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Backstage Encounter


This takes place at Backstage bar in Portland - it is unique to this location.

I am in the upper reserved room, sitting quietly in the dimness of the pool table light. I am sitting so that I can just see between the stairs and door, a small sliver of a viewpoint that I see you come in. I slowly sip my dark Stout beer as I watch you make your way into the room - your dark curly hair wild and free moving seductively as you maneuver around the tables in your heels. You are wearing a short skirt that shows your legs beautifully.

I wait until you sit down, then I reach for my phone and call the bar down below. I ask for a appletini with extra pucker to be delivered to me in the upper reserved room. When they arrive I place a note on the waitresses table, a tip and ask her to deliver the drink and note to you - but not to tell her where the drink came from, it was to remain anonymous. When it arrives you smile and glance around, unknowing who would know your exact drink. You then take the note and open it, as your read it you become flush and red, you smile more seductively now.

The note says:

I saw you come in and was mesmerized by how incredibly sexy and beautiful you are. I know you may be curious, but there is no need to look around - you won't find me. I will tell you that I am an attractive, fit, single man in my mid 30s and have been undressing you with my eyes since you walked in. If you would like to meet me then simply remove your panties, place them in the empty glass and have the bartender return it to me.

Of course you are now wet, your panties soaked from the mystery and sexuality of it all. You try to drink slowly, but in your excitement you finish in two drinks. Looking at the empty glass you lick your lips to taste the last of the pucker before slowly looking around and removing your panties. You carefully place them in the glass and ask the bartender to take this back to me. You watch as she walks up the stairs to take me the glass, you can't help but follow after she comes down. When you enter you see a man in a well dressed suit, my face still obscured from the dim light.

You stand there before me, legs slightly apart - I can see your excitement glistening just below your inner thigh. In a very soft but deep voice I tell you to come closer - you slowly walk towards me. As you come to the pool table I tell you to stop. We are in a public place, but the room is private enough that you feel completely comfortable and safe. I tell you to lay back on the pool table, you carefully slide your firm ass on to the table and lay back. I then stand up, my erection obvious through my pants as I move towards you.

I slide my hands along your petite ankles working my way up your calves and to your thighs - slowly sliding your skirt up to see your glistening wet pussy before me. I start by kissing your inner thigh, warm intense bursts of breath near your pussy as I work my way around it only soon enough to settle on your lips as I suck each one into my mouth running my tongue along the inside of you until I find your clit. I draw it into my mouth sucking soft and firm to draw your orgasm into it. As I hold it there sucked into my mouth, twirling it around with my tongue I insert two fingers you moan and arch your back. I move my fingers inside you hooked to rub behind your clit, you begin to thrust your hips into me as I continue to bring you closer.

Just before you orgasm I suck your clit and lips into my mouth bringing you to a writhing orgasm. As you lay there spent from the experience I stand over you so you can see me in the light, you find me very attractive and the desire to serve me is overwhelming. I need not say a word as you slide off the pool table and kneel before me. You undue my button while looking up into my eyes and pulling my cock from my pants. Slowly sliding the tip between your lips using your tongue to lick firmly the soft spot between the tip and shaft on the underside.

Gripping my balls in your hand you begin to pull me into you, twirling your tongue around the shaft of my cock the best you can - I fill your mouth with my girth and length. I slide my hands into your dark curly locks, weaving my fingers in and taking a firm grasp. Your eyes widen in a luscious innocent sort of way as you feel my intensity growing and begin to fuck your mouth. I continue a rhythm of fuck and breath, each thrust of my cock past your sweet red lips brings you closer to another glorious orgasm.

I supplant my mass deep into your warm wet mouth, letting you taste every inch of me - You suck my cock hard as I feel your body tense it drives me to the edge and we both release in exquisite orgasms. Your sweet juice dripping from your pussy onto the floor and mine courses and throbs from my cock easing down your throat - you look up at me with a Cheshire grin licking your lips.

You did well my sweets, I move to help you up and dress you. Making sure you are composed and appropriate for when we leave, placing soft kisses on you, gently squeezing your hand to reassure you I am here and you are well taken care of. We exchange numbers and continue to see each other experiencing sexual adventures unlike any we had ever fantasized.

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