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Backstage Pass Vol. 6


Man, I can not believe to tell you the feeling I had when walking the last part to HHH's locker. Starting from 3PM until right before 8PM, I had fucked 5 divas, well not just divas… WWF divas. The stars of plenty of men's fantasies. I had fucked them front, back, up, and down. I had left them all begging for more and I even got their numbers! I don't even know where to begin to explain how this all came about. I swear at 2:58 PM, I felt like nothing more then just a Sick Freak in the words of The Rock, and a perverted one at that. What ever gave me a sense that I had a chance in hell of nailing a WWF Diva? Well I had, I had nailed 5 of them, hard and good.

So I figured I'd go to HHH's room, a guy who also in a period of 5 hours basically became my best friend and watch the greatest TV show in the world, Monday Night RAW. I just wanted to sit back and watch, with the thinking of no more divas and no worries about anything. Well it just so happened before the night was over; I'd be dealing with both these matters.

I got to HHH's locker room and knocked, HHH said "hold on", but I heard Stephanie say it was ok and HHH just readily agreed then and so he opened the door a little and I slid in, in case there was a reason not to swing it open and there was a reason because my eyes automatically were fixated onto a nearly naked Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. She was getting into a pair of tight leather pants that were coming up over a very sexy light pink thong, obviously she had changed her underwear as well, and as she pulled the pants up, my mind finally clicked that she was topless! Her boobs swayed and were mesmerizing, her nipples becoming slightly erect. As much of an idiot it might've made me, I tried not to get too attached so that HHH wouldn't get pissed, so I turned to him and gave him a handshake and went to sit on the leather couch they had. HHH said they were just about to start the show with Flair.

Stephanie got my attention by talking about that she and Debra were about to go stage a catfight and I should be sure to watch. Me and HHH both said we wouldn't miss it for the world and laughed. Stephanie still was topless and was making it oh-so difficult on me as she sat on HHH's lap without her shirt and whispered in his ear. HHH started to rub her breasts and Steph gave me a wink. I couldn't take this without doing something that could've gotten me killed by HHH so I asked for a drink. He pointed me to the back of the room where the wet bar is.

I went to the wet bar and low and behold they actually had alcohol. I could've used some then. There was some vodka I could take so I took two shots of that while looking at the couch and it was basically as if the 2 lovebirds had forgotten I was in the room. Stephanie and HHH shared a very passionate filled kiss, Stephanie forcing as much tongue as possible, Triple H just basically palming Stephanie's left tit, rubbing and groping it. Stephanie saw me out the corner of her eye and just smiled. HHH gave her nipple a kiss and then placed her besides him. "Show's starting honey." Stephanie gave him a kiss on the cheek like all was well and moved to me. "He's called The Game for a reason, if the show's on, it's all business, I've grown to it, because eventually tonight he'll show me the attention I want." I got my 3rd shot of Vodka and was feeling relaxed, I was doing damn well.

"Hey, you want to have a little fun, we can get away with it because Hunter might as well be part of the TV now." I asked what she had in mind and she got a shot of vodka and put it into her cleavage, the shot glass resting nicely. "Now drink this from my tits and when it gets into your mouth, don't swallow." I did what she said and left the vodka on my tongue and then without me even realizing it, Stephanie forced herself on me, but like I was gonna resist. She took some of the vodka for herself and swallowed it; she put my right hand on her tit and let me massage it for a second before pulling away. She threw on low-cut chlorine colored shirt and said she'd be back before 8:45. Hunter and I both said goodbye and I sat next to HHH, again feeling good.

The Flair/McMahon/Jericho promo went well and they were back from commercial, ready for the 1st match. It just so happened at that time Lillian Garcia made an appearance on TV as the announcer for the night. Lillian looked amazing this night with a silver number on. She wasn't a diva by standards, but she had hella nice legs and a very good body. "What's the deal with Lillian man?" I asked Hunter. "What you talking about?"

"Well, to me she's very attractive, but yet she's not a quote, unquote "WWF Diva", and never in the Diva photo shoots."

"Well she says all the time that she's only in the WWF to help build her music career, which is very promising. But she's not just another woman, she likes having some fun, and I actually got a funny story. She thought she'd never get to interview The Rock, who she has a secret crush on. She came to me with this problem, thinking somehow I could fix it, so ever so subtly, and I mean subtly, hinted I had a little stroke in how things could be run. Well she ran with it and dragged me into an equipment room in the arena and gave me the best blowjob I've ever had! She took 2 huge loads of mine into her mouth and swallowed."

I was amazed at the story. "So she interviewed The Rock I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, and take this into mind, anytime you see her Interview The Rock, it's because she blew me, and I'm not making that up." HHH had now conjured up many thoughts in my head about maybe getting a finale in before the night was up, just a little something to call my own basically. I rested my head on my hand and I guess I had a look of deep thought because Hunter spoke up. "Hey man, she always comes to my locker room after the show to make sure she was ok during the show, so if you want it, I gauren-damn-tee you'll have it.

I put my hands behind my head and stretched out smiling. "Hey Hunter, what's that line about how good you are?"

"I am That Damn Good."

"No, no, no. I am that DAMN Good!" HHH laughed and accepted my statement. We had probably the greatest time I've ever experience. It was like this guy was my lifelong friend, someone I had trusted in for years. It was seriously something amazing. Our conversation turned into more man talk as one by one throughout the night, Stacy, Torrie, and Trish all came down the ramp. What we noticed is that all 3 woman came out with a bigger bounce in their step, like they were more then happy to be there. I didn't want to brag, but damn if I obviously didn't know it was because of me. A producer walked in and said as soon as Stephanie came back, they would have to get ready for 2 backstage segments. HHH really didn't want much of that but obliged. Stephanie rolled back in about 8:40. "Hunter, make sure I get a good shot in on Austin next time I see him."

"Why's that honey?"

"He fucking taught Debra how to hit! She slapped me one good. Our segment turned out great."

"Well, we've got 2 more to do."

"Yeah daddy told me, it's one about me crying about Austin and Debra and then you telling me you're going to the ring alone." HHH was then relieved it wasn't some melo-dramatic kind of segment, so he was cool with that.

The segments went really well, they filmed them back-to-back and they would put them into the show in a few. We all sat down and caught the tail end of Jazz and Jacquelyn, I think, and then they went backstage to Steph and Debra who pulled off a very hot and sexy looking catfight. At least to me, as for a flaw for HHH he was actually critiquing Stephanie on what she did wrong and how it could've been more realistic. The show went on and we saw the segments the couple had filmed earlier and it turned to be about 9:50 and HHH had to leave to get ready for his last segment. HHH told me to meet him at the gorilla position after the show went off the air because you could see all the off-air stuff from their and he would get Lillian to me so I told him I would be there.

Hunter left and then it was down to Stephanie and me. "So Kurt, you want a little night-capper is it? You and Lillian tonight?"

"Well Hunter says that it shouldn't be a problem getter her into action."

"But what about me?" Stephanie said with a fake frown. "Can't I be your night-capper?" I sure as hell wanted a little more of Stephanie. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well I've had some of you tonight, and I'm not selfish, Lillian deserves some of you just like the rest of us, but do you think you can just give these $35,000 tits a workout and tit-fuck me? That's all I ask." Now how can you say no to someone who spent $35,000 on something, I just HAD to fuck 'em for her. "You lose the shirt and I'll lose the pants." We did what we said and were ready to go.

Stephanie laid down on the couch, on her back, and I eased my cock in between her luscious mounds, fake or not, they were a great pair. Stephanie pushed her breasts together, putting my cock under a sexy pressure. With that, I began sliding my cock between her breasts, building up an orgasm, as Stephanie moaned her approval for her position. Stephanie started teasing my cock, trying to touch my cock any way possible, whether she licked it or kissed it. A huge smile forming from her mouth.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity in heaven of fucking her tits, I felt my balls tighten and warned her, "I'm gonna cum!" Stephanie encouraged me to cum all over her body, and I shot my big load all over Stephanie's breasts, and all over her lower face, mainly around her mouth. Stephanie moaned in contentment as I coated her with my hot cum. I pulled my cock out from between her breasts, falling over on the opposite end of the couch, watching Stephanie gather up all the cum over her breasts and face and making a buildup by her mouth and swallowing it whole. I was basically hard again already.

Right as Stephanie left to go wash up a little, The Undertaker had jumped over the barrier and nailed both Austin and HHH with a Chair. I told Stephanie I had to run to the stage and she said she would make sure she said goodbye before I left and I told her I wouldn't leave until we said goodbye. I left the locker room, not knowing the next time I stepped foot into it, it would not be a pretty situation.

I got to the gorilla position to see that while the 2 faces were down, Booker. T and Kurt Angle rushed to the ring to beat them down some more. Unfortunately for the heels, HHH and Austin were ready to kick some ass. Austin and HHH beat down Angle and Booker and Booker ran way rather quickly and just stood and watched as Angle was victim to a badass Pedigree. Then Austin came rolling in with the beer and told HHH straight up that you know, they're not friends, they probably never will be, and there's no love-lost between the 2 men, and then the crowd started the "WHAT?!" and Austin said we do not like each other, and then "WHAT?!" and Austin goes, there is no love between these 2 men and the whole arena started laughing.

Then Austin started talking about drinking beer and wanting to wish HHH luck and before HHH took the beer he wanted the mic and got on and said "I don't know if this is some cheap plot from you to get me wasted off my ass so I'm not at my best on Sunday, trying to give me a Hangover." And Austin went, "Well, Hell son, hangovers last a day, we've got 6 til The Royal Rumble" HHH said that was a good point, but you've had a hangover for all your life. BUT if you want me to drink this beer-WHAT-alcoholic beverage-WHAT-cervesa-WHAT-brewski-WHAT, then HHH lost his train of thought and Austin helped him out with Stevewieser, and then HHH was like, well he's got a million of them. HHH then continued with his conversation, "I guess I can handle it, and even if for one night only, we can be friends-WHAT-buddies-WHAT-pals-WHAT-compadres-WHAT-Amigos-WHAT-hombres-WHAT, then he was like, well damn have we got 'em all yet? And Austin was like yeah that's good. Then they toasted and started drinking constantly and Austin made the crowd laugh when HHH would climb the turnbuckles, Austin would set up behind him like when HHH would get off Austin was gonna nail him with a Stunner, but when HHH came down, Austin eased up and gave him another beer like nothing had happened and the crowd laughed really hard and Austin started to chuckle. Then HHH got a beer and went to the center of the ring and chugged a beer with out stopping in like 5 seconds flat and Austin was laughing and went up to HHH and goes "I don't know if that'll get you the beer belly like me, but that's a helluva start!" And then Austin left and HHH posed for a while and the show was over.

I laughed my ass off backstage as Austin and me shook hands and he tossed me a beer and then HHH followed and we did our little handshake and we waited up for Lillian who wasn't too far behind. Lillian came up to Hunter and gave him a hug, rubbing her hand on HHH's wet chest. That was quite interesting to me. "Hey Lillian, I got a little prodigy with me, if you like me, I'm shilling this kid out that you want to be with him." Hunter intro'ed me and Lillian and Lillian got a very sexy look on her face all of the sudden. "So you're telling me that he's just as good as you?"

"If he's not, tomorrow I'll make up the difference." Lillian seemed like she didn't have much to lose so she agreed and basically dragged my ass behind her to her room. HHH yelled back "Get to my locker room before you leave!" I could barely talk so I just gave him a thumb up and he ran off.

So here I am being drug down the halls of the arena by little Lillian Garcia, who all of the sudden had the strength of a grown man to pull me. I'm thrown into a locker room that is moderately sized; I look behind me and see that the door said "Announcers". "Are we gonna get caught here?"

"No, the guy that does the Dark Matches has already left and Sharmell didn't show up for the trip today, so I'm all alone here." That was comforting to know. The room was nice, soft, blue carpet with a round table in the middle. Some wooden lockers surrounded the room and in one of the lockers were a roll-on suitcase and a medium-sized makeup bag that was open and full of items. Up close, Lillian just sparkled, looking amazing. A silver outfit hugged her at all the right places. She didn't have the biggest of tits, maybe just a little bigger then Stacy Keibler's, but her top made them look exquisite and I wanted them badly. Her skirt was mid-thigh, but very tight on her, her ass sticking out like a tripwire. She was probably the least-talked about diva in the WWF, but she could match up with them in looks pretty nicely.

Lillian kicked off her shoes as I pulled up a chair and Lillian them came and sat down on my lap. "So, you and Hunter are tight?"

"Actually, I just met him today, but we've hit it off amazingly, he's awesome. He's taken me under his wing you could say." Lillian smiled. "Well me and Hunter have been intimate for awhile now, I've had his cock everywhere, and there isn't a man like him, but if he's shilling you, then you've got to have some kind of gift."

"Lately, I've been told that I do."

"Well then, let's expose that gift and see what kind of magic you can do to me." Oh Hell Yeah! Lillian got on her knees in front of me and gently began to undo my belt and jeans. I helped her as she pulled down my jeans. Lillian was shocked as she looked at my silk boxers. Lillian slowly put her fingers underneath the elastic of the boxers and slowly pulled them down. Lillian could not believe the size of my penis. As she slowly pulled down my boxers to reveal more it seemed that the penis would never end. I'm a fairly decent size, but Lillian was just in amazement.

She finally exposed the head of the nearly 9-inch penis hanging closely in front of her. Lillian leaned her head down and slowly took the enormous head into her mouth. She began to slowly try to deep throat my dick. I looked down to see a hungry woman full of lust attacking my cock with a passion and she was having some effect on me now, especially now as my cock started to rise and rise. She took her mouth off of it and looked as the big cock now stood straight out pointing out at her. Lillian had a sense of urgency to give me the best head I've ever gotten and so with a deep breath, she attacked it again, her soft lips feeling incredible.

Lillian played with my balls, which was something rather new for me, as her other hand jerked up and down the long shaft. She sucked and licked up and down the cock until it began to come to life. She put her mouth on the head and sucked on the cock furiously jerking the cock with both hands. She wrapped her soft, little hands around my cock. She tried so hard to make it good for me and it really was, but then she jerked it until finally with an amazing force for me, a nice load of cum hit the back of her throat. Amazed at the sweet taste Lillian swallowed it and began to clean the cock with her tongue. Lillian was like a kid at the candy store because after my load was sucked clean, it was still ready for action. She loved that.

She knew that it was my turn for some action when she felt my hands reach under her arms and lift her to her feet. I carried her near the round table she ran to her locker real quick and brought out a sheet to drape over it and then I set her down on it. She took her skirt off herself, leaving her only in her underwear, which was such a sexy set of purple that looked great on her. I didn't want to waste any more time so I took off her panties. I slowly kneeled at the end of the bed and began to lick around Lillian's completely shaved pussy. There was not a trace of hair and it felt really good to rub my tongue all over her part.

Lillian moaned and writhed in ecstasy as my tongue touched her body for the first time. I then took my fingers and opened up the lips of Lillian's not tight, but yet not loose, pussy. Since she tried so hard, I made my best effort to stick my tongue into her farther than any boyfriend of hers had ever even attempted. Lillian closed her eyes and moaned and screamed, "God that feels so good baby" I flicked my tongue along her clit and then began to fuck her pussy with my tongue, darting it in and out. Lillian wrapped her heels, with the shoes still on, around my head tightly as she began to buck her hips wildly against me. The feeling built up inside her as she ran her hands all throughout her hair until she let out the most amazing orgasm I had ever caused in my life! I almost gagged on all her juices but made sure I got every bit of it.

Lillian opened her eyes half in a daze as she looked down. I began to get up, my face coated in her juices. I watched as Lillian became over come with lust. I got on the bed and began to kiss her nipples and lick her breasts as she continued to moan. I then slowly eased Lillian on her back, back onto the table and spread her thighs again. Still wearing her heels Lillian moaned softly, "Kurt, please give me that cock, I'm in such need for it." I told her, "Close your eyes, I'm going to give you all you want." I proceeded to put my cock head against her pussy, pushing it slightly into her cunt. "MMMM, god that's thick, keep going..." she moaned until I put the cock halfway into her, Lillian opened her eyes in fear as she saw I wasn't all the way in her yet. As I thrust into her burying myself to the hilt, I assured her it was ok, and then she grabbed onto my shoulders as she wrapped her sweet legs around right above my ass. "Fuck me, Fuck me, please god with that big cock please fuck me!!"

As she pleaded with me, she got into the rhythm; she tried to meet my thrust for thrust until after 2 or 3 minutes of fierce pumping, she had the 2nd orgasm of her night. I stopped the assault on her as I tried to watch her orgasm come. Lillian recovered and found that I hadn't pulled out of her. I gave her time to adjust as we slid off the table and she put both hands behind her on the table and pushed into me deeply, wanting more and more inside of her. I controlled her weight and gave her all I could; I pumped for all I was worth and then before I let out my load, I buried my face into her tits that were swaying around. I basically mauled her right tit as I sucked it hard, being rough on her nipple and Lillian loved every bit of it. She reached for her clit and played with it, but just for a bit because in just a couple of seconds I released a high-pressured blast of hot cum that poured into her amazing pussy. I pulled out and Lillian looked like she was on cloud nine, and both of knew the other was ready for more.

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