Bad Day


There are some days that should never happen. Today was one of these days. Actually, to tell the truth, the last several hundred should have never happened. Life used to be good, fun, and exciting; there were things to look forward to every day. I used to get up in the morning and be excited about going to work, if I got a new project I would be excited with the challenge. I would look forward to getting home from work so I could spend time with my stunning bride. The weekends were a time of sheer bliss; walks in the park, picnics, camping, hiking, and passionate love making. That all stopped some time ago, the sad thing is I am not even sure when the good times went bad.

Maybe it was the vacation in Cozumel, the night I woke up to use the restroom and discovered my wife was not in bed. I went down to the pool area to try to find her, thinking that maybe she couldn't sleep and had gone to relax and read by the pool. What I found was a long line of guys waiting to get into the women's shower. At the front of the line, there she was, pulling a train. I always knew she was a slut, but this was a little over the top.

Perhaps it was that night she went out with her girlfriends. Who knew she would get a headache and come home early to find me buried balls deep in sweet little Cindy, our next-door neighbors eighteen year old daughter.

I'm sure you are wondering, why the hell are we still together? Well, marriage counseling can be a wonderful thing. We had an excellent therapist and worked through each of these incidents, and others, amicably. We talked them out and agreed we had both been in the wrong in each instance and had made amends. Life was great for a while after the counseling, seemingly back to the way it was when we were first married. Little did I know she had learned how to hide her activities better, and not stopped them like she assured me she did.

This morning, I was searching for a tie and found an envelope full of pictures from our wedding day on the top shelf of the closet. I thought they were all in the album but could understand right away why these weren't. There she was in her wedding gown. Something blue, something new, something borrowed, something like that anyway. The something that got my attention was my best mans cock, buried deep in my beautiful brides mouth. Seeing the pastor there in living color with his cock deep in her ass really was not a shock knowing what I knew about her. "Wait," you're saying, "things have been going well since the counseling and this was a long time ago." Read on my dear friends.

I would have called in dead this morning, but I had a very important presentation to give to the executive team. I had been working on this deal for well over a year, virtually on my own, and had finally come to an agreement with the client for representation. This deal would guarantee my position in the company for the rest of my life if I so chose. It seems that bringing a few hundred million dollars into the company coffers has that effect.

I had my presentation ready to go, and a damn good one if I say so myself. Screw power point, I had gone straight to video. DVD to be exact, with paid actors laying out the proposition step by step, stressing the positive financial aspect of course. I had paid dearly for professional graphics and a killer sound track to boot. Well, I should have known it was all for naught.

My biggest problem at work was an asshole named Brad. No matter what I did, he would try to one-up me. If possible, he would steal my ideas as his own. Given half a chance, he would bad mouth me to the executive team daily. Oh, did I mention he is the father of that eighteen-year-old neighbor girl? The counseling didn't seem to have much effect on him for some reason, go figure. Something about knowing that I popped his sweet little daughters cherry seems to have left him with a bad taste in his mouth when it came to me. I can't imagine why.

There I was, ready to cue up my presentation when Brad walked into the conference room. I should have picked up the nearest heavy object and caved his worthless skull in when I saw the smirk on his face. I was still thinking a bit slow, with what I had already faced that morning, and didn't get the chance. It seems that bitch boy had done some research on this new client I had been busting my ass to sign up. He gleefully laid it out on the table for all to see. There was nothing here I hadn't seen before, but some of it had information I really didn't want the executive team seeing.

In our business, the first impression given by a company is everything. It does not matter what the truth is, if someone will believe a line of bullshit then that becomes the new truth. Bradley proceeded to inform the big bosses that my new client would be bad for our business from a morals standpoint. He had discovered that one of the subsidiaries of this multinational giant produced pornography. I already knew this, and pointed out that the income generated from this subsidiary accounted for less than one percent of the gross revenue for my client, as well as the fact that the porn in question was restricted to the European market.

As I said, first impressions are God. The board consisted of a bunch of guys in their 70's and over who hadn't been laid since Nixon was President. I was very promptly and not so politely informed that they were immensely disappointed with my work, and that my services were no longer needed. Did I mention that Brad is an asshole?

I had no choice but to go home; I figured I would guzzle a few beers to try to drown my sorrows, maybe watch some TV and just be a complete couch potato for a few days. Maybe Cindy from next door would come home in her cheerleader outfit and ride me while still wearing it. A guy has to have something to look forward to in life.

When I pulled into my street, I knew something was fishy. Parked there in front of my house was not one, not two, but three municipal garbage trucks. I pulled over a few houses down and walked slowly to my house wondering what was going on. I quietly worked my way around back, peeking into every window I passed. I found the answer in the game room. There she was in all her glory, with six garbage men. From what I could see, one was laying on his back while she was straddling him and riding his cock. Another was crouched behind her plowing her ass. There was another kneeling at her head with his unit buried in her throat. Two others were getting hand jobs and the last was laying on the couch with a dazed look on his face, apparently already spent.

"My life just keeps getting better and better." I thought.

I snuck away from the window and went quickly back to my car, retrieving my digital camera from the glove box. I made my way back to the game room window and snapped as many pictures of her tryst as I could, some damn good ones too. I wanted to document this, not for future jack off material, but for court. I was finally sick of dealing with this, the bitch had to go.

As I watched and snapped pictures, she was having a jolly good time. Each of the six trash haulers would swap positions every few minutes to get their fill of all her holes. It was more than a bit disturbing to watch the big hairy fat fucker who was in her ass go straight to her mouth without pause. She didn't seem to mind a bit. When I saw them swapping places it was clear that not one of these dirty pieces of shit was wearing a condom.

They went at it for quite awhile, on some sick and perverted level I was impressed with their stamina. Each of the guys got time in each position, at least twice during the time I was there. For the grand finale, she laid down on the floor with all six of them around her in a circle. She was laying there playing with her well abused, stretched out, slimy, dirty, disgusting snatch while the six of them jacked off and gave her a cum bath worthy of a bunch of Peter North clones.

When the satisfied public workers started getting dressed I made my way back to my car and headed across town to a club I knew was open at this time of morning. The Pink Pussycat was a mid-scale strip club I had frequented back in my single days. The dancers were not the best, but they were not the bottom of the barrel either. The girls were all friendly and didn't have a problem sitting and talking with the customers, even without laying out the bucks for a few table dances. There was none of the 'I'm so beautiful, worship me' attitude that was prevalent at most of the higher-class clubs. Some of the girls were exceedingly beautiful, but had not inherited the bitchy goddess gene along with their looks.

I had not visited the club for quite some time, but it was clear that not much had changed since the last time I was here. The place was clean with only a few customers at this time of the day. There were a few guys scattered around nursing their beers and trying to hide their hardons while ogling the girls. I made my way to the back of the room to the darkest corner. I needed alone time, time to think and make plans to get rid of the worthless bitch who called herself my wife.

Before I got comfortable a girl was already there asking what I wanted to drink. She temporarily made me forget my bad day in a hurry. She introduced herself as Crystal and was absolutely adorable; about 5'1", long brunette hair, striking blue eyes, high perky breasts that would be a perfect hand full, and a full, firm, round ass that you could bounce quarters off of.

"Want some company?" she asked as she returned with my beer.

"Maybe in a bit, I'd like to just relax awhile." I replied.

"Ok, don't forget about me." she said with a wink and a smile before she walked away, wiggling her perfect ass.

I sat there watching some of the girls dance for a while, just relaxing and trying to get my mind to stop going a million miles an hour. After an hour or so, I was much calmer and thinking a little more clearly. The first thing I had to do was deal with the pictures I had taken. I pulled my laptop out of its case, setting it up on the small table in front of me. This place had a lot of business customers, so a laptop wasn't a new sight. I reached in my pocket and removed the memory card from the camera, plugging it into the slot on the side of the laptop. Computers were ok, cameras of course were forbidden.

After I downloaded the pictures I went through each one, cropping, fixing color, enhancing, whatever it needed. I was almost done with them when Crystal walked up and plopped down beside me. I didn't see her coming and didn't have a chance to minimize the screen.

"What are you working on?" she asked, as her eyes got wide with surprise.

I decided I might as well tell the truth, it might help if I got it off my chest. I told her what I had seen that morning at my house, in explicit detail. I suppose I could have given her a somewhat R rated version, but I was in the mood to see if I could shock her. To my surprise the expression on her face hardly changed, if anything she began looking serious. Other things were definitely changing. I could see her nipples get hard under her sheer top and could distinctly smell sweet pussy in the air by the time I was done with my story.

"So, what are you going to do now?" she asked with genuine concern.

"Well," I replied, "I'll probably go home, show her the pictures, and kick her sorry ass out."

Crystal thought for a minute. "I have a better idea." she said with a smirk on her face.

"How about you go home and act like everything is fine. Don't tell her you lost your job or that you caught her this morning, do your best to act normal. For the next few days come by here while you would normally be at work, see if you can catch her and get more pictures for proof before doing anything. The more proof you have, the better case you can make. She will get most of what you have, and spousal support, if you go to court with just these pictures. I used to fuck a guy who was a divorce lawyer, he taught me a lot."

I had to admit, this sounded like a good idea.

"I know she'll try to fuck me." I said bluntly, "I really don't want to get anywhere near her, there's no telling what she caught this morning."

"Just tell her you aren't feeling well, you have a headache or something."

"That might work, but only for a day or two."

"This should only take a few days. If it takes longer you can go out of town on a business trip for a week or so." she said. "If she's as much of a skank as you are saying, she'll have something set up pretty much every day, so getting more evidence won't be a problem."

"Ok, I'll see what happens, I'm sure the slut will be busy." I replied, chuckling.

"She's not a slut!" said Crystal with a serious look on her face. "I'm a slut, she's a skank. Sluts are out for a good time, but in a good way. Skanks fuck people over when they have a good time, there's a big difference."

"I can't believe you just told me that you're a slut." I laughed.

Crystal gave me a cute little grin and said, "Oh, but I am. See those two girls?" she said as she pointed across the room to the main stage where two of the cutest little things I had ever seen were grinding against each other. "That's Brittney and Kayla, they're my roommates, and guess what, they're sluts too.

"You seem like a really nice guy who's getting fucked in a bad way. I'll go talk to them and see if we can't arrange something to cheer you up, to take your mind off things for awhile," she paused then quickly added, "if you want to that is."

"You what?" I blurted out, I couldn't believe this.

"Like I said, if you want to. We'll make you forget all about the skank, believe me." Crystal sat there with a very cute, very devious, very sexy grin on face. She was loving the fact that she had shocked me when I had failed to shock her.

To say I was dumbfounded would be the understatement of the century. I didn't know what to think. This was an entirely new experience for me, though I couldn't help but to think about what it would be like. If I took her up on her offer, wouldn't I be just like my wife? Wouldn't it be no different? Would this just be stooping to her level? My mind was back to a million miles an hour. Crystals' hand caressing my thigh and the two nymphs all but doing each other on stage were not helping the matter.

"Well?" asked Crystal.

"I don't know." I mumbled. "It sounds like heaven, but wouldn't it make me just like her?"

"Nope, she fucked you over behind your back, you just got lucky that you found out. Your marriage is over, you're hurting, and your mind won't shut off to give you any peace. You need to relax and learn that you aren't the bad guy. It was her doing, not yours. Let us help you, please?" she said, giving me a very sexy look. "I have to go dance now, I'll come back when I'm done." She gave me a peck on the cheek and scurried off to the dressing room. Why did she have to wiggle that perfect ass when she knew I was looking, dammit!

I was left alone with my thoughts, my head swimming. I'd be lying if I said the offer wasn't appealing. What guy in his right mind would turn this down? Three gorgeous young ladies offering their bodies for pleasure. Crystal was a looker and Brittney and Kayla were damn near perfect too. Just the thought of it had me as hard as a rock. I still wasn't sure if it would be a good idea.

Crystal was announced as next on stage about the same time I saw her coming out of the dressing room. She had changed into an outfit that looked something like a belly dancing costume, if one could be made with only a few square inches of fabric. As she was climbing up onto the stage, her music started. It sounded something like a cross between Enya and Evanescense. The music was melodious and moving, but with a hard driving undertone that was mesmerizing.

The music may have been compelling, but Crystal could have awoken every dead Pope and given them extremely impure thoughts. My God could that girl move. I had seen some good dancers over the years, but she made them all look like second year ballet students. Her body did things I didn't know were possible; she made everything look so damn sexy I wanted to go up on the stage and take her up on her offer.

A bomb going off under my table couldn't have made me take my eyes off her. She didn't dance to the music, she became the music, the music became her. There was no distinction, every movement, every gesture, every last detail was in perfect harmony. She still had the same sexy little smirk on her face as when she left my table, and the entire time she was on the stage she hardly took her eyes off me. It was as if she was looking straight into my soul and could read my every thought and desire.

Her set ended much too quickly, she gave me a little wave and mouthed "just a minute" as she left the stage. That minute felt like an eternity. She returned to the table with the two nymphs in tow, and all of them had devious, sexy little grins. I suddenly felt like a specimen on display.

The girls took seats around the table as Crystal introduced me to Brittney and Kayla. We exchanged greetings, well; I managed to mumble something that didn't entirely embarrass myself. I was still somewhere in orbit from watching Crystal dance.

The three of them were gazing at me with questioning looks on their faces. It was a bit disconcerting to tell the truth.

"What?" I asked, smiling, looking at each of them in turn.

"Well? Are you going to come over to our place later?" they all said in unison.

I was speechless. I could not believe that just by talking to them for a few minutes that Crystal had convinced them to offer themselves.

"I'm still thinking about it, ladies." I somehow managed to reply. "There's a lot more to this than just me having a good time."

"We know," said Kayla, "Crystal gave us the condensed version. Just so you know we all feel really bad for you and would love to ummm, give you a hand. I need to go give a table dance, but I'll be back later. This might help you decide." She stood in front of me and gave me a tight hug, but just as she started to pull away her hand went to her thong, pulling it aside. I couldn't help but see, it was right there in my face.

Right in front of me, just inches away, was one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen. She was shaved bare, her lips dark and swollen, her clit pierced and prominent, and it was clear that she was dripping wet. Not only could I see her wetness, her sweet smell was unmistakable. She gave me a long minute to look and drool before snapping her thong back in place and heading off to do her duty.

Once again, I was speechless. I looked over to see Crystal and Brittney sitting there giggling at my predicament. They both scooted their chairs closer, one on each side of me. I suddenly felt a hand on each thigh, both of them much higher than was normally acceptable. I was looking back and forth between them as I felt each one slide higher, it didn't take long for them to meet at my now raging hard cock.

"What Kayla said is true." purred Brittney as she gave my cock a gentle squeeze before letting go and hurrying off to a table where another customer was waving at her.

"Very nice," moaned Crystal in the other ear as she stroked my cock through my jeans. "We get off work in about an hour; I'll leave you to your thoughts and check back before we leave." She said, giving a not so gentle squeeze and a couple more strokes. She gave me another peck on the cheek before getting up and going to check on the other customers.

I don't know what kept me from cumming right on the spot.

Left alone with my thoughts, my mood didn't take long to turn dark again, remembering my wife's infidelity this morning. I couldn't believe what she had done, I wouldn't have believed it was true if I hadn't seen it for myself. It was one thing to get drunk on vacation and end up in a compromising position, that could be forgiven with enough time. Gangbanging half a dozen garbage men, in my own house when I was supposed to be at work, was another thing entirely. I suddenly realized that it had to have taken some pre-planning. She had set it up to happen that particular day, at that particular time. It was not a sudden thing, this was way more than a fling brought on by a weak moment.

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