tagLoving WivesBad Chemistry: Mike's Side

Bad Chemistry: Mike's Side


[i]Mike's side of the story.[/i]

What a strange and eventful night! Ellie is more exciting that I thought. My best friend Lenny is right, she is a fuck puppet. Last night happened so quickly. The main thing I remember is Lenny getting bitten in his balls by Ellie in a silly argument and then him retaliating by pinning her to the floor. There is such a strange feeling to have your wife being dry fucked by your best friend in front of your eyes. They whispered to each other hatefully whilst their lips almost touched.

I was very aroused and realized that this was the only chance that we would have group sex. That’s why I gave her especially the cue to carry on. I don’t think I could stop Lenny even if I wanted to. He was extremely aroused by Ellie. But when I slid my cock into her while Lenny was there we all realized that we had a crossed a certain line.

I could tell my the way my Ellie was moving back and forward on his shaft that she loved his large size. So I slid inside of her too tight against his intruding cock. And when Lenny came we all thought it was over too soon. I decided to take charge and carried on pumping. His gism coating our cocks as her moans got him hard in minutes. And to show him that we were a team I allowed myself to cum quickly so he could pick up pace and get back to that point of ecstasy. The slippery copping noises of our combined fuck juices kept us hard and when we inevitably came, the noises and the grunts would get us hot very quickly. When one of us got tired then the other two would allow for the tired person to go on the bottom while we continued this great experience for what must have been three hours.

We all had our own sexy talk. Ellie would concentrate on his big cock and how much she hated him. Lenny calls her a dirty fuck puppet wife. And I urged them to carry on until they didn’t hate each other anymore. We didn’t have to pump hard. The small sweet pushes gave each other so much pleasure.

When we shared her mouth it felt more like a gangbang. The sucking noises as Ellie worshiped his manhood. On either side of her mouth were streams of our mixed spunk. Then we I allowed Ellie to go for his cock for a while. She swallowed him and then we all went to the bedroom. After two more hours I was asleep. I woke up and the bed was rocking. They were kissing passionately. I pretended to be asleep as they fucked hard. Lenny would take his cock out before cumming to jerk his spunk onto me to remind Ellie that he was that same asshole using her in my presence.

At one point in the night I brought my hand between her legs to feel her ass only to find Lenny stuffed inside her. I pushed the base of him deeper and then slid my cock into her pussy. I could feel him giving her anal pleasure against the other side of her wall.

Now it’s the morning and I am feeling her pussy as he is rubbing her ass with his cock. Nobody is talking to each other but just rocking and rubbing. I think that they are friends now so am going to roll over to go to sleep as they have their early morning fuck affair.

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