Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 02


Youssef worked hard for more than 40 years building the farm, having a family and building a reputation in his village as a well-respected and loved man. All of that was destroyed by one muscular handsome hung devil. What was more humiliating is that one 20-year old big cock destroyed the whole life and works of a 55-year old poor man.

That day, Khaled watched as his new father Mansoor was generous enough to let his old father Youssef back on the farm. But he made sure to humiliate the mature man as much as possible.

He made him take all of his belongings to a small room that used to be for laundry and Mansoor put all of his clothes and belongings in the master bedroom in the same room where he was fucking Youssef's wife and in the same room where Khaled's mother was knocked up with the three illegitimate babies.

Back to six months later... Khaled and Mansoor did not go to the university this year preferring to stay at home and see where this new condition will lead with Khaled's parents.

After one long hour of fucking, Mansoor and the mother came out of the bedroom to sit at the dinner table. While Najibi covered her whorish body with clothes, Mansoor walked in naked to assort his dominance over the two other men in the house. His dangling long thick cock was shining from Najbi's sucking after he emptied his load inside her pussy. She was used to cleaning up the cock that gave her so much pleasure, two kids and a third on the way.

Najibi' belly was already growing, and she could not conceal her pregnancy anymore.

Khaled began to think what would his father be feeling everytime he sees his mother with her big pregnant belly knowing that the male who dumped his cum inside her and owned her and shamed her was the same one controlling his life and emasculating him.

As Mansoor took his place at the head of the dinner table, the place that used to be reserved for Youssef, Khaled watched his father contemplate his empty plate, long already becoming a shallow of the man he was.

"Hey old man. Do you remember the first time I hit you and you began to cry you asked why I was doing this. Well, Three years ago, I was sitting with my father after you came to make a deal to sell him cattle. Do you remember you refused to give us 50 heads of cattle for free that day. Well I promised dad that I would destroy you just for fun. You were just a game for me. Your whole life is just a game for me and my cock"

Laughing loud, Mansoor stood up and with all the force he could slapped the father on his neck making him smash his head on the table. Khaled watched as his father screamed while bleeding from his head and his former friend standing naked and laughing at the misery of the poor father.

When his mother delivered Mansoor's third baby two months later, the real father made sure that the whole village knew that the baby is his and that the village hero, Youssef, the mature man has been cuckolded and defeated by the strong handsome muscular hung rich young dude.

Khaled and his father had to endure hearing the stud fucking his mother every night several times and her enjoying it and calling him a man and be happy about having a man inside her after long drought periods. This situation continued for a few more years where Mansoor gave Najibi two more kids and then left the village forever after he got bored leaving the destroyed family with the old defeated and beaten father, the used and abused baby machine mother while keeping his word to his friend Khaled and taking him with him to the university so that he could continue his studies.

Poor Khaled left his defeated father behind with the five bastard children for him to raise with little money and went with the stronger alpha male who he now considered his new father. After all hi is fucking his mother and he is the father of his brothers although he is the same age as him.

What poor Khaled didn't know is that the moment he met a beautiful girl in the university and fell in love with her he was sentencing himself to a long time of cuckoldry and gifting her with the pleasure of a strong mighty thick cock. The cock of the true father: Mansoor.

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