tagFetishBad Baby

Bad Baby


My friend Tim called my cell phone and insisted I come right over to his place because he bought something and he wanted me to see it. I finished up my workout at the gym and headed over there. I dried my hair with the roof of my car down as I drove to his condo.

I let myself in like I always do and started looking around the place for him. I finally start calling out for him and he's in the bedroom. I carefully peek around the door to see if he's decent. I look in to the bedroom and I see Tim dressed up like a giant baby on the bed. He looks at me and calls me Mommy.

I just looked at him. I'm sure the look on my face was priceless. I didn't know what to do or say. This was not your normal Tim behavior.

"Will you be my Mommy?" he asked like a sweet little boy. I just kept staring at him, amazed at what I walked in on in that room.

"Tim, where did this come from and why am I involved? You're wearing a –a –a diaper and a bib!" I finally stammered out.

"I just want to try to be a submissive for once. I thought it would be fun."

I went over to the bed and sat down. He cuddled up with me like a baby and I started to think maybe he was right about it being fun. I always told him if he didn't behave, I was going to spank him so maybe I gave him the idea that I was game for it.

"He started to cry. I decided to play along with this. I've always liked a little roll playing in bed and Tim really deserved to be dominated in a big way.

"What's the matter Timmy? Mommy's here. Tell Mommy what's the matter." I said, playing along with his scenario.

"Timmy hungry, " he said.

"What does Timmy want?" I asked.

"Mommy feed Timmy milk from there." He pointed to my breasts and started to try and help himself. I pulled my t-shirt out of my jeans and popped a breast out for him. As he sucked on my breast like a baby, I felt my pussy get wet and start contracting. I was getting turned on as he did it. He bit me as he nursed and I told him to stop or I was going to make him stop nursing. He then announced he was wet and needed to be changed. I just looked at him and wondered if he really did do what he said he did. Tim insisted that I check his diaper. The only thing I found was a raging hard on.

"Timmy, you don't have a dirty diaper. Mommy must punish you for that."

I rolled him over and playfully smacked him on the ass and told him what a bad boy he was. He obviously liked it because he got harder. It made me hot to have control over him for once. Every other time we've been together, he was the one who took over our love making sessions. Being tied to his giant four-poster bed was a common occurrence. Tim was used to being in control. At work, in bed, in sports, he was just a very competitive person.

I got up and stripped out of my clothes. I told Tim to lie on his back. I straddled his face and forced him to lick me.

"Timmy, lick Mommy like a good boy. MMMM faster. Yes that's it. Keep going Timmy. Mommy likes this." I was going nuts and I liked making him eat me because it was always the other way around. I was always sucking him off. I really liked being the one in charge of our love making session.

I moaned with pleasure as I came in his mouth. He licked me harder as my cream dripped on his face. I fell back on him and sighed heavily. For someone who didn't have much practice at oral sex, he was pretty good. He used the alphabet method on my clit and I loved it.

I made him nurse on me again to keep the orgasm going. I loved having my breasts sucked on. He liked it too. As he sucked on me, I reached into his diaper and stroked his massive hard on. I wanted him inside me more than anything.

I made him take the diaper off with much protest. I went into his closet and grabbed 4 ties. I tied him to the four-poster bed and told him that I was going to punish him for all the times he tied me to the bed and tortured me.

I crawled on the bed between his legs and started to lick his thighs then I worked my way up to his rock hard shaft. I licked up the entire nine inches of his steel rod then rolled my tongue around the head. Precum glistened on his tip and I licked it off. Tim moaned as I put my whole mouth around his head. I tried to take most of him in my mouth, but he was huge. When his balls got hard, I stopped what I was doing so that he didn't release too soon. I was having fun with him and I wanted to torture him like he's always done to me. The head of his dick was super sensitive and I was enjoying stroking it lightly with my finger.

I straddled his hips while facing away from him. I rubbed his cock with my wet slit and he was begging me to put him out of his misery and fuck him.

I slipped my hot wet pussy on top of his rock hard cock and pulled myself down on top of him hard and fast. He moaned loudly. As his head rammed into my cervix, we both began to moan in unison. I started sliding up and down on his rod at a slow pace. He begged me to fuck him and I was more than glad to give him his wish. I was beyond hot and I needed to cum again before it started to hurt. I leaned back towards him and quickened my pace. I went even faster when I felt myself start to cum. He started to take control of my thrusting and we fucked faster and faster as he kept hitting my g-spot. Within seconds, I was going over the edge of orgasm. A few thrusts later and he was joining me. I felt his boiling hot cum smack the back of my convulsing pussy while his whole body violently convulsed. He kept cumming and cumming. I never saw him cum so much in all the times we had been together. He pulled out of me and there was a gush of cum pouring out. We laughed and I looked at him and said, " Guess who's sleeping in the wet spot tonight dear."

I fell back on top of his chest and sighed. A few minutes later I regained my strength and untied him. He pulled me close and kissed me hard on the mouth. We fell asleep in each other's arms and when we woke up a few hours later, we were ready to go again.

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