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Bad Brother Bad Wife


Billie's version

I had to stay late at the office to finish a report my boss wanted first thing Monday morning; but I didn't really care, because this was Friday and I had the whole weekend to spend with my beautiful wife Kathy. She was soo pretty and sexy too that I just enjoyed spending as much time with her as possible. I had another reason to look forward to the weekend because every Saturday night she allowed me to make love to her. Walking into my home looking forward to the kiss on the cheek I got every day, I was surprised to see her sitting on the sofa with my brother Frank. I noticed both of them had a beer in front of them. "Frank, what are you doing here?"

"Amanda kicked me out and I had nowhere else to go."

"Why would your wife do that?"

"She caught me fucking her sister."

"How could you cheat on her, especially with her own sister?"

"She wanted sex so I gave it to her. It was her fault. I told Amanda that, and that it was only one time. I said I was sorry and asked for her forgiveness, and that I wouldn't do that again, but she was so mad she told me to get out and not come back."

Kathy spoke up. "After you said you were sorry she should have forgiven you. After all you apologized and said you wouldn't do it again. If I was your wife, I would have forgiven you"

"If I were married to you I would have never cheated in the first place."

I could see her blush, but I could tell she liked the complement. "So what do you want to do, stay here?" she asked?

"Just for a couple days. I'm sure she'll realize that she went overboard and ask me to come home again."

"Of course you can stay here as long as you want," Kathy said. "Billie go out and buy a bottle of wine to celebrate the reunion of two brothers after two years and I'll get his room ready for him."

She seemed quite pleased he was staying, a whole lot more than I was. Maybe it was because I knew my brother way better than she did. I was one year older than Frank but in college we shared a room for a couple years. Frank played college basketball and was very popular with girls. He sometimes had a girl stay overnight in our room and he would ask me to stay at the YMCA that night. I had a hard time getting a first date, let alone a second date. Girls just seemed to mainly ignore me; that was why I was so surprised that Kathy showed any interest in me. She had long chocolate brown hair, small but perky breasts and her nipples often showed through her clothes because she never wore a bra and she had a small cute ass that begged to be touched. So how was she attracted to a mild mannered man like me? I think one reason was all her previous boyfriends only had one thing in mind; they just wanted to have sex with her. They didn't care about her as a person. She worked as a waitress at the Apollo restaurant and while I would never even hint about this to her, I think she decided instead of just giving it away she was going to find a rich guy and use her pussy as bait until he married her. I didn't care what her reasons were; I was soo in love with her and absolutely thrilled to have someone as beautiful as she was to be interested in me. I'm very well paid at HI-TECH COMPUTERS and she knew she wouldn't have to work anymore.

The first time she met Frank was at the wedding. She danced more with him than she did me. I saw him whisper something in her ear a couple times making her blush, but whatever he said was not enough to make her quit dancing with him She told me what a handsome charming brother I had, but I knew what a sleaze ball he really was.

When I got back with the wine I could hear them talking and laughing in the kitchen. I still held resentment from the way he had treated me in college and the way he acted at my wedding, and it annoyed me to see him getting along so well with Kathy. She said when I came through the kitchen door, "You were taking so long that I had to start making dinner and Frank's helping me, so you can do the cleanup after dinner." I'm glad that's all it was because when I looked in the kitchen it looked like Frank was coming on to her. I sat on the sofa watching TV but I kept the volume low to try and hear what they were saying in the kitchen. At one point I heard Kathy say, "I said stir the gravy, but what you're doing is not gravy stirring."

Frank answered, "I know but I like touching, I mean stirring this much better."

"You are the worst assistant I ever had," she said with a giggle. Later I heard her say, "Will you stop poking me with that thing; how do you expect me to concentrate on dinner. Behave yourself or I'll make you go sit with Billie."

"Please don't make me do that, your wish is my command," Frank answered.

"I just might take you up on that," she said.

Over dinner Frank told stories about some of his past girlfriends. One story was about a girl engaged to be married when she met him. She liked him so much that she broke off her engagement. Later he found her too possessive so he dumped her and now her old boyfriend wouldn't take her back. "You are soo bad," Kathy giggled.

"Had I only met you first, I would have dumped all the rest including Amanda."

"Now you're being very naughty talking to a married woman that way in front of her husband." I could see she was quite pleased though over what he was saying. "I know the two of you were roommates in college so tell me about Billie's sex life."

"He didn't have a sex life, no girl wanted to go out with him; or wait there was one, Bertha I think her name was."

"Please Frank; don't talk about our college days."

"No Billie, I want to hear all about it, go on Frank."

"Well she was kind of a heavy set girl, not fat just big boned and tall. Most of us thought she was a dyke. Anyway they went to a movie one night and then to a kind of lovers lane area next to the football field and she wanted to have sex but Billie couldn't get a hard on. She was so annoyed that the next day she made sure everybody in college knew what a limp dick wimp he was." They both had a big laugh over that.

"Can we talk about something else," I said?

"It's fun talking about old times," Kathy said. "I had an old boyfriend called Chuck. He was a great dancer and handsome, but mainly all he wanted to do was fuck me. I knew he was never going to marry me so I dumped him. I met him once after I was engaged to Billie. I was feeling horny because I wouldn't let Billie fuck me, only suck my pussy, so I let him talk me into spending the night with him."

"What, you never told me anything about that," I spluttered.

"We were not married then and I never told you that he wanted to come on our honeymoon either."

"Now who's being the naughty one?" Frank asked.

I finally got the conversation away from all that sexy stuff and we agreed to play cards. Frank wanted to play strip poker and it looked like Kathy was ready to agree when I said no way. We ended up playing Hearts. That night in bed I was feeling very horny and wanted to make love, but Kathy said no; it's not Saturday night. "I don't want you being a little piggy now trying to get something you're not supposed to have. Besides it's good for you not to get it too often; you appreciate it more when I do let you have some." Suddenly she sat up in bed. "I just remembered that I made up Frank's bed with fresh sheets, but I forgot to put a blanket on the bed. I'll get one out of the linen closet and give it to him; otherwise he'll get cold tonight."

"Well at least put a housecoat on before you go to his room, all you've go on now is that flimsy nightie."

"I'm sure he won't see anything he hasn't seen before," and she was out the door. I thought she would be back in a minute or two; when she didn't I got worried. Listening carefully I could hear the murmur of conversation coming from next door but I couldn't make out any words. At one point after hearing a lot of soft murmuring I clearly heard her say, "I'd better go now," and the sound of a kiss.

When she came back and got into bed I asked her, "Were you kissing him?"

"Don't be silly, you're letting your imagination run away with you. Now I'm feeling horny; I need my pussy sucked so get down there and do your best to get me off"

The next morning Kathy came down wearing the same nightie she had the night before. Now this was her normal practise but I objected because Frank would be down soon and see her. "Go put on a housecoat or something."

Before she could even answer Frank came down the stairs. "What a beautiful sight to see first thing in the morning," he said with a big grin.

"Why thank you kind sir," Kathy answered annoying me. When she leaned over to pour my coffee I could see most of her breasts, so I was sure Frank could see the same thing when she poured his. I didn't like the way things were going. Frank was unemployed so he would be home all day with Kathy while I was at work. Anyway today was Saturday and I was hoping Frank would have something to do away from us or better yet that his wife would call and let him come home; didn't work out that way. Frank mentioned that he used to bowl every Saturday with his wife Amanda and he missed that. Kathy said, "I like bowling too so let's all go."

"But I haven't bowled much," I protested.

"It's easy," Kathy said "but if you want to stay home it's OK, just Frank and I'll go."

There was no way I was going to let that happen so I said I would go. That turned out to be a mistake also. When either one got a strike they would give each other a high five. Every time I had a gutter ball they would laugh at me. Frank said he would give me some lessons but all he was really doing was showing off for Kathy. Finally he said to me, "You are totally useless. Is there anything he's good at Kathy?"

"Yes," she said with an evil grin on her face. "There's one thing he's very good at." My face turned red because I remembered last night after I had sucked her off, she said you are so good at that Billie

Returning to our house, Frank helped Kathy with dinner again. I heard too much giggling and laughter for my liking. After dinner and when cleanup was done I settled down in my easy chair to watch TV. That left only the sofa for them to sit on and was it really necessary for them to sit so close. As she settled back on the sofa to watch TV her skirt slid up her leg showing everything almost up to her panties. I could see he liked the show because he looked at her more than the TV. As we were getting ready to go to bed, Frank asked, "Are you going to tuck me in like last night?"

Kathy answered with a grin, "You got all the tucking you're going to get last night." In our bedroom I stripped down to my pajama bottoms because this was Saturday night, our night to make love. I moved over to kiss her and rub her breast when she pushed me away. "We can't do anything with Frank in the next room. If you could hear us kissing, he could certainly hear us fucking."

"So you were kissing him, and you told me you didn't."

"It was just a good night kiss."

I trusted my wife but they seemed very friendly and comfortable around each other, so I was pleased when I heard Frank had a job offer in Snowden, a city about a 4 hour drive away. The problem was while Frank had a car he had lost his driver's license for 3 months for drunk driving. Kathy said she could drive him and I agreed. Anything that got Frank out of my house sooner was a good thing and if he was a 4 hour drive away that was even better. The morning they were leaving, I was already in the kitchen having my breakfast. Kathy came downstairs wearing a short skirt and a tight sweater that her nipples poked through; now normally I liked the way she dressed because it gave me a hard on, but now I was annoyed because she would be with Frank all day and sitting in the car with her short skirt it would slide up close to showing her panties again. They were in a hurry to leave so Kathy gave me a quick kiss on the forehead, because I was sitting at the table but it annoyed me all the same.

That evening I got a takeout dinner and brought it home to eat with a glass of wine. I was sure Frank would get the job because apparently he was a good welder and the company wanted to hire three. It was about six in the evening and I was expecting them home any moment. It was about 8:00 when I got the phone call. "Hi, Billie, I have good news and bad news. The good news is Frank got the job. The bad news is Frank's car broke down and they won't be able to fix it until tomorrow, so we have checked into a motel for the night; that's where I'm calling you from."

"I hope you got separate rooms."

"Of course not but it does have 2 beds so you have nothing to worry about."

"But you don't have pajamas or a robe or anything with you."

"I know, but don't worry, I'll make Frank turn his back while I strip and get into bed."

"And make sure he stays in his bed."

"OK I'll tell him. Frank my husband says you are to stay out of my bed tonight."

"Why are you shouting?"

"Frank is lying on his bed watching a porno movie. This motel has an adult movie channel. OH, it's soo nasty. The woman is on her knees sucking the guy's big cock."

"That's disgusting."

"Frank, stop watching that movie. My husband says it's disgusting and since I can't help, you're going to be awake all night with blue balls."

He could hear Franks voice closer now. "If you can't fuck me ask him if you can suck me off."

"I can't ask him that," Kathy giggled, not aware that I had heard what Frank said.

"And don't take your panties off either when you go to bed."

"Can I at least kiss him goodnight?"

"No; no kissing no touching, no looking either."

"Yes Massa," Kathy said trying to sound like a Negro slave. "Can I go to bed now or do you have any more orders for me Massa?" I hung up the phone, disgusted, jealous and angry.

Part 2, same story from Frank's point of view.

Amanda was really pissed at me when she came home from work early and caught me fucking her sister Joyce. I was between jobs at the moment so I was home when Joyce showed up. When I told her Amanda would not be home for about 3 hours yet, she offered to leave and come back later. I said why not stay and keep me company and after a slight hesitation she said OK. We sat out on the back patio and I had a few beers and I gave her glasses of Amanda's favorite white wine. She was wearing a skirt and blouse and at first I noticed she sat with her legs tight together, but after a couple glasses of wine I noticed she was much more relaxed, laughing and her legs had parted some. That was the signal I was looking for so I suggested we go inside because it was getting hot sitting in the sun. Once inside I said I was going to take a cold shower to cool off and asked her to join me. She said no, but she did not appear to be too upset at my suggestion. I came out wearing just my shorts and my bathrobe. Our house does not have air-conditioning and I could see Joyce still looked warm. "Are you sure you don't want to take a shower, you look uncomfortable."

"No, I'll be fine."

"Let me get a cold wet washcloth and cool your face and neck." She said that was not necessary but I got the cold wet cloth anyway. I wiped her brow briefly and then her neck.

"That does feel good," she admitted. I got another cold cloth and standing behind her I did her neck again and then reached over, undid the top two buttons on her blouse and slid the cold wet cloth over her bra, and kind of massaged her breasts at the same time. She said don't do that but she didn't move away. On my 3rd trip I did her neck and slipped my wet cloth down her back, having first undone two more buttons on her blouse. Next I unhooked her bra and slid my hands around to cup her breasts. I could feel her nipples immediately stiffen. "OH, your hands are cold." If that's her best protest I knew I was making progress. Now I came around the sofa and pushing her back, I started kissing her and resumed massaging her breast. She let me get my tongue in her mouth but did not respond to my tongue thrusts. My cock was hard sticking out from my housecoat but when I took her hand and placed it on my cock she jerked it away. My mouth action was not getting to her but my breast massage was. At one point she put her arms around my neck and hugged her bare breasts against my chest and started rubbing them against me.

I reached down, undid her skirt and let it fall and tugged at her panties half pulling them off her and at one point I think she lifted her hips a little bit to help me. I didn't get her panties off, just down to her ankles but it was enough to get my cock into her. Her hot wet pussy seemed to relax letting me plunge into her and then clamp my cock as I pulled part way out to thrust back in again. I started to pump faster as I felt my excitement build, only to freeze when I heard Amanda's voice yell, "Frank, what are you doing, get off my sister." I was soo close, why couldn't she have been a couple minute later. With all the screaming going on with my wife yelling at me and Joyce to, I went back to the bedroom and got dressed. As I got dressed I could hear their voices but not make out exactly what they were saying, but it was easy to see they were both blaming me. "Get out of my house and don't come back, you dirty bastard," Amanda yelled and Joyce added her voice saying, "You attacked me you pervert."

I could have gone to a hotel, but my brother Billie lived only about 3 hours away, and even though we had not spoken to each other since his wedding, just because I made a pass at his new bride; I felt enough time had gone by for Billie to forget about all that. Plus he had a sexy wife that I wouldn't mind getting another crack at. Kathy recognized me right away even though it had been two years since the wedding. ""Frank, what are you doing here?" I gave her my version of the story and told her I had nowhere else to go, so she invited me in. Over a couple beer I told her my story making my wife Amanda look like a real bitch.

A little later my brother got home. I could tell right away, he was not happy to see me. "What are you doing here?" Kathy told him and I added that I expected Amanda to let me come home in two or three days. Kathy explained that she had told me I could stay as long as I liked and sent him out to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate two brothers back together again. It was obvious that Kathy was much more pleased than Billie was. I wondered how a hot bitch like Kathy would marry a guy like my brother.

Neither one of us mentioned that at her wedding I tried to feel her up. When she said she had to start dinner I offered to help; after all, how can you not like a guy that likes to cook? A woman is queen of the castle in the kitchen; this is her domain. By playing a submissive roll by offering to help her, it boosts her confidence and helped her relax. By making a few clumsy mistakes that she had to correct I soon had her laughing and enjoying my company. When she offered to make some margaritas for us while we waited for her husband, I knew I had dispelled any reservations she may have had against me. I was now able to press against her body while I pretended to be helping her out. Once when she was by the sink, I came up behind her and pressed against her. I know she could feel my cock against her ass. She didn't give me any encouragement, but she didn't pull away either. Over dinner I kept the conversation about sex, telling Kathy about one of my girlfriends and embarrassing Billie to no end by telling his wife he couldn't even get a date in college. I was surprised that Kathy told us about one of her old boyfriends, Chuck that wanted to go on their honeymoon with them. I said, "I would have liked to do that too."

Kathy laughing said, "You and Chuck are terrible and I don't think Billie would have approved."

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