tagLoving WivesBad Delivery Night Turns Out Great

Bad Delivery Night Turns Out Great


Disclaimer: I decided to put this in Loving Wives because I got this from the website itself,

Loving Wives - Married extra-marital fun: swinging, sharing & more. (23232)

It falls under that description.

However, now that I'm married I would never knowingly cheat on my husband. I may flirt, but I honor our vows.

Hope you enjoy the story, and I do expect for you to find some mistakes here, but I feel if I would wait for this to be edited I would maybe end up with one story a week.

That and I couldn't find an editor that accepts pasted text (i write these on my phone). Can I make .docs on it? Or other file formats? Anyways, hope you enjoy. I know kitty did.


"Damn, another delivery to a motel," Tony said. "I frickin' hate motels. Always so fuckin' stingy."

'But what am I gonna do,' he thought to himself as he was getting back into his car after dropping off the first pizza delivery of the night. His next delivery was about three miles away, to a motel that was known to hardly ever have good tippers. The majority of the time the only tip given was the loose change left over from the order.

He dreaded working for this no-name pizza place, but it's the only job he could get. His girlfriend left him two weeks ago because she met someone 'better.' The guy may have had more money, but that's only because he lived in his parent's basement so he didn't have to pay rent. That and his parents were able to help their own son financially, unlike Tony's parents, who he actually had to send money to every now and then when work was scarce. Now that he knew how his ex was, though, he didn't feel bad. The only thing that felt bad was his need to be with a woman. Two weeks was too long without sex. Living with a roommate didn't help much either. There wasn't enough privacy for him to...take care of himself. It didn't help that his roommate was home most of the time. How his roommate found a job where he could work from home was beyond Tony.

It didn't help that his roommate's idea of going out was to play video games and 'explore' other lands. At least this roommate wasn't drunk all the time and had his friends over, causing a ruckus of noise, like his old roommate.

Then thoughts of the delivery he made to the big hotel came to mind. That was the day he got the $50 tip. Other tips from there were good, but that had been the biggest tip of all.

Now he was very close to the motel for his next delivery. There would be two more deliveries after that. As he went up the stairs he thought about where else he could apply for. This job just wasn't cutting it for him and he needed to get paid more.

Once on the second floor he turned and figured the room he was going to deliver to was three more doors down, and as he walked closer some music got louder. Then twenty feet away he could see the door was open. It wasn't commonplace to find doors open, but it also wasn't odd. Then as he got in the entryway and peeked in from the outside he froze in his steps.

Inside the room he could clearly see a woman squatting down. He could only see her back half as the front half was covered by a wall, and she was wearing a hot see-through nightie.

'Why would she be there?" he thought for a second, then took a moment to admire her beautifully rounded ass that was well below the bottom of the nightie (it was a bluish tinted transparent nightie that barely reached her belly button) and her tiny underwear, though solid, was so little material she may as well have not had it in. The string between her butt cheeks was so thin it didn't hide anything. Certainly from the profile view Tony had all he could see was a thin wisp of material across her hip.

His dick was already hard at what he had seen, but the next thing he noticed almost made him cum right there and then. Her pretty little head, of which he could only see her ponytail and her right ear, was bobbing back and forth. It didn't take much to know she was giving a blowjob. He couldn't help but rub his cock with his free hand. Then he decided to wait a little longer before announcing his presence, which turned out to be a good thing.

She looked like an expert, sucking and deep throating the cock in her mouth, then when she pulled away from it completely he got to see she was sucking a big black cock.

'Damn!!,' he thought. 'Her sweet fair tinted brown skin looked mighty sexy against that charcoal black cock.'

It was some simple features that made him guess she was latina. He hadn't seen one naked before. Well, naked in front of him at least. He'd seen plenty of latina porn.

He noticed how she looked to worship the black cock in front of her. Then wondered if it was such a long cock that her other hand was holding onto it, since occasionally she could see it in front of her looking like it was grasping something.

Indeed it was holding onto something, and it took another little while for him to notice what it was she was holding onto.

In her right hand she held the black cock she had been sucking. But in one swift move she whipped her head back and lunged forward to her left, engulfing the whitest cock Tony had ever seen. Then with her right she continued pumping the black cock of who the tip and a little more was visible.

She looked so sexy bobbing her head back and forth.

Not being able to stand it any longer he slowly walked in, for a second thinking he'd be the third dick she'd suck tonight, the second white dick for her today.

Just as he stepped into the room with one foot he heard someone call out from behind him, "Hey pizza dude!"

Climbing up the steps was a guy wearing only a towel around his waist.

"Hold up, man,' towel guy said, "wait right there and I'll get your pizza."

Impatiently, but deciding if he can't join in just yet he'll definitely enjoy watching the show, Tony waited for towel guy to come up.

"So how much do I owe ya man?" the towel wearing fella asked Tony, but before Tony had a chance to respond, and just as he rounded the door and walked in, the towel guy shouted, "Fuckin' shit! I go out to get ice and she fuckin' gets started without me."

"Can't be mad at her, though, she is my wife," the towel guy added. "Name is Lenny by the way. I have a feeling you're gonna be here for longer than usual," and Lenny shook Tony's hand.

"She is hot," Tony said.

"Yup," Lenny responded.

"So how much do I owe ya?" Lenny asked.

"Fourteen-fifty sir," Tony said, "but I don't think one pizza is enough for the four of ya."

"Don't worry Tony. Now that she got things started we may not eat the pizza at all. Lemme go get the money," and Lenny walked off to where the three of them were, rounding his beautiful wife and as he passed her and rounded the corner behind that wall he high-fived one of the guys.

Now Tony was free to watch her loveliness continue sucking cocks. She alternated between both, and even tried to get both in her tiny mouth at the same time, but that was a fruitless endeavor since from what he could tell she could barely get one in her mouth.

Only in porn movies had he seen someone suck dick so expertly, and before he knew it he was tugging at his cock through his jeans.

He didn't even care when Lenny came back around and walked towards him. Watching her continuing to slurp and give those sloppy blowjobs was something he could not miss.

Tony thought he heard Lenny say something, but he was too transfixed in the lovely latina's figure, that was now standing up and turning, to respond.

"Here's forty!" Lenny had to say a second time to wake Tony up from his trance. "And you can keep the change."

Even though that was the best tip he had been given at this motel, Tony found himself saying, "Man, you already gave me a better tip than I've ever gotten before," as he motioned toward the sexy latina.

"Keep it, I insist," Lenny stated.

"Thanks man!" Tony said, "but can I...maybe...you know...put my tip in her?"

"Ha, ha!" Lenny laughed. "Sorry man, but my wife will only let you put the tip...in...her," he started saying slowly as he turned and saw the new sight before him, his wife on all fours being fucked roughly from behind by the big black cock, only her ass out of view now.

"...if she really likes you..." he finished.

"Guess she really likes him," Tony quipped.

"Guess so," Lenny responded.

That's when Tony noticed she hadn't been wearing a bra either, and now her big boobs were bouncing back and forth violently each time she was rammed into from behind. Now he could hear her moaning hard.

After watching her get fucked for a couple minutes, and rubbing his crotch at the same time, Tony had to ask, "Come on man, she's fucking hot for it. Lemme get a go at her."

"Sorry man," Lenny said, while secretly wanting to say yes, but knowing he couldn't.

"Just a poke man, nothing more. One quick poke."

"Sorry bud," and as Lenny finished saying that his wife gave a violent shudder and fell forward, her ass up in the air, looking mighty sexy and fuckable.

"It looks like she's fucked out," Lenny said turning to face Tony directly, "and don't you have more pizzas to deliver?"

"Screw the pizzas man, I wanna tap that hot piece of ass."

Even though he really liked the way that sounded, Lenny held his place and said, "Dude, the answer is no, you cannot fuck my wife, I can't make that clearer. Now get the fuck outta here before I kick your fuckin' a-" and he got cut off by a soft hand on his shoulder pulling him back.

His sexy wife, who was only wearing her blue transparent nightie and her wedding ring, nothing else, was at his side. She had cum on her hair and across her cheek. Her trimmed bush was enough to conceal her puffy lips and well-fucked pussy. But her tits, they may as well have been completely bare since the nightie did nothing to conceal what was beneath it. They looked so succulent and full. An ample bosom for a handful, and without thinking Tony found himself reaching up to her left boob with his right hand, when she slapped his hand away.

"Ah, ah," she said in the sexiest voice Tony had heard, "I didn't say you could touch," to which Tony looked down sheepishly.

"But can I touch," the sexy lady said as she reached for his pants. Tony could only nod, being almost frozen and unable to speak.

In seconds she had fished his cock out and started jerking it. She could feel him really flexing it and decided she would open her mouth, lean forward and breathe hot air onto it.

Just as she felt him jerk she angled his dick up and to the side, causing most of his cum to shoot above and to the side of her right shoulder, with just the last spurt barely grazing her lovely shoulder.

She scooped the cum on her right shoulder with her left hand, and while looking at Tony in the eyes made a motion as to lick the cum off her hand, causing him to jerk one last time a bit of cum on the floor.

"My name is Sally, by the way," she said as she sexily turned and walked back to wear her two hunks were, swaying her ass exaggeratingly, but Tony did not care, She could exaggerate as much as she wanted to.

With every step her an ass cheek would flex and bounce. If he had stayed longer he would've surely gotten hard again, but Lenny started pushing him out, barely giving Tony enough time to at least pull his pants up and once outside he zipped and buttoned. Now happier than ever Tony headed out to happily make two more deliveries, and relish on tonight's events for at least the next couple hours.

Finally closing the door and making sure Tony was far enough away, Lenny shouted, "I can't believe you gave him your real name!" Then he walked towards where she was, hearing the sink running.

"And I can't believe you touched his dick, and even got ur hand dirty with his sperm!" he added.

After finishing washing her hands clean of any of Tony's fluids, she came out, wearing a thick bath robe, and said, "Well, he sounded like he needed it, plus he's the only one who tried to give back the tip. Out of 30 people, I thought he deserved a little something."

"I guess,' Lenny said. "What about me, though, do I deserve anything?"

"Yeah right," she replied, "You've seen more of my body than I thought you ever would. Just how much of me did you see?"

"Well, I got to see your amazing boobs, and your awesome ass, but I still haven't quite seen down here," Lenny said as he started reaching down under the robe to Sally's pussy.

"And you're not going to!" Sally said as she pulled back and slapped his hand away. "Your research consists of how others respond to this stimuli. And you're not a participant of your research."

"Can I be?" he inquired.

"No! Now get your dildos and put them away," she shouted back. "We're done for the night. And can you try to get a smaller one. That black one really stretches me and is hard for me to swallow."

"Ok, ok," Lenny said, and off he went to remove the suction cup dildos from the board they place by the wall to mimic two males being serviced.

With apprehension, Lenny decided to remind Sally and said, "Sally, don't forget about the solution we put on your hair and face. Last time you said your husband almost caught you with it on when you forgot to clean it off here, remember? We know it's fake sperm but he doesn't. And if he finds out he may not like to hear the explanation behind it anyways."

"Oh shit, yes, thank you," Sally said running to the restroom.

Having finished packing Lenny shouted over to Sally, "Hey Sally, I'm gonna leave your money on the table for tonight. Thanks for helping me with my project!" and he left, leaving the final clean up for Sally.

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