tagIncest/TabooBad Heather Revisited Ch. 02

Bad Heather Revisited Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©


Heather has been bad, and she's being punished. So is her friend.

But the punishment isn't so bad and she has a plan. Can she outsmart her parents?

All characters in the story are at least 18 years old.


Harold sat back and watched his child cleaning the living room, wiping down the surfaces diligently. She looked so pretty. Just as he remembered her. Her hair was up in pig tails, just as she'd worn it all through middle-school. Her skirt showed off her slender legs, her feet were bare.

"Is that a new outfit?" Harold asked.

Heather skipped over to where he was sitting and did a quick pirouette for him. "I got it at the mall the other day. Do you like it?"

Harold loved it. The plaid mid-thigh skirt reminded him of the school girl skirts of his youth. Her simple white polo shirt matched it wonderfully. "It's... very nice."

"I'm glad you like it, you bought it," she answered, giggling. She did another spin, a little faster. Her skirt flew up, giving her father a rather indecent show.

"Heather? Are you wearing underwear?" Harold asked.

Heather stopped and hung her head. She moved over to stand right next to her father. He pulled up her skirt and saw she was completely naked underneath.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I was doing the laundry and just added my panties at the last moment since I was doing delicates," Heather admitted.

"Young lady. You know that's not appropriate," Harold scolded.

"I know," she said softly.

"You don't have a shortage of underpants, do you?"

"I am running kind of low," she answered.

"Really? Show me."

Heather took her father by the hand, and lead him to her room. He followed as she took him to her furniture.

Heather opened the top drawer of her chest, and displayed a drawer full of neatly folded underthings.

"So it's not because you don't have any, or because they're all dirty," Harold confirmed.

"No Daddy, I just didn't want to wear them," she finally admitted.

Harold sat on her double bed, and patted his lap. Heather climbed up on the bed and crawled across his lap. Settled in place, she felt him lift her skirt completely out of the way, exposing her bare ass. It had been three days since he'd last punished her. She opened her legs, eager for his touch.

"Heather, that was very inappropriate. What if someone came over, or what if we went out and you'd forgotten. This can't be allowed." Already his hand was fondling his daughter's bare butt. He let his hands roam quite freely, between her thighs, up along her crack.

"I know, Daddy."

Harold swatted her cheek, and she suddenly sat up. "Oh, please, just a second." She got off the bed, and unzipped the side of her skirt before removing it. "I...I'm afraid I might mess it up."

"Oh." Harold nodded. "You might want to take off your shirt too, just in case," Harold cautioned.

"Ok, if you think so." Heather pulled her shirt over her head, and Harold only then realized she wasn't wearing a bra either. His little girl was standing in front of him, as naked as the day she was born. Looking down at her exposed crotch, he noticed she didn't have much more hair than back then either.

Heather turned away and went to her desk where she folded her clothing and carefully placed them next to her computer. Where she stealthily clicked an icon and then turned off the monitor.

Turning back to her father, Heather stretched out across his lap, her legs spread wide in anticipation. She eased her hand between them as she got comfortable, resting her palm on his stiffness.

Harold was in absolute heaven. He toyed with her butt, before starting his careful ritual. A pattern of firm smacks and caresses began, pinking up her cheeks, and warming her up. His blows fell with more accuracy, cheek-cheek-thigh-thigh-crotch, while his baby girl twitched and squirmed beneath him. After several minutes of continued spanking, with her cheeks bright red, the pretense of punishment was abandoned. He proceeded to get his daughter off, patting her pussy, massaging her clit and fingering her. With his moistened fingers he rubbed her little puckered butt-hole, and she groaned, reaching back with one hand to open herself up.

It was only then that he realized where her other hand was, clutching his erection tightly.

He scooted further back on the bed, easing her forward on his legs, so his crotch was no longer beneath her. His daughter's hand continued to hold him, now slowly moving up and down his shaft, through his shorts.

"Turn over," he told her. He barely recognized his own voice.

Heather released his cock, and did as commanded. She lay across his legs, the small of her back centered between his open legs. Blatantly, she reached for his cock again, holding it firmly.

At first Harold just caressed the gorgeous flesh laid out before him. Then he reached for her crotch and slid two fingers deep into his daughter's quim. His other hand had found her chest and a nipple was in his firm grasp. As he slid his fingers in and out of Heather, she matched his motions with her own, stroking his aching cock through his shorts.

"You must miss Mom a lot," Heather gasped between strokes.

"Of course I do. Why?" Harold asked slowing down, wiggling his fingers inside of her.

"Since she's left you seem to be hard all of the time. I've read a man has needs, but I didn't really understand." Heather told him, her hand clutching his erection.

Harold fondled her full tits. "I guess that's true."

Heather stopped her stroking. "If you'd like, Daddy, I could help you with that." Before he could answer, she slid her hand inside his waistband and felt his fleshy hardness for the first time.

"Oh baby. It feels wonderful, but we really shouldn't. It's wrong." Harold argued.

"Any worse than what you're doing to me, right now?" Heather asked as she hunched her hips into his hand.

"That's different. It's to teach a lesson, not just for our pleasure."

"I want you to teach me a lesson now, Daddy. Teach me what to do with one of these. Someday, somewhere, I'll have to know. Can't you show me?" Heather asked, her hand still caressing him.

Against what was left of his better judgement, Harold eased himself out from under his 18 year old daughter, and dropped his shorts and underwear. His meat was standing at attention, ready to be the center of instruction.

The lesson only lasted a few minutes and Heather was able to see him up close, and the strokes of her hand had him shooting soon thereafter.

She giggled as his essence boiled over. "That should help a little," Heather whispered. "If you need more help, you know where to find me."

* * *

In the room alone, Heather cleaned up, then gingerly sat down at her computer. The camera had worked fine. She thought Lynn would get a kick out of the show.

* * *

"Oh please, Harold, you didn't!" Janice gasped, listening to his tale.

"God, Janice, it's out of control. As I was spanking her she just grabbed my hard-on and wouldn't let go. Things got completely carried away."

"How bad?" Janice asked, lying on her own bed, naked, preparing for the big night.

"Bad. She was completely naked in my lap, and I had two fingers inside of her making her come."

Janice found her own hand reaching between her legs.

"Harold, how come you're telling me everything? You could have tried to keep it a secret. You could have gone further."

"She's our daughter. You need to know. I'm not proud of what I'm doing, but I couldn't keep it from you. Not this. You're too important to me. I couldn't keep a secret like this from you. I wouldn't." Harold was adamant.

"Anything else I should know about?"

"She did the same for me. She got me off with her hand. She begged me to. She pleaded with me to teach her."

"How was it? What was it like to have your little girl stroke your cock until it exploded?" Janice was stroking her own pussy, which was leaking heavily.

"Unbelievable. I thought my head would explode. It was like being with you for the first time, all over again."

"Harold, try to keep in under control. I don't want you fucking our little girl. I'll be there soon and you can play out all your dreams and fantasies on me. I promise."

"God, I miss you so much Janice. Are you lonely there?" Harold asked.

She hesitated. "They're keeping me awful busy, and there's a lot of entertaining and visiting with clients and partners, so I don't think about it most of the time. But I do miss you terribly."

"Come home, Janice."

"Just a few more days, it's almost all over."

It wasn't all over for Janice yet. Today was the second day of meetings with the customer, a team of three from Singapore. Things were going really well, and Roger assured her that she'd made a huge difference in the success of the project, and would have a bonus suitable to her contribution. He'd been hinting at large 5 figures. If she could just last 2 more days.

She needed to get dressed. Tonight was Karaoke night, and Melissa would be by any minute to meet her so they could join the negotiating team.

* * *

Lynn was over again, and the girls were making another last minute attempt at blasting out a dozen or more college applications. They were all past the deadline, but they'd lowered their standards and were taking their chances.

Harold had just gotten back from his third meeting with Martha, and this time Bart had spent 20 minutes with him as well. The man was walking charisma. Incredible. When he stood and shook Harold's hand, welcoming him to the team, Harold had almost wanted to kneel and kiss his ring. The salary was under 40K, half of what he'd been earning, but God! what an opportunity.

He was dressing down, and had only gotten as far as getting his sweatpants on when an enormous crash from down the hall had him bolting out the door. Looking into Heather's room, he could see her bed had collapsed, and the mattress was hanging at an angle, half on the floor.

The girls were sitting on the floor, looking half in shock, half ashamed.

"What the hell happened here?" Harold shouted.

Heather climbed to her feet, dressed in her bikini and her pool wrap. "We were playing around, and the bed just gave out."

Lynn stepped forward, her young body even less clothed than Heather's. She was dressed in her bikini only. "It was my fault Mr. Payne. I was teasing her, and started tickling her. When she got away from me I jumped on her and the bed gave out."

Harold just shook his head. "Just get out of here for now. I'll see what I can do."

The girls shuffled out of the room, head down. They picked up the pile of applications they'd been working on and headed downstairs.

Harold meanwhile surveyed the damage. It looked like nothing major. It was an old bed frame and one of the cross-members had come apart. The metal looked bent. He retreated to the garage for a couple of tools, and had it back together in less than 20 minutes.

When he headed downstairs, he sought out Heather working at the dining room table.

"Heather, can I see you alone a minute, in my study?"

Heather got up and walked over to him, "I'm sorry Daddy. It was an accident."

He turned and walked to his study, his daughter following closely behind. He waited for her to enter the room and was about to close the door, when Lynn showed up in the doorway.

"It was my fault. If you're going to punish anyone, it should be me," Lynn argued.

"Lynn, when Heather has friends over, she's responsible for their behavior as well. Even if you did it, it's still her responsibility."

"Please, Mr. Payne! She tried to stop me, honestly. It was all my fault."

"No, Lynn. It's my fault too. It's Ok," Heather told her friend. She leaned over her father's chair, kneeling on the seat, her body over the back, her arms resting on his desk. Her ass stuck out provocatively.

Lynn wouldn't give up. "Please, Mr. Payne. Let me share in the punishment. I'll hate myself it she has to take it alone." She rushed forward and leaned over the desk beside her friend, her own rear end jutting out. She opened her legs wide to steady herself. "Just a little, please, so she doesn't bare the whole brunt of it. I swear I'll never tell or anything. Please."

Harold looked at the little girl, and his hands were already trembling. He glanced over at his daughter.

"Yes Dad, it's Ok. Let us share this one."

Harold closed his eyes and took a big breath. When he opened them, his daughter had gotten up and was standing beside her friend, holding her by the shoulders. "Lynn first."

Harold stepped up to her. "This isn't play, you understand. I'm punishing her."

"Punish me," Lynn answered softly.

He brought his hand down firmly with a loud crack, wringing a yelp out of the teen. He was hoping to scare her off.

"Again, Daddy," Heather told him.

He cracked her again on the opposite cheek and she jumped. Two more quick blows and she was squirming away from him.

His hand came down again, not quite as hard, and lingered, on the tight little ass, which was already showing the red imprint of his hand. Again, opposite cheek, and he gave her a little squeeze.

"Thank you, Mr. Payne," Janice gasped, "I'm sorry I broke the bed."

He leaned down and reached around her waist, bringing his face closer to his work. He started a steady spanking, moving his hand around, covering her ass, and the back of her legs. When Heather reached down and pulled Lynn's bikini up and into the crack of her ass, leaving her butt cheeks completely bare, his hard-on actually started to become painful.

He smacked her ass, grabbed a handful of pale white cheek and squeezed tightly. When he did it again, Lynn moaned. She'd been crying out and twisting under his previous beating, but now she held very still and he could see her legs trembling. He did it again, lower, his fingers just lightly brushing her mound.

She gasped. "Hard, Mr. Payne, spank me hard, now."

He hauled back and walloped her, stinging his hand, and gave her another half dozen good smacks. When his fingers came down on her pussy, he saw her own fingers were already at work there. He gave her a couple more quick blows, her ass bright red, and he saw her legs give out, her entire weight resting on the desk. She was moaning non-stop.

"That's enough, Daddy," Heather said softly, reaching down and rearranging her friend's bikini bottom.

Lynn stood up and turned around, her face covered in tears. "I'm sorry, Mr. Payne. It won't happen again."

Heather looked at Harold. "Hug her, Daddy, and tell her it's Ok."

He opened his arms to her and felt her lean into his erection. She threw her arms around his waist, holding him tight. "It's Ok, Lynn. You're forgiven. I know it was an accident." His hands caressed her narrow back, as he held her. She was rubbing her face in his shirt, wiping away the tears, and bringing her sniffling under control.

When he released her, she turned her head up, and looked into his eyes expectantly. Her arms stayed around his waist. He leaned down and gave her a little kiss, which she returned warmly, finally releasing him.

Heather pushed her father back into his chair, and took the two arms and rotated them backward, opening up his lap. Then she took off her wrap and leaned across his lap in her bikini. Lynn stood next to him.

He started in slowly, spanking her smoothly and consistently. Her bikini bottom covered more of her rear then Lynn's had, and it was harder to see how it was affecting her.

Apparently Lynn thought so too, and she leaned in and grasping the edges of Heather's suit, pulled it down off her ass. It was stopped by her spread legs, but Heather pulled her legs together, and Lynn finished the job, stripping her bottoms off.

It was obvious where the suit had been, her rear was much less red there. So Harold made it his duty to get her butt at least as crimson as Lynn's had been. After a couple of dozen firm strokes, Heather was crying, begging for forgiveness, asking for it to end, struggling mightily. His blows became softer, more caressing, and his hand landed occasionally between her legs, getting her to jump each time.

"She doesn't like it hard like me," Lynn whispered in his ear. "don't hurt her."

Harold looked down and saw how thoroughly he'd spanked his little girl. His hands caressed her abused flesh, rubbing her softly, all over. He allowed his hands to shamefully caress her between her legs, rubbing her thoroughly.

When his hand rested on her pussy once more, his fingers opening her up, he found Lynn whispering in his ear again, "Three fingers deep inside her would be a good punishment for any girl. It's how I like to be punished."

Harold's hand trembled as he slid two fingers deep inside his daughter's twat, pumping her. Her moaning was continuous, and when he pressed a third finger into her, her entire body shook.

"Now, Mr. Payne, spank her there now, quickly!" Lynn urged him.

He pulled his fingers out and spanked her bare pussy quickly and firmly and was rewarded with his daughter crying out and soaking his hand.

Lynn leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "You're a good Dad, Mr. Payne. You can punish me anytime."

He took his daughter in his arms and held her, while Lynn hugged her as well. "I'm sorry I got you in trouble, Heather."

"I'm sorry you had to take part of the punishment," Heather told her, then the girl's leaned in and kissed each other.

Harold had to shoo them out of his room quickly before he made a mess in his pants.

* * *

"What did I tell you?" Heather laughed.

"Jeez, he's a bigger horn-dog than my old man! Do you really think it'll work?" Lynn asked, rubbing her own ass, which was still tender.

"What do you think?"

"I think we could get him to do just about anything."

"Yep. Me too."

* * *

Lynn didn't call that night. It was the first time in over 6 weeks she'd missed their call. Harold called her room a few times, but with no luck.

He watched his video again. The camera on top of the computer didn't capture must of the action. Lynn had been at a bad angle, and Heather had blocked the view, and while Heather got hers, his head had blocked the view. But the audio came in loud and clear. He closed his eyes, put on the head phones, and leaned back to relive the episode, his hand at work completing the scenario.

* * *


Harold looked up to see both Lynn and his daughter standing in front of him. Lynn's newest bathing suit gave Heather's a run for it's money.

"What's up, Angel?"

"There was an accident at the pool." Heather said, and Lynn nodded her head in agreement.

"What kind of accident?" Harold asked.

"I think we broke the vacuum," Lynn answered in a whisper.

Harold stood up and walked out to the pool with the two girls. The in-pool vacuum was laying on its side on the bottom of the pool. The hose connector was hanging loose in the pool. While the girls watched he reeled in the hose, and saw the tear where it attached to the cleaner.

"How'd it happen?" He asked calmly.

"We were just playing around," Heather started.

"No we weren't," Lynn interrupted, "I pulled on it to block her in Marco Polo, and I pulled too hard. When she hit the hose it came apart."

"Heather, I think maybe you should take Lynn home now. You and I can deal with this once you get back. Lynn, I'll call your father and let him know you're on your way," Harold said.

"Please don't call my Dad, Mr. Payne. Please. Can't you just punish me now?" Lynn asked.

"Lynn, I don't think I should be punishing you. I think things can get carried away too easily. If you're worried about it, I won't tell your father what happened," Harold assured her.

"Damn it! Heather didn't do anything. If you're going to punish anyone it should be me!"

"Lynn, leave it alone," Heather said. "It's my pool, you're my friend, and I'm responsible."

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