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Bad Girl


"You need a little discipline," he said, grabbing her wrists roughly and strapping them with the velcro binds over the pullup bar in the doorway. She was stretched tautly upward, toes barely touching the floor, breasts under her tee shirt rising with her arms.

"Arthur. . ."

"Shut up." He pulled her striped panties to her knees, spun her around, and slapped the cheeks of her ass, hard and slowly, letting the sting of each swell before the next one struck. The slaps of the reddening flesh overrode her cries, which were muted by her arousal at her exposed helplessness in the doorway. Sandy's nipples tingled and hardened in the slight breeze, lifted as they were by the upward stretch of her arms.

Arthur stopped when the imprints of his hands stayed white on the pink and rounded flesh. She was gasping as he clutched her from behind, his hardened prick straining upward through his briefs in the crack of her ass, one hand grabbing her proudly protruding breasts, the other her mons, pressing softly on the belly below her aroused nipples and the yielding flesh of the slick, fuzz-covered, lips of her pussy.

"Sorry now?" he asked gently, brushing his fingertips over the cotton covering the peaks of her hardened tits. She writhed and twisted in her bonds with the contact to the sensitized nipples.

"Yes," she said in a slightly strangled tone, whereupon he pinched them hard. Sandy screamed.

"Enough of that, time for the gag." He brought the ball to her mouth. "Open up if you don't want the clamps. Good." He stepped and appraised her from the front, caressing her belly with the back of his hand. "I think it's time to shave your pussy."

"Mmggh" Sandy protested, until he slapped her breasts with a forehand.

"It's not up to you, and I'm tired of your complaints." He retrieved the electric razor and fixed the clipper. "This should feel nicer than I do. Say hello again to prepubescence."

The hum of the motor was all that she could hear as he crouched between her legs. She'd never felt so humiliated even as the vibrations radiated through her cunt, which was liquefying in response. Up and down Arthur went, lifting one leg and then the other before working carefully in the creases of her groin. The blonde hairs fell in fine sheets on the floor until he stopped and adjusted to the shaving screen. Then it was a fine powder until her pussy was completely bare.

"Going to be my good little girl now, right, Sandy?" He rose, his middle finger sliding up her moistened crease. "Still, it's a little gritty. Hang on, pardon the pun." He came back with a handvac and a bottle and brushed the vacuum over her crotch. Her head whirled with the sensation and whirled again as he spun her into dizziness. Arthur stopped her and let one hand stroke her slippery smooth groin before he stopped, opened the bottle and splashed the alcohol on her pubes, stinging the newly shaved flesh.

"Earyagggh!" She screamed through the gag. Arthur dipped his fingers in her cunt and began slapping her ass. Sandy swooned with pain and pleasure, for his fingers spread her slickness over her puffy, bare mound and down between her thighs, beyond her slit, to the edge of her asshole.

He stopped spanking her and stepped back. The silence grew around her. So did the lack of physical sensation. Sandy hung in the doorway, feeling the warm breeze, hearing the waves on the shore, smelling the salt air and rosehips. Time passed. Where was he?


Whack! The strokes resumed but now one finger slipped into her cunt, then two, twisting and spreading her lips.

"OHH!" cried Sandy around the ball, as a third dove in and now they rippled inside her from clit to floor. At the same time the strokes on her became smaller--four fingers, then three, two . . .

"Ahhh, AHHHHH!" she yelled as Arthur slid in a fourth and his palm and thumb gripped half her mound. His thumb pushed her clit down toward his wriggling fingers. She shook and screamed when he jammed his fist inside. He'd stopped the spanking, that hand holding her place while the other fucked her to orgasm, her cunt spasming around his wrist.

Sandy collapsed on him as he removed the blindfold and unstrapped her from the bar. He removed the gag and pushed down on her shoulders.

"What? . . ."

"You think you're done just because you got off? Where's mine? I work my ass off to give you what you deserve, and this is your gratitude? On your knees, and suck my dick, bitch." She kneeled but he grabbed her by the hair. "What?"


"That's right, say, ‛Yes, sir.' Now suck my dick, bitch."

"Yes sir." Arthur fed her his hardening cock and moved her back and forth on it.

"That's right, bitch, nice and wet. Alright, now my balls."

"Yes sir," she panted.

"Good, you're getting the hang of it." Arthur led her to his cleanshaven sack; she licked and gently sucked under his gleaming prick until his legs trembled. He pulled her away and up to her feet.

"Bend over, bitch, now I'm going to fuck you blind, fuck the living daylights out of you, fuck you silly whether you come or not. The only question is, will I fuck your ass like a little boy's, or your bald pussy, like the little girl you are?" Arthur pushed her over the back of an armchair. He used two more straps to bind her ankles to the rear legs of the chair and stretched the ones on her wrists over the front legs. Sandy hung suspended over the back of the chair, unable to see and or feel the ground.

"Oh for god's sake, Sandy, you let your ass lose its color. Now I've got to spank you again."

"No, please sir . . . "

"What? If anything, you should apologize, bitch!"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir, please make me red again."

"Good," and Arthur spanked her ass, the thwacks echoing off the walls. Sandy wept more quietly as he stopped, grabbed her hips and began sliding his prick, already wet with precum, between the slippery lips of her pussy. "Fuck you're tight." He slid back and forth, just pushing his tip past her entrance. He forced one hand between her hip and the chairback until he reached the smooth flat skin around her opening. "Mm, that's so nice, I don't know why I didn't shave my little girl before."

The massage had its effect on Sandy's cunt, which opened and glistened a little more. Arthur pulled his hand out, resumed his hold of her hips and rammed his cock up her cunt as far as he could go. His head tilted back as his dick luxuriated in her superheated cunt, his balls tight against her. He pulled out and slammed back between the inflamed folds of her pussy, again and again and again, searching for the ultimate end of her sex. He shouted and grunted with each thrust while Sandy, blind between the force and pace of his thrusts and the pressure of the chair, began to pant with excitement as well. Her bald pussy, bare to attack from behind, her utter helplessness, the concentration on what she could feel and hear instead of see, all built ripples of pleasure out from her free-flowing cunt.

"God you're good this way, Sandy!" Arthur grunted as he kept running up against her sweating pussy and asscheeks. The slurping sound of prick sliding up her cunt filled the room. "You're Daddy's little girl and you're getting what you deserve, a hard fuck." He was breathing hard now, the sperm in his balls building for ejection as they slapped against the chairback.

"Fuck, yes! Here comes Daddy, you little bitch! Oh god, yes, Yes, YEAH!" He started jerking, bending over to clutch her tits hanging over the seat cushion and the sudden shocking grab of her nipples sent Sandy into her own vibrating orgasm. She saw orange, yellow, red as they spasmed together, his come spurting deep inside her clutching vagina. Arthur clung to her sweating, crying body, his hips spastically hunching against her.

Time passed before one of them asked the other,

"What's the encore?"

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