tagLoving WivesBad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 02

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 02


Mansoor left Khaled and Najibi defeated on the ground and went to the bathroom to wash and take a bath.

"Prepare to please me, the man of the house, when I get out of the shower, woman"

Seeing his former friend going to the toilet, Khaled looked at his mother with a stare that could pierce through steel-hard walls.

"You are not my mother anymore. How could you do this to dad? How could you let another man, your son's age get you pregnant not once but twice while dad is still alive and living in this house? Why did you humiliate dad this much? Don't you love him? That fuckin bastard tried to kill him so he could replace him as your husband. How could you do that?"

Najibi knew that she lost the respect of her son. She knew her deeds were unforgivable but she decided to be frank with her son.

"I understand son if you can't forgive me but what happened happened. Mansoor is a unique man. Not every day a woman my age can make a man like him desire her. He could have any woman in the village, hell any woman in the world, and he chooses to come here every summer to be with me. After twenty years of marriage to your father, I discovered something new. Your father is a good man. Is like all other men. But he doesn't compare to Mansoor. In bed, it's like comparing a child to a full grown man. If I think about it, your father gave me only one child, you but after that our sex life wasn't good enough. He would sleep with me once every week at most. After experimenting with Mansoor I couldn't be satisfied with your dad like any wife is satisfied with her husband. Mansoor has given me two babies that I love very much. He is also the father of my children. You must know that when a man pleases a woman as much as Mansoor did and after he gave me two babies, I love him now as much as I have loved your father, and dare I say even more."

Khaled couldn't believe his modest innocent mother has become a slave for his friend, his sex toy, his baby making machine.

Najibi continued: "Don't you think I know that I am one of hundreds and maybe thousands of women that he fucks, dominates and impregnates. I don't care if I am the sole woman in your father's life. I prefer to be a sex slave in Sultan Mansoor's harem just to keep getting impaled by his mighty baby making sword. Some women don't get the chance to eat a cock of this beauty and proportions in their holes ever. I can't say no to this blessing. But after seeing what he has done to you, my son, my mother instincts can't stay down."

"What do you mean? Will you leave him?" said Khaled with some hope in his voice although he knew he will hate his mother forever and never forgive her.

"I hope I can do that son. But I think I will need your father to defend my honor and win me back from your stud friend."

Khaled knew at that moment that he will witness soon a match between two strong and proud men over his mother. He will watch as his father will fight to get back his wife from the bully studly hunk who stole her.

After all the stories he heard about sons watching their beloved handsome macho proud fathers being beaten and humiliated by Mansoor in the village and near the university where Mansoor studies abroad, he feared for his father. He knew his mother will wait until his father has his full health back to make it a fair fight but he didn't know what will happen to his poor father.

One week later, at the hospital where Youssef was being treated, one of the men of the village came to pay a visit to his old friend Youssef. This man Elias, arrived just as Mansoor was leaving with Najibi after visiting Youssef. As they passed by him, Elias recognized the young man and he was wide-eyed when he saw how the muscular arm of this stud was around his friend's wife's shoulder as they were leaving the hospital corridor.

"Welcome Elias! I am so happy to see you. Come in dear friend", said Youssef still lying in the hospital bed trying to fake a smile.

Elias knew Youssef for a long time. The whole village considered Youssef a leader. The fact that he was a handsome strong man in his youth still pertains in his fatherly macho face and his body sculpted by hard work.

"Well friend. I have some bad news. Representatives from the bank came yesterday and told me that because you weren't able to repay your loans they are putting your farm on sale to get their money back."

Youssef knew this would happen after crashing the van. He knew that losing this van and being bedridden will be the last nail in the coffin of his struggle to keep his farm. He was a religious man and he didn't want to blame God but he didn't understand why all these bad things were happening to him: his wife getting pregnant twice after twenty years, his increased work and bad financial situation and now the last glimmer of hope being stolen with the destruction of the van on which he did extra delivery work to repay the loans. Not only that, but he was in the hospital, bedridden and in pain.

Only if he knew that all his problems were caused by 12 inches of meat, what would be his reaction?

"All the men in the village are trying to gather some money and help you"

Youssef was a proud man even in the case he was in. He wanted to begin to protest, but the fat short man, Elias, told him: "You have helped us all very much and you fought for our rights against the rich merchants trying to buy our cattle and vegetables for cheap prices. It's our time to repay you."

Youssef felt his eyes beginning to water from all the gratitude that the village people were feeling for him.

Not wanting to make his dear friend sad anymore, Elias tried to change the subject.

"So I see that Mansoor is living with you. You know what they say about that man, don't you?" Elias asked grinning and winking at his friend.

Innocently, the father replied: "What do you mean?"

"You know... He is a playboy. You know the Bazenjani family living in the village nearby. Rumor has it that the Mansoor has given the mother 3 babies and given the father horns as high as his house's ceiling. They say that the man wasn't satisfying his wife much and they say that Mansoor has a cock as big as two men combined so you know the poor wife couldn't resist... She fell for his trap three times for three years and she gave him three bastard babies. The poor father doesn't even know the three kids aren't his. Mansoor impregnates and the father pays."

Elias was laughing taking it as a joke but Youssef's mind was on fire. Could it be true what he was thinking. In two days he would be totally recovered and he will confront the man and see what will happen. If only the poor Youssef knew what was happening every night and 3-4 times during the day at his house. After the beating that his son got, he didn't dare to interfere to stop his friend's assault on his mother. But his mother's cries suggested she didn't want him to stop either.

Khaled listened every night as the bed in his parents' room rocked violently as Mansoor fucked his mother countless times. The obscenities that he heard from his mother will never leave his mind.

"I worship you. Fuck me with your huge cock. Give me a baby. Use me as your fuckin slut. Cum inside my fertile womb. Shame my idiot husband with your bastard babies. Let me suck that big fuckin meat of yours. I want to drink your hot boiling milk right from the source. I love your egg sized balls and the hairs on them. I just want to eat your sausage, balls and sperm all day and night. Keep fuckin my mouth and my cunt. I am your sluuuuuuuuuut, your whorrrrrrrrre wife. You are my husband, the real man of the house, the father of my children."

Khaled knew that his mother was saying these words while she was in a state if delirium. He knew that her slutty cunt was being pumped with the snake, with the veiny thick cock of his muscular rough friend. He didn't know how could his mother or any other woman, remembering the girl in the hotel Mansoor fucked, take a cock this gigantic in her pussy and feel this immense pleasure to a state where his mom wanted his friend's cock more than she wanted his dad, her twenty-year husband to become better.

His mother's lust for Mansoor made her love his cock more than she loved his father. All he could hope now is that his father would be able to stand to this bully and reclaim his position as man of the house. Else, Khaled will have a new father and Najibi will have a new husband and a third baby in her belly.

Youssef asked the doctor not to tell his family that he is checking out from the hospital on that day. He wanted to go to his house unexpected to see if his doubts were confirmed. Has his dear wife fallen to the charms of another man?

The sight of his son's friend's huge cock sprang to his mind. He knew that what his neighbor Elias told him was true. Mansoor was truly a god among men with his thick cock and any woman would be tempted to try it but that woman would be a slut and he believed that he knew Najibi well and that she loved him and could never betray him like that.

While on his way to his house, the old man had many things in his mind not the less the issue of the farm and how was he going to repay the loans and if anyone has bought the farm since the bank took it last week.

But he decided to tackle one thing at a time. First, the intruding man in his house and then the financial issue. Youssef had a rough life but he was a strong man that could face and beat all hardships and for that he was well respected in the whole village.

Arriving at his house, Youssef put a mean look on his face wanting to confront the young man Mansoor.

Seeing his son at the door, he asked him violently: "Where is Mansoor? I want to talk to him now!"

Khaled understood that his father has known about his mother and his friend and that the confrontation for the position of the man of the house was about to happen.

Looking at the other room, Youssef saw the huge hunk at the door of the bedroom, leaning on the door frame in his wife beater showing his glistening rock hard muscles.

"One question I want an answer for. Are you sleeping with Najibi behind my back?" With a mean look on his face, Mansoor knew that this was his chance to destroy the father.

Approaching him and looking him right in the eye, Mansoor was at least 3 inches taller than Khaled's father and more muscular.

"Every woman needs a real man and your slut wife is no different"

Hearing these words, Youssef raised his hairy hand to punch the arrogant young man but suddenly felt a sharp pain in his shoulder as Mansoor grabbed his hand and twisted it.

The old man screamed from the shock and the pain as his son's friend threw him effortlessly on the ground.

Flexing his big guns in preparation, Mansoor approached the married father lying on the floor in front of his wife and his son.

Grabbing the old man by his shirt, the strong stud raised him and dealt him a blow in the stomach. Youssef was a strong man and nobody in the village has ever confronted him.

This was the first time that the father was getting a beating in his life and the humiliating thing is that the man hitting him was thirty years younger than him and fucking his wife.

Youssef felt the air knocked out of his lungs from the punch to his stomach. Before he could recover, Mansoor raised his meaty big hand and slapped him with all his force on his left cheek.

Youssef felt dizzy and heard a ringing in his ears from the powerful blow. He was like a child being beaten by a man. He didn't expect the young man to be this strong. Falling on the ground screaming, Youssef put his hand to his redden face and tries to catch his breath.

"I am fucking your wife, Yes. And I have been fucking her for the last two years you dirty old man. Look at you. You are so disgusting and weak. Of course, a stronger man will come and take your wife from you in front of your son. That is because you are not a man. You told your son that a man is in his compassion and his good heart. Well look where it has lead you."

Flexing his biceps and showing his bushy hairy underarms, Mansoor said: "Look what a real man looks like. I could probably squeeze your dirty old fuckin bald head with my big biceps and I would crack it open."

Youssef was a proud man and even though he was being defeated he wasn't going to give up easily especially seeing his wife speechless and his son silently watching the beating he was being dealt from the stronger man.

Getting up and rushing toward the young man, Youssef was enraged. He wanted to kill the son of a bitch that humiliated him. Screaming in anger he threw a punch to Mansoor's face injuring his lip.

"That is a big mistake you fuckin old man. You will pay for it dearly."

Raising his hand, Mansoor slapped the father with as much power as he could on his cheek then on the other one sending him reeling to the floor and screaming in pain.

Mansoor charged toward the poor man like an enranged bull. Youssef had hair on the sides of his head but he had none on top. Mansoor grabbed the father by the two sides of hair and yanked them taking chunks of hair in the process.

Youssef felt tears of pain in his eyes. He has never cried before from a beating and especially not in front of his family and his abuser. He tried to hold back his tears, but the final slap to his face on his eyes and nose blinded him and left the red mark of the five fingers all over his face.

Khaled watched as his father began to cry like a little child. Putitng his face between his hands and kneeling on the floor in front of the bull stud, Khaled heard his father begging the stronger man: "Please don't hit me anymore. You are hurting me."

The last shred of respect was lost. Khaled couldn't believe that his father was such a weak man maybe his mother was right in mating with another stronger male. His father couldn't protect her if a strong mean man like Mansoor came to fuck her and deposit his seed inside her. Now he understood why Mansoor always talked about his father in front of him in a degrading manner.

Mansoor addressing the kneeling defeated father in front of him.

"You have said bad words about me and you must apologize or I will keep hitting you in front of your family you old man."

"Please forgive me. I didn't mean to disrespect you. Please don't hit me anymore. You are like my son and I am your father's age."

"Last week I have bought your farm from the bank before these idiot villagers could save it and give it back to you. I want you out of here tonight."

Youssef couldn't think clearly. His whole world was crashing around him. Here he was, losing his farm, his life's work and his dignity and honor kneeling in front of the young strong man who beat him and made him cry and beg and also has been performing the husband's role in his place and fucking his wife.

"Please don't kick me out. I'll do whatever you want."

Crying like a baby, the 55-year-old once proud and macho man and father, grabbed the feet of the man who is beating and humiliating him and began to kiss them reverently and worshippingly. Mansoor looked at the mother and son as they watched the father debasing himself and surrendering to the power of the 20-year-old man and kissing the feet of the new man of the house. Mansoor saw the lust in the eyes of the mother. He knew that she wanted to get fucked in front of her husband to complete the humiliation.

Kicking him in the face, Youssef's nose began to bleed. Crouching on the ground in pain, he saw as his tormentor headed to Najibi, took off her blouse and bra and began to suck the milk out of her nipples.

Najibi began to act in order to humiliate her husband who she once loved and honored.

"Oh please Mansoor not in front of my husband. I'm a married woman. Please don't do this to me"

Mansoor took off his pants and his underwear and took off the skirt and underpants of Najibi and made her sit on his big cock and fuck herself as her husband watched. "Please Youssef, my husband, help me. Look what this stud is doing. He is fucking your wife with his big fuckin cock. How could you accept a man to humiliate you like that? Defend my honor. Claim me back as your wife."

Khaled was watching in a stupefied look as his mother rode the big baby maker all the while moaning and playing with her breasts while his father lied on the ground humiliated, defeated, witnessing the new man of the house claiming the woman and the house as his own belongings.

The last shred of dignity in Youssef made him get up to try to separate the carnal lust between his wife and her fucker, but seeing the mean young stud looking at him with a fierce look and pointing his huge biceps and finger at him ordering to stay away, he stayed in his place like an obedient dog.

Seeing her husband defeated, Najibi knew she had a new man and husband in her life.

"Oh please Mansoor, my love, it looks like the old Youssef is no man anymore. I am fertile and I need you to knock me up. Give me a third baby."

"I'll impregnate you for the third time in case your dumb husband doesn't know that this huge meat pussy breaker is the one that put the hot boiling milk in your womb the last two summers and gave him these big cuckold horns on his head and two little babies in your oven."

Talking to the humiliated father: "You are a weak man. Weak men get their wives impregnated by stronger men. I am stronger than you physically and sexually and I am richer that you. You are nothing but a pig, a dirty dog. You should be grateful that I kept you alive. Get out of my house you dirty animal slave, you fuckin pig, you smelly old piece of shit, or I swear I will take off the remaining hair on your head with my own hands"

Orgasming while saying these words, a geyser of hot potent cum hit the hysterical wife in her fertile womb impregnating her with a third baby in front of her poor husband and oldest son.

As the poor father, once master of the house, crawled out of the farm, he thought that his humiliation is over but he didn't know what diabolical ideas were going on in the head of the stud who totally destroyed him with his gigantic cock. He only wanted to know why was the young stud doing this to him...

Six months later at the farm that used to belong to Youssef...

"Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Oh please. Harder. Oh please yes. You're such a stud. Mmmmmmm..."

Khaled and his father were at the dinner table eating while the young stud and new man of the house was performing the husband duties. Khaled heard his mother's moans, sounds that she should only make with his father but it was the bull stud Mansoor huge ram cock giving her the pleasure she lusts for. Khaled watched his father hearing his mother's moans while she was being battered by Mansoor's babymaker.

"How can dad let all of this happen? How can he surrender to another man and let this muscular young stud fuck mom like that in his own marital bed?"

Thinking six months back, Khaled remembered how his once-strong and proud father came back to the farm and knelt at the closed door like a beggar begging for the master of the house, the young man who took the house and wife from him by strength to let him in.

Standing in his underwear in front of the father, Mansoor smirked at the kneeling man that was his father's age. Mansoor felt the thrill of dominating an older proud man like that.

"Please son let me come back to my house..."

"Wrong sentence fuckin pig" said Mansoor grabbing the old man by his ear and twisting it. "This is my house now. I am the man of the house."

Wincing in pain like a puppy, Khaled's father replied: "Please, Mr. mansoor, let me come back and live in your property. I have nowhere else to go"

"Well you will have to beg better than that."

The defeated man could not recover from his humiliation anymore. He knelt more and his 55-year old head touched the bare feet of the young mean stud rising above him. His manly lips kissed the young man's feet in humility and despair begging for his mercy and compassion.

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