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Backstage Pass


Star was a slut. She knew it, several of her male friends knew it, and she loved it. She couldn't help herself - when it came to sex there was very little she didn't like. When she needed it she had to have it and she was very good at getting what and who she wanted. Working in the music industry as a sound technician and site manager she had access to all the stars who came into the building as well as strong security types and the fans desperate for a secret behind the scenes meet with the favourite musicians. She knew how to use her body, her connections and her skills to get exactly what she needed. And tonight she needed something bad.

She knew she looked good. Clad in the tight black leather jeans that showed off her long legs and gorgeous ass with boots on, she strode through the venue. The black top that hugged her tight showing off her cleavage was perfectly shaped to emphasize everything that men (and a few women) lusted after when they saw her. Her long flame red hair contrasted powerfully with the dark clothing and drew every eye in the building to her as she walked around confidently. She was horny as hell and needed fucked hard. She had her eyes on the lead singer of the band playing tonight as he was a good few inches taller than her slim five foot eleven frame.

She couldn't make up her mind entirely and depending on how good he was she might need more than just him tonight before she was satisfied so she kept flirting with all the guys in the band. The lead singer was Nick, Chris on the drums, Tom on guitar and Alex on bass guitar. They had arrived early for sound check and as the manager tonight and the sound tech she had been on hand. She had made damn sure that every time she had to check their equipment (she giggled internally) she had brushed up against them in creative ways - by the time it got down to them actually rehearsing she knew she had left each of them with a hard throbbing cock as she did love to tease.

She sat down at the back, biting her lip as she considered them each in turn. Nick was tall, broad shoulders and those green eyes that promised he would make it feel good but hurt at the same time. Chris and Tom looked equally thin but there was the promise of strength in their movements and Alex was stocky but she could see, literally from the back of the room, just how big a tent in his pants his erection was making and it practically made her mouth water.

As they rehearsed she found that her fingers drifted down to rub against the front of her jeans - pressing against the thick material she rubbed hard and she could feel herself growing wetter and wetter. Even the slightest pressure was getting her insanely horny. Looking round, it was empty apart from the band on the stage and with the lights on them she was alone in the dark. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and forced her hand inside the tight material until she could get her fingers on her clit. She rubbed it hard and fast, teasing it and using her experienced finger to bring her quickly off once... She was panting now and fingered herself again... She brought herself off over and over until she was seeing spots and her voice rose in loud whimpering cries. Suddenly aware the music had stopped she came once more and flopped back on the chair.

Breathing heavily she looked at the stage to see all the guys staring into the darkness. She was almost sure they couldn't see her but a wicked smile crossed her face as she withdrew her fingers and licked each one clean one after the other.

She rose and slid out the side door to get a drink, she was thirst and temporarily sated from the five or six intense orgasms she had just rubbed out of her aching pussy. It wasn't much longer until the gig was well underway - the crowds were rammed in and the floor was a mass of heaving, throbbing people moving to the beat of the songs and singing along. She paced round the edges of the crowd, making sure that everything was working - her assistant was in the sound booth and it was all going well.

Seeing one of the security guards going for a break and feeling that need low in her belly she followed him. Unaware she was following him he walked into the office they used for breaks and as he went to close the door she was on him. She shoved him back against the wall and dropped to her knees. This wasn't the first, second or even tenth time and he knew what she wanted. Unzipping his pants she pulled out his rapidly hardening cock and greedily slid it into her mouth. It was thick, hard and warm filling her mouth as she sucked on him.

She bobbed her head up and down, fast, taking his thick meat deep into her mouth and throat as she felt his fingers twist into her hair. He stopped being passive and started fucking her face a bit more now, smearing her lipstick around her mouth. She could feel the drool on her chin as he used her mouth hard. Pulling out, he spun her round, ripped at the button on her jeans roughly until it came undone and he ripped them down. Literally slamming her face down onto her desk he thrust his hard cock into her soaked hole filling her deeply and fucking her hard and fast.

She came almost instantly from his brutal pounding and even whilst she was still orgasming he pulled out, shoved her to the floor on her knees and gripping her chin he shoved his cock, slick with her juices, back into her mouth and unloaded stream after stream of cum straight down her eagerly swallowing throat. She took his load easily - he was just a stop gap for later, he knew and didn't mind as they both had fun. She stood, licked her cum from around her lips and redid her jeans up. Pulling a mirror from her bag by the desk she quickly fixed her makeup and smiling at Andrew slipped out of the room and back to the pounding music of the gig.

It was later now - reaching the peak of the performance - you could always tell from the energy in the room - it was one of the things that fed her horniness. She slipped away from the gig to wait in Nick's dressing room. One of the things that was popular about the venue was there were enough dressing rooms that each band member could get one of their own. Once in his room she slowly stripped out of her jeans, boots and top; leaving herself in just the thin black panties and bra she was wearing.

She sat in the large comfy chair in the corner and slid her hand into her panties - she slowly started stroking her clit - it was already verging on sore after the hard playing earlier but that just made her hornier. She listened as the pulsing beat faded away and smiled as she heard the roars of the crowds and the slow fading away. Slowly teasing herself through the thin material of her panties she waited and was rewarded as the door to the dressing room opened and Nick walked in. His tall frame wasn't paying attention as he was buzzing from the performance he grabbed a bottle of water and drank most of it in one go. Suddenly becoming aware that someone else was in the room he spun round to see her, almost totally naked, playing with herself looking at him with a predatory look. She wanted him and he could tell.

Nick walked over and grabbed hold of her perky breasts through the thin material of her bra and rubbed his thumb over them, teasing them, grabbing them and twisting them making her grasp. Leaning down he kissed her and then pulled at the bra, it shifted and he slid his hands under teasing the nipples even more. Reaching into his pocked he flicked out a pen knife and sliced the bra to shreds, tracing flat of the cool metal blade over the curve of her tits. Chucking the knife to the corner of the room he leaned down and fasted his lips around her nipples, flicking the tip with his tongue making her writhe on the chair as he teased them mercilessly - she almost let out a shriek as she felt his teeth close on them.

His strong hands went to her panties now and literally tore them apart leaving her just wearing the scraps on each thigh. His brutally strong fingers found her soaked opening and shoved inside. She whimpered as within second he had brought her to one, two, three orgasms leaving her shuddering on the chair. Pulling his fingers out he made her lick them clean and then stepped back from her panting, naked body to strip off his t-shirt and kick off his shoes - within seconds the jeans joined them and he was naked. Walking over he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her off the chair and to her knees. She eagerly opened her mouth and felt his long hard shaft thrust straight to her throat. She opened to accommodate him, taking him all the way; doing the deep throat trick she had learned years ago from her first dominant partner who had insisted. She took his cock as he fucked her face and reached out to grip his thighs, bracing herself.

It didn't take long before she could feel the muscles in his body beginning to tense up and he pulled out. As the head of his cock slid past her lips she saw his shaft twitch just a heartbeat before the first stream of thick cum jetted out to blast onto her chin. He reached down and wanked his shaft, every time he pulled his hand down the shaft another shot of cum lanced out to splash onto her cheek, her nose, her waiting open mouth. After six thick creamy loads he milked the rest of his cum into her mouth as she knelt there, her face covered. Reaching up she scooped it up with her fingers and fed it to herself, swallowing it down. As she cleaned her face she watched as Nick walked across the room. Grabbing one of the spare guitar straps he walked back over to her.

"Such a naughty slut... Waiting in here like that, expecting me to pleasure you..." He folded the strap in half and brought it down into one hand with a crack.

"Kneel on the chair, face away from me and bend over - brace yourself against the wall slut."

She obediently did as he asked - pushing her hands out as she bent at the waist. It wasn't long before she heard the swish then felt and heard the hard, sharp slap of the leather against her ass cheeks. It took another few seconds before the pain radiating from the mark across her ass penetrated through her body eliciting a whimper. She didn't know how long it went on for and she lost count after the first ten as she slipped into a daze. What brought her out of it was the sudden feel of his cock head at the entrance of her wet hole.

Bracing herself against the wall she pushed back slightly, loving the feel of how the head of his shaft slowly spread her pussy lips. She moaned in need as she felt his strong hands grip her hips and the feel of his hard cock slowly splitting her open. She felt every inch as he teasingly filled her, pushing in as deep as he could, feeling the head of his shaft rubbing inside where she loved. Crying out in frustration as she felt him leave her she reached down between her legs to run her clit.

"Did I fucking say you could do that slut..." He growled at her and roughly pulled her off the chair and to her feet. Shoving her towards the dresser with the large mirror on she looked into the mirror and saw herself naked, loving what she saw, with the flushed skin and inflamed cunt she watch as Nick moved behind her. He bent her over the dress and grabbing her arms pulled them behind her back. She was bent at the waist, tits resting on the cool wooden surface as he proceeded to wrap the guitar strap around her wrists, binding them behind her back. He kicked her long legs slightly wider apart then entered her roughly from behind.

His fingers dug into her hips, twisting slightly she could see some of their movement in the mirror, the growl of lust on his face, the movement of her body every time he filled her over and over with his hard shaft. She came hard, crying out her passion as he fucked her to orgasm after orgasm. Knowing not all women could feel like this she pitied them - to not feel the ripple of climax after climax ripped from her body by a skilled lover... Her legs gave out but Nick and he surface of the dresser held her up as he slammed into her over and over and over.

She lost herself completely then, the spanking, the orgasms, the pain and pleasure washed away all the stresses of her job, all the horniness she had been unable to shake for the last few days. She felt him pull out and his full load plaster across the outside of her cunt and ass as his second load covered her soft skin. He released her, staggering back slightly from the intensity of his own orgasm as she slid to the floor at his feet. Bound, helpless, fucked into oblivion and covered with his cum she only vaguely registered the door opening and the rest of the band walking in.

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