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Backyard Surprise


My wife and I have been married for over 20 years. We got married young, and my wife was a virgin when we started dating. We have literally grown up together. But, something happened a couple of years ago that spiced up our increasingly mundane sex life. We had been together so long, some of the thrill was starting to wane.

Vanessa has always been sexy. Long, thick, luxurious auburn hair, soft, round tits and a curvy ass. She was more daring with the way she dressed when we were young, she became more conservative with age. But, she still had that sexy look and body.

So, one Saturday night, as usual, we went to a party at one of our close friends home. We usually had one of these parties every few weeks. They were lots of fun and everyone was comfortable with each other. We would play everyone's music and dance or just hang out, listening to the music and talking.

My wife again looked great. She wore a soft pullover lavender blouse that showed a hint of cleavage and blue jean shorts, just short enough to accentuate her cute ass and legs. Relatively conservative, but demurely sexy.

The party was hopping. I was dancing with the different ladies. Wives and girlfriends of our friends love to dance. The music was thumping. My wife and I both love to dance and it was great. We start out dancing with each other and then switch off, dancing with all of our friends.

Ever so often, we would take a break, get a drink or a snack and watch the others. Or, we mingle and talk to everyone. A typical Saturday night.

Some of the people we have known forever, some are new acquaintances. While dancing, I saw my wife talking to a guy I didn't know. He was a little older and very attractive. I noticed she was dancing with him exclusively now. They were dancing very closely.

Vanessa has told me before how some of the guys she dances with, during a slow dance, will push their crotch against her and she can feel their hardening cocks. She also sheepishly admitted that it turned her on to know she could still excite others. I was always a little turned on also, though always accompanied by a tinge of jealously.

The lights had been turned down a little lower, and a series of slow songs played. After a couple of more songs, I glanced around the room and didn't see her anymore.

I decided to walk out the front door and get some cooler air. It was a beautiful moonlit night. I walked around the house, enjoying the moonlight and being alone. But I was also curious, and maybe a little jealous about where my wife went. I walked around the corner of the house to the back yard and saw my wife and the stranger, silhouetted in the moonlight!

My wife's long auburn hair cascaded down her back. Her soft, round tits were pushed against his chest as he held her. His hands moved down her back and caressed her sweet blue jean covered ass. They were kissing passionately. I was shocked and surprised, and somewhat turned on. I knew how she could kiss, and I was sure he was enjoying it.

It was quite a surprise to me that my quiet, supposedly naive wife would be in the backyard of a friends house making out with a stranger. I was standing at the corner of the house about ten yards away. I knew that if I remained still they could not see me. Though feeling quite jealous, I was pruriently wondering just how far she would go, out of sight of the crowd and me.

My initial assumption is that he must be taking advantage of my loving wife. Vanessa had probably innocently assumed they were just going to cool down from the dancing and relax and talk for a moment. Boy, was i wrong!

The stranger caressed her ass as they ground into each other and kissed deeply. She had one hand around the back of his head pulling his mouth down to her willing lips. Her other hand moved up and down his back and also down on his ass. His hands were still caressing her ass and he moved one hand to her breast. Thankfully, she shook her head no and moved his hand off of her breast.

Obviously, Vanessa got a little carried away and will limit him to a kiss. They kissed a little more and he caressed her lovely breast again. This time, I was surprised again as she allowed him to continue and seemed to push her groin harder against, what I assume to be, his hard cock.

Stubbornly, he moved his hand under her blouse, pushing under the material and obviously trying to move under her bra. Once again, she shook her head no and tried to push his hand away. With one hand pulling her ass to him he ground his hard cock against her crotch as the other hand moved to go under the bra again.

They never stopped the passionate kiss and she left her hand on top of her blouse as she allowed his hand under her bra and he caressed the soft tit. I could see her head tilt back slightly as a moan escaped her mouth.

They separated some and he moved both hands under her blouse and bra and pushed up until both tits were free. Her nipples were pointed and hard as a rock, visible in the moonlight. He caressed her nipples and then moved his mouth down to lick and suckle first one, then the other. Her head was back, her long hair swaying in the breeze and shimmering in the moonlight.

I had never seen such an erotic sight! Here was my beautiful wife in the throes of passion with a stranger before my eyes. He devoured her tits with kisses, licking and sucking gently on the nipples. Then I saw what she was doing with her hands. She was unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly!

I was incredulous. She reached inside his pants and freed his hard cock. It was visibly large and long. She slowly caressed it with both hands as he returned to kissing her panting mouth. His hands unzipped her pants and roamed around her arching body until he caressed her bare ass under her now loosened shorts.

My wife then pushed him away slightly, knelt to the ground and kissed the end of his cock. My eyes had to be as large as saucers. She opened her mouth wide and slowly engulfed his manhood, sliding down the lenght with her tongue caressing the nerve from the tip to the base.

Having been the recipient of this before, I knew the ecstacy he was feeling. Now his head tilted back and his breath escaped in a audible moan. She withdrew his dick from her mouth and told him to hush.

Vanessa slowly engulfed his engorged cock again, up and down repeatedly. Suddenly, a porch light was turned on and someone was at the back door.

A voice shouted, "Steven!". They were frozen and the light turned off and the door closed. Evidently, she didn't see them.

He looked down at Vanessa and said, "That is my wife, Susan. I hope she didn't see us". He told her to move across the yard further to the back by an old tool shed. Fortunately, when they went around the side it was on the side visible to me.

My wife asked, "What if Susan or my husband come looking for us?"

"Don"t worry, they won't see us back here and you are too hot to let go."

Unbelievably, she shrugged her shoulders, dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock again. She was engulfing his whole length, moving up and down and swiveling her head. Her tongue was caressing that nerve and then she would stop. She used her tongue on his bulbous head, titillating around the edge and flicking the nerve with her tongue.

"Steven" was having an enormously difficult time staying still and quiet. I knew how great her blowjobs were and I understood what he was feeling, I had just never seen her do it as a spectator. It was a bigger turn-on than I would have ever imagined.

Vanessa then concentrated on making him pop. She had both hands on his ass-cheeks and pulled his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly at first and then increasing her speed. I could see him start to tighten up and his breathing was becoming faster. He grabbed her hair and said, "I am getting close, I will pull out."

Vanessa looked up into his eyes and said, "You better not, I am going to swallow every drop. I love cum!" He and I both were agape. i felt like i was about to faint. My jealousy, huge, had inevitably given away to excitement. I could not believe how incredibly hot and sexy my loving, hot wife was!

Pumping his cock faster and faster into her mouth, he literally fucked her face. Both of his hands held her head gently. Her hands were on his ass pulling his pumping manhood into her loving mouth. Suddenly, he tightened up and almost shouted, "I'm cumminnngg!!" She never missed a beat, or a drop. He was obviously dumping a warm load down her throat.

Looking up at him she took her index finger and wiped a drop or two from the corner of her mouth and licked it off of her finger.She stood up and nonchalantly pulled her bra down, straightened her blouse and zipped her pants. He zipped up and they were standing, watching the back door to see if the coast was clear to move back into the house. I heard him tell her he would walk around front and she could go in the back, minimizing their chance of discovery.

I immediately walked quickly around the house and in the front door. I walked throught the house and into the kitchen. I stood just inside so she wouldn't see me until she was all the way into the house. She walked in the door, a little disheveled and trying to smooth her long red hair. I walked to her and could see the startled look in her eyes. Her face was flushed but looking at me she started to pale, afraid that she had been discovered.

I smiled and said, "Hey, I was wondering where you have been. I have been missing you and wanting a dance." I reached around her waist and brought her to me, smiling largely. She tried to pull back a little but I forced her to face me and said, "Give me a kiss."

Before she could stop me, I kissed her, deep and passionately, pushing my tongue in her mouth. I could taste his cum, and as strong as the taste was, it surely must have been a lot.

I pulled away looking deep into her eyes. She had a shocked look on her face. I laughed at the look and said, "Stop worrying, if I was angry, don't you think I would have stopped you? Do you even know his name?"

We said our goodbyes and i did not see her partner again. We left, a bit earlier than usual. She seemed embarrassed and was not talkative to anyone. In the car, she sat quietly for most of the way home until she looked at me with a sweet, mischievous smile and said quietly, "Steven."

I can't wait to tell you what happened when we got home!

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by Just_Words09/02/19

No thanks

I just can't understand the idea of watching my wife be intimate with another man.

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by 26thNC11/09/18


Fair is fair cuck. Leave Vanessa, the whore wife , and go fuck Susan.

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by Anonymous11/09/18

If you didn't kick her oue

and make an appointment with your attorney... don't bother to tell us.

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