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Backstage Pass Vol. 2


I walked out a better man, which is until I walked into Triple H!! Holy lord now I'm just in heaven! HHH is a fucking monster! He was heading from somewhere looking like he was waiting up on someone. "Hey kid, I Am The Game! You don't just run into me like that!" I was too shocked to say anything, so I just took off my HHH hat and handed to him for an autograph. HHH lightened up and said, "I get it, you're a big fan. Who's the autograph for?" I told him my name and he personalized it to me and put it back on my head. I felt just like a little kid and then he asked me what I was up to. I told him I just wanted some time, ANY time with the wrestlers that I'm a big fan of. That would include you. HHH then asked about his wife and my eyes just lit up and he got the clue. "Ah, that much huh? Well if you've got nothing better to do wait here with me, she's actually about to join us and we were going to look at how the arena is set up, we've never been here." I was dumbfounded, but I actually got out the words "I appreciate it."

After that it was all a blur, until The Billion Dollar Princess came walking out! Stephanie walked out casually, but with authority. A mid thigh jean skirt with her "Always On Top" WWF shirt over it. Not the attire we've come to love on TV, but damn it was nice. "Hey honey, look who came to join us. His name is Kurt and guess what, I'm taking a shot that he's practically in love with you!" I blushed, because I couldn't have been more obvious. She walked powerfully to me and then said is that true? I nodded, not at her face, but at her chest directly in my view. HHH spoke next asking if we should move on and look throughout the arena. We all walked and HHH encouraged me to ask him or her some questions. I asked HHH what match was the most painful after it was over. He told me the Street Fight against Cactus Jack 2 years ago. Then I asked Stephanie point blank, why the implants?

HHH laughed and goes I knew I wasn't the only guy asking that. Stephanie said that she saw a sign that said "Stephanie sags" and she was really hurt, because to play the slut image she wore tight shirts that she thought would make her breasts look bigger, so since that didn't work she had to have the implants. I told her I don't think that guy is very smart. And she gave me a warm smile. We walked around the arena, into luxury suites and such. Our conversations went into more then just wrestling, I told them I was in school down the road still and they looked back on their school days and extra-curricular activities and such. We found our way to the very top of the arena seats and HHH got a cell call and it was from Stone Cold and he said that Vince needed him so with The Undertaker they could go over the main event. Stephanie said it was cool she would just hang out with me. HHH and I exchanged a shake and he said it was good to know me, and he'd try to hook up with me later on. I assured him I'd find him and he left by saying, "don't take advantage of my woman." I laughed pretty hard and he smiled and walked off.

Stephanie put her arm around me and I was taken by surprise, but didn't show it. "So what now stud?" "I guess we can just go down to the ring, talk if you want." "That sounds good to me." We took the elevator that was next to the walkway and took it down to the bottom. We walked to the ring were the ropes were just up and we sat by a corner of the ring and just started a light conversation. I had asked her what the perks of being a McMahon was, and if there was more stress in being a McMahon instead of being just a wrestler that works for a McMahon. She answered both thoroughly and then asked me how I was liking life and I said it was going really good, college was a little more crazy then expected and it was harder to keep up with everything that goes on around. Stephanie then said that since I look so good I at least must have a girl around that helps sort things out. I told her I wish it was like that, but not yet it wasn't.

Stephanie was shocked. If I had've met you at a bar even knowing you were still in college, I'd give you a try. I smiled and said thanks and she went on talking about she was only on HHH because she always knew she'd date a wrestler, but she could only date a wrestle she knew her daddy was fond of and that narrowed it to HHH, The Rock, Austin or The Undertaker. 3 of the 4 are married and HHH HAD Chyna, but they threw that bitch to the curb where she belonged, she brought nothing but bad to her daddy. Then she kind of got gloomy and went on about how HHH is too much "The Game". Extra time has to be spent watching matches to better him. There's no dates, no movies, nothing. It's gotten so bad she has to give him blowjobs while he watches matches and all he does is grunt while Cumming and then he pats her head and says thanks and goes back to the match. She only stays with him because she thinks that if she breaks up, her dad will take that the wrong way and he'll punish Hunter. She started to tear up and just said she wanted passion. I kind of looked up the ramp as to look back and then remembered Trish's words. Stephanie had to be #2, and I know she won't deny me. "Steph, I've met with Trish." Steph turned with authority and said "No way!" I nodded and said maybe an hour ago. She then turned moods quickly and gave me that all too famous Stephanie dominant smile and asked if I was ready for another go then and I assured her I was and out of the ring, up the ramp and to the locker room we went!

Stephanie whisked me to her locker room, which was not wide, but VERY long. There were 3 velvet couches in a maroon shade in the room and she laid out on one as I looked down onto her, Staring under her skirt where a shimmer of her pink underwear showed. She crossed her legs and said that was for later. She raised her legs and told me to sit under them, which I did and then she laid them back down, her right calf laying right on my crotch. I took the initiative and massaged her legs up and down, they were very muscular and toned, and some of the best legs I've rubbed and touched up close. The more I rubbed, the higher I would get. I got to the inner most parts of her thighs, just touching the edges of her pelvic region. Stephanie let out a cooing sound, and then it was time to get me a little of that action.

"Make love with me. Stephanie I want to fuck the hell out of you." I stood up and reached behind her, forcing the shirt above her body. Steph didn't know what to say, she didn't object, because she didn't want it to stop it. I felt like I had to get naked, and to get her naked, I had to get naked, so 2+2 got me naked with my cock at attention. Stephanie stood in awe, just staring at it. "That must be at least 11 inches!' she though to herself, which was close to the real size, 9 inches. She couldn't believe it. I looked up at Stephanie, examining her tightly encased breasts that were imprisoned by a sexy red bra. I took the American Pie 2 method and with only one hand while sticking my tongue in Stephanie's mouth as she received it, I removed her bra and her breasts came pillowing out in all their glory. Implants or no implants, GOD DAMN they were a sight for sore eyes!!

I reached forward my right hand and touched Stephanie's right breast. I began to make circular movements on each of her ample tits. Steph began to close her eyes, as she anticipated the fuck session about to take place. I then grabbed Stephanie suddenly, and it shocked her. I turned and placed her to the floor. She looked up at me, and then she looked at my throbbing cock with a look of extreme lust as I took my place beside her. I gently lay and stroked my hand up and down her side, cupping her breast and asscheek and then rubbing those amazing legs. On the way down, it was almost as if a chill went through her. Steph was already panting, almost not being able to take it. She pleaded with me to take my cock and go about inside her pussy and I'm not one to deny this, so with that I inserted my cock in Stephanie's tight, moist, pussy. She gasped as I began to fuck her. I went hard then slow, fast then nice and easy. I gave her every pace she could handle. I pushed her leg up to my shoulder and rammed all 9 inches in as hard as I could, almost with a force to rip her in half.

She was in ecstasy all the way, screaming for more, almost crying for it. "Oh fuck, ahhh," Steph began to moan as her walls were being violated. She started to orgasm more and more, harder and better than anyone had ever given her. I pushed her leg back even further; finally making her open her eyes and connect with me, the pleasure in her eyes sending more force into my thrusts. I decided to push a threshold of somebody here and with her raised leg I licked it roughly, all up and down as far as my position would let me and then sucked her toes a little, getting her more into it and then she grabbed my head and forced it into her tits and I tugged lightly on her left nipple, getting a taste of an amazing set of tits. I licked the nipple until it was hard and then she held up her right tit for me to get some of that one too. I proceeded with the same treatment on the right tit, until I felt it rising. I knew it was time to cum right there and I was going to pull out, but Steph pushed me back in. "I want that big load all inside my pussy." We then engaged in a massive tongue kiss as floods of my cum entered her sweet pussy. I finally got it all inside of her and then pulled out, almost thinking it was over…almost.

I moved up to the couch, sitting across most of it, and not realizing the situation until Stephanie moved up with a look that just plain and simple said…MORE. Stephanie took my cock into her mouth, softly sucking it into her throat. Some of her spit was on my cock, and she used it as a lube, as Stephanie slowly began jerking me off. She kneaded her hand almost rhythmically, as Stephanie jacked me harder and harder, almost in a rough hand job, but one I loved every second of. Then she lowered her head back to my hardening cock, licking my sensitive cockhead. I again moaned aloud, and rested my head on the back of her shoulders. The girl knew how to please a man orally I thought, as Stephanie continued to take me back in her mouth deep. Stephanie then slid my cock back down her throat; most of her saliva sliding down her throat again. I was getting close, and I let her know of that. Stephanie by this time wanted me to face fuck her, so I grabbed the back of her head and lowered her down to the hilt of my cock. Stephanie overcame her wanting to gag and allowed me to fuck her face.

Stephanie took over for me now as she again began sliding my dick down her throat and back up, deep-throating me, as I started swaying my hips in a way that let Stephanie know what was about to happen. She pulled me from her mouth, my cock under a coating of saliva, and started jacking me off again. Slowly, Stephanie took my cockhead back in her mouth, and that's when the magic happened. I closed my eyes, groaned, and let loose a stream of cum, some going in her mouth, but most landing on her cheeks, nose and chin. Stephanie swallowed what was in her mouth, and started to collect the cum on her face with her fingers. The cum that was on her chin dribbled down and landed in her cleavage. I opened his eyes to see Stephanie lowering her fingers to her cleavage, scooping up the cum, and sucking it off of her finger. I was completely happy and drifted off to a nap.

I woke up with my pants on and realized 20 minutes had gone by. Stephanie was again fully dressed and said HHH had called her and their meeting was over and for us to meet him at the catering section for a little lunch. I obliged and got my shirt on and we walked out together, a couple almost and Steph said, "You keep those words Trish told you embedded in your head, because I think all the WWF divas deserve the slice of heaven you just gave me and with that we shared one more deep passionate kiss before heading for HHH. What more? What more?

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