tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBackstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 04

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 04


I arrived at the area's major airport that Saturday morning, wondering what the night would hold. I'd been invited by Country music star Taylor Swift to attend a meeting of the CMO as her guest. And what a meeting it would be.

You see, CMO stands for Country Musicians' Orgy, a backstage sex marathon the country entertainers occasionally set up for themselves. As I stood in line to get searched at the airport, I thought about the last CMO I had attended. I had accidentally stumbled upon the group a couple months before.

I had won a backstage pass for the first Taylor Swift concert after she turned 18. I walked in and was almost jumped by a horny Taylor. After we had made love, the CMO members came in. Since I was already there and naked, I was invited to join in.

Earlier this week, two months later, Taylor had hunted me down. One CMO tradition called for the newest member to do a sex performance, which they called the opening act, with the next inductee. After that opening act, the orgy began. When Taylor had been inducted, Carrie Underwood had shown Taylor the joys of lesbian sex. At tonight's meeting, Taylor would be inducting Bucky Covington.

Taylor had been worried, and found out where I lived. She came to me and asked for pointers to get her through the opening act. I had coached her the best I could, and the evening had gone on to be very memorable.

Now, as I passed through the security checkpoint, I knew I was on my way to Dallas, Texas, where I would be in attendance at the CMO induction of Bucky. Taylor wanted me there, and had called in a favor.

I boarded the American Airlines flight for Dallas with a ticket Taylor had paid for. I didn't notice until I got on the plane that I was going to fly First Class. Usually I flew coach. After all, I had reasoned, a seat is a seat is a seat.

My God, I thought as I settled in my First-Class seat, I was so very wrong. This seat, one of only two before the aisle, was wider than a coach seat. It was so comfortable. The drop-down tray was sturdier. Best of all, I already had a glass of Chardonnay in my hand. I smiled as I sipped the wine, watching the coach passengers file past me, looking envious.

The seat next to me was unoccupied, and I figured I would be sleeping, or reading, or watching a movie during the flight. No conversation partner for me.

The last passenger filed past, and moments later the flight attendants started the pre-flight safety briefing. The attendant here in First Class, named Margaret, was a busty redhead, had my complete attention. As she stretched her arms out, pointing out the escape doors, I could see her ample breasts straining to break free of the blouse she wore. I barely noticed the lithe blonde woman, wearing a black trench coat, smoky sunglasses and a ball cap pulled low, squeeze past the attendant. She came to my seat, slid past me and sat down.

I was starting intently at the attendant, hoping her blouse would pop open for just a minute, when a familiar voice whispered in my ear. "You're staring too hard at her, love. How about staring at me?"

My head instantly swiveled. The blonde had lowered her sunglasses a bit, and I realized that Taylor Swift was sitting next to me. I wrapped one arm around her head, pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

When we broke, her famous smile crossed her lips. "You sure know how to make me feel welcome," she said.

"I didn't recognize you," I stammered.

"That was the idea for the fans, but not for you.," Taylor responded. "I have to hide my features in public to get where I'm going on time. Otherwise, I'm signing autographs for hours."

We held hands as the plane took off. Shortly after takeoff, Taylor reached into the overhead bin and brought down a blanket. She covered us then whispered, "Look under the blanket."

I did, and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Taylor had unbuttoned her black trench coat, and there was nothing underneath except her bare skin!

Her hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her sweet pussy lips. She then brought it out of the blanket and brazenly licked it, teasing me. Then her hand slipped back under the blanket and unzipped my pants. Her hand went back to her wet pussy and rubbed. When her hand was wet again, she grabbed by cock and stroked. The slickness on her palm let my shaft slide easily through her hand. My cock sprung to full erection quickly.

"I want to join the 'Mile High Club'," Taylor said huskily. "I'm going to the bathroom. Follow me in 5 minutes, lover." She licked my neck then released my cock. A minute later, she rose from her seat, the trench coat re-buttoned. She sashayed down the aisle, entering the bathroom on the left.

I zipped myself up, feeling my rod now straining against my pants. After five minutes, I went to the front of the plane casually, hoping no one could see my hard-on. I tapped lightly on the door Taylor went in. The door opened,and she pulled me inside.

Her coat was off, and her body was as beautiful as ever. If I wasn't already hard from her hand job, Taylor's nakedness would have awoken the beast. She undid my pants and sat on the toilet. She rubbed her pussy for the wetness she wanted, then started stroking my cock again. This time, though, she added her mouth to the head, sucking as she stroked.

I started a soft moan. This was fabulous, illicit. dangerous and hot. Her fingers scratched my balls, and precum started leaking from my cock's slit hole.

She felt the precum, stopped her motion and stood. "Sit here," she whispered, indicating the toilet seat. I sat down. Taylor grabbed my cock again, then lowered herself onto my rod. She started bouncing, taking the lead as we fucked.

My mouth went to one nipple, sucking the erect bud as we humped together. Taylor bit my shirt to stifle her own cries. She rose up and dropped down, her movements growing ever more frantic.

When she came, she pulled my mouth onto hers and moaned from her mouth to mine. My lap filled with her cum juices, and I held her as she shook.

Then I stood, lifting her up fully impaled as I did so. I slammed her body against the bathroom's only bare wall and took over. I was in control now. My motions filled her again and again. My grunts were more and more guttural, my need to cum growing. We were locked together in joyous sexual union.

I came, stifling my own cries by sucking a nipple into my mouth and biting. The momentary pain triggered Taylor's orgasm, and she flooded my cock as my cock filled her pussy with seed. We shook together, cumming in spasms.

Slowly the mutual orgasms faded. Taylor looked at me, and mouthed silently "Thank you."

She grabbed some paper towels and dried my cock. Her mouth sucked the last bit of cum juices away from my shaft and balls, then she pulled my pants up. She gave the head one last kiss, then zipped me up.

"You go out first," she suggested. "I'll put my coat on and join you in a bit."

I left the bathroom and saw Margaret, the big-breasted flight attendant, near the door. She smiled at me, then followed me to my seat. As she poured me another glass of Chardonnay, she slipped me a piece of paper. She leaned closer, her breasts almost brushing me. I noticed her top two blouse buttons were undone, and I got a quick glimpse of massive tit flesh.

"Call me if you want a third," she whispered in my ear, her voice very British. "You two sounded so hot in there."

My eyes flew wide open and I stared at her. How much noise had we made, I wondered.

Margaret caught my look and smiled. "I kept the other passengers away by telling them the loo was out of order," she said calmly. "I was the only bird who heard. You made me cream my drawers, you did. Now remember, call me, please."

Margaret rose, re-buttoning her blouse. Then she was the model of efficiency again, a perfect flight attendant. I saw Taylor emerge and pad back to her seat next to mine.

I told her about Margaret's offer. The 18-year-old looked her over and gave me an approving nod. "If we have time, lover. Today's a very busy day,and tonight's even busier."

The rest of the flight was spent under the blanket. We cuddled, kissed and rubbed each others bodies. Taylor stroked my cock, I fingered her pussy, but neither of us let the other cum. It was more a reminder than a sexual session. Margaret would wander by on occasion and smile at us.

Lunch was served a couple hours into the flight. I had ocean scallops in a white sauce soup, and Taylor had a steak, medium rare. We shared our lunch with each other, and then kissed some more. My hand had just wandered down Taylor's body to rub her pussy again when Margaret came by.

"I'm sorry, but we'll be landing in a few minutes. I'll need to put the blanket up, put your seats into their upright position and fasten your seat belts," the flight attendant said.

"Can you come back for the blanket in a couple minutes, Margaret?" I asked.

"Surely, ducks," she replied. "Wouldn't want you two to be in any trouble."

I zipped my pants closed, Taylor re-buttoned her coat and straightened her sunglasses, We had just fastened our seat belts when Margaret returned, taking the blanket. She offered us a cool towel, whispering "You both look a little flustered. This might help."

By the time the plane had landed, we both looked as passable as we could. Well, Taylor was passable. I still had a hard-on that the cool towel could not quell. Taylor looked at my lap and giggled. "Quiet, girl," I muttered.

"Maybe you should carry my coat over your arm, dropping it down your front to hide that tent," she suggested. Her eyes smoldered with laughter.

"Oh, and I suppose you'll wander the airport naked," I responded.

"It will be an absolute guarantee that no one will look at my face if I did," she replied, laughing as she spoke.

The plane taxied to the terminal, and after we deplaned I made my way to the bathroom. A little more cold water on my face calmed my raging cock. I used the opportunity to use the facilities, then returned to my 18-year-old singing star.

We got our luggage and I started to the rental counter.

"No, this way," Taylor urged. Confused but trusting I followed.


Awaiting us curbside was a long stretch limousine. The driver was holding the door open, and Taylor scooted right into it. I stood there stunned.

"Get in, silly," she called. I followed her inside.

The privacy partition was up, blocking the driver's view of us. Taylor sat down on the seat and undid her trench coat. Her naked body glistened in the afternoon sunshine flooding in through the sun roof.

Taylor reached over and pushed the intercom button. "Crowne Plaza Hotel. But I want to sight-see first, so take a very circuitous route.."

"Madame, will 30-45 minutes give you enough time to see the city?" came the reply.

"That's perfect. And please don't disturb us until we're there, OK?"

"Yes, madame," came the reply.

Taylor turned to me. "Thirty to 45 minutes. Any ideas on how to spend the time?"

A smile spread across my lips. "I have an idea," I said wickedly.

I knelt on the floor of the limousine, and buried my face into Taylor Swift's pussy. My tongue found her clit and teased it into erectness. My hands had reached up and tweaked both nipples into a similar erect state. Taylor moaned, and started humping against my face.

I licked the clit, then spread her pussy lips. My tongue dove into her pussy, and I released the outer lips, capturing my tongue. I licked deep inside this vibrant woman's body. Her moans increased, and I could tell that the couple of hours playing on the plane after our bathroom sex had affected Taylor positively.

She started to shake. I knew this was her body's sign that she was going to cum. This time, though, I didn't keep licking. I pulled my head out of her center and said, "Don't do it, Taylor. Don't cum!"

"What??!!" she cried. "But I really REALLY need to cum!!"

"Don't do it, love. Trust me."

I slid up onto the car seat and pulled Taylor into my arms. Her body convulsed with her efforts. She started crying, and I help her tight, kissing her and whispering encouragement. I knew she could do as I asked. All she needed was the inner strength, which I was helping her find.

Her convulsions slowed, and she collapsed into my arms. "I didn't cum," she told me. "But why couldn't I cum?"

"You wait, my darling," I assured her. "When you finally do cum, it will be earth-shattering. The best yet."

"Promise?" she asked, her eyes still wet with tears.

"I promise. Now kiss me."

Taylor complied, giving me a kiss full of love and desire. I returned the kiss. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, and we played tonsil hockey for a few minutes. My hands started roaming over her naked body, pinching a nipple here, stroking a thigh there, preparing her for the next part.

I lowered my mouth and sucked on her nipples. She moaned and groaned, the feelings erupting again deep in her body. I worked her up again, feeling the intensity of her desire practically pouring through her skin.

My fingers slid into her pussy while I sucked on her tits. Two fingers thrust into her, moving in and out in time with her hips thrusting up to meet my hand. We worked together in a steady rhythm, building her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh, god, baby, this is too much," Taylor moaned. "I really REALLY need to cum now, more than before!"

I pulled my hand out of her, and released her nipple from my mouth. "Stop your orgasm, Taylor," I commanded.

She fought even harder this time. Her entire body shook with the effort. Her cries were more intense, her eyes screwed shut in exertion. I held her, again whispering encouragement. Finally, she opened her eyes, looked right into my eyes, and said, in a shaky voice, "You're evil!"

Just then, the driver's voice came through the intercom. "Crowne Plaza Hotel."

"I have no strength to stand now," Taylor whispered to me. "I can barely move!"

I turned on the intercom. "Take a couple of laps around the block, then we'll get out," I said.

The limousine circled the hotel. After the first lap, Taylor started to move, slipping into her trench coat. When the car pulled up to the entrance after the second lap, I spoke into the intercom again. "Let's go in."

The driver hopped out and opened the door. I exited, then helped Taylor out as well. She leaned on me as we went to the registration desk. The driver signaled a bell cap, and they quickly loaded our luggage onto a rack.

Taylor gave my name and I showed the clerk my license to confirm our reservation. Taylor pulled her platinum card out, the clerk swiped it, then handed our key to the bell cap. "Follow me, please," he said.

He led us to the elevator, and pushed the PH button. The elevator flew upwards. Taylor looked at me and smiled. I leaned down and kissed her nose under her enormous sunglasses.

At the right floor, the elevator doors opened. There was only one door on the floor, with just a narrow hallway between the elevator and the room. The bell cap swiped the magnetic key and threw the door open, entering with the luggage. Taylor and I followed. Taylor crossed quickly to the couch and sat down, her legs still shaky after the limo ride.

The bell cap put the luggage into the room on the right, which I assumed was the bedroom. Then he led me on a quick tour.

The right-hand room was indeed the bedroom, with a massive bed dominating the room. there was also a TV, a dresser and off to one side, a bathroom. I then took a look around the main room. It had two levels, a lower level with chairs and the sofa currently occupied by the Country singer. There was a wide-screen plasma TV on that lower half. The upper half had a nice wooden table and four chairs. There was a massive window, giving us a beautiful view of downtown Dallas. To the left of the main room was a fully-functional kitchen. Past that was a smaller bedroom, a laundry room and a bathroom. I peeked into the refrigerator. It was stocked.

"Wine, water, and sodas as requested, sir," the bell cap assured me (even though I had not requested them). "Also there are complimentary cheeses and meats for you and the lady. Will there be anything else?"

"Nah, this is fine," I said. I pulled out a $10 and gave it to the man.

"There is also room service, open 24 hours for your convenience. Have a pleasant stay at the Crowne Plaza. If you need anything, dial "0" on the phone." With those final words, the bell cap left.

I wandered back to Taylor. She looked at me, tiredness and lust in her eyes.

"Show's at 7:30," she said. "We have tickets. He's opening for SheDAISY tonight." He, of course, was Bucky Covington, the reason we were in Dallas.

I checked my watch. It was 3 pm local time. "Come with me," I said. offering Taylor my hand. She took it and rose.

I led her to the bedroom, then removed her trench coat. Now naked, Taylor collapsed on the bed. I swiftly removed my clothes as Taylor watched. She immediately looked at my raging hard-on.

"Seems I'm not the only one that's been struggling not to cum," she giggled, noting the head of my cock was gleaming with precum.

"And now, my love, you will see why I've teased you the past few hours. When you reach the point, cum freely. OK?"

"Gladly," came the husky reply. She sat up, grabbed my cock and pulled me on the bed. I straddled her wide-open legs, and she led my cock to her pussy lips. I did the rest, plunging deep inside her. She gasped as I entered her.

Our lovemaking was hard and wild. Taylor, desperately horny and needing her release, bucked me like a wild bull in a rodeo. Her entire body seemed to lift up to take my every plunge of my cock into her tight hole. Free at last to release all her emotions, in the only room on the entire floor of the hotel, the singer utilized her vocal muscles to their utmost, screaming her joy, urging me to fuck her harder and faster, to tell me how close she was to cumming.

Not that my own effort was slow and easy. I knew she needed her release, and matched my thrusts to her body's movements. I slammed into her again and again. She would have gotten a "headboard headache" if her hands weren't pushing on the bed's headboard to help lift her body against mine. And I do admit that my vocal efforts matched Taylor's. We screamed in mutual ecstasy.

Sweat poured from both our bodies. This coupling was moving even faster. Each deep thrust inside her brought my groin into direct contact with her clit, exciting her further. Her breasts swung against my chest freely.

Taylor came first. She released the headboard and pulled me tight against her body. Her mouth met mine. She kissed me, then bit my lower lip, drawing a little blood. Then she screamed and came, releasing her long-pent-up juices.

My former Mentor, a wonderful woman and a confirmed lesbian, swore that a strap-on dildo was just as good as my cock, if not better because it would never go soft in her partner. Grand Mistress, if you ever read this, you are wrong. With my cock buried inside a woman, I can gauge her emotions, her reactions to my strokes, and I can respond instantly, without my lover saying a word to help me. And the feel of the real thing is always better than the imitation.

I felt the first wave strike my cock and I knew what was happening. I pulled it out of her pussy. Taylor whimpered for only a split-second. I slid my rod against her clit, giving the singer a different stimulus just as she squirted her orgasm out her pussy. The juices splashed on my cock, balls, thighs and the bed's bedspread. She squirted again, then a fourth squirt, screaming her joy at each shot.

After the fourth shot, I drove back into Taylor. Her eyes lit in glee, then they glazed over. As I anticipated, she came again after only a few of my strokes. This time I stayed inside her, letting the stream of released juices flow around my cock. Seconds after the second orgasm faded, she aroused again with her third orgasm.

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