tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage Pass Vol. 5

Backstage Pass Vol. 5


Triple H had convinced me into playing the waiting game with Stacy. Somehow it came into his mind that if Stacy had to end up waiting on me, she'd get more and more horny. I was thinking on the flip side that she'd get incredibly pissed and I'm screwed instead of screwing. Anyways, it was getting close to start time for the arena crowd's dark matches, which were scheduled to begin at 6:45 and it was nearing 6:30. I stayed with Austin and HHH until 6:30 on the dot when they both had to leave for the pre-RAW creative meeting where they would go though a run-down of the last segment of the show and also what the crowd would receive as a bonus. HHH said it would probably run long because Y2J is known to attend and he bitches and moans about every damn thing so he'll be bugging somebody about his match tonight or his promo.

HHH grabbed me by the shoulders before he left and looked directly in my eyes. "Whatever you do, don't fuck this up. You've got a 21-year-old fucking hottie wanting you inside her locker room. There are guys 35 years old or so and they want to fuck her. You take her and claim her yours and go buck wild with it." Austin added an "OH HELL YEAH!" and we all shook hands and they left, the girls still behind me but following the men. "Listen, give it just a couple of minutes before you make your move, I'm going to stop by and talk to Stacy and put in a good word for you, make it easier on you. You were like heaven to me and Debra here, just give Stacy even ½ of that and you're made."

Stephanie sealed her bode of confidence with a nice kiss that had some tongue to it. It felt really good, but then Debra had her 2 cents. "Stephanie, you do realize Kurt fucked 4 girls in about 3 hours and it's about to be 5 in 4. He's a god, but even after that treatment, he might need a little more help building up for Stacy, and I think you know what I'm saying." Debra gave Steph a wink and Stephanie gave a look like "Oh! Now I know." Both women made their move on what they were thinking and this sure as hell was going to get me motivated for sex.

Debra made a move in on Stephanie and softly pushed Stephanie's head towards her own and both women embraced on the most sexiest and passionate kiss I had ever seen! Both women invaded the other's mouth with their tongue, their faces almost mashing together. Stephanie "captured" Debra's tongue and sucked on it and licked the upper part of it, Debra moaning under her breath. Debra pulled back just a second, a trail of saliva coming between the two. I was already ready for action if this was it, but Debra's next words told me it wasn't. "Stephanie, I couldn't help it, I'm just so horny already, please stick your hand under my skirt and finger me to an orgasm while we continue this."

Stephanie put on her trademark smile and nodded yes. Stephanie this time took charge, almost plunging to Debra's face and their kiss continued as Stephanie went towards Debra's left thigh and rubbed before the hand disappeared underneath Debra's skirt. I knew Stephanie was entering Debra's pussy when Debra let out a light moan into Stephanie's mouth that was faintly heard. I could make out the movements of Stephanie's arm moving up and down from her finger fucking of Debra. Both women passionately kissed each other, tongues going all over their mouths; Debra was starting to suck on Stephanie's upper lip. Debra reached under Stephanie's shirt and massaged Stephanie's breasts and rested her head on Stephanie's shoulder, both women now moaning and actually both were near orgasm.

Stephanie actually came first, with a moan that almost made me come. Then Stephanie forced another kiss on Debra, one that Debra didn't try to reject and a motion of Stephanie's arm shooting as far as it would go as Debra let out a large scream as she came all over Stephanie's hand. Stephanie pulled her hand out and it had Debra's juices all over it and then Stephanie looked like she had an idea. She whispered to Debra and Debra giggled and went towards Stephanie's zipper of her jean skirt in the back and Unzipped the skirt, pulling down her panties with it and Stephanie pushed her cum covered fingers inside her pussy and then pulled them out, and came over to me and Debra pulled down my jaw and Stephanie put her fingers in my mouth and I sucked them dry. Stephanie and Debra cleaned up just a bit and opened the door. "That's from the both of us, good luck with Stacy." Both women waved goodbye and I was on my own to face Stacy Keibler.

I opened the door just a couple of minutes afterwards and let out a deep sigh. I had fucked 4 WWF divas hard and good already that day, but for some reason I had a really nervous reaction to getting it on with Stacy. Maybe it's just that incredible, natural sexiness that she has. I think it's the 41-inch legs that lead to the most incredible ass in probably the world. I walked to the best of my abilities to find Stacy's locker. When walking past a hallway that led to some mid-carders locker room I had an arm pull me into it.

It was Torrie Wilson. "Are you ready big guy?" she asked with a grin. "About as ready as I'll ever be. I'll be man enough to admit though that I'm pretty nervous for some reason or another." Torrie looked at me with those beautiful eyes and gave me a smile that almost made me melt. "Don't be nervous, just give her the heart-stopping time you gave me and you'll be all right. Just one word of advice, She knows ya'll are gonna fuck, but to start out with she'll be pretty shy. You just go easy on her and then just get her out of her clothes, rub her legs a bit and she'll be just as sexually driven as you." Torrie pulled me in and kissed me and then gave me a "good luck" and walked off. Damn, I've gotten some luck today. I yelled to Torrie to tell me where her locker room was and she yelled back it was the next right and then the 4th room on the left.

I took the next right and looked at the labels on the doors. Molly Holly had her room there, Tajiri, Shawn Stasiak, Chuck & Billy, The Hurricane, Tazz and Spike, then The Dudley Boyz were the 3rd door on the right, which would've made the next door to my left…Stacy Keibler's. For some reason I couldn't go in just yet. Thank God that The Dudleyz door swung wide open and out came my favorite tag team in the world! D'von led Bubba Ray and my head was just spinning!

I stood practically in front of D'von while Bubba knocked on Stacy's locker. "Hey Stace, we're going to the audio/video room to cut some promos for Tazz & Spike, you want to back us up there?" A faint voice came from inside. "No, I'm waiting on Torrie and somebody." I knew that somebody was me, but 1st things 1st, I had to get autographs. I extended my hand to D'von and he returned it. "I'm Kurt, you just have to know what big fans of yours I am! I've followed Bubba since before you showed up in ECW and have been a Dudleyz fan since you beat The Eliminators for your 1st ECW tag titles." D'von gave a smile and said he likes to meet the hardcore Dudley fans and Bubba came over and said "if you were such a Dudleyz fan you'd do the Dudleyz high-five." I knew what that was so we met our hand up top and them brought them down and hit fists like D'von and Bubba always do and Bubba smiled and went, "all right, that's a Dudleyz fan." I got them to sign their picture in the magazine I had and they personalized it and had to walk off to the A/V room and so I stood there and watched them go.

Before I could turn around I heard another door open behind me, I knew that was Stacy's door. I slowly turned around and there was Stacy with some pink shades atop her head settling in her hair and as I looked down and her outfit was rounded out with a pink shirt that just came below her perky breasts, showcasing her amazing midriff and completing it was some tight white jeans that went all the way down her legs, it almost was like looking at 1 pair of legs and then another pair starting, it was a sight to behold. I went back up to her face and she was smiling with a shy look, her finger in between her teeth. "Do I really look that good?" "You're just so amazingly beautiful!" I wanted to make sure she knew my exact feelings and she just smiled and walked towards her locker room again with her hand behind her head signaling me to follow her, her ass swaying from side to side and it just mesmerized my eyes.

I regained my senses enough to ask a logical, but at the point, dumb question. "So I take it you know who I am?" Stacy turned around and said, "Yeah, Torrie told me it was a guy named Kurt and I heard you say your name to D'von. You're quite the stud I've heard today. It makes me feel really comfortable with what's about to happen when Trish, Torrie and Stephanie with Debra all come in at one point and tell me their amazing stories of the wonders you've done." "I only aim to please, and today has been a lucky day. No offense though, but it's been seeming like it doesn't take much to send these women over the threshold."

Stacy nodded as if I was right and said, "Yeah, Vince knows how we can use our looks to our advantages, so he keeps us on a tight leash. I had been fucked by 2 guys before joining here, once to lose my virginity in High School and then about 5 times with David Flair, so when in WCW it was frequent to get sexual someway, but here I've had sex once and it was pretty cheap, I had a friend come in when we were in Atlanta and I took him to my hotel and I was supposed to leave him at the door, but lucky for me some autograph hounds occupied the guards and I snuck him into the ladies restroom, locked the door and he fucked me against the sink for about 2 minutes, he had a good sized dick but he was just so shell-shocked he was getting with me he just blew his load. So when 4 women come and tell me the same guy has gotten to all of them, then I know it's good. Vince could have your ass hung if he wanted to the way he is with us." The last comment wasn't as unsettling as it could've been, but I was taken aback by Stacy's forwardness. It was good, but Torrie had me expecting otherwise.

"You know, Torrie said you'd be a little shy to begin with." "Well she's right, but only with new guys, I've heard about you fucking and I know how big your cock is, so I'm comfortable." I understood how she felt and it was the truth, so I got up and just looked at the ground. "You know, there's one thing that I really, really want to do, I did it every time with David and it feels so good to me, and Kurt I'm sure you've figured this out with the other divas, when you please me, you get whatever you want." "Yeah, that's been mentioned once or twice…or all 4 times." Stacy smiled and continued. "Here's what it is. I always bring this with me."

She went to her duffel bag and brought out two elastic ropes with some Velcro cuffs attached to the end. They each had a metal hook at the end and she hooked the ropes to the bottom lockers, 3 apart. "Kurt, I'm going to get naked and then lay on the ground, I'm very flexible, so what I plan to do is spread my legs very far apart and then hook them with these cuffs, you're gonna get between my legs and eat me out for all it's worth, and then anything on my body is yours."

I was in amazement, I LOVED that idea! She went for her button on her jeans and I rushed to her, stopping her. "Please, I've had fantasies with those legs since the 1st time I saw you on TV, if you want what you want, please give me the fulfillment of revealing your legs from those jeans and behold them in all their glory." Stacy kissed me on the cheek. "Please, go right ahead, I think I'll just do my shirt and with that, in one bold movement her shirt was off and going braless that day made me behold the 1st pair of natural tits I had seen that day.

I was completely in awe. They were so perky, her nipples a rose color, just slightly sticking up. They were perfect. I went to her pants and they were button-fly, so I went slowly, one button at a time and saw that she had some gray cloth panties on, they seemed familiar and then I realized they were the same panties she had on when she was on the poster of the RAW magazine a couple months ago where she did the bedroom shoot with Torrie. I slid her jeans down, basically inch by inch and when I had gotten to the bottom of her thighs, I made my 1st move. I bent down and lightly kissed up and down both sides, making sure I got the sensitive inside of her thighs. A faint cooing coming from Stacy's mouth. I pulled the jeans the rest of the way down, lightly leaving kisses on her calves and then kissing each of her toes. I worked my way back up and then reached into the waistband of her panties and took those off, but not before after revealing her pretty little trail of a blonde bush, kissing that and her pussy lips. Stacy was now panting slightly as she was now completely naked, and in about no time at all, I followed her in being naked.

Although it didn't take me long to get naked, it was enough time for Stacy to slide from me and get herself settled into her cuff. The elastic bands supported her legs up nicely, they were spread as humanly possible and slightly being pulled back behind her head. Her pussy was spread wide and glistening her wetness. I dropped to my knees and started from her inside right thigh, licking the inside of it, Stacy was shaking when I did this to both her legs, and when I got finished with her left leg I got to her pussy and decided to tease her before diving right in. I stuck my tounge out and just barely grazed her pussy with it, just getting a sip of her sweet, sweet juices. Stacy actually liked being teased and made me realize what Torrie meant when she said Stacy would have sexual drive. "Oh yes Kurt, please tease me, do with me what you want, make me your personal young slut!"

Stacy's eyes were closed in a moment of ecstasy as I finally massaged her thighs and then dove into her pussy, planting kisses all the way down it, even leaving a kiss right where her ass began. I licked her pussy up and down, probing the insides to the deepest possibilities. When I came back, my tongue caught her clit and I worked on that, taking small baby sucks on it, using my tongue to lick all around it. Stacy was thrashing all about going crazy. Stacy brought her hand to her clit and rubbed with an intense passion as I licked her pussy more sexually and deeply. Stacy then just went for her tits and groped them madly as she moaned and let me know she was about to cum and so I just left my tongue inside her pussy as her womanhood just washed into my mouth, the most delicious taste I've ever experience, it was like her juices were special, unlike any other.

I pulled away after I swallowed all of what she offered and then unhooked her from her cuffs and her legs landed with a thud. She picked herself up as I noticed she had a little bit of sweat on her forehead, quite a workout for her it looked. I sat down on a chair, just spread out on it and Stacy came and sat down on top of me, our body heat coming together. "So big boy, are you ready for any more of this?" I assured her I was and then she wanted to know what was next and I had an offer. "Why don't you give me a lap dance of sorts while I make up my mind?" She readily agreed and just moved to her feeling.

She began just putting her hand through her hand and shaking her hips, swaying them from side to side and then she turned around so I had an eyeful of her incredible ass just shaking and moving and shaking. She then bent all the way down, her ass and pussy now in my face and she rubbed her legs all the way up and then took 2 fingers and trailed them over her pussy and then up to her mouth where she cleaned them off and smiled to me. She came closer and started humping her ass to me, my cock now at full attention, now also knowing what I wanted. "Stacy let me fuck that ass." "I thought you'd never ask!" I eased my cock into her snug asshole. "OOOOHHH yeah fuck my ass baby," Stacy basically just pulsated throughout her body as I rammed into her ass.

I held one of her long sexy legs in the air as I slowly slid in and out of her beautifully feeling hole. Stacy then changed positions, laying back on the floor on her back and stretching her long legs back so they were by her head completely exposing her asshole for me like she had just down, but this time to give more exposure of her ass. I bent down over it and slid my cock deep into her asshole. Stacy moaned pushing her cute ass back into me the best she could. She whimpered whenever I put it all the way in but then smiled in lust. "Fuck my ass harder!" she moaned.

I stared fucking to the best of my ability while rubbing her long legs. "God yes! That's the way!" Stacy moaned "God Damn you feel so good Stacy, take it in the ass like you want it you little slut!" I grunted as I kept thrusting into her tight asshole. Stacy loved my aggressiveness as she bucked harder into me, getting more and more cock whenever possible.

I finally got a taste of her nice little tits as I went in to suck on her supple nipples. They were absolute bliss, I almost just wanted to never move from this position, alternating between the two tits, but I felt the sensation so I asked Stacy, "Where do you want me to cum?" In between moans Stacy said, "This is all for you, you decide." I thought cumming in her ass would be right but then a feeling came over me and I knew what I had to do. Reluctantly to both of us I pulled out right before I was to cum and I stood off and jerked my cock for just a second until I pointed it towards her long, sexy legs and I released a massive load, spraying all over her legs, hardly missing a spot, but they were 41 inches so there were a few spots, but for the most part it got all on her legs. Stacy threw her head back and screamed how much she loved the feeling she was getting from my cum. After I was spent I just fell back onto the floor, it wasn't a good fall, but I was tired. I looked up and Stacy was right over me, and started to massage the cum into her legs, giving me a hint. "All this cum is good for my legs and skin." And she gave me a wink as she continued.

I watched this amazing show until my cell rang. "Hello?" "Kurt! You realize you've been missing for over an hour?!" It was HHH and I looked at my cell's clock, sure enough it was almost a quarter till 8. "Sorry man, I just finished up in here." "Why the fuck are you apologizing, hell I wasn't even expecting you to pick up the phone." "Yeah, it was good while it lasted, what's up?" "Oh nothing man, Stephanie just wanted me to make sure I invited you to my locker room, you can watch the show from in there. We're done with all our backstage stuff although Steph's about to do her catfight with Debra, so just come down whenever man." "Yeah man, just let me get finished up and settled in here and I'll be over."

I hung up the cell and Stacy knew it was time for me to leave. I started to get dressed and Stacy walked over to me and I stopped what I was doing just to hold her. "God Kurt, you were everything I ever dreamed of. This is a night that can never be forgotten." She reached into my pants pocket and took out my cell. I didn't think anything of it and continued to get dressed. After I was finished and polished myself off, She handed back the phone and I looked at the screen and her number had been programmed into it.

"Anytime I'm in the state of Texas, I don't care if it'll end up making me go 8 hours out of the way, if you know I'm in the state, call me, I want to continue this." I gave her a kiss on the lips and assured her that we would more then certainly continue this. I stayed in the room to savor the moment with Stacy for just a little longer and then I walked out the door with a goodbye kiss from Stacy. I felt good about myself at that moment. I felt as if because of our age comparisons, Stacy and me were now in a quote, unquote "relationship". I thought my night was over, but as luck would have it, I had quite a night in store for me afterwards.

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