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Bad Chemistry


OK. Oh god the morning after. My head hurts. My mouth feels sticky. I am lying between my husband, Mike and his best friend Lenny who are naked under the covers. Suddenly my heart begins to pound with horror. What the hell happened. Why am I so sticky. As my early morning thoughts gather my memories come back. Flashbacks of Mike and Lenny both fondling me. I remember their tongues, their hands, oh my and their penises. OH my, now I remember. Well let me bring you up to speed.

At about eight last night, I was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine to take the edge off of a busy working day. Mike came in a few minutes after I sat myself on the couch.

'Hi Ellie, how was your day'


'Mine too, don't worry lets just relax for a while ok?'

He joined me on the couch with a glass of red in his hand. Both of us stretching as if to start getting ready to go to sleep. Suddenly the phone called. Arrrggghh! It was his asshole friend Lenny. By the sounds of their telephone conversation he was popping by. Mike didn't seem too bothered by my irritation and this got me a little upset. For some reason I was always tempted to physically attack Lenny. Just bad chemistry.

Half an hour later Lenny walks through the door dropping off some books that he had leeched off of Mike. He then sat down and started to chat about, his latest bimbo conquest. As per usual I picked him up on it. Only to my surprise he retaliated by muttering something along the lines that I was an old hen. He knew just what to say to get me mad! My reaction was heated and I lunged at him in an attempt to push him back. Instead I lost balance and fell over both of their laps, my face in Lenny's groin. As the red wine had gotten to my head I reacted slowly and before pulling my head up I felt both of them harden. My work skirt had somehow hitched up in the fall and my blouse drenched in wine. Lenny laughed heartily as Mike stared at Lenny's bulge.

'Hey I only wanted to return the books, you don't have to suck my cock Ellie!'

'Hey come on Lenny, my wife is tired and she doesn't need to go a few rounds with you'

'That's a great idea Mike, a few rounds with your wife'

Before Mike could cringe at his mistake I went blind with anger at his arrogant friend and bit down on his huge bulge enough to cause him to yelp. His reaction of course was more dramatic. He bellowed out, 'Bitch' and threw me onto the carpet. Mike in complete sat back as Lenny then jumped onto me holding my wrists. This was the first time I have seen him so angry. My skirt slit parted showing my red panties.

'Why the fuck did you do that!'

'Still wanna go some rounds with me?'

Mike still remained calm motionless. As Lenny hung over me I felt his bulge so hard against me. That's when it struck me. I was sexually aroused by him. He was the type of guy that I could be reckless and crazy with. As I glared into his eyes, he seemed to be drawing to the same conclusion about me. He lowered his face to mine and quietly whispered;

'I would give you a few rounds to make you sorry, bitch!'

'If you had the balls you would do it now.'

I couldn't believe what I had just said, but at the same time I wanted him. Yes I wanted his cock. With that he smiled and then started to kiss me licking into my neck hard. But what was I doing. I let that asshole kiss my neck and then started rubbing my groin against his bulge subtly so Mike would not know that I was willing for his pleasure. Mike however was calm and asked in a rather kinky matter of fact way, 'So Lenny, my friend. Are you going to fuck my wife in front of me?'. Maybe Mike had seen that chemistry between us. Lenny grinned and as he pushed against me he turned to my husband,

'You know Mike I bet there is plenty of room in her for both of us'


I couldn't believe what I was hearing from Mike. He was going to let Lenny stick his cock in me right there in front of him or better yet join in. I struggled whilst pushing against his hardness. He returned my pushes eagerly. Mike sat back on the couch and continued drinking. This was the cue for us to carry on. I don't what went through his head seeing us like that but Lenny to start fumble under my skirt. This man that I so loathed was going to fuck me while this man I so loved was going to watch. The thousand erotic and strange feelings in me plus the mixture of wine led me to fuck fight back. While staring into his eyes with hatred, I reached for his cock. My! This man was huge and so hard. He was going to fill me properly.

By now he had worked his finger to my panties and just pulled them to one side so he could start on my pussy. Although I didn't want to cooperate with him I wanted his cock desperately and so I fed him inside hungrily. The feeling I got was amazing. The sheer sexiness of the situation and his shape and size got me gushing immediately. We fucked like it was our first and last night. Over Lenny's shoulder I saw Mike put his glass down. He was smiling as Lenny pumped me.

With that Mike unzipped his flies and pulled out his glistening cock ready for action. He knelt before us and said calmly that this was my fault and that he was going to punish me with a real double penetration. I had never heard him speak like that but it was enough for Lenny to lean on one side while Mike climbed over. As Mike entered me Lenny's hard cock remained still but hard allowing for both cocks to stay inside. That had to be Lenny's only one considerate thing, as he then pumped away laughing and commenting on how good I felt to Mike. For hours we remained in that position, One would explode inside me and then the second would pick up pace until the other was hard. Knowing that these two cocks were shooting and mixing spunk inside me gave me such intense orgasms.

By this time I was obsessed by Lenny's cock and was grabbing it to give him a single long blowjob, just to show him that I a real sex demon that he would never forget.

'OH shit you fuck puppet, you suck so well. Hey Mike come on lets have a sword fight in her mouth'

'Hey let me jerk off on her face while you get sucked.'

With that the boys used my mouth as their communal sucking machine. Slapping their cum drenched cocks against my face. Finally I was spent but they still carried on throughout the night. At one point I woke up with Mike's cock in my wet pussy and Lenny's sexy big one in my ass.

That's what happened. And that's why my face is so sticky and why this asshole is naked in our bed rubbing his cock against my ass as my hubby plays with my clit. Well you might say that I was a bit of a naughty slut last night. I lay back on my pillow with a wicked smile. I am just about to whisper to Lenny that I hate him but would love his cock in my ass.

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