tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage Access (Sydney Seriota)

Backstage Access (Sydney Seriota)


AUTHOR'S NOTE: The following account is fictitious and the author of this story has no relation, sexual or otherwise (although the author certainly wishes for it) with Sydney Seriota or any of the subjects of this story.


It was late at night, easily after midnight as the concert wrapped up. The masses were pouring out of the theater, the massive smell of body odor and booze wafting through the air. I got caught up in the massive crowd as we fought our way into the main lobby and the entrance to get out of the concert arena. Outside I finally got some air before I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Excuse me, sir," started the man's voice as I turned to look at the small man dressed in black with a headset on. "You've been randomly selected to meet the band." I looked at him in shock as I pointed at myself. He nodded and opened a gate nearby which took me back around the area. I followed him as we entered some winding hallways into a backstage room. Echosmith's name was written on the doorway as the stagehand knocked.

"Come in," said a girl's voice from behind the door. I knew immediately it had to be Sydney. The stagehand unlocked the door with his key and let me inside. "Enjoy it," he said as I walked in.

The door shut behind me as I looked around, plenty of decorations and costumes were thrown messily around as I did. In front of the large mirror on the left side she sat. Sydney was on a director's chair, her red hair with blonde tips wrapped up in a ponytail wearing a pink pajama top with matching bottoms. I remembered reading on her social media she liked to be in pajamas after a show, but to see it in person was just incredible.

Sydney smiled as she stood up, heading my direction.

"Hey! Sydney, but I bet you already know that." she said as I reached out my hand to shake hers. She instantly put it down and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me. "I'm a hugger, sorry" she laughed as she motioned me to the couch. My tan band shirt was already sweaty from the heat of the concert and my hair was a mess. My jeans seemed normal but I wasn't sure. I was a mess for sure, but I wanted to savor meeting Sydney. I sat down and she ended up sitting right next to me, I tried to hide it but I couldn't help looking down her small, slender body. I looked down and noticed her tiny feet sticking out of her pajama pants. I looked back up as Sydney was looking at me.

"So how was the show? You liked it right?" She said as she smiled, her green eyes looking straight at me. I nodded.

"Yeah...was great, I love your band."

"I'm glad, it's been a long tour. So...by yourself?" asked Sydney. Her smile had turned into a smirk as i felt her hand graze across my kneecap. I felt a chill travel through my spine as I bit my lip. Sydney moved closer to me. "How is it, that a cute guy like you is all alone here?"

"I...I don't know." I replied.

"Do you want me to tell you a secret?"

"Su...sure," I muttered. I could feel my erection starting to build as I did so.

Sydney got real close to me as I felt her small hand begin travelling up my chest. "Being on stage, getting all that sweat running down my body, gives me such an adrenaline rush. And I get so wet as I look at all the guys like you checking me out, wanting me." she whispered into my ear. I looked at her shocked. Behind that sweet and innocent exterior apparently existed a dirty girl. She was still smirking with those slender lips as I kicked off my shoes. Her toes instantly grazed mine in a playful fashion as I felt her hand at the base of my neck.

Sydney pulled me in and immediately begin kissing me. I couldn't believe it, my heart began racing as her lips touched mine and I returned the kisses. My tongue went out and locked with hers. It tasted so good as I massaged her tongue with the tip of mine. Our tongues moved around in circles as she pushed me against the house, climbing on top of me as she continued kissing me. My hands grabbed her hips as I pulled her down on my body. I grew with excitement as Sydney pressed herself into me. She quickly tugged at my shirt and began pulling up my shirt. I backed off as she lifted it off me, running her fingers down my chest. I felt my pulse quicken as her hands ran down my abs. She began kissing my neck, I was moaning under my breath as both of her hands massaged down my abs, her hips moving up and down my crotch. I grew harder as I could feel her nibbling my neck, giggling. I began tugging at her top and pulled it up, she let off just long enough to get it off, revealing she was wearing no bra, smiling as I stared at her small, perfect breasts.

I quickly grabbed onto them, feeling them as she went back to nibbling my neck, moving down to my collarbone.

"Mmmm, you smell so good baby." she said as she kissed down my chest. My hands moved up to her breasts as I cupped them, exploring her collarbone and chest as I cupped them again, massaging them. Sydney moaned at my touch, grabbing my hands and moving them aside as she kissed down my abs. Before I knew what she was doing my belt was being undone by Sydney's teeth and as she undid the button. As soon as she unzipped my pants my cock sprung forward, quickly out of the peephole and revealing its decent size to her. Sydney licked her lips as she saw it, and began licking up and down the shaft. I felt pleasure travel down my cock and through my body as her soft pink tongue up and down the left side. I moaned quietly as she moved to the other side.

Sydney grabbed my thick shaft with her hand and began stroking, the saliva from her tongue glided across her fingers as she stroked up and down. She began sucking on my balls as she did. The pleasure was almost too much. I arched back as I felt it, pleasure increasing. I looked down as her green eyes looking up at me. She continued sucking as she did, moaning and breathing hot steam onto my balls. She felt so good, as I looked down I noticed her other hand was down under her pajama pants, I'm assuming she was rubbing her clit.

I reached down and parted Sydney's hair to one side, she finally let off of my balls and began sucking on my head, before lowering her lips deep down onto my shaft. My head shot back against the wall as I felt her, going further down me, I could feel her tongue also running itself along my shaft as she sucked, flicking itself back and forth as she made it all the way to my base. I grabbed the back of her head as she popped back up, finally gasping for air, drool dribbling down onto my cock as she smirked at me.

Sydney stood up, turning around and shaking her lips slightly as I began stroking my cock to her small, slender body. She ran her hands along her waistline as her pants slid down, revealing a tight ass, small as was the rest of her body. Her pants hit the floor as her hands ran down her legs. I reached over and began running my hands up her legs. They were smooth and slender, I was in heaven feeling her legs as I got on my knees, kissing and licking up her legs as well now. Sydney let out a tiny moan as I did, finally resting my hands on her hips, my mouth kissing and licking her clit. She reached around and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me deep into her as I licked along the edges of her lips. I could hear whimpers escaping her mouth as I continued going.

"Fu...further, higher," I could hear her say.

I was shocked she wanted it, but I wasn't going to object. I licked further up her lips, finally making it to her incredibly small asshole. My tongue reached out and flicked across it before going in a circular motion around the hole. Her moans became louder as I felt her, her ass clenching already. I stood up, grabbing my cock and teasingly starting to rub it at the entrance of her pussy. I grabbed her hips as I slowly began sliding in. Her pussy was tighter than I'd ever felt, barely fitting the width of my cock as I felt it clench around me. She was definitely wet, plenty of juices flowed over my cock as I began thrusting back and forth inside her. I could feel myself growing even harder as I grunted, her tight hole warping and stretching to me. She covered her mouth as she bent over, resting her other hand on a small table. She was still letting out muffled screams of pleasure, her body quaking at my thrusts. I continued thrusting as I gripped her hips, finally pulling her up and squeezing her breasts as I continued going. She turned her head and kissed me a few times before leaning over again letting me thrust harder.

She pulled herself out, staring at me as she stroked my soaking cock. She finally grabbed it and positioned herself to the entrance of her ass. I bit my lip as I pushed in, her ass stretching out as I tried to get into her hole. She screamed, not even hiding it this time as I pushed deep into her. I finally got the full length of my cock into her ass as I could see it stretching her out, her screams now turning to moans as I began thrusting. I could feel myself reaching my peak and growing larger. Sydney moaned more as I saw her looking back at me. She began thrusting herself backward on me, increasing pleasure for both of us as I heard her.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming!" she screamed as I saw her began rubbing her clit. I couldn't take it any longer and finally exploded, but before I could pull out. I felt my sticky cum erupt all inside of her ass. I finally pulled out as I looked down, seeing my white liquid spilling out of it as I held onto a coat rack to catch my breath. I saw Sydney arch up, smiling and laughing at me. I took one last look at her beautiful, petite naked body. She grabbed a towel and began cleaning herself off.

Sydney kissed my cheek and handed me a sheet of paper.

"Here's my personal number. Call me anytime baby." she said as she began clothing herself. I put my clothes back on and left. To this day my experience with Sydney Seriota remains one of my favorite experiences.

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Just a small correction: it's Sydney Sierota not Seriota. Otherwise, good story!

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