tagNon-EroticBad Decision Maureen Ch. 02

Bad Decision Maureen Ch. 02


After The Patio Party Maureen

It has been three months since the patio party where I made a very bad decision that cost me my fiancée,I have re-run that day in my mind and analyzed everything as honestly as I can.

I came to the conclusion that I was not the only one making a bad decision, Ron also had to share the blame. He did not have to run away like a little kid.He should have maybe gone and done what he felt he had to do regardless of my objections.I had told him to go,true, but just off the patio, not go home.

He blamed me for waiting three hours before trying to contact him but he had not bothered to try contacting me either. Worse,in his short call, he had disconnected before I could get a word in.

My explanations had been rejected by him out of hand, he had not even bothered to talk to my sister-in-law and confirm that I went back to give Henry a piece of my mind,That I helped her with the preparations I was not flirting with Henry.Of course I realize now that I should have told Henry exactly how I felt and not kept quiet. I admit that I should have done that in a louder voice and made sure Ron was still there to witness that part of it.In fact he should really have been there.

Ron had presumed the worst of me and not bothered to give me the benefit of the doubt for a second. Did he trust me,did he ever trust me and would he have trusted me once we were married?

I have to admit that having a nice looking man flirting with me was good for my ego, and I especially at first,did not put Henry off as forcefully as I should have done.It surely could not have been the rejection of an offended woman. I had probably sent the wrong message.

Henry had surely interpreted my lack of forcefulness as a come on.I have to admit that I was flattered by his coming on to me and my slowness in removing his hand from my breast had not only been my unwillingness to create a scene. I also have to admit that if I had not seen Ron coming out of the house I could not be sure that I would have removed Henry's hand.

So Ron was not all that wrong when he had accused me of enjoying the flirting from Henry and to be quite honest his hand had been on my breast a few seconds before I saw Ron coming through the door. Would I have removed his hand if no one had been around, was my delay in removing his hand due to surprise at the act or the little shiver from his touch? In retrospect,I was not so sure.

Given all that, Henry probably had reasons to believe when I went back to him after pushing Ron in the house that in fact I had gotten rid of the interference. He did not know that Ron was my fiancée, for all he knew Ron was just a friend. I had given him shit,sure, but a lot more for having fondled my breast in front of others than for having done it.

A week after the patio mess,I had a long talk about it with my brother.Henry was it seemed, devastated by his actions that day and the result of that for me. Although he did admit to my brother that he had enjoyed touching my breast. That pissed me a little but it also pleased my ego.

Contrary to what his actions that day led me to believe, he was not a womanizer, but normally quite shy around women, he was single,had no steady girlfriend.He was a non drinker normally and he had taken a taste of my sister-in-law's punch. Those of us who know about her punch tasted it with great care and in small quantities.It is very powerful if smooth tasting stuff.Smokers are careful not to smoke around the bowl.

Henry also did not know how to apologize to me, my brother and Ron.I said that I was still pissed at him and myself and realized that I had probably sent the wrong signals and accepted part of the blame.Through my brother I told him he should forget about the incident,I would probably not rip his eyes out if I ever met him again.I held no great grudge.

Now three months after the fact I came home and there was a man sitting on the stairs leading to my door.His face was hidden by the biggest bouquet of red roses I had ever seen.

As he got up,I was shocked to recognize Henry.

"You!" The shock, I am sure, was apparent in my voice.

"It took me all this time to muster up the courage to come here and to say I am sorry in person.Please take these flowers before you slap my face and tell me to get off your property."

His voice was sheepish and subdued.

"No woman slaps the face of a man who gives her such a bouquet of roses."

With a smile I reached for them.

"I am late coming home.I did some shopping after work. Have you been waiting long?"

"A little over an hour."

"Come in out of this heat,the place is air conditioned."

I opened the door and gestured for him to enter the house.

"I don't know if I should, I have caused you enough problems as it is.Your fiancée may not appreciate that."

"My fiancée is history.Come in,such a bouquet deserves at least something to drink in this heat."

Henry looked sad for a moment.

"I am so sorry about your fiancée,I will never forgive myself for my stupidity that day. But water or a soft drink will do nicely."

"Don't be too hard on yourself it was probably on the cards anyway, besides I realized after the fact that the marriage might not have lasted. And I have a good part of responsibility for sending the wrong message that day."

"As I remember you did discourage me,if politely." With an embarrassed smile.

I smiled back.

"I should have slapped your face especially after you put your hand on my breast,instead of taking my time to remove it.Why I did not do it? I went over that in my head many times but to this day I don't have a logical answer.I was convinced at the time that it was in order to be discreet and not create a scene,but after the fact I am far from sure if that was the only reason."

We made small talk for a while,he did seem like the timid type.

Not the forceful type I first thought he was.

"I better go Maureen I have abused of your welcome enough. I only came to apologize."

Standing up and starting to leave.I stood up as well.

"Henry wait,it is supper time.I have nothing out of the freezer, but I can prepare ham and cheese sandwiches,a salad and some tea or coffee."

"I don't want to impose."

"You are not imposing, I insist,unless sandwiches are not good enough for you?"

"I live alone,so I make do with a lot less than Ham and cheese sandwiches and a salad most of the time,tea will be excellent,thank you."

We had a good meal and conversation,once he had relaxed he became a little less timid.He was a good and interesting conversationalist and two hours later he said he really had abused my time enough and really should leave.We both had to be up early the next day for work.

As he was leaving I could see he was hesitating at the door and was ill at ease.

"Is there something else Henry?"

"I hesitate to say this,but I know a nice restaurant where the food is excellent and the music is very nice,maybe someday you will forgive me enough to accept a dinner date with me."

"You are forgiven."

Leaning forward I give him a little kiss on the cheek to prove it.

"This Friday would be okay for dinner if the offer is serious."

He breathed a sigh of relief.

"I will pick you up at seven if that is okay?"

"Fine with me,I will be ready." This with a smile.

He was right, the restaurant was nice,the food excellent and the music nice and soft.After his initial shyness,he was quite pleasant to be with.

Later he took me to a high end bar for some dancing.I have to admit that he was a lousy dancer,he sure was not used to dancing.I made him laugh when I suggested that I would need steel caps shoes until I gave him dancing lessons,he agreed.

I went out with him a few more times in the following weeks. And we really enjoyed each others company.

One day I received an email from Ron after a little more than four months.

It was a very mean message. Calling me every demeaning name in the book and asking how dare I go out with another man when he was still waiting for me to crawl back and apologize for my slutty behavior at the patio party.

If the reason for his silence of the last few months was that he was waiting for me to crawl back and apologize,Hell had a better chance of freezing over first.

I decided that I was better off without him.I did not even acknowledge his message.

As for Henry? We still see each other regularly.I like him a lot.Perhaps more than like.He seems to enjoy being with me.He told me that he sees no one else,my brother confirms this.

What will the future be? We have not talked about that so far...

Qui Vivra Verra.....


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by Anonymous02/27/18

No Rapport...

With any of your characters. You gave everyone excuses until you ran out of them! It all happened because our "shy" Henry had put his hand on the little slut's tit and she let it stay there until her fiance'more...

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by danoctober01/28/18
by Anonymous10/21/17

Ron was right until his last email


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