I never understood why, after every concert, she picked me to come to her dressing room. Ever since Houston she always wound her way through the fans with backstage passes and grabbed my hand. Now plenty of other guys and girls made every show, but each time it was me following her back to her dressing room. Of course once we got inside it became an undressing room as I helped her out of her elaborate costume.

In Houston it was all very new to me. I've gone to a number of concerts and often scored backstage passes but I never got invited in to a private dressing room. That first time I did a lot of fumbling as she instructed me on the different fasteners, clamps and zippers. When I finally got all of her stage garb off and stood before her I was at a complete loss for words.

"You take instructions well, at least with the costume. Let's see how you do with something a little more... ah intimate. Kneel down," she said pulling sitting down in her makeup chair.

I knelt and then looked up at her, watching her peel off her eyelashes. She wiped her face with a rag removing most of her makeup. She looked at me quizzically asking, "Why are you kneeling over there?"

"You told me to kneel so I did."

"Well if anything's happening you'll need to show a bit more initiative."

"I don't understand."

"Come here," she said rolling her hazel eyes.

As I moved closer to her she lifted her hips and slipped off her panties. She opened her legs, grabbed my head and pulled me to her. I only time to take a deep breath before my face was buried in her pussy. 'Damn,' I thought, 'just minutes ago I listened to her sing "LoveGame" and now I'm eating her pussy.'

Figuring I better get my head together or she was going to throw me out, I plunged my tongue deep into her wet opening tasting her tart flavor. I worked my tongue around and then slipped it out, moving up to her clit. As my tongue circled the small nub I eased my fingers into her, first two and then a third. She began to move her hips, grinding onto my face. Amazingly she moved as gracefully as on stage, finding a rhythm as she coated my face.

I wanted to feel her cum around my fingers but just as she got close she pushed me back and said, "Now stand up."

I obliged and watched as she unfastened my belt and pants. She gasped a bit as she grabbed my cock and nodded her head as she worked it out of my pants. Standing up she said, "Follow me," and started walking to the back of the dressing room. Turning quickly she fell back onto the couch and pulled me to her. Holding one lip of her pussy she guided me into her.

I moved slowly at first easing myself only about halfway in before withdrawing. After a couple more plunges I was able to push in as far as I could. As I quickened my pace she reached down, grabbed her ankles holding her feet high up in the air letting me plunge to the hilt.

After only a few minutes began to come, wrapping her legs and arms around me. I began to slow my thrusting but she cried out, "No, no don't stop."

I kept on as she held me tight whimpering, "Again, yes, yes, again."

That was all I could take and gave to the sensation of her pussy on me, seeing her coming and simply the thought of doing this with her. Arching my back I came, spurting my cum deep into her pussy before collapsing onto her. After a few minutes I eased out of her and stood up as my limp cock slapped down on my thigh, the head brushing my kneecap.

"I need to get ready to leave for Dallas," she said. "Will you be there?"

"Of course."

"Here let me give you something," she said, grabbing a pen and paper off a nearby table. "Give this to security, they will let you come backstage."

She stood up, kissed me on the cheek and watched as I coiled my cock into my pants. I then walked through the door completely blown away. From then on I've never understood why she has always invited me into her dressing room.

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