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Bad Girl Roleplay

bycentaur mare©

AUTHORS NOTE: This is written as an actual "cyber chat". It begins as if the two people were having a normal conversation that proceeds into the fantasy sex. Words inside *stars* are actions and emotion descriptions, and words inside (parentheses) are out of character comments between the characters.

E-mail me and tell me if this sort of story is enjoyable!

Barnabas: *smiles* Wow, I AM perfect

centaur mare: yeah! Specially that uhm...wonderful pic you sent me...looks like a perfect fit *grin*

Barnabas: *blushes* You are terrible… *spanks your bottom once, lightly*

centaur mare: ooohhh

Barnabas: *brushes a hand up through your hair and kisses you somewhat forcfully* Mmm

centaur mare: *her head tilts back, and she opens her mouth wide to invite you inside*

Barnabas: *parts his lips and thrusts his tongue into your mouth, as his hand grabs your ass firmly, pulling you hard against him*

centaur mare: *melts into you...shyly running her tongue along yours inside her mouth...her hands gripping behind your neck*

Barnabas: *bites your lower lip softly, and pushes you away slightly* I didn't give you permission to move your hands… *grins slowly*

centaur mare: Ohh...I’m sorry Sir! Please?? *places her hands back at her sides and stares up into your eyes...her pupils dilating as the small fear shivers through her, straight to her pussy, making it tingle*

Barnabas: *frowns* Trying to talk your way out of punishment, Brandy? You know that doesn't work... *grips your hair softly and pulls a little, gently but urgently enough to bring you close to him*

centaur mare: No! No Sir I’m… I’m not...*stammers a little and gulps...flicking her tongue out across her dry lips...feeling her whole body catch fire*

Barnabas: *narrows his eyes* Good. *Takes your wrist and takes you over to the edge of the bed* Take your pants off for me.

Barnabas: And don’t keep me waiting *watches you*

centaur mare: *quickly struggles with the front of her pants, and slides them down off her knees*

centaur mare: *stands there in her shirt and red panties*

Barnabas: *looks you up and down slowly, but doesn't say anything*

Barnabas: Bend over the edge of the bed.

centaur mare: *shaking and feeling light headed...turns around and lays her front half across the bed* Sir? what...what? Where do I put my arms?

Barnabas: Stretch them out above your head on the bed...you'll want to be able to grip onto something, probably.. *Smirks wickedly, as he watches your legs shake, quickly slapping the palm of his hand against the back of your thigh, just under your ass*

centaur mare: *jumps as she feels your hand connect and hears the Smack sound...reaches above her head and clenches her fists into the matress* Ye-Yes Sir mmmmmmm

Barnabas: *smacks again, across your other thigh, listening to the sound of his palm against your flesh, grinning* How bad have you been, Brandy? Very bad? Do you think you deserve more punishment?

centaur mare: Ohhhh *cant decided…more? or stop?...shivers and gulps, turned on beyond belief because she has to choose her amount of punishment* Sir? I… I think I’ve been...I’m very bad...I think...more...more!

Barnabas: *lets a small smile cross his lips, even though you can't see it* Mmm, good answer, Brandy, because I wouldn't have given you more anyway. *grins and reaches a hand and grabs between your legs, over the front of your panties, and slaps his hand across your ass, through your panties, then murmurs* These will have to go.. *pulls them down, roughly, and quickly*

centaur mare: (you will or you wont? cuz I said more)

centaur mare: Ahhhhhh *moans and squeals as she feels your hand rub her pussy and your palm slap her*

Barnabas: (if you had said to stop, I would've given you more, as more punishment. *smiles*)

centaur mare: oooooooohhhhhhhhh

centaur mare: (oh my god *pant pant*...you’re devious...wow...fucking hot)

Barnabas: Mmm, thats right, cry out Brandy… I want to hear you… hear your moans, your squeals.. I want to hear you beg for more. *tosses your panties aside, and slaps again, twice, quickly across each of your cheeks*

centaur mare: Ohh *yip* *squeal* *moan* Plz sir...no more …no no stop!

Barnabas: *frowns and lets a low, quiet growl escape his lips* I told you begging wouldn't help! *Knowing that you want more by how your body reacts, and slaps again, slightly harder this time* Turn over… get on your back and lay on the bed, and be glad I give you that comfort, rather then the floor.

centaur mare: *feels your words shiver all over her body...and rushes to crawl onto the bed, one knee slipping out from under her because she is so shaky, then manages to get on and lays on her back...legs together, hands at her sides and turns to look into your eyes whimpering*

Barnabas: *reaches down and uses a cloth tie to bind your ankles together, then moves up slightly with a longer tie and wraps it around your thighs, slightly above your knee, so you can't spread your legs, sparing an occasional, lustful glance at your face, to watch your expression**

centaur mare: *feels your fingers brushing my skin and quivers...feels lightning streak through her when you tie her thighs...desperately needing to spread her legs, but turned on by the restriction*

Barnabas: *moves up and takes your wrists, pulling your arms up above your head and binding your wrists together after he pulls your shirt off of you, tossing it aside and glaring at you* Don’t you move your arms from above your head, okay?

Barnabas: *moves his hands to your breasts, and brushes them over you, through your bra, then takes the top edge of your bra and pulls the cups down to reveal your full breasts, leaving your bra still around you, under your breasts.*

centaur mare: yes Sir...I won’t *whispers...staring up at you feeling her thighs get damp as she looks into your face*

centaur mare: ohhhh *feels her breasts free, with the pressure still tight under them*

Barnabas: *hardens his expression to make himself look rougher as he glares at you, and gets out a very long length of soft fabric, and starts to wrap it around your breasts, three full times, and tightens it slowly so it doesn't hurt, the pressure pushing your breasts firmly together, and he ties it*

centaur mare: *shivers and gulps and sweats and needs to spread her legs soooo bad*

Barnabas: *moves slightly, and with his left hand, rubs over your breasts and nipples, smacking softly against your nipples, watching them stiffen up, and moves his right hand down between your legs, wiggling his fingers between them because your thighs are pressed tightly together, and works his fingers over your pussy*

centaur mare: oh oh OH *soft panting moans...loving the feel of your hand against my bound breasts* ohhh thank you, thank you, Sir! *tries to fight the bonds to open her thighs for you*

Barnabas: *smacks again, and takes one of your nipples between his fingers and squeezes it firmly, pulling gently on it* Don’t fight to spread your legs, Brandy, they're bound much too good for that.. You’ll just have to take what I give you …*wiggles his finger inside you just a little ways* You want more, though, don’t you, you naughty girl?

centaur mare: yes yes Sir please!!...*swallows over and over but stops straining...groaning at the feel of your finger wiggling against my wet crotch*

Barnabas: *struggles slightly , your thighs wet with your pussy and sweat, and works his finger into you deeper, loving how you try to squirm, even without knowing it, as he pinches your other nipple, just as hard as the last, and squeezes each of your breasts after*

centaur mare: *heaves underneath you and tries to thrust her hips onto your hand*

Barnabas: *thrusts his finger inside you farther, working it in and out quickly, holding your breasts, keeping you held onto the bed as your body tries to thrust up against him* Yes.. Yes, lose control for me, baby… Brandy…I know you want it.

centaur mare: ahh gnnnnnnnMMMM * makes animal noises and continues thrashing under you*

Barnabas: *works his finger inside you faster...harder, staring up at your face, contorted in ecstasy and raw emotions* Give it to me.. give me your cum.. right now.. all over my finger, your thighs.. I want it ..give it to me..

centaur mare: *pants and screams...feeling your fingers drilling into my tight pussy...chafing the walls inside...*

centaur mare: OOOOO ohhhhhhh * begins convulsing...her ass lifting off the bed as much as it can*

Barnabas: *lets out a quiet, almost silent moan of his own, as he presses his hand against your pussy, his finger deep inside you, to hold your hips down, despite being lifted at the time slightly* Yes...yes...yesssss....like that, my messy girl.. mmmm *his lips open as he stares at you, watching every reaction you make*

centaur mare: *hears your voice echoing in her head...your fingers filling her as she contracts in a looong orgasm...panting and clenching and drenched!*

Barnabas: *slowly moves his finger out of you, very soaked and most of his other fingers wet as well with your orgasm, and moves his hand from between your legs, briefly taking a moment to undo the binds around your thighs so you can spread them again, and moves up to your face… very close, and sucks one of his fingers into his mouth, cleaning it in front of you eagerly*

centaur mare: *stares up at you dazed...smelling herself on your fingers...her knees parting, but still held together tightly at the ankles*

centaur mare: *licks her lips as she watches you suck your finger*

Barnabas: *licks it lightly to finish the cleaning, and looks at you for a moment, and offers you his middle finger, the one he had buried into your soaking wet pussy, touching it to your lips*

centaur mare: *flicks her tongue out, then whispers* d-do you want me to suck it clean for you Sir?

Barnabas: *nods* Clean it for me, Brandy.

centaur mare: *gently wraps her lips around the finger...flicking her tongue back and forth against it and then sucking hard, her cheeks closing in*

Barnabas: *shivers and feels his breath deepening slightly* Mmm, you seem eager…would you like to clean another for me, then? Nod if you want it.

centaur mare: *nods quickly*

Barnabas: *slowly pulls his middle finger from your mouth, now clean, but still wet from your lips, and moves a different finger to your lips for you*

centaur mare: *gently grabs it with my teeth then sucks it into my mouth...gently thrusts her head back and forth onto the finger*

Barnabas: *gasps as your teeth take his finger and whispers* Bad girl.. but I’ll let it slide... this time.. *smiles softly, his body heating up as you suck his finger like it was a cock*

centaur mare: *mumbles* sowwy Srir.

Barnabas: *takes his last two fingers that are slick with your wetness and brushes them over your cheek, wiping your juices onto your face, then leans close and slowly licks your cheek, cleaning it with his tongue* Mmmm……. *Takes a moment now to gently undo the binding holding your breasts, releasing them*

centaur mare: *sighs blissfully...so satisfied* Sir? Sir? Am I better now? Am I a good girl?

Barnabas: *lays slightly against you, his hands up above your head, lightly undoing the tie around your wrists next, and fondly brushes his cheek against yours* Yes, Brandy, you're a good girl now… a very good girl. You took your punishment wonderfully.

centaur mare: oh thank you Sir! *wraps her free hands around you*

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