tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 03

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 03


A couple of months had passed since the night I spent with Taylor Swift and her friends. The sex party organized by the CMO (Country Musicians Orgy) for Taylor still reverberated in my mind. It was the wildest night of my life, with the highlight being Taylor's ending comment to me.

"Thank you for loving me."

OK, I admit that threw me for a loop. Yes, I took Taylor's virginity. Yes, I also coached Taylor when the CMO actually started and she was about to have her first lesbian experience, with Carrie Underwood of all people. And yes, I did seem to spend more time with Taylor than any of the other country stars in the orgy pile, although I would have loved to spend private time with any of those stars, especially Sara Evans and Shania Twain.

But that was in my past. I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one I would never repeat.

So, one night in early February, I was lounging at my home, watching WWE Wrestling on the TV. Batista, the Royal Rumble winner, had just chosen to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania. They had started brawling in the ring when my doorbell rang.

I rose from my armchair, crossed the room and opened the door. The woman on my porch was young, wearing tattered jeans, a loose blouse and a cowboy hat pulled low down her head. With her head facing down, I could not see her face.

"Hello. May I help you?" I asked.

The woman rose her face, and I saw it was Taylor Swift! Not only that, it was very obvious she had been crying. Her cheeks, sans makeup, were streaked and dirty. Her lips quivered, and she said, in a soft whisper, "Please. Please help me!"

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my living room, shutting the door, then turning off the TV. I led her to the couch and sat her down. Unbidden, my mind flashed to the first time I had seen Taylor on a couch. That time, she had been masturbating, and she had quickly grabbed me and we had made love.

I shook my head to clear the image and said, "What's wrong Taylor?"

"I need help badly. Please, I need YOUR help!" she replied.

"How did you find me?" I said. I know, it was absurd. This 18-year-old sexy woman, a country star, had sought me out and needed my help, and all I could ask was how she found me.

"I had my publicist call the local country station," she replied. "I remembered you had won the station's contest to get backstage that night we met. They gave her your address, and I slipped away from my handlers tonight and came here."

"Why me? What kind of help can I give you?"

"You remember the CMO?"

"How could I forget? that was the most exciting night of my life."

"You remember the Opening Act?"

"Of course. Carrie Underwood made love to you, then you did her. Then the orgy started in earnest. What does that have to do with you being here?"

"Because," Taylor started, then stopped. She sniffed, then spoke again. "Because ..." She could not continue. She broke into a fresh spate of tears.

I put my arms around her, pulling her close. She grabbed me tight, pushing her body against mine, folding herself deeply into my arms. Her breasts pushed against my chest, her head collapsed onto my shoulder, and she cried harder. I let her cry for a minute, knowing tears were cathartic. After a bit, I lifted her head off my shoulder. I kissed her cheeks gently, wiping her tears away with my lips. I moved my lips upward, kissing and wiping her tears off her face.

Her hands grabbed my head and pulled my lips against hers. Her kiss ave me the feeling that she was desperate, longing and scared. I knew she needed me in many ways. I let her lead me, letting her do as she wished.

Her hands soon moved off my head. She lowered them to my chest, rubbing me through my clothes. Her still-inexperienced fingers fumbled with my shirt, getting better with each button she opened. Finally she pulled the shirt out of my slacks and dropped it down my arms, exposing my chest. Her fingers started caressing my chest hairs.

At the same time, her tongue darted into my mouth, causing my cock to make its first jerk towards hardness. Her kiss had changed from desperate to sexual. I took my hands and caressed her hair. She moaned into my mouth, another sure sign that we would soon be coupled together carnally.

Oh, how I wanted to see her naked again, and knowing she would be mine and mine alone for as long as she wanted to stay with me. But my instincts told me to let Taylor lead, because she was leading up to that mysterious "Because" she had said earlier.

Taylor's hands had left my chest, moving lower. She undid my belt and pants, then reached in past the zipper to stroke my now-rapidly rising cock through my shorts. I focused on our kiss, trying to will myself to last as long as Taylor wanted me to last.

She finally broke the kiss, only to move to my ear. She whispered "I need you so much!" then broke away from me.

"Take me, please!" she said in a voice that was husky with lust. I stood, and lifted her up off the couch. My pants dropped to my ankles, and I stepped out of them as I carried Taylor into my bedroom. I lowered her to the round, then deftly removed her clothes. As each piece of clothing left her body, I kissed the exposed skin.

My mouth moved up and down her torso when the blouse was removed, then down one leg and up the other as the pants she wore came off. She shivered once when I slipped her bra off, but started moaning as my mouth captured each already-erect nipple, sucking and licking at them. One hand moved down between Taylor's legs, and I felt how wet she already was. I slid the thong off her body, and knelt by the edge of the bed, moved my head between her legs.

I licked gently at her soft womanly labia, working to increase her level of arousal. She reached down and pulled me on the bed with her, then skinned my shorts down. As we lay head-to-crotch, side by side on the bed, Taylor took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking and licking the head before moving the entire shaft into her mouth.

We lay in that side-by-side 69 for several minutes. My erect cock swelled even more, and her pussy fairly dripped with cum. I focused on her clit, and when my teeth gently bit it, Taylor lifted her mouth off my cock and cried "I'm cumming!"

I put one finger on her clit, keeping the stimulus on it, while my mouth moved to her pussy opening and I licked at her sweet nectar. Her orgasm shook her body, and she flooded my mouth. I licked as fast as I could, drinking in her juices. My face and her thighs became wetter and wetter.

As her orgasm passed, she lifted her head. "Fuck me!" she cried. "I need your bone deep inside me!"

I shifted until I was looming over her, my cock head teasing her wet pussy lips. Then, slowly, I slid back into Taylor Swift, the first time since that night after her show.

This was not a frantic coupling. I went slow, filling her inch by inch, then moving slowly, grinding when I was fully impaled in her, then sliding out before plunging slowly again and grinding.

Taylor wrapped her hands under my arms and dug her nails into my shoulder blades. She humped her hips in time with my thrusts, as we fell into a rhythm as old as Adam and Eve. In and out I went, speeding up now with every stroke. Up and down her hips went, meeting my every thrust with a thrust of her own.

Time stood still. There was no one in the world but this young talented singer and me. We were two,and we were one, tangled together, making love. Our energy fed each other, and our strokes got harder, faster and more frantic. Sweat fell from my forehead, and Taylor growled louder and louder.

Taylor came first. Her nails drove even deeper into my shoulder, and she screamed, releasing her orgasm. Her body shook as the climax overcame her. Her juices flooded her pussy and forced my cock out of her in her orgasmic intensity.

I drove back in to her and came myself. I filled her again and again, my cum mixing with her own. Our mouths met at that moment, and we kissed deeper than ever before.

As soon as my cock stopped spurting, it slowly shriveled, slipping out of Taylor. But I held her tight, kissing her softly, then harder, trying to keep the moment alive. The responses to my kisses showed me that Taylor wanted that special moment to last as well.

Finally, our breathing returned to normal, and we lay in each others arms, content and serene. But I knew that Taylor had something else on her mind. The hand under her body slipped up between our bodies, and I started tracing soft circles around her breasts.

"Now, love, tell me what's wrong," I said, hoping that our lovemaking had calmed her enough to let her talk.

I was right. Taylor kissed me, then said. "I need your help because I got a message from Tim McGraw. The CMO will be meeting next week, and I'm the opening act as we induct Bucky Covington. I'm so scared. What do I do? How can I do this? You remember that you were my first, then that orgy came up. Since then, I've had no one until now." She kissed me then, a thank-you kiss.

"How can I help, Taylor?" I asked.

"I don't know what to do. How should I take him? What should I do?"

I kissed my country star (as I now thought of her as mine). An idea slipped into my mind, and I smiled. Then I explained.

"Here's my idea. You will make him so excited that he cums quickly. Then, no matter what happens, I'll be close by to guide you through the orgy."

"You'll be there? How?"

"You'll tell Tim you want me there, love."

"OK," Taylor replied. "I can do that. After all, you've been to one CMO, might as well be at two. But how can I get Bucky so excited, like you said?"

Two simple ways, darling," I said. "Sexy striptease, then you go down and go up to go down, then go up and down again."

"Huh? Down and up to go down, up and down? I don't understand."

"Let me show you, Taylor," I said. You play Bucky, and I'll be you."

The 18-year-old giggled. "I never knew I had such a hairy chest. I should shave," she said between laughs.

"Silly," I called her. "I'll tell you, then you'll practice on me. First, of course, you'll give him a striptease he'll never forget. That will start the arousal process."

"How can I do that?"

"We'll go see some professionals later. But for now, we'll go to part two. You're naked now, and I'm willing to bet Buck-o will be naked too, especially if you encourage him to be. And if he's not naked, he will be very quickly when you start. OK. First you stretch your body against his, like this."

I leaned over Taylor, making sure my body touched hers in as many places as possible. My lips met hers, my chest ground into her breasts, my cock poked against her pussy, and my legs entwined with hers. Feeling her body close to mine started getting me excited,and she got excited, too, judging from the kiss we shared.

"Now you keep kissing him," I told her. Grind into him. Kiss his lips, nibble his ears and neck, suck the end of his nose, get all over his face. Then, slowly start working your way down his body. Kiss every part of his body as you go lower. Rub your breasts down his stomach."

I started doing as I described, kissing her neck, ears, her pert nose, her eyelids, her forehead, then her lips again. Then, keeping as much body contact as I could, I kissed her shoulders, her upper chest, lowering to kiss her breasts, then her nipples. I worked down to her belly button, kissing it gently, then looking up.

"Now, hun, grasp his cock with one hand, but don't kiss it. Pull it to one side and kiss past his cock and down one leg as low as you want to go. You've gone down.

"Then, kiss up the other leg. You've gone up. Now you suck his cock, called 'going down on him'."

"I knew that," Taylor said. What next?"

"After sucking him a while, start back up him. Surround his wet cock with your breasts, and tit-fuck him a bit. Drag his cock against your abdomen. Slide his cock around your pubic area, stroking ti constantly. Then, when you're back up to his face, and with his cock still in your hand, slide it in your pussy. Sit down on him, and ride him as he cums inside you."

"Oh, I get it. Down and up to go down, then up and down on his cock! I want to try now!"

I eased over to a chair I had in my bedroom. Sitting down, I smiled at Taylor. The young woman walked over to me, swinging her hips seductively. She lowered herself atop me, trying as I had suggested to touch as much of my body as she could.

Her lips gently caressed my own, but i felt so much more than her lips. Her body wriggled around mine. Her breasts, nipples erect, rubbed my chest. Her warm pussy teased my cock, making it start to respond as it should. Her legs rubbed mine. Her toenails scraped at my feet.

"Very very good, love," I said between Taylor's kisses.

Taylor broke off kissing me, and rained kisses on my face. She nibbled my earlobes, adding lewd suggestions to those nibbles. My cock got bigger at each comment. She sucked on my neck, breaking the blood vessels inside to draw out a hickey. I was definitely aroused.

Then she started moving lower, keeping body contact as much as possible. Her breasts reached my stomach as her lips kissed my shoulders and around my collarbone. Her tongue drew circles around my nipples, and I moaned.

Down my body she went, surprising me by dropping all the way down to suck on my toes. That brought my first deep moan from me, as she surprised me with her erotic tendencies.

Then she started up. She licked my legs. Her hand surrounded my cock and stroked it to its full length and hardness. Finally, she lowered her mouth on my rod, sucking it in slowly. Her tongue licked my cock while inside her mouth, deftly cleaning the precum from the slit at the top of my cock. Then she took a deep breath and lowered her mouth down my shaft, taking all eight inches into her mouth.

Her teeth gently scraped my cock, causing jolts of excitement to course through my body. More precum slid out of my cock tip, deep moans of pleasure escaped my lips, and soft giggles came from Taylor while my cock was still in her mouth.

She finally pulled up from my now-rigid cock. Up my body she climbed, until she captured my rod between her beautiful breasts. She slid her chest up and down, and I could barely contain my excitement. Each time the tip of my cock slid out the top of her breasts,she leaned down and licked at it. God, I was in heaven. I needed to fuck her, but I held back, letting her do the job.

She finally slid back up, and straddled my hips with her own. I whispered, "If you don't like him, you can always turn around, and show him your rear."

"I might, she replied huskily, "But I want to see you as we fuck!" With that, she dropped down, impaling herself on my cock.

She was so tight. With Taylor in control, I could not hold off long. She bounced up and down on my shaft. Her play had obviously affected her as well. She moaned, cried and came. This time, she lifted off me, and I saw her fluids gush from her body.

"Taylor, love, you're squirting!" I cried.

"It feels so good!!" she responded. Then she dropped back on me, and rode me even harder.

I had an advantage, having cum inside Taylor less than an hour earlier. But that did not help me much. I was so excited, so engrossed with our lovemaking, that I could not hold off. With a mighty grunt, I started cumming.

Taylor pulled off my cock as my cum started spurting. She rushed her mouth down to take my spurts in her mouth. The first spurt hit her thighs, the second her breasts, the third went all over her face before she could suck and drink the last few shots of sperm I gave her.

Sated, she slid back into my lap and kissed me. My cum went all over my face, but I didn't care. My singer said three magic words then. "I love you."


We dozed together for an hour, resting after our sexual exertions. Finally, Taylor woke up and woke me with a deep kiss.

"How do I learn to do a striptease?" she asked.

"Get dressed," I replied. "We're going out. and where we're going, you won't be noticed."

We dressed quickly, then got into my truck. 25 minutes later, we were pulling into the parking lot of the closest strip club.

"I've never been in one of these," Taylor admitted. "My home schooling barely covered sex. A place like this was never even talked about."

"You'll learn a lot here," I told her. "Just sit back and watch and learn. you don't need to do anything else."

I paid the cover charge, and we went in. Her hand was stamped to show she was a minor. She was served a Coke, while I had a Miller Lite. The stage was empty, and we grabbed a corner booth, to further hide the star from anyone who might recognize her.

The first woman out was a tall redhead with enormous breasts. She wore a trench coat that covered her body, but also clung to it, showing all her shape. She danced around in the coat, slowly undoing the buttons. At a climactic part of the song, she flung her coat open, revealing a black bustier, black thong and garter, holding up black hose.

"Wow! I could pull that off," Taylor whispered into my ear.

As we watched, the stripper pulled off her bra, revealing her mammoth mammaries. She shook them at the audience, then slid the thong down. She danced awhile in garter and stockings before dropping to the floor and thrusting two fingers deep inside her body. As the song ended,her body shook in what looked like an orgasmic release.

"Wow," Taylor whispered. "She came fast."

"I don't think so, love," I replied. "When she comes this way, we'll ask."

"Why will she come over here? Did she recognize me?" Taylor's voice quivered in fear, afraid of what her fans or, more likely, her mother, would say if the famous Taylor Swift was caught in a strip club.

"Don't worry, hun," I said. "Strippers make most of their money doing private dances for the patrons. She'll come by to ask if we want a dance. Instead, we'll ask her about her routine, but we'll have to pay her a bit. OK?"

"OK," Taylor said, relief dripping from her voice.

We cuddled together, watching the next stripper. This girl came out in a schoolgirl uniform, which she disposed of quickly. But her body wasn't that good, especially compared to the body of the woman next to me.

Soon we heard a voice. "Want a private dance?" We looked up, and it was the trench coat stripper, wearing just her black underwear.

"No," I said. "However, if you have a couple minutes, we'd like to ask you about your routine."

"Sure," she said, "if you pay my table dance fee." We agreed, and she sat down.

"I'm Candy," the stripper introduced herself as.

I told her my name, and then said, "This is my girl, Jennifer," pointing to Taylor.

"Jennifer, huh? You look familiar," Candy said to Taylor. "Have you been here before."

"Never," she said.

"You seem to exude a comfortable stage presence," Candy said. "Ever stripped onstage before?"

Taylor almost laughed, but covered it quickly. "Nope," she finally said. "I have never stripped onstage before."

"You have a good body. I can tell, even through the baggy blouse. Bet you'll be a natural. We have amateur nights every week. You out to come and try."

"That's why we're here," I said. "Did you really cum onstage?"

"Nah. It's good business to look like you do, but the few minutes I spend playing with myself on that stage couldn't get me off. I need a good partner and a real excitement."

"Where did you get the outfit?" Taylor asked.

"Right here, in our boutique," Candy answered. She looked at Taylor closely. "You'd look great in it, Jen. If you want to strip, I'd love to give you some pointers. I'm off work in 30 minutes, if you want to stick around."

I looked at Taylor. "Your decision, Jennifer," I said.

Taylor's eyes brightened. She looked at me, a conspiratorial grin on her face. "Sure," she said. "I'll buy the outfit, and we'll go back to our place for your 'pointers'." Taylor's emphasis on the word "pointers" made me realize what was on her mind.

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