tagLetters & TranscriptsBad Boy/Switch Roleplay

Bad Boy/Switch Roleplay

bycentaur mare©

AUTHORS NOTE: This is written as an actual "cyber chat". It begins as if the two people were having a normal conversation that proceeds into the fantasy sex. Words inside *stars* are actions and emotion descriptions, and words inside (parentheses) are out of character comments between the characters.

E-mail me and tell me if this sort of story is enjoyable!

Barnabas: *smiles softly and watches you* I see…

centaur mare: why you watching me like that? *pokes you in the ribs*

Barnabas: *oofs* Oh, no reason at all, of course

centaur mare: hmmmm… *narrows eyes at you*

Barnabas: And what are YOU thinking, hmm?

centaur mare: that you’re being BAD

Barnabas: *looks around cautiously* Why would you think that?

centaur mare: * walks up to where you sit in your chair and puts her hands on the arm rests...staring into your eyes… not smiling and growls* You know exactly what kind of naughty boy you’ve been...and I know just what kind of lesson I’m going to teach you! * a small smile escapes at the end before I completely control it*

Barnabas: *bites his lower lip as he tries to avert his eyes* No...don’t, please...

centaur mare: Don’t beg! You’re going to do what I say, right? * grabs your chin and levers your head back so you’re looking into my eyes...whispering forcefully* Get up, and strip for me! *steps back and places her hands on her hips as she leans back against the computer desk and stares you down*

Barnabas: *gulps hard and nods, slowly…standing up … his legs feel week but he can stand, and he pulls off his shirt slowly first…then pushes his shorts down past his knees and steps out of them*

centaur mare: Everything!

centaur mare: Off!

centaur mare: NOW!

Barnabas: Y…yes ma'am!... *quickly pulls his briefs off and steps out of them*

centaur mare: *Walks forwards towards you, a catlike smile crossing her lips...she reaches out and gently strokes a palm over your hardening cock* Better!!

*she purrs...then abruptly commands again*

Get over there! Lay down on your back...hands under your head...and don’t even think of begging to get out of this. You’re going to get Everything you deserve.

Barnabas: *blushes at your touch, but it doesn't last long as he swallows and stammers out something unintelligible, quickly rushing to where you indicated and lays on his back, putting his hands under his head* I..is this…good, Mistress?

centaur mare: * walks over to where your laying and trails one finger from your calf all the way along your thighs...hip...chest...over your neck...to your mouth, gently rubbing your lips* No boy...its not good, yet...do you know what happens when you have displeased Me? *stares into your eyes with a slightly cold look on her face*

Barnabas: *shivers, trying to fight off the urge to lick your fingers, his body shaking slightly with excitement, with fear, shaking his head* N..no…I don’t..

centaur mare: You get spanked...but not on your ass...oh no *whispers the last part then gives a deep chuckle*

centaur mare: Do you know where I’m going to have to spank you?

Barnabas: *lets a gasp escape his lips as he whispers shakily* N..no..please…?*his hardening cock betraying his excitement, whispering again to answer your question* No…

centaur mare: Stupid boy...doesn’t even know where he deserves to be spanked! *pats your cheek admonishingly* * Kneels on the bed, then swings a leg over yours, kneeling over your calves, with both of your legs between her knees* I want you to hold still...you are NOT to move do you hear? Nod if you understand me boy.

Barnabas: *quivers in fear and nods slowly*

centaur mare: Good

centaur mare: * purrs as she begins sliding her palms over your thighs...up and down your thighs...letting the fingers trail over the insides*

Barnabas: *breathes quickly, heavily, his mouth open with his hard breaths*

centaur mare: *Raises her hands away from your body...watching you *

Barnabas: *tenses up all over his body, closing his eyes very tightly, anticipating the worst*

centaur mare: SMACK * slapping her hands down viscously onto your upper thighs*

Barnabas: *cries out and feels his body shake, as he struggles not to move*

centaur mare: SMACK * slapping them out farther onto your hips...the nails just brushing your skin as she pulls her hands up again*

Barnabas: Oowwwwww *whimpers and shakes, his breathing even heavier then before*

centaur mare: *slides her hands lovingly over the red marks she left with her hands...then raises them over you again and stares into your eyes* Shut up...I want you to keep your whines inside...I know you want to moan anyhow. *smirk*

centaur mare: *slides farther up your body...dragging her crotch against your legs until it is against your cock...her hands still raised*

Barnabas: *swallows and lets his breath quicken and his heart starts pounding hard, his body shaking with excitement and fear still, but more excitement*

centaur mare: SMACK * brings her hands down hard over your chest...each hand squarely over one of your nipples*

Barnabas: *tilts his head back and struggles hard not to make any sound, straining, his teeth clenched*

centaur mare: SMACK!! SMACK!!

centaur mare: * slaps them down over your stomach twice then barks out* Don’t you DARE cum...just take it!!

centaur mare: *croons* be a good boy David...c'mon be good for Me

Barnabas: *nods and feels his body still shaking at the loud sounding smacks you strike across his bare skin, slick with sweat*

centaur mare: *lifts herself onto her knees as she sees you body shake...and slowly removes her pants* Hold still...

centaur mare: *slides up your body until her pussy is right above your face* Get those panties out of the way...I want you to lick me...and since you were a good boy you can now stroke your cock...but you CAN NOT cum till I say. Got it? *reaches down to tug your hair and watch your expression*

Barnabas: *quietly moans and shakes, panting as he breathes in your scent, and moves one hand down and wraps it around his hard cock, stroking slowly, as he uses his other to pull the front of your panties aside, leaning his head up and licks you slowly over your slit*

centaur mare: *purrs* yeah...fuck me with your tongue *grinds herself onto your face softly...reaching with one hand to hold the back of your head*

Barnabas: *mumbles against your pussy and feels you press against his lips as he presses his face back against you, thrusting his tongue between your pussy lips and inside you deep, stroking his cock firmly up and down, making sure not to cum, but getting very excited.*

centaur mare: Ohhhhhh thats a good boy...c'mon...fuck it! and cum for me now...I want to see that beautiful cock cum...want to know your coming cuz I said so.

centaur mare: *looks over her shoulder to watch you cum* Do it...c’mon baby...let it go.

Barnabas: *groans and fucks you with his tongue, parting his lips against your pussy and sucks , thrusting with his tongue , wiggling it inside your hot opening… tightens his grip on his cock slightly and whimpers eagerly, stroking his cock quickly and shakes, so close to cumming... your scent getting to him, to his cock*

Barnabas: *moans out slowly against your pussy* Aaahhh ughnnn..*cums suddenly, hard, his sticky cum shooting into the air slightly, messily coming down on his hand and stomach*

centaur mare: Oooohhhhh * watches the cum shooting into the air*

Barnabas: *groans, his face still between your legs and he laps eagerly over your wet, dripping pussy, loving your taste as he is eager to get every bit*

centaur mare: * lifts up and drags her pussy lips over your face softly before lifting herself off your face and flopping next to you on the bed*

Barnabas: *pants heavily, your wetness glistening on his face, and he licks up what he can around his lips...small whimpering sounds escaping his lips, and he catches himself quickly* S..sorry .. I didn't..mean to make a sound, Mistress..

centaur mare: ohhh doan' worry...I’m goona just nap over here...*chuckles* you were a Very good boy...so if you wanna come over here and snuggle? *lets the Domme personality go, and whispers to you sleepily*

Barnabas: *smiles softly and turns slightly, moving the short distance to where you are…draping one arm over your body as he lays close, half against you, and kisses your lower lip slowly*

centaur mare: mmmmm * a moan and sigh of contentment as she snuggles against you*

Barnabas: *strokes your face gently and smiles, sighing softly*

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