tagNonHumanBad Dreams Ch. 01

Bad Dreams Ch. 01


As she ran she was swallowed by the night's warm breath and nearly tangible breezes. She was only vaguely aware of the crescent moon lighting her path through the forest in mid August. Leaves crunched under her feet and insects chirped; this was the only sounds that were discernable besides what was closing in. She was the prey, and he was the hunter. Adalia knew this night was coming. Was Adalia Robinson afraid? Yes. Adalia was always afraid. The creature of the night- this being- was not completely human; he was something more. But what was it? Is it dangerous?

At full speed through the forest she stumbled over the uneven forest floor, which brought her down on her side. The fear almost totally numbed her pain; glancing back she could see the massive silhouette of a wolf. It was closing in.

The wolf was grey with hints of blue fur spread scarcely across his massive body.

"Don't be afraid. We were meant to be." Shaking with fear, Adalia reached towards the wolf.

"Wait! The wolf itself did not speak!" At her own realization, Adalia screamed a sound that pierced his very heart. He did not want her to fear him.

*Beep Beep Beep*

She awoke from yet another nightmare with her hand clutching her chest and her breathing erratic- as if she just ran a marathon. "That was odd," She thought. "It felt so real."

At the age of 19, she was not yet comfortable in her own skin. One could describe her as a late bloomer- she hit puberty at thirteen; it seemed to her that just about everyone in her class had already had viable cleavage by then. Since then, Adalia had filled out quite a bit; she wore 34C and any weight she gained seemed to go into her hips. This gave her a more hourglass-like shape.

Adalia stared miserably at the clock. It was only 2 a.m. "Damn. I'm not going to get any sleep."

The fact is Adalia hasn't had a good night's sleep in weeks. This dream plagued here for quite a while, causing her to toss and turn restlessly in bed. Tonight, however, was the first time the wolf came near. It was the first time it spoke. The details seemed more vivid today, than before.

Adalia lived in an apartment partially paid for by her parents near the college she would be attending this fall. They called her every week, and visited once or twice a month to see that there sweet little girl was quite alright. Other than that, it was as if they barely existed.

Her bathroom was small, but still comfortably functional. She began to run a tub full of warm water, and added lavender scented beads. As she settled into her ready bath something startled her. Ring! Ring! The phone was back in her bedroom. "I guess have to end my bath early. Who is calling me at 2 am?! This better be important," She thought.

"Not a number I recognize." She called it back...


For a moment there was silence. Adalia was on the verge of hang up by the time he responded: "Hi."

"Who are you? What do want?" At first Adalia was annoyed. Then the voice frightened her; it was the same voice as the man in her dreams.

"I want you." He stated simply. "Come to me. I'll make your bad dreams go away."

She slammed down the phone immediately. "How could he have known? What has he done to me? Why won't he leave me alone? Why me? Why is this happening- to me?" Couldn't stop the shudder that went through my body, as I had to make sure all the doors and windows were locked—giving me a little piece of mind.


Of course, Adalia has some responsibility. Adalia worked for the government- she filed unimportant paperwork that the office employees were too lazy to take care of.

"Hey! You're early!" Adalia walked in not at all looking or feeling her best. The eyes were not that noticeably jaundiced and bloodshot from lack of sleep. Her hair looked was pinned in such a way that it was frizzy and unkempt.

"Yeah," I said lethargically. The day was too much of a blur to her- boring file after boring file. If she was lucky, someone would send her to make copies in the photocopier room. Oh, joy.

"Hiya! How's it going?" said a familiar voice from near behind her. Adalia was in the copier room, promptly alphabetizing the folders in the file cabinets nearing her lunch break. The most gorgeous man, with sexy green eyes, lean build, and a smile that made angels sigh was peering into the copier room with a briefcase in one hand.

"Good morning, Mr. Freer. Always a pleasure to see you," she replied sincerely.

He walked off. Adalia was too bashful to stare at his perfectly sculpted ass as he walked off. It didn't stop her from fantasizing about what it'd be like if she could get him to take her willingly and alone. For plenty of females here, he was the eye candy of the office.

Six hours later, Adalia was on a caffeinated induced high. She could not wait to get home! She was miserably tired and fully awake at the same time. "This office is too bright! I just want to sleep." This went through her mind more than once. "Two more hours to go! One bus ride through the suburban town! A short distance walk...Almost there." She groaned.

Just then, her boss Allison Morgan walked by. "What's up? You sick??" Not even giving me the chance to answer her first two questions, she continued, "Let me know, if you need to go home. You really not supposed to be here if you're sick." On Ms. Morgan stern face was a look of pure concern; Adalia looked a mess.

"I'm not feeling too well, actually," she admitted.

"Go home. Call me tomorrow if you don't feel any better. Get some rest, and go see a doctor."

"Okay, I will. Thanks!" Sighing...feeling slightly better knowing that I would be home that much sooner.

"See yah!" She responded over her shoulder as she was already heading to her office.

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