. When we rolled into the front of our hotel, I was no less amazed. It was one of the newest hotels on the strip and it didn't lack in visual appeal or luxury.

Our suite was just as nice. It wasn't the honeymoon or penthouse suite, but it wasn't a Motel 6, either. The rooms were spacious and it even had a gas fireplace and a balcony with a Jacuzzi that butted up against a plate glass railing. I was in heaven.

"So, what do we do now?" I asked after I'd unpacked and settled down in a leather chair.

She hugged me close and playfully squeezed my cock. "We're in Vegas with a kick ass hotel suite, a wet bar and a balcony Jacuzzi. What do you want to do now?"

"Stupid question, huh?" I asked sheepishly.

"Extremely," she replied playfully.

"Then I think we'll go downstairs and get some lunch and I'll try out the casinos while you help the girls pack the exhibit stuff this afternoon. How does that sound?"

"That sounds like a plan. I'll eat lunch with you and then I'll head over to the exhibit hall. It's technically part of this hotel, so I can just walk there."

After a nice lunch, I kissed Sarah goodbye and watched her walk down the connecting hallway to the exhibit hall. I turned and went into the casino. Gambling, like just about everything else I was coming to enjoy, had been taboo in my church days. Now, I as I sat at the slot machines drinking a rum and Coke, I still didn't understand why. For the better part of the next four hours I just sat and gambled and drank. I even managed to win a couple hundred bucks. By this time I had a good buzz and started to feel like a high roller. I was headed to the roulette wheel when my cell phone buzzed. It was Sarah.

"Susan is here to take over and she said I could leave a little early if I wanted. Why don't you go get dressed in something nice? I'll meet you in the lobby in an hour and a half."

Two hours later I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I smelled Sarah's perfume before I saw her. I looked up to see her smiling. She looked like a goddess. She was wearing the most amazing black dress I had ever seen. The dress crossed her breasts, barely covering them, and converged again just above her belly button. The tight dress reached to the top of her thighs and it was completely backless. She twirled on her six inch stiletto heels as I whistled. The stark whiteness of hair new hair color contrasted amazingly with the blackness of her dress and her deep desert tan. When she twirled, I could easily see the brilliant colors of her butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck. The tribal swirls on her lower back peeked out enticingly over the back of her dress.

"You like?" She asked, smiling.

"I like," I replied.

She took me by the arm and we walked out the front of the hotel and up to the limo we'd ridden over in earlier. We climbed in and Sarah told the driver where we had reservations.

Two hours later, we were finishing an exquisite meal at one of the nicest French restaurants in the city. We had also killed most of a bottle of wine and neither of us was feeling any pain at this point. I asked her what was next.

"I'd planned to meet the girls at a club later if that's alright with you, but before we go, I'm giving you the ground rules."

"What ground rules?" I asked with some confusion in my voice.

"We're in Sin City and we're going to enjoy it. No arguing, no fights, no inhibitions, just fun. Whatever happens happens. We go with the flow and live for the moment. Deal?"

"Deal," I replied, swallowing hard.

"Good, now I need a real drink. Let's go sit at the bar."

We met the girls at a very trendy upscale club just a few blocks from our hotel. Tonight was only Tuesday and the place was packed. The girls were well on their way to getting shit-faced by the time we arrived. When they saw Sarah walk in, they immediately grabbed her and brought us to their table. Most of the girls I recognized from the Salon where Sarah had her office, but a couple of the girls were from other salons that Parker owned across town.

Once we settled in, the party really started kicking. The girls were doing shots of tequila and pretty soon they were offering Sarah shots. She refused at first. One of the girls from another salon spoke up.

"What's the matter with her?" she asked Sarah's friend Clarissa. "Is this the holy roller you were telling me about?"

The girls just got quiet and I could see a quick flash of rage cross Sarah's face. She was a sweet thing, but she also had a temper and I could see it building. Clarissa saw it, too, and tried to shut up the other girl, who I later found out was called Sami.

"Oh, Sarah's cool. She just doesn't drink that much," Clarissa said. Sami wouldn't be deterred. She pushed a shot of tequila in front of Sarah as if to taunt her.

"What's the matter, Sister Christian, are you too good to drink with us?" Sami taunted.

"I am drinking, Sami, see?" said Sarah, holding up her cocktail and taking a sip.

"That's not drinking, Sister Girl. I think you're just scared."

"Why would I be scared?" Sarah questioned, her anger coming to the surface again. "I can drink your ass under the table any day of the week."

"Ooohhhh," smirked Sami. "Looks like I touched a nerve with Mother Superior here," she said, then the smile left her face. She shoved the shot glass and the shaker of salt toward Sarah. "Why don't you fucking prove it?"

Clarissa and I both reached for Sarah's arm at the same time. "You don't have to do this," we both said in unison.

"Fuck her," she muttered and grabbed the glass. She grabbed a lime, salted her hand, then licked them both and threw back the shot of premium tequila. I slid her my Budweiser and she chased the shot. She chugged the rest of my beer and sat it on the table forcefully. The other girls cheered.

Sami seemed impressed and actually managed a smile before she raised her hand and signaled the waitress. "Time for round two," she said wickedly.

I sat at the table for the next half hour watching this little competition go on between Sami and Sarah. I'd long since lost track of how many shots the girls had, but in a sadistic kind of way, I was proud of my wife. For a girl who had never touched alcohol in her life a year ago, she was holding her own tonight. I remembered that night so many months ago when I had coaxed her into sipping a glass of champagne and she got buzzed off of that. I chuckled to myself when I thought of the old cigarette ad

"You've come a long way, baby."

"Huh?" Sarah said, leaning toward me. I could smell the liquor on her breath.

"Nothing, babe, just thinking out loud."

"You think too fucking much," she slurred, obviously getting pretty tipsy by now. "Let's dance!"

Techno music wasn't my scene, but I obliged my wife anyway and someone found a way to enjoy myself. We danced for what seemed like hours, and then she finally said she was tired and led me back to the table. Before we got back, however, Clarissa walked up and grabbed me by the hand and told Sarah she was stealing her man. Sarah just laughed and said "bring him back before he turns into a pumpkin" and walked back to the table.

The techno DJ finally switched to some more easy listening type music just as I was ready to finally escape the dance floor for good. Just as I was walking away, a slow song came on and Clarissa grabbed me by my arm again and pulled me back onto the floor. I held her and danced. She stood on her tiptoes and gestured toward the table with her chin.

"I guess the war's over," she said.

"Looks that way," I said, looking at Sarah and Sami in deep conversation. "What's her story, anyway? She sure acted like she had it out for Sarah."

"Yeah, she's pretty anti-religious and likes to ruffle people's feathers. Somebody said she's a preacher's daughter or something and she got shunned when she rebelled. Probably Amish or Mormon or some shit like that," Clarissa said, laughing at her own joke.

"She didn't have to take it out on my wife," I said, kind of defensively.

"Oh, she didn't mean anything by it. She was just feeling her out. But Sarah ought to watch out though; Sami might have an ulterior motive. "

"What do you mean," I asked, but I thought I already knew what Clarissa was getting at.

"She swings both ways," she said. "Sarah is my friend and I don't know if she's been out in the world long enough to know a predator when she sees one. Keep an eye on your wife, Jim. Sami is a nice girl, she really is, once you get to know her, but I've got this hunch she's attracted to Sarah."

With that, the song ended and Clarissa took me by the hand and led me back to the table. I just sat there nursing my beer and thinking on what Clarissa had told me. Several times I caught myself stealing glances at Sami. She was an absolute knockout with her long dark tresses and crystal blue eyes that rivaled even Sara's. I wasn't able to see that she was looking at my wife any differently than anyone else. Maybe Clarissa had just had too much to drink and was exaggerating.

As the night wore on, most of the girls began to hook up with guys in the bar. All of the girls had husbands and girlfriends at home waiting on them, but this was Vegas. As more and more guys started to hang out at our table, I took that as a sign that it was time to go.

I finally managed to pull her away from her friends in the early morning. We had never partied so long in our lives. We were both pretty drunk. When we got back to our hotel room, I suggested we turn on the Jacuzzi and sit in it for awhile to sober up before we went to bed. There's nothing worse than a spinning bed in an unfamiliar room. Besides, the view of the millions of city lights in the city that never sleeps was enough to put anyone in the mood, especially a girl who was already drunk and horny. I predicted that it was going to be a good morning.

I went to the bathroom to put on my swim trunks and brush my teeth. When I walked out on the balcony, Sarah was already in the Jacuzzi, as nude as the day she was born. She had her head laid back and her eyes closed. Her arms were free floating beside her and one thumb was softly rubbing one of her nipples. She opened one eye, noticed my hard-on and smiled.

"Looks like somebody is glad to see me," she said, playfully. "Take that shit off and get in here."

"Sarah, this isn't the penthouse suite. People in other rooms can see us. I'm not standing here naked."

"Fuck them," she slurred again. "This is fucking Las Vegas."

I dropped my shorts and slid into the hot water. I admit that it felt a little wicked knowing that somebody may have seen me sitting nude in a tub with a beautiful blonde. I leaned over and kissed Sarah on her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and slid her tongue out to meet mine. We kissed passionately for several minutes as my hands ran up and down her beautiful breasts. Our groping got more and more aggressive.

"Let's go to bed," I whispered. "I want to fuck you."

"No," she whispered back, "I want you to fuck me right here."

"What if someone sees us doing it?"

"Good, I hope they do. I want them to see me fucking my husband on his birthday."

I had lost track of the time and just realized that it was the early morning hours of my birthday. I couldn't think of a better present as Sarah moved over to straddle my lap, her ample breasts rubbing against my chest in the swirling water.

"I love you," I said, nibbling on her neck.

"Happy birthday," she whispered as she reached down and guided me inside of her. We were still making love when I saw the first rays of desert sunlight start to break over the eastern horizon.


I swear I don't know how she could do it. We had spent all night drinking, dancing and making love, and now here she was at 8 o'clock in the morning ordering room service and getting dressed to go to see her girlfriends off at the airport. All I wanted to do was sleep.

I don't know how long I slept, but it must have been around noon when Sarah walked into the bedroom and opened the blinds. The bright sunlight blinded me and nearly gave me a headache.

"Time to get up birthday boy," she said playfully. "We've only got a few precious hours until your birthday is over. You can't sleep it all way. It's time to let our hair down. Or you can let your hair down. I don't have much left to let down," she giggled, brushing her hand through her bleached pixie.

"I love you hair," I said.

"Do you? I know I promised to grow it out, but this is Vegas and you know I've got this thing about my hair and... Anyway, Sami did a great job."

"Sami, the rude bitch from last night? She cut your hair?"

"Yeah, that's her, but I didn't really know here then. I just volunteered to be a hair model and she happened to be the stylist. She's really not that bad once you get to know her."

"That's what Clarissa said," I said, debating whether or not I should mention what else Clarissa said. I decided against it.

"Did you know her dad was a Pentecostal preacher? How ironic is that? By the way, she's meeting us later."

"I thought everyone went home?"

"Nope, not Sami. She's staying here with some friends for a few more days."

Sarah wasn't joking about my birthday being fun. I'd already had great birthday sex before the day had even really begun, but now Sarah was indulging my every whim. We had a great lunch, went to the casino and lost some money, hopped in the limo and went to see the sights of town. Sarah wanted to take me shopping, so I let her. I wasn't much on shopping, but I enjoyed walking downtown with this super trendy hot chick on my arm.

After buying a new suit of clothes that Sarah assured me was the latest in fashion, I pulled her into an upscale tobacco shop. This shop was expensive, but the selection of fine cigars was great. The shop even had a small smoking section where customers could sample the wares before they bought. I picked out a couple of nice exotic smelling cigars and headed to a table. I sat down at the table and lit one. I inhaled the fragrant smoke, but nearly choked on my exhale when I saw Sarah lighting the other. She just winked at me and smiled. We smoked in silence. When I was ready to leave, she pulled her credit card from her purse and walked to the counter.

"I'll take a box of these," she said, indicating the cigar I'd smoked.

"I'll take these, too," she said, picking up a four pack of small black Jamaican cigarillos, "and a pack of Marlboro Light 100s in the box."

When we got back in the limo, Sarah opened the box of cigars, clipped the end put it in her lips and lit it for me. She puffed on it several times until it lit, then handed me the smoking stogie and said "Happy Birthday". Sarah busied herself at the bar and fixed us both a stiff drink.

"Is it a little early to start drinking?" I asked. She shook her head.

"This is Vegas. It's never too early to start drinking. Besides, it's your birthday and we're going to do it up right. We can sober up when we get home. Now drink up."

As I nursed my drink, Sarah finished hers and fixed another. She turned up the stereo and started moving to the beat. I could see that the alcohol was already loosening her up. She opened the bag from the tobacco shop and pulled out the pack of cigarettes and lit one.

"When did you start smoking?" I asked.

She smiled wickedly. "I guess this is one of those 'secrets' you were worried about. I like to smoke a cigarette occasionally when I drink, but this week I've been smoking more than normal. I'm starting to like it," she confided.

I just nodded and took another sip of my drink. She knew I didn't approve of her smoking, but what could I do? She'd already made it plain that she was going to do what she wanted.

We drove around town, took in a couple of matinee stage shows, and continued to drink. Eventually we made it back to our hotel. It was late afternoon by now and Sarah had me call and order room service while she changed into her swimsuit and walked out to the Jacuzzi. I fixed each of us a fresh drink and brought our lunch out to the deck. After we ate, we sat in the warm water and let the jets flow around us. It was amazingly relaxing and romantic as the sun started to set and the lights of Vegas came on.

We nursed our drinks until the night sky was obliterated by the lights of Sin City. I heard a knock at the door and wondered out loud who it could be. Sarah didn't reply, so I wrapped a towel around me and walked to the door. I was surprised to see Sami standing there looking stunning in the shortest, tightest mini-dress I had ever seen.

"Is Sarah here?" she asked as I invited her in.

"Sami!" I heard Sarah say from behind me before I could respond. "I expected you earlier."

"It wasn't dark yet. You know all the freaks come out at night," she said playfully, then she noticed Sarah's black bikini. "Damn, girl, you're smoking hot! I bet you didn't wear that shit to Sunday school!"

Sarah just laughed and blushed. I thought I was picking up the vibes of flirtation, but I shook it off and tried to ignore it. Clarissa was drunk last night and probably talking out of her head. Sami was probably just what she seemed on the outside.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked, deciding to be a good host.

"No thanks," she replied. "I'm in the mood for something, uh, different. Sarah, did you pick up our 'supplies'?" she asked.

Sarah nodded in agreement, gave her a huge smile and a sly wink, and then trotted off to the bedroom, still dripping from the Jacuzzi. In short order, Sarah was back with the package of cigarillos from the tobacco shop. I had been curious when Sarah bought the small cigars, now I was beginning to get the picture. I could feel my dick start to tighten in anticipation.

"Here," Sarah said, handing the cigarillos to her friend, "the girl at the shop said they were Jamaican."

"How ironic," winked Sami, "so is this," she said, pulling out a large baggie of what was obviously weed. Both girls laughed hysterically at the inside joke. "Now sit down and I'll show you how to make a proper blunt. You won't get any of that ghetto shit here, sister."

Sami sat down at the table and began to cut open the cigarillos and explain each detail as if she were teaching a class of fifth graders. Sarah hung on every word as if she were going to be quizzed later for a grade. I just sat back, lit another stogie, opened a beer and watched. I felt like I was on a runaway train. I may as well sit back and enjoy the ride all the way to the scene of the crash.

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