tagLoving WivesBackyard Rubdown

Backyard Rubdown


My husband was being dropped off in front of our house by his working buddy, Bill. I was in the back yard (enclosed by a privacy fence) in my bikini soaking up the sun (and a pitcher of margaritas). I heard Jim, my husband tell Bill to come in for a beer. Bill asked if they were good and cold (it was a hot day) and Jim said he could bet his butt on it. I heard them go in the front door, go to the kitchen, and heard the cans being opened.

They looked out the back window and saw me reclined on a beach towel with the pitcher and a glass on a tray beside me.

Bill said, "Where's Sally?"

Jim said there she is sunning in the back. Then I heard the back door open. Oh God, I thought, Bill is going to see me in this skimpy bikini. I liked Bill, but he made me nervous sometimes when he couldn't keep his eyes off my breasts. And one time when we were all watching a football game and I kept getting excited and my boobs kept bouncing I am convinced he actually had an erection because he kept putting couch cushions in his lap to cover it up. And now he is gonna see more of me than I really want him to.

They came out back with their beers and it happened just like I knew it would. Bill's eyes went right to my boobs (I am a 44DD) and got very wide. Jim was as always oblivious to his friend's interest in my anatomy. I got the feeling that they had already stopped for beers on the way home, because both of them were a little too happy for a Thursday evening.

They got lawn chairs and sat on each side of me.

Jim said, "Baby, you are gonna get sunburned. You are already a little red. I'm gonna get some lotion and rub it on you.'

He went back inside and returned promptly with the suntan lotion. During the brief period of time he was gone, Bill took advantage and really looked me over good. I could feel his eyes trying to see as much of my boobs and thighs he could. (It was really a little bikini, and didn't cover very much.) I noticed he was already holding his beer in his lap, so something must have begun to happen down there.

Jim came back and I turned over and lay on my stomach to reveals less tits as he began to rub the lotion on my back. Then I realized that the teeny bikini bottom left most of my ass uncovered and was riding in my crack a little too. Jim rubbed my neck and arms really good and my back down to the top part of my ass. Then he paused to chug down the rest of his beer. Bill had finished his, but still held the empty can in his lap. (He must have been hard as a rock by now)

Then Jim jumped up to go in and get more beer. He said he was going to bring the cooler back out with beer and ice in it..He handed the lotion to Bill and went inside. Bill looked at the lotion and looked at me and said he guessed this was his job now. So he poured some lotion in his hand and knelt on the grass beside me and began to rub my legs, starting with my feet. He rubbed lotion on my left foot, then on my right foot, then on my ankles and calves, alternating right and left.

About that time, Jim came back with the cooler full of ice, but it only had two beers in it. I had finished my pitcher (and was beginning to feel the effect of it) so I said that I had dibs on one of them. Bill had just crushed his can before he started to rub me so he said he had dibs on the other one.

Jim said, "Looks like I am gonna have to make a beer run. Rub her down good, buddy, cause I don't want my baby sunburned. Be back in a jiffy."

Then he went through the house and I heard his pickup cranking. As he drove off, Bill opened our beers and I took a good big drink from mine. Jim chugged about half of his down and started to rub my legs again.

"Ooooo. Your hands are cold!" I squealed.

"Sorry Sal, I'll warm them up."

He turned around, rubbed his hands together and put them down the front of his jeans to warm them some more.

I giggled and said, "Damn, Bill. Stop that. You look like you're playing with yourself."

He laughed and turned back around and I could see that his hand was indeed holding his cock inside his pants, and it was big. I mean really big.

"Look what you did to yourself," I said, pointing to the huge elongated lump extending down below his hand inside his jeans.

He pulled his hands out and laughed and said, "I didn't do it, Sal. You did!"

Then he began to rub lotion on my legs again with his warmer hands. As he got higher and higher, and closer to my crotch, I began to giggle again and said, "You're tickling me, Bill."

He didn't stop, but rubbed closer and closer until I could feel his fingers probing between my thighs. He pulled back and wiped his hands on his jeans and I turned over and sat up. He chugged the rest of his beer, wiped his hands again on his jeans, and said, "Let me finish this side too."

I noticed the bulge in his jeans seemed even bigger. Then I asked him if he was sure he could stand it. He grinned and pushed me back on the beach towel and began to rub the tops of my thighs. I also noticed he didn't have any lotion on his hands now. As he tried to rub between my legs, I let him push them apart and he began to gently massage closer and closer and higher and higher until I felt the tips of his fingers slipping under my bikini bottom.

I was really tipsy now and beginning to like what he was doing. I could see the bulge was even bigger in his jeans. Before I knew it he was rubbing my vagina gently and tickling its opening with one of his fingers. I could feel myself getting wet. Keeping my eye on his bulge, I spread my legs further apart. Soon I felt his finger enter me and begin to stroke inside of my pussy. I could tell he knew his way around a pussy, because it didn't take long for his finger to be rubbing around my sweet spot and gently touching my own little erection in there every now and then. I began to moan and he put another finger in and began to really excite me.

I reached over and began to rub the bulge in his jeans and he began to moan too. I unzipped him and the biggest dick I had ever seen popped out and stood at attention. I pulled it over to my mouth and began to lick the end of it. It felt so good to have my fingers wrapped around a cock that big. I took the head of it in my mouth and began to suck gently on it.

Bill pulled aside my bikini enough to get his tongue in there with his finger. He had me humping as I was getting close to an orgasm. I could tell he was too as his dick began to throb. Then I came and moaned even louder, sucking harder. Then he came and filled my mouth with warm salty semen. I was sucking and swallowing and moaning as he gave my pussy a few more deep tonguings and fell limp by my side. I kept sucking until I got the last drop out of him and his limp dick fell out of my mouth.

Then, as we lay there exposed, we heard Jim's truck drive up in front.

Bill jumped up, shoved his dick back in his pants, rearranged my bikini bottom, and turned me back over. I chugged the rest of my beer and threw the can away across the yard. Bill began rubbing the back of my legs with lotion again. The lotion smell hopefully would help with the smell of sex. A slight breeze came up to assist in hiding our scents. Jim was in the kitchen, and soon came out with a case of beer and more ice to restock the cooler.

"Careful there, Bill," Jim said, "Don't get too close to the cookie jar up there. I like to keep that all to myself."

I pretended to be dozing and hoped he didn't notice the warm blush I felt on my face. Bill laughed and stammered and said, "Okay, buddy. But you got back just in time."

We drank more beer and had a good time together for about another hour before Katie, Bill's wife, called and asked him where the hell he was and when he was coming home. He told her where he was and told her to get a pizza and come on over the party was just getting started.

She did, and we had a ball that night. But that is another story later to be written.

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