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Backstabbing Bride


Jay and Lauren had just been married. The two had been in love ever since they were in high school and now they were husband and wife driving away in a brand new "just married" mercedes. They were on their way to drive the two hundred miles to the hotel they were staying at in Miami. Along the way Lauren began to get horny. She couldn't wait to make sweet love to her man for the first time as she had saved her virginity for him. Just seeing him drive made her pussy wet.

"Lauren, what are you doing?"

"I need that cock of yours, babe. I want it so bad."

Lauren reached over and began to unzip Jay's pants to fish for his cock. By this point he was hardening fast and she whipped his cock out and it sprang up, nearly slapping her in the face. She began to bob up and down on it. Licking his tiny little dick hole all the way down to his savory balls.

"Oh god, Lauren, I love when you give me head, babe. It's been hard all these years not having a piece of your twat but enjoying your mouth has been a pleasure all these years."

Lauren couldn't even hear Jay at this point. She was so into her blowjob. She was an expert cocksucker.

"I think I'm going to cum."

"No, not yet. We'll save that for later."

Quickly Lauren's head finally popped up so she could save her man from blowing his load.

When the two finally arrived at the hotel they checked in and made their way up to their room. Jay offered to pick up his new bride.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to carry you over the threshold," Jay said in a lovingly manner.

Lauren smiled at him.

"Oh honey you're so sweet."

As Jay entered the room with his wife in his arms a sudden thump smacked him in the back of his head and he went out like a light as he fell to the ground with his wife.

When he finally came to he found his wrists were bound together over his head by rope which was tied to a hook in the ceiling. He was stripped of all his clothing except for the bow tie around his neck from his tuxedo. He was still a little bit woozy and finally began to notice that the room was very hot. His skin was very oily from constant sweating. It was sweltering hot and when he looked around the room his vision centered on his new bride in her white wedding lingerie on all fours on the bed. She had a terrified look on her face. Standing next to the bed was Jay's best man at the wedding, Rick.

"Hey old buddy. Did you have a nice nap?"

"What the fuck are you doing? Leave her alone and untie me!!!"

"Haha, sorry, man. I can't do that. See you know that I've lusted after this girl for years and I could never get her with my sexy body. But you, you fucking pussy, get to marry her? I don't think so. There's no way this slutty broad can resist me."

"Please don't touch me, Rick. I'm married to Jay now and my pussy and ass are reserved for him," Lauren said in a sheepish tone.

"We'll see about that, slut."

With this Rick, now completely undressed, got behind Lauren and pulled aside her white thong.

"I've been dreaming about this juicy ass since the day I saw it and now it's all mine."

Rick spread Lauren's ass cheeks and proceeded to lick up and down her crack. Flicking his tongue around her puckered hole and probing. He wanted to taste her nasty rectum while making lewd sounds. Jay could barely watch.

"Come on, baby, fart in my face! Your nasty, stinky butt hole smells so good to me. Come on, baby, give me some gas."

This sick display went on for minutes before Rick put an end to it.

"Now I need to get my cock into that thing."

Rick grabbed his massive man meat and shoved to the hilt in Lauren's ass causing much pain to her. She cried out and Rick laughed. He roughly fucked her while Jay struggled against his bonds.

"Oh fuck yeah!"

Rick blew his load in Lauren's violated poop chute and pulled out.

"You know what, buddy, I'm having all the fun here. I want you to have a nice time to. Tammy, get your sexy little ass out here."

Tammy was one of Lauren's best friends. She was completely naked. She stood in front of Jay, knelt down and proceed to suck him off. Needless to say he loved blowjobs but not while seeing his beautiful new bride get violated.

"Well Jay I've shown your wife how much I love her ass and now she will show me how much she loves mine."

Rick's rock hard body got on all fours on the bed.


Lauren looked disgusted, almost as if she were about to throw up when suddenly her look changed into almost a depraved lust. Lauren dove head first into Rick's ass attacking it with her tongue with reckless abandon. Licking and probing like she was starved for ass. She grabbed his tight, sexy ass cheeks as she continued this revolting display. She tongue bathed Rick's ass up and down. She planted kisses on his nasty asshole while darting her tongue in and out begging for his rectum. Jay's beautiful wife's face was buried between Rick's ass cheeks. All the while Jay was getting his cock sucked by Lauren's bride's maid in spite of his rage. Jay felt so betrayed by all this. Her lust continued as she reached around to Rick's cock to jerk him off as she continued to lick. She jerked him off until he came in her hands. She reached back and spread his cum all over his asshole and then she dove back in face first and licked it all off his disgusting asshole.

"Oh you nasty, fucking slut! Lick my asshole you ass licking whore! Look out I feel some bowel movement!"

With that Rick let go a nasty atomic fart right in Lauren's face! The stench spread fast as it quickly made it's way to Jay. Lauren reveled in it. She continued to lick the cum off while sniffing his odorous asshole.

"You fucking slut!!! How could you do this to me?" Jay asked.

Lauren turned to Jay with cum all around her lips.

"Baby, he's just so sexy, I really can't resist him!"

Lauren turned Rick around and positioned herself to suck off his monstrous cock.

"I mean Jay look at his cock! I'm so wet right now. I need to have this Italian salami in my mouth!!! Now you're going to watch me suck his gorgeous dick," she said, reaching up to grab a hold of his ass.

Lauren began to suck off Rick. She was moaning uncontrollably around his cock. Bobbing her pretty face up and down on his seemingly ten foot pole. She licked up and down, tasting remnants of cum when he fucked her in the ass!! What a slut!!! She licked at his dick hole trying to entice him to cum. When she pulled his tool from her mouth it was glistening with her saliva. She pushed it aside and attacked his balls, licking and sucking.

"Do you see me suck his balls honey? Do you see what a good little ball licking cock sucker your wife can be?"

Lauren took his bulging cock in her tiny hand, stroking and sucking it. Rick started to groan and grabbed her by the back of the head.

"That's it baby! I'm your little whore! Cum all over my slutty face!"

Lauren looked over to Jay as she spoke. Her face was pulled right back however, as Rick fired a large blast of white cream across her lips.

"Oh yeah", she yelled, licking her lips and opening her mouth for more. The rest of his hot cum was deposited nicely in her mouth, with a little escaping and running down her chin.

As she pulled herself away, she crawled over to Jay. She was about six inches from his face when she opened her mouth to show him her handiwork. He could see her twirling the thick jism around with her tongue, savoring it all. With a smile, Lauren then closed her mouth and gulped it down.

"Mmmm, Yummy," she said as she wiped a bit from her chin nd sucked her finger clean. Lauren looked back at Rick.

"Oh my god look honey Rick is still hard. What a fucking stallion! Let me go ride that stallion!"

Rick laid on his back on the bed as Lauren mounted his cock and proceeded to ride him like a horse. This sick display continued all through the night. At the end of the night Jay's heart was broken, his dick had blown it's wad, and his wife had transformed from a sweet little virgin into the nastiest, sluttiest whore he'd ever laid eyes on.

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Better finding out on day one of marriage that his best mate is just another low life loser and cum dump wife is useless . Friends are easily replaced and marriage will be annulled so worries there.

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