tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage Pass Vol. 3

Backstage Pass Vol. 3


What more? Nothing has been truer. What more could happen to me? Here I am right before 5 in the afternoon, where 2 hours ago I was a desperate little man trying to get in the pants of one diva and now I stand here arm in arm with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley going to eat with her and Triple H after I just gave her a damn good fucking and she gave me a damn good blowjob. She felt like an out of body experience, she was that good. That DAMN good to be exact. Trish was nice, but Stephanie was pure heaven.

We rolled into the catering section were HHH was leaning on a vending machine talking to Chris Jericho as he looked over our way and cracked a smile and said to Steph, "Trying to get me jealous?" Steph then replied something like that. Jericho said he had to run and meet with Rikishi so HHH said goodbye and we went to the food line to get some food. They had some Chicken Sandwiches and Salisbury steak, Fried Rice, among other things. I grabbed a couple of Chicken Sandwiches and a lemonade and sat with HHH whose plate was a about to break from the middle out as he had it piled high with the steak and rice. "I need my carbohydrates" he grinned as I looked shockingly at his plate. I nodded my head and Stephanie patted me on the back and said "and he's wondering why I don't like cooking his dinner, I have to cook so damn much!"

We all shared a laugh and Hunter and I started talking about that night's plans and what should be going down and he gave me a rundown and then Stephanie gave me a pinch on the thigh and I gave her a look like "What the Hell?" and she gave a nod over to her right as to look over there and me and Hunter both gave a look and good god almighty if it wasn't Torrie Wilson getting an Iced Tea to drink. Hunter gave me a hit on the shoulder and goes, "Damn man, you want to hit that? I don't doubt you for all the world." I just nodded with a blank stare, it seems all I could do today was nod. "Well it seems our friend Kurt, Hunter, has the big crush on Torrie and has been wanting to meet her for quite some time." I just studied over Torrie, her sexy tan legs sticking out of what looked to be a red corduroy mini-skirt with a white mesh sleeveless shirt over it that had a zipper that came down about ¼ the way with her massive tits sticking out. Her hair laid beautifully over her shoulders in a golden brown color, and her angelic face was a sight to behold. With a little makeup on, and her full lips covered in a pink lipstick that I was just dying to have all over my body.

Stephanie broke the silence by giving a whistle and it caught Torrie's attention and Torrie saw Stephanie wave her over and she gave a big smile and walked over, the muscles in her legs captivating my attention. Hunter glanced my way and hit me in the back of the head to get my attention. I looked his way and he went "Dude, She's coming!" I mouthed "I Know" and went back to Torrie. Torrie and Steph exchanged hellos and Torrie was talking about finding nothing to do with anyone and just needing something. With those words BOTH Hunter and Stephanie's eyes shot up with hope and Torrie gave them a questioning look. "Please tell me you have something to do!" Torrie pleaded and Stephanie gave a huge smile and asked Torrie, "You up for hanging out with a big fan of the MALE kind? He's met with Trish." Hunter gave a puzzling "What's that supposed to mean?" but Stephanie ignored him as Torrie looked VERY intrigued by the situation provided. "Is he cool?"

"Oh very cool, I've been with him almost all afternoon and he's a blast, in fact he's right here." And with that all eyes went to me and Torrie lit up like a Christmas tree. Here we go again!

I was introduced to Torrie and she took my hand and rubbed it a bit saying it was great meeting her big fans and if Stephanie is approving then it'll be all good because Stephanie is picky about her fans. Stephanie then gave a half-hearted comeback about that's she's not picky, it's just that when you're Vince's daughter you have to be careful. Torrie and Hunter laughed and Torrie asked Hunter if he was wrestling tonight and Hunter said no, it was just a stare down with Austin and then Beers afterwards. Torrie nodded and said she was managing that night for Tajiri, him and The Hurricane had Chuck & Billy. Hunter made a crack at them by saying Tajiri and Hurricane had some guts getting in the ring with those pole-smokers, hell anyone that wrestles them does! We all laughed again as Hunter got another call and it was Austin again.

Hunter hung up and said he and Steph had to leave because Austin and Debra wanted to talk to them. Torrie said that was cool. Hunter got my cell phone number and programmed it into his and he said he'd call when he was done with Austin and they'd get back together. I assured him we would and Steph asked if it was cool to leave us and Torrie let her know she was cool with it and with that, I was alone with Torrie Wilson.

We finished our drinks and walked out of the catering area. Torrie said we had 2 hours to kill before she had to check back into the arena for pre-match meetings and such. She suggested we take her SUV she rented and drive around for a while. I was in favor of that and we found her Land Rover and drove out of the arena and into Dallas. We stopped at the Galleria mall that was about 5 minutes from the arena and Torrie wanted to do a little bit of shopping in Dallas, pick up a cowboy hat or something like that.

So we stopped and looked at a couple of stores, The Gap, Foley's, Abercrombie & Fitch and Wilson's Leather. Torrie didn't get much, just a U.S.A. skirt at The Gap and a pair of Leather pants at Wilson's. We had been gone for about an hour and figured on heading back to the arena, but then Torrie Wilson came across Victoria's Secret. I didn't know what to make of this but of course I had a certain wanting of going into the store and that's exactly what we did with Torrie taking me by the hand and saying, "You can never have too many thongs." We did a little roaming of the store and came across a very sexy looking neon green bra and panty set. I was even in love with it and convinced Torrie that she should buy it. When Torrie paid for it she said "Now that I know you like it, I can try it on for you when we get back." And then she flashed that $1,000,000 smile that made me melt and I knew it was to only get better.

I actually had to drive the way back to the arena because as soon as we put 1 foot outside the mall, Torrie was all over my body wanting to stick her tongue down my throat as far as it would go and I was groping her ass for all it was worth. We got on the highway and I was swerving lanes, cars, anything on that highway was fair game to be hit because I could not for the life of me get Torrie off of me, and like I was trying! I was all into it myself and finally we pulled right into the locker room entrance and we hopped out of the car, I pulled Torrie's bags inside and we sprinted to her locker room and right then I saw HHH & Stephanie with Austin and Debra and they both gave me a thumbs up. They knew what was goin' down. Torrie pulled me into a mid-sized locker room with just a plush purple velvet couch in the middle of it and some lockers on the side.

She locked the door and it was on now. Torrie told me to sit down onto the couch and I did just that, kicking off my shoes and taking off my belt and stretching out on the couch while Torrie found the bathroom and went to keep her word by putting on her new underwear set. After only a couple of minutes out walked the most incredible site my eyes had ever seen. Torrie Wilson stepped out with a purpose with the neon green outfit complimenting every curve on her body. Her breasts stuck out with authority underneath a bra that looked like it needed air it was on so tight! And her thong bottoms made her ass just look simply amazing. It stuck out in the air just teasing me and I just couldn't take it anymore, I sexually snapped and made sure Torrie was to be mine!

I picked up Torrie and laid her out on the couch, taking off her bra and exposing the $1,000,000 tits Torrie had and my dick almost leapt from my body. I removed all my clothes and I looked at my cock and then at her tits and I knew how to start this thing off right. Straddling her lovely chest. Torrie's eyes were wide open, loving me taking charge, it was too much for me and now I was sliding my dick between her ample and amazing tits. "Ohh yeah!! I love it when men fuck my tits!! Faster please Kurt, Go Faster!!"

I slid all the way up her breast and wiped my cock across her mouth. "How about you take some of my cock while we're at it?" Torrie eagerly sucked on my dick like it was water at the Sahara Desert. Her mouth was so warm and exquisite to the touch of my cock and I couldn't stop moaning as she flicked her tongue along my shaft. I made sure that between the lovely confines of Torrie's mouth and the sensation of her breasts wrapped around my rod, she and I both got pleasure. I was ready to shoot and I had a target. I feasted on her nipples with my fingers as I told her my cum was ready to land on her. "Yes!! Faster just give me your seed!!" I couldn't control my load all over the tits of Torrie; the semen flowed for a time unimaginable and it coated her breasts with cum. Torrie with a passion massaged the cum into her tits as I fell to the floor, just watching the cum disappear into that sweet, sweet skin of hers.

"We're not done yet, are we?" Torrie asked, almost in a sad sense. "Hell No! I'm just sitting her thinking about something about you."

"Oh yeah? What you thinking?"

"Do you remember a interview you did while in WCW in Stuff Magazine?"

"Yeah, that was nice to give my guy fans a peek into my sexual prowess."

"Well I just remember how you talked about that your favorite thing was to get fucked standing up, but not most men could keep it up doing that, well looking at my dick I think I'm up for the challenge."

Torrie's eyes lit up like Times Square and I stood up as Torrie jumped onto my body and I took her to a wall to meet her challenge. Torrie had broken out in a light sweat after getting tit-fucked and with my sweat we mixed, almost combining into one as I pressed her against a wall, Torrie moaned as the cool of the wall made her tremble against her hot body. Torrie spread her legs standing up and then I came up on her and she took her left leg and wrapped it around my midsection as I lined my cock up with her velvety passage and I took the plunge with all I had inside her love tunnel. She let out a hard grunt as her pussy adapted to my large cock, but it didn't take long because her pussy was not tight by any means. I could tell Torrie has had some cocks up her pussy quite a bit. I had no problems with this, loose, tight, virgin, it doesn't matter what kind of pussy they have as long as they are hot. I started ramming my cock hard inside her pussy as she took her right hand and played furiously with her clit while we made a rhythm. I grabbed her ass and pushed her more into me and Torrie agreed with me and instead took her right leg and wrapped that around my body to where I was holding up all of Torrie. I just rocked back and forth as hard as I could, getting all my large cock inside her pussy, pulling it all out and then slamming it back in. Torrie played with her clit like it was the last thing she owned and I leaned forward to get a taste of those beautiful nipples.

They were pure bliss as I teasingly sucked on them; Torrie was cumming all over the both of our lower bodies asking for more as I buried my head deeper into her tits. Torrie wiped some of her cum onto her fingers and wiped them onto her other breast and I worked onto that one as I tasted Torrie for the 1st time, and the taste was so divine, I couldn't get enough of it, I was almost ripping into her breast looking for more, She had a huge smile of lust saying she loved this aggressiveness, but she needed my cum and she needed it now. I was not one to deny her wanting so I put her feet back on the ground and thrusted for all I was worth and then I felt the building and I think she did too because she grabbed my head and forced it into hers and we made out in the most passionate kiss I've ever experience, one with true fireworks and unloaded into her pussy the most abundant load of cum I've ever gotten out, I was surprised at my own attempt as Torrie just screaming yes, using her pussy to milk all my cum, and which she did.

Finally I pulled out and just collapsed onto the couch. Torrie dropped to her knees and seductively licked my cock clean and then grabbed an oversized towel from a locker and half-heartedly wrapped it over us as we drifted off to a soft sleep.

35 minutes later my cell phone rang within my pants and I picked it up and it was Triple H. "Please tell me I didn't disturb you, because that's the last thing I want to do."

"Naw, I've been just napping for a few minutes, what's up?"

"It's just that Austin and Debra want to meet you, Stephanie is with Debra and I think she's telling her things about you and Austin is about as near as dead drunk as he can get so he's at his best."

"Where can I meet you?"

"Go to catering and take a right at that vending machine you saw me at earlier, that's where all the lockers with names on them are and just look for Austin's."

"Ok, I'll be there in a few."

With that I unwrapped myself from the towel and gave Torrie a goodbye kiss which she woke up for long enough to return with her tongue. "Where you heading?"

"Triple H is bringing me to see Austin so I'm going to check it out, I'll be back I hope."

"Yeah, come by sometime after my match, I'll introduce you to Stacy Keibler, she'll just love you." Good Lord. A couple minutes later I found Austin's locker room, opened it and low and behold I find…

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