tagNonHumanBad Dreams Ch. 03-04

Bad Dreams Ch. 03-04


Note to Readers: Thanks to my inspiration! (I refuse to disclose who/what my inspiration was/is, so don't ask.) Huge thanks to my editor!

If you haven't noticed when chapters disappeared, the plot changed. Therefore, you need to reread chapters 1 & 2.

I realize it's been forever since my last update, but please don't criticize me too much for that: One, life is chaos. Two, I'm an amateur.

Now, leave comments please!!! I don't care if there good or bad, but let me hear what you think.


Chapter 3

"Wait! The wolf itself did not speak!" At her own realization, Adalia screamed a sound that pierced his very heart. He did not want her to fear him, but her fear permeated the humid night time air. "Wake up," Adalia yelled in her head, desperately trying to escape the nightmare. "Wake up." Only this time it wasn't a dream.

Adalia desperately grabbed at the soil in an effort to pull herself away. This was all too real. Unsure of what made her want to turn around to look, Adalia found herself trapped in the golden eyes of the wolf- the wolf identical to the one of her dreams. All motion had- and time too, it seems- had stopped. A new bizarre feeling -- one of belonging- washed over her limbs. Was this the result of his presence? Something intangible and strange was at work here, and the wolf appeared to be the main source. Magic, perhaps? The scariest part of all was that the feeling also seemed to be emanating from within her. Invisible strings were attached to her lips and heart, all pulling in the wolf's direction. What was this pull she felt towards the wolf? Adalia had never truly been afraid of the wolf. Yet, she was terrified. I've got to get away. Far away. Why did I run into the woods? What was I thinking?

"Why are you so afraid of me," he projected, as Adalia continued her not-so-subtle retreat. "I don't understand why, but I want too." Maintaining his distance, the massive grey wolf paced slowly around her. Adalia stilled, having him so close to her was as pleasant as it was unpleasant.

On her feet, Adalia said in the bravest voice she could muster, "I don't know you! I don't know anything about you! Leave me alone!" Inwardly, she hated how weak she sounded—hearing the squeak in her voice. The fear that had nauseated her down to her stomach and left her frozen in place was too evident. Then she clumsily launched herself off the ground into a sprint in the direction of her home. She couldn't help it. Her mind was just screaming one word...RUN.

Before she took her first step, her face was in a patch of grass in the forest floor. The wolf crashed into her side with force, but not enough to cause any real permanent damage. "Talk to me, Princess. Give me a chance to know you. Get to know me. If you decide after knowing me to walk away, I promise to let you. For now, I will continue to chase you. Trust me, I will never get tired of following you wherever you go..."

"You're a stalker and a wolf! Call me Princess one more time and I will break your face!" she gritted through her teeth. A load of other derogative words seemed to also fit him, as well. In no position to threaten him, the words escaped her lips before she could rethink them. This is silly. Am I really chatting in the forest with a wolf?

"Don't think about it like that!" Is he out of his mind? Like that? Is there any positive way to stalk? Is there any normal way to befriend a wolf?

"You're one of those creepy perverts staring into girls windows at night, aren't you? You're the reason they invented blinds? I wonder if your neighbors know about you? They'd call animal control on your ass! Why should I follow you?" All her attempts to stand were countered by the weight of the wolf pressing her down on the forest floor. The dirt was moist and really starting to press into her pants, while the sparse bits of grass were tickling her face. As uncomfortable as it was, her only thoughts were escaping the potentially deadly predator. Her vengeful words were her only weapons that seemed to be making an impact and she really wanted to push his buttons if escaping was not at all possible.

"Get to know me! You really feel that I'm some random peeping Tom?! Where you've jumped to those types of conclusions, I have no idea. "

"You chased me! You tackled me! You threatened to follow me around! You're a wolf!" To emphasize her words, unsuccessful attempts at an attack were easily deflected.

"Ok, it's easy to see how I gave off a bad impression." I'm more afraid of how I'm reacting to you. I should be more afraid.

"You think?"

"I'm a werewolf."

"Werewolf?" The word sounded so peculiar from her own mouth that she could almost laugh. Almost. The current situation dampened the humor. Maybe I would feel saner if it was a human I was talking to? Telling my friends and family about the talking wolf would only have me end up in the insane asylum. I'm sure talking to a werewolf is just as worrisome. "Prove it. I want to see."

The weight of him was removed and the change happened in the blink of an eye. There no time to process the occurrence. The giant mass of fur erupted soundlessly to a nude male that seemed too large to be an ordinary human. Of course, transforming into a wolf wasn't ordinary by any human standard. "You're naked!" she shrieked.

"What did you expect?" The man grinned down at her.

God, he's beautiful, she thought to herself.

The man had a particularly handsome face with cropped raven-black hair. Muscles were very much visible beneath the surface of his golden brown skin. He's too beautiful. He looks like a flawless media image of a photo shopped model. She glanced a bit lower not catching much of view, before reddening with embarrassment. Did he see that? The smirk on his face confirmed that he had.

A light breeze rustled the trees and the crickets chirped melodiously, on an otherwise quiet night in the woods. The silence was not awkward, though it was unpleasant. Neither knew where they stood in the other's eyes. He broke the silence first, with the hopes of winning her over and the fear that hated him.

"I would like to start over. Let's do things your way." He almost regretted those words; there was too much uncertainty in that. Maybe, he should've just let the silence win out. After all, Adalia could simply run away. She could hope on the next plane to who-knows-where and leave him there. Would she? Though, he knew the magic will lead them back together again and again, he really wanted her to choose to be with him on her own free will.

"My way?" she said, not purposefully aloud. "I'll bite. You and I have lunch, like sane people, and talk. Tell me why you're here." She thought about this for a moment, before adding softly, "I'm Adalia, by the way. I see you didn't bother to ask." A lunch date will buy me some time to think without setting him off, hopefully.

He grinned like he accomplished something of huge importance. "I'm Trent, and I knew your name already. I didn't want to frighten you worse than I already have by asking. Tomorrow, we will meet. How does lunch at 3p.m. sound to you?" When Adalia nodded, he continued, "I'll pick you up. Clear your afternoon schedule because there is much to discuss." Then he said, "Get some sleep," and for the first time ever Adalia saw him smile.

At his command, Adalia's head shot up. "Clear my schedule? I will not! I could have something important to do tomorrow, and I barely know you. I'm not taking orders from you!"

Trent merely shook his head, shifted into his wolf form, leisurely strolled away. It seemed like he learned something new about Adalia. She always had to have the last word...

Chapter 4

I don't know what to wear. Considering the function, clothes should be the least of my issues.

I have a lunch date...with my stalker. My werewolf stalker.

However, there is something here—like magical invisible strings that ties me to this dark stranger. I feel safer in his presence, when I know the sight of him should inspire fear. The urge to kiss him is much greater than the urge of killing him, but I can't let him know that. Whatever this is, it's going to pass. It's just a phase. I hope. There is definitely something strange happening here. Now, back to clothing. Modest? Yes, I definitely should. Sexy?


2:59 p.m. I've been pacing for about forty minutes in front of the apartment complex like a mad man. People in neighboring windows all seem to be staring me down like some sort of lunatic. Maybe I have completely lost my mind. Travelling three states away from my pack, without back-up, on a gut feeling that my mate was here does seem a bit impulsive. As calculating and indecisive as I usually am, I seem totally out of character here.


At promptly 3 p.m., my doorbell rang. I run to open it, and standing there is a smiling male with a button down shirt partially tucked into belted slacks. Instantly, the urge to place my hand on his chest while pulling him into a deep kiss was renewed. This date could turn into a nightmare if I don't keep my lust for him at bay.

"Am I underdressed?" I wore a pair a dark washed skintight denim jeans and an off-the-shoulder purple top- definitely too casual for anywhere nice if that's what he had in mind. Who knew?

"Not at all." He couldn't seem to stop smiling, and this irritated me immensely

"What's so damned funny?" I demanded finally, while putting my hands on my hips.

"You're beautiful." Was his plan to flatter and then seduce? Only one part might be working. We descended the stairs into the parking lot.

"Let's go and get this over with."

"You really think I'm leaving after this?" He asked as we stepped off of the sidewalk onto the asphalt while shaking his head in disbelief.

"You promised."

He turned to face me, gazing into my eyes intensely. "I promised that after you got to know me, and then decided to walk away I would let you. I hardly think a lunch date will teach either of us anything."

"Hmmmm, I disagree. It should be enough for you to decide that you and I aren't going to happen and that..."

Before the rest of the words could escape my lips, his connected with mine and at that moment his lips touched mine, fireworks erupted and time stopped. Though, the kiss was sudden, it was tender. The kiss was passionate, yet gentle. It was a promise of something greater to come. I gasped for a breath, and his tongue took full advantage of the chance to pass between my lips and slowly intertwine with my tongue in a sinful dance. Through the passionate daze, I could feel his hand slide on my arm encouraging me to accept him for who he was—the wolf man.

Logic and morals seemed to have caught up just a moment later, when I pushed back hard against his chest trying really hard to rationalize what had just happened.

Trent looked rather pleased with himself, and I had every intention of wiping the smile from his face. "You're more than attracted to me. You're drawn to me. I make you feel safe. Right?"

My mouth hung open. How could he know? How does he know? Of course, I wasn't going to admit it, right away so I began my resistance speech, "How can you even assume that..."

"You waited to stop me from kissing you. You waited too long to stop me for me to believe anything other than what I suspected." He stated simply, his golden eyes now burning into mine; it was scarily intense. They offered me no escape from the flames.

I was almost at a loss for words. Almost. "What is it that you suspect?"

"You are my mate. Have you any idea how long I waited for you?"

I gasped. "Waited for me! Before last night, I was not aware you existed!"

"You knew!" He yelled before quickly resuming his too calm demeanor. "Now let's go in my car. We are making a scene." I glanced around, to catch a few of the blatantly nosy peeking out of the windows. Additionally, a security patrol officer had parked conspicuously five rows away from where we were standing. This neighborhood was relatively boring; I guess a domestic dispute would give him something to validate his paycheck.

"No!" I hissed. "After that kiss, how do I know you won't rape me?" I knew instinctively that rape wasn't on his agenda. Trent probably had some major seduction plan that I am not the least bit prepared for encountering.

"You're wolf knows." He stated, once again, too calmly.

"My what?!" I shrieked. "Am I..."

"Adalia," he attempted to grab a hold of my hand. I pulled away, readying myself to sprint for the stairs leading up to my third floor apartment.

"Come back," he raced after me, successfully getting hold of my hand this time. I couldn't look at him, but with his other hand he turned me to face him.

Once again, I found myself lost in his eyes. With strange magic compelling me, I surprised my self by pulling him into a kiss. He was unresponsive for a split second. Whether that time was spent in shock or contemplating I could not tell yet.

This kiss, which was more intense than anything I've ever felt, had started a flame in my chest, caused a pleasant sensation in my breasts, and a warm feeling that reached down to my toes. The smell of him- his must intermingled with some cheap soap- and the taste of him had me holding tight against him hoping he wouldn't let go.

Suddenly, Trent held me away from him questioning me silently with his eyes. My body was still under the magic's spell. My hands wandered under his shirt over his taut skin stretching of his muscles core, and that seemed to answer whatever he was thinking.

"Ahem! Would you do me a favor? Might you two take that to a room or somewhere? There a kids in the neighborhood." The patrol officer had found his way over to intervene.

"To my car?" Trent whispered in my ear.

I nodded, and he tugged me anxiously towards the silver BMW sitting in the back row of the lot. Why hadn't I noticed it before? God, that car looks expensive. Who the hell is this man? Or wolf man?

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