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Bad Boy

byDG Hear©

Thank you to LadyCibelle and Techsan for editing my story.


I'll begin by telling you I'm known as the 'Bad Boy'; have been since I was a kid. You've all met guys like me; always getting into trouble. Drinks, smokes, stays out late. I've been in so many fights I can't even tell you how many I've been in. I know I have a very bad temper and a very short fuse.

I didn't name myself this title, everyone else did. It's the kind of reputation that takes a while to build up. It's funny, when it comes to girls and women that I am never at a loss for dates. The wild girls are always available to me and the intelligent ones seem to want a piece of me in private. I guess it's because it goes against their upbringing and everyone wants to defy that once in a while.

Let me go back a few years when I was still in high school. I was in trouble all the time. In my junior year I was kicked off the baseball team for fighting. The pitcher threw the ball at me because I was crowding the plate. I dropped the bat and ran out after him. I got in a couple of good licks before we were pulled apart. I was thrown off the team since it was the third time it happened. I did bloody his nose pretty good.

I lived at home with my mom and little sister. She was fourteen months younger but in the same grade as me. I was held back one year in my younger grades for skipping too much school. I didn't want to be a troublemaker; it seemed like that dark cloud just stood over my head, and followed me everywhere.

My sister brought home a new friend one day. I remember asking, "Marie, who's the good looking chick? Damn, she's a fine looking girl."

She replied, "Oh, hi, Jason. This is my new friend Julie. She just moved here from the west coast. Her dad is in the service and got stationed here. Julie, this is my big brother, Jason. Stay away from him. All the stories you've heard about him are true." They both laughed.

"What stories are those?" I asked smiling. Julie was smiling back at me. I did have a reputation as the bad boy.

We all chatted and I told them I had a date and would catch them later. Julie was a good size girl. She had a nice rack on her. I was thinking of when I would approach her and get friendlier. Oh, well, I would worry about her later. I had other fish to fry that night.

A few days later Marie asked if she could talk to me. "Of course, Marie, what is it?"

"It's about Julie. I saw the look in your eyes when you saw her. You looked like a lion checking out his prey."

"Damn, Sis, she had a nice rack and you know how I am. If the girls are willing, so am I."

"Jason, please leave her alone. Don't make her one of your tokens. I really like her and I don't want to see her get hurt," said Marie.

"What's the big deal if I boff her or not. I never take any girl by force. You know that."

"Please, Jason, as a favor to me, no boffing Julie, okay? Please, for me?"

"No big deal. I'll just talk to her and be friends. If she ever stops being your friend, let me know," I laughed.

Marie and Julie became the best of friends. They were both in the school band and hung out a lot together. I was always out messing around so I didn't see a lot of Julie but what I saw, I liked.

We were all seniors when I got into another fracas. It was after a dance and everyone was leaving. Marie came running up to me and said, "Jason, come quick! They're bothering Julie."

We turned the corner of the parking lot and there were two seniors, Brad and Mark, messing with Julie. Mark was holding Julie's arms from behind and Brad was about to unbutton her blouse.

I could hear Brad say, "Come-on, Sweetheart, no one's going to hurt you. You've been coming on to us all night pushing out your tits. We just want a little look-see," he laughed.

"Please let me go. I won't say anything to anyone if you just let me go. I'm sorry if you took my being friendly the wrong way."

Mark and Brad were different from me. I was a 'Bad Boy', they were just bullies, always picking on the less fortunate and of course the girls. Marie told me later that Julie and she were just dancing and having fun when these two idiots approached them. When they rejected them and said "no thanks" to dancing with them they walked away with their egos hurt. They knew better than to mess with Marie, because I'd kick their asses into next week. I guess they didn't think I'd say anything about them messing with Julie.

Marie and I approached them. "What the fuck's going on I asked?"

"Get lost, Jason. We didn't mess with your sister. This girl has been shaking her tits in our face since she moved here. We just want a little look-see. No one's going to get hurt," said Brad.

I'm sure he knew he made a mistake by telling me to get lost. It doesn't take much to rile me.

"Look, Jason, I didn't mean that. I meant she's nothing to you and ... well, besides, there is two against one. Surely you don't want to get into it with both of us?"

I look over at Mark holding Julie's arms. He looked a bit nervous. I quickly side-kicked my foot forward and caught Brad on his thigh just above the knee; he went down like a ton of bricks. I put my foot on his throat and told him to just lay still and I might not break his windpipe.

I looked back over at Mark with my foot still on Brad's throat. He had let go of Julie's arms and she went over beside Marie. "Well, Brad, is it two against one like your buddy says or do you have something to say to Julie?"

Mark didn't want any part of me. "I'm sorry, Jason..."

"Not me, you stupid ass, say it to Julie."

Mark spoke very nervously saying, "I'm sorry, Julie, we didn't mean anything. We were just kidding around. It won't happen again."

Brad lay on the floor hoping it was over. He didn't say a word.

"If it ever happens again, I won't be so easy on you. Julie is like a second sister to me and you know what happens to anyone who messes with my sister," I said.

I took my foot off of Brad's throat and walked my sister and Julie to their car. Julie must have thanked me a dozen times trying to explain that she really didn't do anything. She couldn't help it; she had big breasts. The three of us just laughed.

Marie was very popular in school. She wasn't in the elite stuck-on-themselves girls groups, the ones from money who thought their shit didn't stink. She was just an all around nice person. She and I were as close as siblings could be; I loved her with all my heart and had been her protector since she was born. Nobody messed with her.

Don't get the idea that I screwed my sister. It wasn't like that. Growing up it was just me and her and I was there for her. She went on a few dates but the guys who just wanted a girl to make out with left her alone. They knew that anyone who treated her badly would have to deal with me.

Me, on the other hand, I chased - chase probably isn't the right word. The girls wanted a piece of the bad boy. A lot of them got it. I especially liked it when I would boff the better than thou ritzy types. The next day they would look at me with almost a contempt but still had a little smile. I guess they figured it was their little secret. They fucked the bad boy of the school.

I was never serious about any of them. I was just a nineteen year old guy at the time, with raging hormones. I did my best to calm my hormones down. I did screw a lot of girls and women for that fact. I was known around town and for some reason women, even married ones, were drawn to me. I don't know why but it was like these women who liked movies stars, or wanted a little danger in their lives came on to me. I did my best to get in their pants and usually succeeded.

I should explain to you how I got this title, 'Bad Boy'; it might explain why I am like I am. My father died when I was five years old. He was a firefighter and was caught in a blaze of a house fire saving some family pets. He was a hero and to me always will be. We were just little kids and knew we lost our dad. Mom was in shock for quite awhile. So I kind of took care of me and my little sister.

Don't get me wrong here. Mom took care of us; she fed and clothed us and things like that. When it came to playing or having fun she was kind of out of it. So, I always took care of Marie.

It was only six months after dad died that mom brought home this guy named Ralph. He was a salesman and traveled a lot. I guess the loneliness of missing dad got to mom and she married this guy. I never did like him. He would always hold Marie and tell her how pretty she was and that someday she would have all kinds of boyfriends. I guess I didn't trust him. I was just a kid too and he would always yell at me and even hit me when mom wasn't around. Anyway, Marie and I pretty much hung together. Ralph would give us a dollar and tell use to go get an ice cream or something. I know now it was just to get us out of the house so he could boff mom.

For the first couple of years it wasn't too bad. He was gone a lot of the time. After a while I could hear him arguing with mom. Looking back I figured he cheated on her when he was on the road. When he would come back from trips, he would go out to the bar after an argument with mom. Then he would come home drunk.

I remember the first time he hit mom. She tried to tell us it was an accident. I knew better. Marie started staying away from him too. I guess it was just an instinct. He would backhand me a lot. He never hit Marie, just me. I didn't tell mom about it because I figured he would hit her too. He was abusing her and I didn't know what to do about it. I heard my mom cry many times over the years. It hurt me bad and made me want to get even with the bastard.

When I was fourteen years old, I was in my room late one night. I had my radio on and was just listening to it when I heard a scream; it was Marie. I then heard mom's voice, "Get out of her room, you worthless bastard! Leave my little girl alone."

I had jumped up to see what was happening. Ralph was drunk and was approaching Marie. Mom jumped on him and told him to get out. He kind of sneered and backhanded mom. "Get the fuck back in your room, old lady," he yelled at mom, as he pushed her to the floor.

Marie was screaming and holding the blankets up to her chest all this time. I ran back in my room and grabbed my baseball bat and came out and started hitting Ralph with it. Over and over again I kept striking him. I was aiming for his head but he kept blocking it with his arms. We heard police sirens. I guess all the screaming woke the neighbors and they called the police. Mom got up and opened the door for them. They came running in and grabbed the bat from my hand and handcuffed me.

"No, no! Not him, he's my son. He was protecting us," yelled mom.

The police called an ambulance for Ralph. Marie got up and she and Mom went into the room and got dressed. They explained to the officer what had happened. He told them that they had to take me in anyway till all the facts were known. I guess it's because all they saw was me beating on Ralph with a baseball bat. Mom did have a bruise on the side of her face. Of course Marie was never touched. I did my job as her protector.

I spent one day in juvenile lock-up. The prosecutor believed my mom and sister and let me go. Mom filed assault charges against Ralph and, after he was released from the hospital, he served ninety days. She also went to the lawyer and filed divorce papers against him as well as a restraining order.

As soon as he got out, he was back at our door. After the last time he beat on mom, she went into the closet and took out my dad's old gun. When she saw Ralph at the door she went and got the gun.

"I have a restraining order on you. This is my house and I want you off my property now," said mom.

We could tell Ralph had been drinking. "I want my stuff. I'm going to come in and get it," replied Ralph.

Mom had all his things packed and told him they were in the garage and had me open the garage door so Ralph could get his stuff. After loading all of it in his van, he came back to the door. He went to open the door and was going to come in.

"Stop! Or, I'll shoot you," screamed mom.

"You're too fucking afraid to shoot me," laughed a drunken Ralph.

I took the gun out of my mother's hand and aimed it at Ralph. "What about me, you worthless piece of shit. Do you think I'm afraid to blow your fucking balls off? Come -on in, I dare you, come on, you worthless bastard. Set that first foot inside this house so I can blow you away."

Ralph looked nervous and backed away. He got into his van and took off. Mom called the police to let them know he was here. She also mentioned that he was drunk. The officers thanked mom for calling and said they were going to see if he was driving drunk. When they found him he was in an auto accident; he ran off the road and into a school bus. He was arrested and put back in the slammer. He was arrested on a parole violation for driving while under the influence. He had to serve the remainder of his sentence and whatever else they added to it for the DUI charge. Thank God, no one on the bus was injured.

It was the last time we ever saw him. When the divorce was final, the lawyer went to the jail and gave Ralph his copy of the divorce papers. The last we heard, he left the state after serving his time. The judge told him to put as much distance as he could away from our family, which was fine with us.

After that life was better for us. We didn't have to worry about that jerk, Ralph. Mom got a job as a waitress at a local diner. She told us she actually liked it. Since it was a local place she made a lot of friends. I think it helped her get back on track.

About four years had passed. I was still known as the bad boy and just seemed to get in a lot of trouble. Looking back I can tell I brought most of it on myself. Every once in awhile there was someone who just thought he was badder. Damn, I don't ever think badder was a word, but anyway they just had to try me. Just made my reputation stronger.

My mom called Marie and me to the restaurant one day and said she had something to ask us. She said that Harold, her boss and owner of the restaurant, asked her to marry him. Of course Marie was happy for her. I, on the other hand, wasn't sure. Harold asked if he could talk to me one on one, man to man. We went over and sat down in a booth and talked.

Harold began, "Jason, I know you are very protective of your mother and sister. I respect that. Your mom has had a pretty rough life, the loss of your dad and that quick marriage to that asshole Ralph. I love your mother, Jason. I have for many years."

I looked over at him in surprise. Why didn't I know him if this was true?

He continued; "Your dad and I were good friends. We were both firefighters. We both liked your mother and dated her before they got married. You dad asked her to marry him and she accepted. I just stepped back. I thought it was best if I did. After your father was killed, I came to see your mom at the funeral and saw how devastated she was. I was going to give her a little time before asking her to go out. Unfortunately, she met Ralph and married him. I eventually ended up quitting the department and opened the diner. It was something I always wanted to do: own my own business.

"I love her and will make her a good husband. You and your sister will be leaving in the next couple of years and your mom will be alone again. I don't want to see that happen. She told me she would only marry me if you and Marie were good with it. So I asked her to bring you here today to ask your permission to marry your mom. I promise to never hurt her in any way. I will be her protector as you go on with your life. I won't try and tell you and your sister how to live. You are almost adults now."

Wow! What am I supposed to say? This guy who I've only known as the diner owner would end up being my step-dad. He seemed a nice enough guy and I did want my mom to be happy. Mom and Marie came over to where we were talking. She looked nervous. "Is this truly what you want, Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, Jason, it is, but I need to know that you and Marie are okay with this."

"I love you, Mom, and will stand behind you all the way. Harold, you take good care of my mom and you better never hurt her," I replied.

Mom and Marie had tears in their eyes. Those two would cry about anything. Harold held out his hand to me as a token of our talk; I accepted it.

Just so you know, Harold had been married before for a couple of years and was divorced. While he was working at the diner, his wife cheated on him. He wouldn't stand for it and got a divorce. He seemed to be a really stand-up guy.

I was about two months from graduation when my life changed again. I stopped by the school to pick up Marie and Julie after band practice. I usually waited outside the school for them but this time for some reason I went into the school. I heard a woman's voice.

"Get away from me, leave me alone. I'll tell Jason." It was Julie.

I heard a guy laugh; it sounded like Brad. "Take it easy, honey; all we want is a look at those big tits. No one's going to hurt you and no one is here to help you this time," replied Brad. "Besides, there's three of us now. Come on, let's have a feel of those big babies," he laughed.

"No, don't touch me. Please don't touch me," I heard Julie crying.

I had entered the door where the school kept some of their athletic equipment and picked up a bat. When I turned the corner there were Mark and Bill holding onto Julie, and Brad was in front of her trying to unbutton her blouse.

I didn't say a word as I turned the corner and swung the bat catching Brad on his calf. He fell and I took a couple of more swings at his head but he covered his head with his arms which I ended up hitting. Behind him came Mark already apologizing.

"It's too late this time, Mark. You had your chance and now you have to pay for your stupidity." I jammed the bat into his stomach and caught him across his shoulder blades on his way down."

I looked up and saw Bill run out of the gymnasium. I took a couple of more swings at the two idiots laying on the floor. I reached down and punched Brad as hard as I could. I knew I dislocated his jaw. About that time a group of people came running into the gym. Bill had gotten the principal and a couple of other male teachers. They came running over to me and pulled me off of the slime balls.

The principal said, "You're in big trouble this time, Jason. This was one time too many."

Julie yelled, "No, no. . ."

"Julie, be quiet. It's too late now. It won't make any difference; I'll still get expelled."

Marie came running in. She had been waiting for Julie at the front of the school and wondered where she had been. Julie had told her that when she came out of the changing room the three guys had pulled her aside and proceeded to hold her and were making their snide remarks.

The police and paramedics were called. Brad and Mark were taken to the hospital and I was led to the police station. I was considered an adult and assault charges were filed. Marie drove my car home and went to the diner to tell Mom and Harold. Mom shook her head since I was in trouble again. Julie went with Marie and told Mom and Harold the truth, how I saved her from God knows what.

Harold went to the police station and posted my bond. He told me that he had contacted the school and that I was expelled and would not graduate. I didn't know what to say. I guess I reaped what I sowed.

The following day we found out that Mark had a broken collarbone and Brad had a dislocated jaw which was wired shut and a broken wrist. I didn't know until a couple of days later that Julie went to the prosecutor and told him exactly what happened. I saved her from being molested by the three other students. The prosecutor ended up dropping the charges when Bill came forward and told the prosecutor the truth. He thought Brad and Mark were just going to tease Julie but when he started undoing her blouse, Bill got scared.

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