tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBad, Bad Thing Ch. 02

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Strangers in a Cafe

"So, Buffy, what are you guys going to do for your anniversary?" Willow eagerly asked between bites of her hamburger.

Buffy shrugged. "You know Angel, likes to surprise me."

"Didn't he take you to Hawaii last year?" Anya asked.

"No, last year it was the Swiss Alps."

Willow sighed and dejectedly stabbed a french fry with her fork. "It must be great being married to someone who can show you the world."

"It's a riot," Buffy said dryly. She didn't feel like trying to explain to her friends that being married to Angel was not that wonderful. They were only interested in the trips to exotic places, and the new wardrobe every season, and the beautiful jewels he gave out like candy. They wouldn't understand her discontent when she had all they ever wanted, and she didn't have the energy to discuss it with them.

Buffy idly glanced around the café while Anya and Willow chattered on about what Buffy should pack, the latest gossip, and how horribly difficult it was to keep their children under control. Buffy mostly ignored them, unbelievably bored.

It was while they were gossiping about that awful Chase woman that Buffy noticed him. He was sitting two tables away, the Wall Street Journal lay out before him. He was only pretending to read it though; his eyes were trained on her. She quickly looked away, disquieted by his unabashed stare.

Despite herself, her eyes kept flickering in his direction. Blonde hair, slicked back. Smoldering, blue eyes, strong cheekbones, and full lips. Everything about him was intense, and his eyes never left her.

"We should be leaving now," Willow announced, pulling Buffy's attention away from the stranger.

"What? Why?"

She indicated their empty plates. "We have other errands to run…"

"Shopping for shoes is not an errand. We have plenty of time. I'd like some dessert."

"Oh, this place that has cake that's just to die for!" Anya exclaimed. "It's better than sex."

The other women laughed at Anya's comment, and Willow announced that she wouldn't mind a piece of cake. Buffy flagged down the waiter and ordered 3 chocolate cakes. All the time her attention was on the good looking man who was still studying her every move.

The cake came relatively quickly, the younger waiter eager to please. He knew their type—if he worked as quickly as possible, they would tip handsomely. Buffy smiled sweetly at him, and made it a point to look at the man while she did.

She ate the sweet chocolate cake slowly, savoring each decadent bite. She put a show on for her admirer, licking frosting off of her fingers, drawing attention to her mouth as often as possible, wrapping her red lips around the spoon and pulling it out slowly. In response, the man lifted his eyebrow, and even from that distance Buffy could see his blue eyes twinkling.

Buffy should have felt foolish, going on like that, but she didn't. Watching him watch her made her very hot, and she could already feel the heat in her groin. He seemed more than just a little interested in her, and that turned her on even more.

It wouldn't have gone beyond mild flirting and lewd gestures with the spoon if he hadn't had winked. Buffy was convinced of that. Until he winked, he was interesting and sexy, but only mildly so. But the wink…the wink changed everything. It hit her in the gut and made her eyes widened. He smirked in response, and her cheeks flushed.

"I have to go to the restroom," Buffy excused herself with a tight smile. Her companions nodded without even looking at her, focused on their conversation and desserts.

She walked slowly to the restroom. Single stall. She locked the door without thinking, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was horrified by what she saw. Her eyes were far too bright, her face far too red. How could some man cause her to react that way just by looking at her? Her thighs were wet with her desire, her panties already soaked through. Just by looking at her.

Buffy splashed some cold water on her face and took several deep breaths to calm herself. She couldn't go out there looking like some sort of bitch in heat. There was a soft knock on the door. She didn't have to ask who was there. She knew. With a shaky hand, she unlocked the door. The stranger threw it open, and then slammed it shut behind him. She didn't move, too shocked to say or do anything. Too excited to try to run. He pushed her back against the door, and plundered her mouth. She responded passionately, and wrapped her arms around legs around him.

This wasn't something that Buffy did. She had never been unfaithful to her husband. She had never even kissed another man in her life, but somehow, none of that mattered. There wasn't anything in the world except his man's lips and tongue, his hands roaming over her body, his cock pressing against her.

She thought about asking his name, but decided she didn't want to know. It was more exciting to just let him take her and then walk away. And she would let him take her. Already she was wiggling against him for friction, squirming to get out of her restricting clothes.

He leaned forward and bit her nipple through her shirt, and she gasped in pleasure. Her hands fumbled to unzip his pants and push her own panties out of the way, but she couldn't concentrate—his mouth was far too distracting. He bit her other nipple, then nibbled her neck, her ear, licked her jaw, and finally returned to her mouth.

It took both of them with hurried, yet clumsy attempts to remove the cloth barriers between them. Small, pleading whimpers escaping her throat turned to satisfied moans of pleasure as he finally entered her wet pussy.

He pounded her into the wall, and all she could do was hold onto him, tightly wrapped around his body. Murmured, impassioned words fell from his lips. "So beautiful, so beautiful, feel so good luv, you feel so good. Oh yes."

He's British. God, what a voice. Any coherent thought was brief and fleeting though as he increased the tempo. Her bones and teeth rattled from the force, but all she could do was plead for more. Faster, harder, he hit the center of her over and over and over until she was spiraling out of control. He placed one hand over her mouth to cover her screams, as he braced her against the wall.

She screamed into his palm, unable to stop the sounds tearing through her throat and mind-numbing pleasure ripped through her body. The first orgasm built and built until her toes curled and her nails were digging into his back. As her muscles contracted and the orgasm finally overtook her, her grip loosened and she collapsed against him. He staggered slightly under her weight, but he didn't stop or slow his rhythm at all.

"Come again for me, luv," he encouraged. "Do it again."

His voice, his cock, the entire situation, the knowledge that her friends were only feet away…everything sent another sharp shock through her and her muscles tightened around him.

"That's it," he panted. "That's my girl."

"Not your…" She couldn't finish the sentence though, because he applied pressure to her clit, and suddenly words weren't important. She could not believe that anything could feel this good, and she closed her eyes and reveled in the cascade of bliss that poured down her body. She was coming down from her third orgasm when he finally shot his load and shuddered against her. She could feel his legs shake, and he sat her down and held her until she was steady herself.

With shaking hands, she straightened her clothes. There could have been words, and there were words that should have passed between them, but neither spoke. He tucked himself back into his pants, and took a few moments to smooth his hair. She stepped back from the door to allow him to step out. He placed his hand on the knob, then paused and turned.

"Ta, love. It was fun."

Buffy didn't have time to respond before he was gone. "Yeah," she agreed softly, "It was."

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