tagNonHumanBad Dreams Ch. 02

Bad Dreams Ch. 02


At 6.pm, it's already getting dark. The navy blue night sky was appearing as Adalia rode the bus home from work; it was a pleasant enough ride, if you ignored the fact that hunger and the motion of this vehicle was making her nauseas.

Adalia loved how suburban this town is; it's not condensed like the city, but it's not so rural that there is absolutely nothing to do. There is plenty do: You could volunteer time at animal shelter, visit a mall so huge it could be its own town; go to the zoo, or maybe the library. Believe it or not, as much as her parents travel Adalia has yet to ever visit a zoo.

As she exited the bus, Adalia could sense something was not right. The hair at the back of her neck was sticking up, making it feel like all her senses were on high alert. It was like something or someone was watching her. "I'm in danger." Hastily, she half-ran back to her apartment, making sure to shut and dead bolt the door right behind her—a sense of security flowing through her.


I watched her get off the bus and followed her to her apartment. As she climbed the outdoor steps fast to the third floor of that dingy apartment building, I watched her long brown hair flow in the wind. I hope she smells and tastes as good as she looks...

The building was brick- climbing to her large windows would be too easy. Supernatural strength is definitely an advantage I couldn't do without.


"Why am I so paranoid?" Adalia paced the floor- it was an old nervous habit. She skulked around making sure every door and window was locked.

"I feel so...silly. I'm on the third floor. Who's going to come through a window? I honestly need to relax before I have a nervous breakdown." Just the thought of that made a little laugh escape my lips as I went and tried to take deep breaths.


Ha ha! She locked all of the windows. She closed her blinds as well—as if any of this will help her. Ha! She's smart, but not smart enough. If I choose to come in, I could have my way with her. I could peel off those clothes and see the beauty underneath. I really want to slide my hands across her firm breasts, and squeeze her nipples. I wonder if that alone could make her come. I wonder if...no no stop!

I won't break in just yet! By the end of this week, she'll come looking for me. She knows what is meant to be and she does know I'm the only one who will make her every dream come true. I want to take her when she is willing. I'll work hard to make sure she's happy, and I'll give her the best sex of her existence. We'll be partners for all eternity. Never again will she see another man the way she is going to see me. A growl escaped my lips before I can even think of stopping it. Just the thought of her in another man's arms ....that is never going to happen!

After all, you can't fight your own destiny.


Adalia ran her hands down her body in the shower, and observed the water as it slid down her body and into the shower drain. The only thing on her mind was her exhaustion. She was still weak, and hungry. Well, this is doing nothing for me.

She turned off the water and then she exited the shower after she finished washing herself. She then dried off, and went into her bedroom naked and with very damp hair. Sifting through her night gowns, Adalia picked a modest dark green one. It had a lacy trim on the top and went down to just below her knees. Upon lying on her bed, she was instantly asleep. That night she dreamed....


As she glanced back into his hazel glowing eyes, she fell. "Don't be afraid. We were meant to be." Shaking with fear she couldn't help but reach towards the wolf.

The wolf's gaze, although she was fully clothed, made her feel naked and vulnerable. Adalia quickly did check to confirm the presence of clothes, but she was only in her night gown. The wolf stared shamelessly at her. His eyes swept across her body lingering on her breasts and exposed legs.

The wolf seemed to lick his lips with desire. No, it was more like anticipation. Something was going to happen. I've never felt so afraid. My emotions were so torn apart right now. It felt like my body wanted...needed him—wanting to cave into desire—but my mind was telling me something completely different...to stay away—you don't even know him...it!!

At the same time, Adalia felt in the back of her mind, that this wolf could be the man of her dreams. This could be her destiny...

"Don't be afraid. Trust your instincts and come to me, my sweet Adalia," said the wolf. Though, the wolf never spoke. It was as if she had just heard his voice in her head. How is this even possible?


"Am I ever going to get any sleep?" Adalia thought as she crossed the street, walking quickly in the direction of the nearest 24 hour pharmacy. At this hour, the only cars that passed by were large vehicles passing through to the next town; then there was maybe an occasional late night town's person. The only bad thing about this place is the bus stops running at eight.

A chilled breeze came through forewarning the season of fall. "I should've worn a jacket." Adalia wore a pair of tennis shoes, black yoga pants and ridiculously oversized t-shirt. Her hair was a tangled mess stuffed into a ponytail holder that could barely contain it. She really wasn't dressed to impress.

Another breeze chilled her to the very bone; yet, it wasn't the temperature that made her shiver. "I'm being followed," her mind relayed to her body. Almost instantly, she began running; without thinking she head into the forest. Without thinking, she put herself in situation that could possibly get her killed.

Leaves crunched under feet and insects chirped; this was the only sounds that were discernable besides what was closing in. She was the prey, and he was the hunter. Adalia knew this night was coming. Was Adalia Robinson afraid? Yes. Adalia was always afraid. The creature of the night- this being- was not completely human; he was something more. But what was it? Is it dangerous?

Now she could hear the footsteps- the wolf was gaining.

At full speed through the forest she stumbled over the uneven forest floor, which brought her down on her side. The fear almost totally numbed her pain; glancing back she could see the massive silhouette of a wolf. It was closing in.

The wolf was grey with hints of blue fur spread scarcely across his massive body.

"Don't be afraid. We were meant to be." Shaking with fear, Adalia reached towards the wolf.

"Wait! The wolf itself did not speak!" At her own realization, Adalia screamed a sound that pierced his very heart. He did not want her to fear him. "Wake up," Adalia yelled in her head. "Wake up." Only this time it wasn't a dream.

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