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Bad Football Bet


I thought sure the Packers would beat Detroit on their Thanksgiving Day game. As confident as I was, hubby’s best buddy Sean was equally positive that Detroit would win the day. Just before the game started, Sean and I entered into a heated debate as to who would be victorious in the end. If you would have closed your eyes, you would have thought us to be two 10 year-olds, that was, until, Sean pulled five crisp one-hundred dollar bills out of his wallet and laid them down on the kitchen table.

I looked over at hubby and knew that there was no way I could match that bet, intriguing though it may be. After all, I knew the Cheese-Heads would prevail. Sean snickered at me as I hesitated to respond, “Tell you what”, he said, “If you win, you get my $500, if I win, I get you for two hours to do with whatever I choose.”

Again, I looked over at hubby, who was now sporting an evil grin, “Only if I get to watch”, he said, looking first at me, and then at Sean. I had no idea what Sean was about, at least as it pertained to his kinks. I must admit that I had fantasized about having sex with him over the years, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. Taking a deep breath, I agreed to the bet. After all, I really wasn’t worried about who was going to win, and that $500 would come in handy for the holidays.

For the first three quarters, neither team seemed to be performing exceptionally well, but my Packers were ahead by a few points, so my confidence stayed intact. Unfortunately, the fourth quarter turned out to be a nightmare. No matter what the Packers tried, Detroit would hammer them back, make them cough-up the ball, then capitalize on the turnover with a field goal. I held out down to the last minute of the game, when the Packers, once again, surrendered the ball back to Detroit to end the game.

Sean promptly gathered up his $500 off the table and matter-of-factly told me to get my clothes off. “What do you have in mind?” I asked, to which he said that I would soon find out.

As I began unbuttoning my blouse, I watched hubby open a couple more bottles of beer for he and Sean. There was no doubt hubby was going to enjoy this show, whatever it turned out to be. I was thankful that I had enjoyed a few beers myself during the game, as paying off this bet might be tough to do stone cold sober.

The boys clearly enjoyed watching me disrobe, and I must admit that I was pretty turned on as well. I took my time getting my clothes off, wanting to burn up as much of Sean’s two hours as possible.

Standing in front of Sean and hubby, wearing nothing but a smile, I could see that the sight of my plush red bush, more-than-perky 36c titties, and slightly sloppy ass, were having an affect on the guys. Both of them were sporting bulges under their jeans as they leered at me.

After sending hubby on a “mission” that took him to the garage, Sean directed me to climb up on the dining room table and lye on my back. Hubby was back in a few moments; his hands filled with a bunch of old clothes line that had been looped over a nail in the garage since last summer.

Sean produced a pillow from the couch and told me to tuck it under my hips, then slide down so that my now elevated hips were right on the edge of the table. Remarkably practiced, Sean quickly bound my wrists together, and then pulled them over my head towards the far end of the table. As he cinched down the cord, I could feel my arms stretched back over my head, almost to a point that I started to slide back across the tabletop. With my hands and arms immobilized, Sean made a few loops around each ankle, and then secured the running end of the rope under the table.

Bound this way, I was somewhat arched across the tabletop, with my legs spread and pussy exposed. But Sean wasn’t finished yet. Next, he took a few loops around my right leg at the knee, and then looped the rope under the table coming up on the other side, tying the running end of the rope to my left leg at the knee. Pushing down and out on each leg, he cinched down on the rope until my legs were as spread as my body would permit.

There was no way I could move or break free from my bindings. My red haired pussy was exposed and wet from the erotic feeling of both helplessness, and excitement for what was to come.

I asked Sean what he planned to do, and this time he told me. He said that, during the next ninety minutes, he was going to take lots of erotic photos of me and immediately post them on the Internet. Smiling, he said that he had to get it all done and posted before the two-hours were up, so he wouldn’t have time to disguise my face.

Panic started to overcome me when I heard what Sean’s plans were. Hubby and I had posted plenty of erotic images on the net in fun, but we always took the time to disguise our faces. But now, Sean plan to completely expose me to the world and there was nothing I could do to stop him. I looked to hubby for help, but he was more excited over the prospect than Sean.

Sean was quick with the camera, capturing my image from many different angles, some close up, others from the far side of the room. At his request, hubby produced a large cucumber and slowly began inserting the huge veggie up my pussy. Thankfully, hubby was gentle, and Sean seemed to catch every moment on his camera.

Between the cucumber splitting my pussy lips, and watching Sean click off pic after pic, I was becoming incredibly turned on – the effect of which made that big green pickle slide deeper and deeper into my love canal.

After about 20 minutes of this, Sean handed his camera over to hubby, slipped out of his pants, and climbed up on the table with me. Straddling me, he reached down with both hands and gently lifted my head to greet his throbbing six-incher. I didn’t need much coaxing to do what I know he wanted done. I simply parted my lips and let Sean ease his dick into my warm mouth. As my head bobbed up and down on his cock, I could see hubby out of the corner of my eye clicking off pics as fast as his finger could push the button.

Just as I could begin to sense that Sean was ready to come, he pulled out and hopped off the table. “Ah good”, I thought to myself, now maybe I would get to feel those six inches inside my pussy. I could even feel myself dripping a bit with the anticipation.

I watched as Sean slipped a condom over his cock and rub on some lubrication hubby had provided him. Stepping up to the edge of the table, and in between my legs, he began massaging my pussy with his left hand while squirting some lube on my asshole?

A feeling of dread suddenly overcame me as I realized Sean planned to slide his six inches into a different hole. Being the self-proclaimed slut that I try to portray, I tried to mask my anxiety as I felt the head of Sean’s cock probing about my little bunghole. His fingers were also having a positive affect on my pussy, bringing me ever so close to cumming as hubby continued clicking away on the camera.

Sean ever-so-gently eased his cock into my asshole, pausing with every forward movement to let my muscles react to the thickness of his erection. The feeling was incredible and I could feel my entire body shaking with the anticipation of orgasm.

With about half of his cock inside me, Sean shifted his weight and slide his dick all the way in to the hilt. This sensation was all it took for me to explode in orgasm, my entire body shuddering as he kept his cock fully inside me. After a moment, I cracked my eyes to confirm that hubby had obviously captured the entire episode on camera. Sean must have been equally excited because he was only good for a few strokes before he to exploded in orgasm, shooting his cum deep inside my asshole.

After milking himself dry, Sean pulled out and grabbed the camera back from hubby. Apparently he wanted to snap off a few frames of his cum oozing out of my asshole. This accomplished, he all but pranced over to the computer and downloaded his pictures to the computer. While I watched, still helplessly tied to the tabletop, Sean pulled up what must have been his favorite adult Website and began uploading ME into the system.

While Sean busied himself with his freaky little project, hubby decided it was his turn to have his way with me. Thankfully, hubby opted to pound his cock into my pussy instead of my somewhat tender asshole. Two more orgasms on my part, and both hubby and Sean were done with their little wager.

Afterwards, the three of us reviewed Sean’s Website contribution. I was totally turned on by what I saw. I had often fantasized about showing my face with my nude pic contributions to the Internet, but I knew I could never bring myself to do it. But Sean had taken that out of my hands, and there I was. There was no denying whom that pussy and floppy ass belonged to.

I wondered whether or not anyone would recognize me, and if they did, if they would tell me.

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