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Mike watched with hooded eyes as Vee bent over a small assembly part. Her tight, round ass was molded by her heavy jeans. Her shirt also rose, exposing a small amount of dusky skin. He felt a tightening in his groin. They were pals, friends at work, but he wanted so much more. He shifted in his seat and continued to peek at her lush body as she worked, just a few feet away. His cock tightened more and he thought of nothing except her ass as it swayed so close to him.

Vee glanced over her shoulder and saw him looking. She flashed a cute smile and wiggled her hips, making that fine ass bounce a little. She liked to tease and play -- thinking it was simply a game between two friends. Mike almost knocked his tool kit over as his hand jerked out, almost as if reaching for her. She smiled more and returned to working on the item on the bench.

A whistle blew, and Mike felt a bead of sweat rolling down his face. Time for a quick break, time to ogle Vee's amazing breasts. As they walked toward the coffee area, they fell into pace side by side. It was a hot day. "Hey Mike, how's it going?" she asked quietly

"All good, Vee!" was his cheerful response. And it was, for Vee had removed her heavy work shirt, leaving just a thin tank to cover her amazing breasts. Large, round and pert, Mike imaged his hands and mouth covering them. She peeked sideways, and saw the growing bulge in his pants.

"That's good -- it sure is hot today," she stated.

"uh huh, it sure is..." in more ways than one, he thought. He was so aware of her, but totally did not see that she was aware of him as well. Grabbing cool drinks, they stepped outside to bask in the sun for a few minutes.

"Mike, whatcha doin after work?"

"umm....nothing planned," he said carefully. Very carefully. His Mistress might allow him to fantasize, but had not given permission for more.

"Why don't we hang out?" she asked. Planting an innocent look on her face, she stepped a bit closer and brushed the back of her hand across his covered crotch. "We could become really good friends...." She whispered.

"Oh yes, we could," he grunted. Her hand had slipped away, but he was raging hard now. He had been crushing on her for months....but oh how much trouble he would be in. He flicked his eyes over her tight body and decided he didn't care....those amazing tits swayed towards him, and he could clearly see the outline of her nipples, begging for his mouth. His hand lifted, to tweak just the nipple, when a loud whistle sounded, calling them back to work.

Vee stepped back and swung her shirt on, covering her tank and beautiful breasts. He groaned, his hard cock throbbing against his jeans. Only two hours, he thought. Two hours and those tits are mine. His cock jumped as his eyes dropped to her fine ass and he imagined sliding into her. Oh, it was gonna be great!

The next two hours were misery for Mike, he kept sneaking glances at Vee, and she continued to taunt him, straddling the chair rather than simply sitting, bending every chance she got, lifting her arms so her breasts would rise. Mike watched, his raging hard on rubbing against his jeans. Oh how he wanted her.....enough to risk so much, just to have her.

Vee glanced over, glad to see his total interest was still there. She smiled, so looking forward to the games that would be played. A jolt of desire raged through her pussy. God, she wanted, no needed, to cum. This was going to be so much fun.

The clock finally circled and they closed down for the night. Walking out of the plant, Mike had to twice adjust his stride, his hard cock twanging with pain in its tight constraint. Vee seemed unaware, walking with a normal stride as they gained the parking lot. Mike glanced at his car and his steps faltered. A note was attached to the dashboard, in a hot pink paper. His Mistresses hot pink paper.

He stifled a groan and walked carefully to his car. Vee stayed behind him. She touched his shoulder, causing him to jump as he grabbed the note. "Now, who left you a note?" she asked teasingly. "Another girl?"

Mike glanced at her and almost cringed. She was so hot, she had taken of her shirt and her nipples were poking against the thin tank. His hand trembled as he reached for the note. Vee reached around him and grabbed it. "Well?" she demanded.

"No Vee..." he tried to take the note back, but she pulled away and tore open the envelope.

"hmmm, come to room 147 at the Clover Hotel. Oh, really?" she glanced at him slyly. "Okay," she said, "Let's go!" Skirting around the car, she opened the passenger door and slid in.

Mike's head dropped. Sweat glistened on his forehead. He couldn't disobey his Mistress, she knew when he got of work, and he knew he had only 20 minutes before he better walk in the door. But Vee was in the car, how could he take her with? Oh God, he thought, there is no win here.

He climbed in the driver's seat and turned towards her. "Vee, you can't go with me..." his voice faltered. She had reached under her tank and had begun to remove her bra. Her beautiful breasts bobbed, free of the restraint.

"Oh, yes," she stated, "I am gonna go with you. I want to see who you think you should be fucking instead of me."

"Vee.." he groaned.

"Nope, drive," as stated she slid and locked her seatbelt in place, nestled between her mountainous boobs. His mouth watered at the sight, and he simply stared.

"Drive," she told him again, while smacking his forearm.

Mike knew he was in trouble either way, so what the hell, take her along. Maybe his Mistress would be kind. He chuckled to himself, yeah right! But another fleeting thought dashed through his mind, what if his Mistress decided to embarrass him? She knew they worked together, in fact, had him confess just a few days ago that he had a crush on her. Oh, he thought, this might not be good.

He pulled the car into the motel parking lot and shut the engine off. Glancing at Vee, he was surprised to see a smile flit across her face. His instincts tingled, but the thought of relief for his raging cock override his common sense. He climbed out of the car and pulled her along with him. The walked to the room and he grasped the knob, knowing it would be open for him.

The both entered the cool, dark room. He could sense a presence, but could not see anyone. "Good, you are on time," a voice purred. "At least that is one punishment you will be spared." Mike had felt a jab of heat through his body at the first words.

Walking into the room, he stopped when a light suddenly flicked on. His Mistress. He dropped to his knees in front of her. "My Pet" she said, "go into the bathroom and shower, NOW!" He jumped to his feet, "Yes Ma'am, right away!" Darting into the bathroom, running water was immediately heard as he stripped away his clothing and dove into the water.

He couldn't hear anything in the room, but horridly scrubbed himself clean. Even in the best of times, his Mistress wasn't very patient. Oh, Vee, he worried, washing faster. He could hear voices, and hurried even more. A scant five minutes later, he came from the shower, dripping water as a towel was slung around his waist.

"Very good, My Pet," his Mistress purred. "Don't you think so, Vee?"

His glance flickered to Vee, sitting demurely on the bed, while his Mistress remained on the lone chair. He saw Vee nod and then rise. She brushed past him, quickly squeezing his arm as she entered the bathroom. Mike looked at his Mistress as running water was once again heard. Mistress smiled, stating simply, "She wishes to be cool and clean too."

Mike nodded and looked down again. His cock still ached and stood at attention. "Come, Pet, come here." He shuffled quickly across the room, dropping to his knees in front of the chair. His eyes on the floor, he heard the jingle, but didn't dare look up. He hadn't heard the displeasure in his Mistresses' voice, but her tense body terrified him. "Here Pet, let's put this on."

He glanced to her hand and saw the rigid cock cage, one of her favorite torture devices. The cage covered his cock and balls, making it impossible to get any pressure, holding him erect, and not allowing any relief. He groaned and took the device. Letting go of the towel, he rose unsteadily to his feet and pulled the straps over his legs, encircling his cock and balls and strapping the hard cage around himself. He shivered, knowing the hours of torture were just beginning.

"On the bed," was his command. Looking over, he saw several pillows mounded in the center, and shackles appeared at the head and foot. "On your stomach!" was the next demand. Mike dared a glance at his Mistress while moving quickly to the bed. He stomach heaved as he noted her heavy leather corset, stockings and heels. Her breasts were free and resting on the half cups and her pussy was completely exposed. His excitement mounted as he mounted the bed and placed his stomach across the pillows. His caged cock pressed against the pillows, but no real friction was felt.

Mistress grabbed his left ankle and locked it into the cuff, quickly following with his right. He was now positioned, ass up in the air, legs spread tightly across the bed. His face fell forward naturally into the bed. She then locked his right, then left wrist, spreading them as well. Grabbing another pillow, she forced it under his chin, so his face now aligned to the headboard above.

The sound of the shower had finished, but in his haste to obey and become locked down, Mike hadn't noticed. However, sensing the presence of Vee, he glanced over at her nude body and gasped with pleasure and longing. Her dusky skin covered her very beautiful body, large undulating breasts, peaked by dark nipples, a narrow waist, flared hips. Dark curly hair covered her pussy, and, although he couldn't see her ass, he knew it was tight and round.

Mistress chuckled. "You like her, hmmm....even though you belong to me, you lust after another?" she questioned, almost gently. Mike swallowed hard and twisted his head to stare in horror at his Mistress. "Oh yes, My Pet. I know and see all. I hope you really enjoy what you will see next." This was said in a mocking, sing song voice.

Mike's terror intensified. Mistress scared him. She looked at Vee and said, "in the position, as I told you!" Vee nodded, also looking a bit apprehensive. She climbed on the bed, spreading her legs over Mike's arms, sinking back so that her dusky pussy was within inches of his face and tongue. Her musky, female scent filled his nostrils. He could almost touch her with his tongue, she was just out of reach!

Mistress moved towards Vee and pulled her a bit closer, Mike tried to stretch forward, to bury his mouth and tongue in her wetness, and realized the leg shackles prevented him moving even an bit up. Groaning, he tried to move his neck, stretching it. Mistress allowed him, making sure Vee was just out of reach....so close....but untouchable. His cock throbbed in his cage, his mouth watered at her scent; he was excited by the bondage, fearful of his punishment....oh so much!

Mistress placed pillows behind Vee, and then tied her legs with binding rope, linked under the bed. Her pussy and ass gaped open, begging for his touch, taste....he groaned again. Vee could move her arms and she rested them against her sides. "Vee," said Mistress, "pinch and squeeze your nipples!" Vee began to rub, squeeze and circle her tight, dark nipples.

Mistress reached down and began to touch and flick across Vee's clit. Vee jerked at the initial touch, then groaned as the expert fingers began to pleasure her. Mike tried to turn his head away from this sight, but Mistress demanded he watch. Slowly, Mistress slid her fingers down Vee's hot slit and began to pump in and out of her wet pussy. Faster and faster she pumped, releasing juices that began to leak down Vee's pussy and ass. The overpower scent of female entranced Mike.

Pulling her fingers out and stepping back, Mistress smiled. Mike's mouth was open, his tongue stretching out, begging for a taste. Smiling evilly, Mistress stroked one of her juice soaked fingers lightly over his tongue. He immediately tried to close his mouth around, but Mistress pulled back her hand. "Vee, begin to finger yourself. I want him to see your pussy soaked, your fingers sliding in and out, your clit engorged with your desire." Mike actually groaned again as Vee dropped her left hand to her pussy and began to follow the instructions.

His eyes locked on Vee's hand and pussy, he didn't notice Mistress stepping away. Nor the sound of the whistling crop, until he felt it connect to his ass. He jerked, but the shackles held him in place. Fearfully, he turned his head and looked at his Mistress, who smiled at him. "Look at her pussy, Look at it!" she demanded. He turned his head back, staring at her pussy, while his ass tensed, waiting for the next blow. It came.

Again and again, the crop found his ass. Burning fire flamed his senses, as tears ran down his face, He could see and smell Vee's scent, also driving him wild. He didn't know if it was pleasure or pain at this point, only senses. He needed more.....another whistling blow landed and he heard the sound of the crop being flung away.

He felt cool lube dripping down his ass, and before he took his next breath, a dildo was being inserted, pressing into his hole. No prep, no gentleness, just a hard (although lubed) dildo being pushed into him. The pressure began to mount and the dildo slipped in, and slowly was inserted, inch by agonizing inch, into his unprepared hole. Finally it was seated fully into him and he saw Vee's entire body contract as she finally came, as she saw the dildo being pushed into him.

His ass had never been stretched so far, he knew this wasn't the size he normally took, it burned like fire and every muscle, every aching inch of whipped skin, protested this invasion. Mistress pulled it back, about half way out and rammed it deeply in again. He caught Vee's deeper scent, saw the cum and juices running down her and his stomach clenched. He stretched out, but his mouth and tongue still couldn't reach her inflamed pussy and the attempt at stretching caused a whole whirlwind of pain. His cock and balls ached with intensity, especially as her scent reached him, and the dildo pushed into him yet again.

When the dildo next fully seated within him, Mistress let go and left it in his fully stretched ass. The burning pain gave way to pleasure....oh, he was so full of need. He whimpered as he stared at Vee's pussy, thinking of nothing now, except of sinking his cock into her. Mistress walked and released his hands, but left the shackles on. Going behind him, she touched his shoulders. Oh, he didn't even know those muscles ached, until she released them from their tight hold.

"Up on your knees," was her next command. He rose to his knees and the dildo shifted within him, finding new spots to touch and torment. Mistress slipped behind and now clipped the wrist shackles to his ankle bindings, effectively spreading his legs and arms across, giving him no play area.

"isn't her pussy pretty," whispered Mistress in Mike's ear. "Mmm....it looks so fuckable!"

Mike groaned but nodded his head. This new position added weight to the cock cage, and increased the pressure, and the dildo had sunk deeper in. He felt a tingle and realized that Mistress had placed a small vibe by him, running it to hit both the bottom of the cock cage and the dildo, causing everything to vibrate. The intense building of pressure in his balls increased. He groaned with need.

"Mistress, please, I'm begging you..." he began.

"Shuh, my pet, all in good time," she whispered softly in his ear.

He heard noises behind him and when he next saw his Mistress, she had placed a huge strap on to her body. Walking to Vee, she smiled and began to climb under her bound legs. Vee's hands rested on her thighs, she was dazed in the aftermath of her orgasm. Mistress scooted up under her, and placed the head of the large dildo against her gaping, dripping hole. A gentle nudge and Vee moved, aligning her body over the huge member.

Slowly Vee rose, and then seated herself on the large, dark black dildo. It was a realistic rendering of a man, with a huge head. The tool was approximately 10 inches long and at least 4 inches around -- huge, hungry and hard. Slowly she lowered herself on the mounting, gasping as it entered and touched deep within her body, to her womb. "Rub your tits," ordered Mistress, as her hand found Vee's engorged clit and began to circle it with her talented fingers.

Slapping Vee's ass with her other hand, Mistress began to buck her hips under Vee. Vee responded by rocking and riding the hard cock pressed deep in her small body. Her pussy was stretched as wide as possible, the dark midnight black cock riding into her dusky colored cunt. Mike's eyes were impaled by the vision before him, seeing his Mistress fuck the pussy he wanted so badly for himself. The vib attached to him began to speed up, and he saw with shock a remote in Mistresses' hand.

Semen began to leak out of his cock, but not enough to give him release. His hips began to buck in the air, but with no friction (the damn pillows were even gone) he was jerking into air. And every jerk caused the dildo to stretch farther into him. Tears of frustration began to flow from his eyes, especially as Vee began to sob her need and release. She came, screaming "yes, yes, yes "over and over into the air. He thrust against air as he watched the huge cock slide in and out of her soaking hole. Juices coated the black cock....it glistened in the light.

Vee came, hard and fast. She collapsed back into Mistress, sobbing. Mistress gently removed the huge, wet, glistening cock from her hot pussy hole. She untied Vee and laid her on her side, rotating her so her head was near Mike's left thigh. Standing on the bed, Mistress walked towards Mike, huge cock hanging against her. Smiling, she spread her legs and grabbed Mike's hair. Forcing his mouth open, she shoved the juice covered cock into his mouth, gagging him as she shoved it back into his throat.

He nearly retched as the huge cock penetrated his mouth. The taste of Vee further enflamed him, and still more cum leaked from his raging cock. He continued to thrust at air, Mistress had spread her legs far enough so that he could not touch one, and gagged as one cock drove into his ass and another down his throat. Tears of humiliation and need flowed down his face, dripping onto his chest. Minutes of this continued, his balls began to bunch tighter and tighter, but no release was possible.

Mistress finally pulled back and his breathing began to return. Smiling, Mistress burned and presented her ass to his face. Bending slightly, she pressed her rosebud back and his tongue shot out and began to lick and lave her flesh. She allowed this for a few seconds, enjoying, but then stepped away. He cried out his need, his cock raging against the cage. She touched his check and turned the vibrator on as high as it would go. He no longer had a thought; his entire being was centered on his need to release.

He came. His body arched and he began to gush as stream after stream of cum shot out of him. He groaned and gasped as he fucked the air, because even though he came, it was without any pressure, any touch, he needed, craved, desired more. It was simply release.

Mistress tasked and began to remove his bonds. Freeing him, he fell forward, bending at his waist. He felt the straps holding his cage being untightened and released, and then a great pull and the huge cock in his ass were pulled free. He whimpered a bit when Mistress slapped his still burning ass, and fell forward on the bed. He was spent, but still had a need, to be buried deep while he came again.

Mistress lied on the other side of the bed and nodded to Vee. She rose and climbed over, and lay between Mistresses thighs and began to lavish and lick Mistresses shaved pussy. Her tongue darted in and out, finding the nub and going up and down her slit. Mike raised up to one arm and reached, but his hand was slapped by his Mistress. "Go and stand against the wall, my pet," was the cold order given.

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