tagBDSMBad Back

Bad Back


"I'm sorry, honey, the doctor said I can't have any sex until my back is better."

"Maybe in a week or so I'll feel well enough to do something for you, but probably not fucking."

"Because I've gained more than a hundred pounds since my back started hurting, the physical therapist says I need to burn lots of calories even though I'm stuck in bed."

"He said one good way would be to have lots and lots of orgasms because they take a lot of energy but I can do it while mostly holding still."

"You'll help me, won't you darling?"

"I'm going to need a lot of help because the pain pills make it hard for me to get off."

"The pharmacist said they sometimes also make people speak their mind and say surprising things, so you'll have to forgive me if I say anything rude."

"You're so understanding."

"Why don't we start with your tongue, you always like that."

"Oh, good, that's very good."

"Yes, keep going like that."

"It is taking a little longer than usual, but it feels amazing. You're fantastic. Don't stop."

(1)"God, that was great! Thanks for sticking with me. I'm sure your tongue must be a bit sore."

"Take a break and go make us some lunch."

"Do you think your tongue has recovered enough to go again? Well let's give it a try anyway."

"Oh, it feels plenty strong."

"Oh keep going, keep going, just another few minutes."

"So close. Don't stop! I love you! I love you! I love your tongue!"

(2)"Ok, it was more than a few minutes, but you did great."

"Get us some ice water and bring me the pan, I have to pee."

"Ok, take it away and wipe me off, please."

"Let's give that sweet tongue a rest again. Bring me a vibrator, ok? The really buzzy one."

"Oh, that's good. I can't reach around my tummy to hold it there without bending my back. You hold it."

"A little higher, no lower, now left. Right there. Oh shit. Mmmm."

"Damnit you moved it! Put it back. Higher. Now hold still! That's the spot..."

"Stop moving it you idiot! Put it back."

(3)"That's it. That's it. Gnhhh! Hmmm. That got it."

"Sorry I yelled at you. Just be more careful, ok? It is hard enough to come already without you always screwing up making it harder."

"Speaking of hard, look at you poor little cock."

"I mean, not too little, bigger than usual anyway and all drippy. That is pretty hot."

"I know the doctor said no, but let's try fucking really really gently. Can you do that? I'd love a stiff one inside me right now."

"Yeah. That is great. Slow. Slow. You liking that? I bet."

"Are you close? You are?"

"I can't wait to feel you pump all your come in me."

"OH! OW! Stop! Get off! Oh, my back!"

"I'm sorry, sweety, we can't do that, it hurts me too much."

"Wow, you look so sad. I'm sorry. It must be tough to get so close and have to back off."

"Ha! I know just how tough after all the times you got me all wound up just to blow it before you even got far enough in for me to feel anything."

"Anyway, if you're good I'll be sure you get off after I get my ten orgasms today."

"Yeah the therapist said I should get at least ten."

"I still want that fucking. Let's pretend it's you, so get me that dildo that is just like your cock. You know, the little one."

"I know I always say you're big, but I never expected you to believe me over your own eyes, I just didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Damnit, shut up and get that rubber dick in me, you baby!"

"Fast. And hard. Mmm. Yes. Fuck me."

"That's so good. When was the last time you fucked me this long? Ever?"

"Now, pretend it's your own cock and say you're about to come."

"Yeah, come in me baby! Fill my pussy with all your come. Tell me you're coming."

(4)"Uhhh! Fuck. That's good don't stop, it's rolling."

"Yeah, I guess I did move about the same amount when I was fucking the dildo as when I was fucking you."

"You know what, that's just too fucking bad. Now go rinse that dildo off."

"Bring a warm cloth to clean my pussy up a little. I guess I get just as sloppy from coming even when you don't add your little load."

"Oh, you know, never mind the rag, just go down and lick me clean yourself. And pretend there's lots of come leaking out like when the porn stars come."

"Clean me all up and swallow all that juice. You are so hot today."

"Did I tell you that one of my exes used to just shoot huge puddles of come and they'd practically gush out of my pussy? Well a few of them came like that actually."

"I think you've got the smallest spurts of any guy I dated since high school."

"I'm not sorry. It's the truth."

"My God, you're whining again. I can usually bite my tongue when you act like a whiny little bitch, but I guess this medicine."

"Now, shut up and keep licking and slide that dildo back in while you lick. uh-huh."

"Just slide it a little while you do your job on my clit."

"Not much longer. Don't whine! You can do it, then I'll give you a break."

(5)"Suck, lick, suck, hum, lick, lick, lick, lick faster, faster, fast uhhhhh."

"Did I crush your ears a little? You look like you'll be ok."

"Shit I have to pee. You didn't empty the pan? Idiot. Fuck, I really have to go."

"Damnit, get your mouth in there and drink it then. Shut up! You shouldn't have forgotten to empty the pan!"

"Now! I really have to go!"

"Aahh. Oh my god, that is so hot. Drink it all up. You are totally my bitch now."

"This really is getting me hot again, baby. You complained, but now you're sucking at me like you hope to nurse some more out. And your cock is throbbing! You'd better say thank you."

"Hahaha! You're welcome. I guess I won't need that pan as much now, huh?"

"That was so surprising and so nasty. I'm really turned on right now."

"So, now what?"

"You're right, I did promise you a break. I really just meant your tongue, though."

"Go downstairs and get us something to drink, I guess. Maybe just something for me, you just had a drink."

"Is your tongue feeling a little better? How's your jaw?"

"Well, ok, my clit's a little overworked anyway. Why don't you get out the big vibrating dildo and use that?"

"Oh, right, I never told you when I got that one. Oops, secret's out now. It's in the back of my workout clothes."

"Don't freak out. It's not even that big! I've fucked guys much bigger than that."

"C'mon, I don't remember all their names! Stop being such a pussy and bring it over here."

"No, you can't use the regular lube with that one, it has that fake skin. I just usually suck it a little first, so do that."

"Oh, come on. I'm getting really tired of having to say everything twice. I'm not asking you to deepthroat it."

"That's a good boy. And that is hot. Moan a little for me, baby."

"Y'know, you just keep sucking that for a bit while I rub myself a little."

"Ok, take a little bit more, it's ok to gag just a little."

"That's enough for you, it's my turn for a real big cock."

"It's ok, I got it. You can just watch."

"Oh, this feels so good. I can't believe I got by with just your little weenie for so long..."

"This is what it feels like to get really fucked.

"I'm imagining a big, muscled, sweaty guy just attacking me with is cock. Oh fuck yes!"

(6)"God, I love that thing."

"No, honey, this is the only full sized cock I've fucked since we've been married, not that I didn't have plenty of offers."

"Just for laughs, hold it up next to your cock."

"Wow! Ok, heh, sorry little guy, I didn't even realize..."

"It's ok, just give me some soothing licks and clean me off a bit."

"You know what would help me go off again quicker? If there was another girl here to give me some attention instead of you and your dribbly cock."

"You should put your teenie weenie away, by the way, it's starting to turn me off."

"Oh, I know! Put on a pair of my panties. Oh! and I have a negligee that I bet would make you look almost slinky. Yeah, the pink one."

"Now what should we call you? How about Leslie? You don't like it? Too bad, Leslie, it fits you."

"Oh, good girl, Leslie. You look almost sexier as a girl."

"I can't tell you how long I've been missing a girl to play with, Leslie."

"You can go ahead start making out with my pussy, you sexy girl."

"Just pretend it's your pussy and do what you'd want me to do..."

"Oh that's good, Leslie. Your hands feel so soft and delicate on my body."

"My husband could never treat me this well."

"I don't even want to come yet, I just want to feel your sweet, soft lips all over mine."

"Such a delicious feeling. I could just lay here and enjoy this for hours..."

"What? Oh my God, I must have fallen asleep for a second."

"Really? You've been kissing my pussy for an hour?"

"You really are a very sweet man...or a very pussywhipped one."

"Come over here and give me a kiss."

"Ha, I forgot you're in the negligee! Come give me a kiss, Leslie."

"Oh, I miss the taste of a pussy."

"Yes, of course I've eaten pussy. Now stop trying to talk, I'm going to pretend your mouth is Leslie's cunt and lick you all clean."

"Mmm. Ok, enough of that, go back down and get some more for me to lick off. And this time, go ahead and make me come."

"So good. So good. Leslie, I could get used to falling asleep like that and waking up like this."

"That's fantastic, keep going. You're a treasure, Leslie."

"I'm getting close..."

(7)"Oooh! Oh come kiss me again, you sweet girl."

"I needed that. I bet your own pussy got a little wet from all that, huh?"

"Don't look so shy. I may take advantage of my husband, but he and I both know a man like him is very lucky he ever gets to touch a woman like me."

"But I could never let a favor like that from a wonderful, sexy woman like you go unrewarded."

"Now, I don't think I could go down on you, so what can I do?"

"Oh, I know! I can fuck you with my little dildo! That would be pretty hot."

"Really? You've never been fucked before?"

"I can't believe a delicate thing like you has been able to fend off all the cocks you've met in your whole life."

"Plenty of guys must have looked at you and seen a pussy just begging to be fucked hard."

"Well, I'm not taking no for an answer. You're gonna love this, now take down those panties and get some lube."

"Now bend over. Don't be shy."

"Maybe spread a little. It's in!"

"Can you feel that little one in your tight virgin pussy?"

"Oh, your clit is just throbbing! You've been needing this for a long time I think."

"Want me to go faster? Harder?"

"Go on, ask me to fuck you harder."

"I'm not quite sure you mean it. Maybe beg a little."

"Ok, this is getting me very turned on."

"You take that dildo and use it on yourself while I use my vibe on mysef."

"That's it, Leslie! Pound it in there a little harder. Faster."

"You keep going. Keep going. Tell me how much you love to get fucked."

"Yeah, faster. I'm almost there. Feel my cock in your tight little pussy."

(8)"Oh, I'm coming...take it all, bitch, I'm emptying my balls deep inside you. You love it."

"Ok. You can stop. Stop! I don't want you to come from this, you little slut."

"Wow, you really got into that, honey."

"Now you can take my lingerie off. Correction, that's Leslie's lingerie now."

"So, take my girlfriend's lingerie off this minute, you sissy!"

"And go wash your sticky butt. I must have dumped a huge load in there."

"Ok, what can I do to you now?"

"I know! As long as you're my bitch boy now, why don't you stick your nose in my ass and give me some rimming?"

"Finally something I didn't have to tell you twice. I can't tell if you like that idea or you have just realized that you're not allowed to disagree anymore."

"No, don't stop just so you can tell we which it is. I don't give a shit as long as you do what you're told."

"I can't wait to see what else I can do with you. Oh, and I'm buying that sports car I've been wanting. And you're repainting the living room this weekend and...

"I'm getting close! Try tonguing my ass while I rub the button."

"Deeper, deeper, really get in there."

"Oh I am about to go off...not quite."

"I wonder if I stopped diddling if you could make me come just from the asshole. I'm in no hurry, let's try."

"Ok, I think this might work, if you just suck a little in between the licking and thrusting..."

"Yeah, you are loving this. My asshole is your new best friend."

"Stop a second."

"Ok, now beg me to let you eat my ass. Keep going."

"No. You want it too much. What will you do for me if I let you?"

"Anything at all? Really? God, you're pathetic!"

"For starters, how about you do all the housework from now on?"

"Ok, and you will obey my every command without complaint?"

"What if I wanted to watch you suck a real man's cock?"

"What if I wanted you to watch me get fucked hard all night by a guy with a giant one?"

"What if I wanted to watch him fuck Leslie?"

"Oh my God, I'm going to have so much fun!"

"You keep up the licking and nibbling and sucking."

"Go on and fuck my ass with your tongue."

"I know I've never let your cock in there, but I've taken plenty of guys in my ass."

"Yeah, I remember once I met a guy at a bar and I was pretty drunk and he was in there before I could even complain."

"He was big, too. Bigger than that big dildo, for sure. And he just rode me."

"By the time he was even getting close to going off, I was coming and coming and begging him to pound hard and fast."

"Once he sped up to finally give me his load, I couldn't breathe from the pressure and almost passed out."

"And now that I know what a true wimp and sissy you are I get to find studs like that again!"

"Wow, this is inspiring you! Keep going."

"Oh, I'm going to rub myself too, I'm so close."

(9)"I'm finally going to fuck Gary at work! Unnhh!"

"Can you believe what a great day this has been?"

"You know what I can't believe? We've been married almost ten years and you never let on how pathetic you are?"

"It pisses me off, really!"

"Think of how much better my life would have been!"

"You know what, bring me your belt. Now!"

"Present your ass, jackass."

"This is for all the times you got off before me!"

"This is for having a tiny dick!"

"This is for making me do housework!"

"This is for making me watch your tv shows."

"This is all the guys I could have fucked!"

"Get my vibrator again. I think I can get off on this."

"This is for not eating my pussy enough."

"This is for never eating my ass before."

"This is for acting jealous when guys hit on me."

"This is for never letting me spank you before!"

"I'm going to get used to this. Does it really hurt?"

"Yeah, it does. You're ass is getting all red."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Beg me to stop."

"No, I won't!"

(10)"My God! You just came on the floor! Ahhhhhh!"

"Wow, honey, our first simultaneous orgasm."

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