Bad Heather Revisited Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©

Lynn stomped her foot. "Mr. Payne, I'm going inside. I demand you give me my punishment."

Harold and Heather just looked at her, as she turned and walked inside.

"Heather, I can't be doing this."

"It's Ok, Daddy. We share everything. She knows all about my spankings, just as I know all about hers. Jeff spanks her all the time, and she always goes back for more. It's alright."

"Her father has the right to spank her of course. But I'm not sure I should."

"Jeff spanked me." Heather confessed.

"He did what!"

"Don't be that way. It wasn't like ours. Just a dozen or so smacks for lying about something. It's Ok," Heather assured him. "Lynn won't tell him. She doesn't tell him anything. They're not open like we are. I can tell you anything, can't I?"

"Of course you can."

"Ok then. I'll tell you this. She wants it. She thinks you're hot and is dying to get her ass tanned again by you again. Let's do it." She turned and headed to the house.

Harold shook his head and followed.

Entering the house, they called out for Lynn, and finally found her waiting in Heather's room.

"What are you doing in here?" Harold asked.

"Jeff always spanks me in my room." Lynn answered.

Harold was still leaning toward sending her home, when Heather put her hands on his shoulders and encouraged him to sit down on the edge of the bed.

As soon as he was seated, Lynn went to stand beside his leg. She reached to her sides and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs, to about mid-thigh, before bending over his lap.

"Lynn," Harold gasped, "why did you pull your bottoms down?"

"Jeff always insists I get punished on my bare butt." Lynn explained as if it was obvious.

Harold looked down at the pretty girl with the tempting bare butt. He reached out and spanked her far cheek, with a nice easy slap.

"Daddy, she's used to being spanked a little harder than me, remember?" Heather whispered.

With the encouragement, Harold slapped her friend's ass harder, leaving a hand-print impression.

"You're right Lynn," Harold explained, smacking her in smooth rhythmic blows. "You're a good girl." -smack- "But even good girls" -smack- "do bad things" -smack- "sometimes."

"Yes, Mr. Payne," she gasped.

"Breaking the vacuum was a very" -SMACK- "bad" -SMACK- "thing!" -SMACK-

"Ow, Ow, I'm sorry, Mr. Payne," Lynn cried after the painful blows landed.

Harold's hand was now caressing her bright red cheeks, giving them a small squeeze. He started in again, now playfully. Once again he alternated moderately firm blows with caresses and gentle pats. And, as with his daughter, he allowed his hand to target the area between her legs, where Lynn responded similarly to his daughter. If anything, maybe even more enthusiastically.

"Thank you," Lynn moaned as her pussy responded to the attention, and knowing what she wanted, he picked up the pace and the force. She was crying out, moaning, and it wasn't long before the tiny girl came for him.

Moments after she was climbing off of his lap, Heather was taking her place. She had dropped her bikini bottoms as well.

Harold didn't try to argue the point, he just lit into his daughter's bare bottom, wrenching moans and cries out of her in a series of hard and soft slaps that could be clearly heard across the house.

"Not too hard, Mr. Payne," Lynn said softly, now clinging to his side and watching her best friend's ass get blistered.

He worked at it, brazenly making his daughter come from his ministrations, his fingers buried deep within her pussy, while Lynn took it all in, giving advice now and then.

"Harder now, Mr. Payne, shove it in her harder," Lynn gasped while her hands ran over his body.

When Heather came, screaming, Lynn leaned over and slapped her ass hard, leaving a bright white, then red hand-print.

Heather finally slid off of his lap, gasping and moaning. "Jesus Daddy! That was hard."

Lynn stretched out on his lap again, "Just a bit more, Mr. Payne. To make sure I understand?" This time her suit bottoms were completely gone.

Harold reached out and caressed her ass, squeezing her bare cheek. With an easy smack, he admitted that it was what he wanted, too.

Heather slid behind him and then reached around and fished his hard cock out of his shorts. She stroked his cock while he spanked her best friend.

"Oh God," Lynn moaned, looking back at what they were doing. "That's so hot."

Harold spanked little Lynn firmly, but still spent half his time fondling her privates, penetrating her with his fingers, working to wring another orgasm out of her, the old fashioned way. When he had three fingers plunging into her deeply, he could feel her respond.

Heather encouraged him shamelessly. She whispered in his ear, while she stroked his hard cock. "Spank the little tramp, Daddy, spank her slutty little butt. Abuse her filthy little pussy, Daddy. Do it. Finger her hard, just like that. God look at the little slut squirm. Spank her some more, Daddy. Spank her hard. I want you to come on her. Come on her for me, Daddy. Squirt your nasty hot cum all over her."

His daughter's stroking hand and nasty words, the incredible view in front of him, and the act of punishing the naughty Lynn pushed him over the edge. He shoved his finger's deep and hard into the friend, while his cock finally unloaded, shooting a load of thick white cream all over Lynn's bare back.

"FUCK!" Lynn cried out, coming hard as his juices burned into her skin.

* * *

Heather looked over the videos she had. It was all coming together. Mom was coming home any day. Time was running out.

If this latest didn't do it, she didn't know what would. Well, maybe there was one more thing she could do...

* * *

Janice had spent the morning in tears, and the afternoon in the hotel spa, on the company's expense.

It had been worse, far worse than she had expected. She'd tried to back out of it but Roger had been insistent, coaxing, threatening. He told her that her job was riding on this. She could go along and be a hero, or back out and pay the price. He reminded her that her share of the bonus would be over $60k if things went through. She finally capitulated.

The men had ridden her throughout the night. The presidential suite was gorgeous, but she didn't see much beyond the ceiling of the main bedroom. The visitors took turns on her, while the men partied in the main room. After each had his turn, they started coming back, sometimes singly, sometimes in pairs. Dan and Roger would join them on occasion, as did Jerry, the CFO. She was fucked as least twice by everyone, although three of the visitors really liked blow-jobs. Hard, aggressive face-fucks would be a better description.

Janice could hear Melissa in the room next door doing her best to bare her share of the burden. Janice wondered how much she'd get out of this.

At one point, while Roger was fucking her and Warren from Singapore was shoving his dick down her throat, Roger complained that she was getting too loose, turned her over and shoved his beast of a cock up her ass. Even though two of the visitors and Dan had already taken her there, taking on Roger's thick pole was too much, and she cried as he plowed her painfully. He just laughed, pulled her on top of him, and insisted Warren finish in her pussy, which almost split her in two.

When she awoke in the morning, she was a total mess, ached all over, and was bleeding from her rear. She had bite marks all over her breasts, and her stomach was aching. After throwing up in the bathroom and washing her face, she felt marginally better. When she finally made it out to the main room she found a note from Jerry, telling her they had the signatures, and commending her for a great job.

She headed for the bath, and heard sobbing from the other bedroom. She opened the door and found Melissa in the bed, curled up around a pillow and crying her heart out. Janice could only hope she didn't look as bad as the girl from accounting.

* * *

The spa service did a pretty good job of relaxing and restoring both of the well used women. It turned out Melissa was married too. Her husband also worked for the firm, but Roger was his boss, and he'd sent him to France on travel. It was a choice assignment that he leaped at, not knowing he was leaving his young wife at the mercy of the callous Roger.

They both agreed that the bonuses would be useful, but swore they'd never get involved in anything like that project again.

* * *

"Harold, I'm coming home the day after tomorrow. We'll have to talk. I've done some things here that I shouldn't have. One thing lead to another, and I've done some bad things, terrible things. I'm sorry."

"Just come home Janice. Come home to me. One quick spanking and all will be forgiven," he teased her.

"This might take more than one spanking," she confessed.

"That's Ok. We have time. If I have to spank you every night for a year, in the end you know all will be forgiven. Come home to me."

"Don't make promises yet. It's bad."

"I understand bad. I spanked Lynn and Heather. They were naked. They came on my hand over and over again, and I came in Heather's hand, all over Lynn."

"Oh Harold! What's happening to us?"

"Come home. I need you. I love you."

"Day after tomorrow. I love you too."

* * *

"Daddy! Look! I got into 'State!" Heather cried out waving the admissions letter.

"That's great, honey," Harold started, then lost his train of thought when his hot little daughter leaped into his arms.

He hugged her. "Let's celebrate tonight. Put on something nice, and we'll go out to dinner."

His daughter squealed and disappeared into her room, not to appear for nearly an hour.

Harold got in a quick call to Janice, leaving a message, when he couldn't get hold of her.

"Heather got accepted at State. We're going out to dinner to celebrate. I just wanted to let you know because we probably won't be back before you call. I miss you and I'm dying to see you tomorrow evening."

When Heather came out, after her preparations, she was devastating. His little girl looked like quite the woman. Too much so.

The couple had a pleasant dinner, and when they got back, Heather begged for permission to have some wine, which they shared. With half the bottle gone, Heather went to the back of the house.

"Daddy? Can you help me?" she yelled out.

Harold went to her room. "I wanted to change, so I wouldn't ruin this, but I can't reach the zipper, can you help me?"

Harold eased the zipper down, then let his hands stroke her shoulders.

Heather stepped out of her dress, picked it up and hung it up. She stood before him in bra and panties. "That feels so much better." She stretched, then turned to her father. "Daddy, don't you want to get comfy?"

Harold had already removed his coat and he loosened his tie in response to her comment.

"C'mon Daddy, loosen up." She took his tie off, then started working on his shirt. When she wasn't rebuffed, she turned to his pants. With his pants around his knees, she pushed him back on the bed, took off his shoes, socks and pants, and looked down on him, laying there in his underwear.

"I had a great time tonight, Daddy. It was just like a real date. It was wonderful."

"I had a great time too," Harold admitted, watching his daughter.


"Yes, darling?"

She unsnapped her bra in the front and tossed it to the side. She then stepped out of her panties. "I think you're about to have an even better time."

"Oh, really?" Harold answered with a laugh.

She grabbed his underwear and tugged them down his body, leaving him completely naked, with his hard-on standing tall. "Yes, REALLY."

She climbed on the bed and went immediately for his hard cock. "God, you are so BIG Daddy, how does Mommy ever manage to take it all? I can't believe that would fit inside of somebody. It would tear me open."

"Oh, I think you'd find a way to accommodate it," Harold told her.

"Daddy, I'm going to suck you now, Ok? I've never done this before, so you'll have to tell me what to do. You'll teach me, won't you." Heather asked, her face inches from his swollen cock head, her eyes looking up into his.

"Heather, dear child, are you sure you want to do this?"

"I've never wanted anything more. Don't send me off to college a complete sexual idiot."

"Baby, I'd love to be your teacher in this."

As her mouth closed over his cock, Harold couldn't help but reflect - what a difference a summer could make.

Heather gave it her best, licking and sucking under her father's direction. She practiced stroking and kissing, sucking him deeply, and using her tongue on him while in her mouth. Getting the swing of it, she turned to make sure the camera had the best view possible, and bobbed her head up and down on his mighty staff, stroking in time. Her father's hands wandered blithely over her teen body, and as he reached his finish, his fingers worked her insides.

"Angel, I'm going to come," Harold gasped.

Heather came up for a breath, "In my mouth," then went at him even more aggressively, staring into the camera attached to the top of her monitor.

He exploded, grunting, holding her head, while he filled her mouth.

Heather took it gamely, getting off on getting her father off. God, the power was mind-boggling. She swallowed repeatedly, sucking her father dry.

Afterwards, she relaxed in his arms, her lovely young body pressed against his. She thanked him for all he'd done for her, and apologized for her behavior the last few years. Then she decided to show him her appreciation and lovingly explored his body, while he did much of the same.

The second lesson in blow jobs was even better than the first.

* * *

Heather stayed up late, editing the video, working on it until it was just what she was looking for. It was nearly 2:00 am when she finally finished her masterpiece. Boy was Mom going to be surprised!

* * *

Harold sent Heather and Lynn out with his credit card to get a couple of new outfits for school. He gave them until 4:00, and a budget of $200 each, from his private account. They both gave him big hugs and promised to be back promptly, at 4:15. They both had mischievous smiles, when they announced their intention to be purposefully late.

He just shook his head.

"Jeff? Harold. Heather's Dad. Can you come over for a few minutes. We should talk." Harold knew that Jeff worked from home, and Lynn had reported that he'd been hard at work when she left.

* * *

Jeff Klein, looked a little nervous when Harold opened the door. Harold passed him a beer as he crossed the threshold.

They were seated in the family room when Harold got straight to the point. "I spanked Lynn. Twice."

Jeff responded as if he'd been slapped. "You did what?"

"I spanked her. I've been spanking Heather for a while, trying to straighten her out, and the two of them first broke her bed, then they broke the pool vacuum. Lynn insisted that if I was going to punish Heather, I should punish her as well. She told me that you spanked her regularly, then told me about how you did it. I don't know what was true or false, and I'm the last person in the world that should be judging anybody, but I wanted you to know."

Jeff seemed to wilt in his chair. "When?"

"The last couple of days."

Jeff was quiet, trying to absorb it all. He was shaking his head. "Do I want to know what she said about getting spanked at home?"

"Probably no worse than what Heather's been getting."

Jeff sat quietly and nursed his beer. "It started about 8 months ago. I was furious and told her if she was going to act like a six year old I'd treat her like one." He took a deep drink. "God, I know I shouldn't be doing it, but I can't help myself. She goads me into it. She's always breaking little rules on purpose, then insisting on her punishment. I can't say no. I'm both praying for and dreading her going off to school." He finished his beer and put it down beside him. "I spanked Heather about a week ago. I'm sorry about that."

"I know. She told me."

"Jesus, Harry! How long have you known?"

"Just a few days. It's getting bad. Heather gets off on it. And she's trying to make it more sexual. So is Lynn."

Jeff just shook his head. "Can I get another beer?"

Harold got up and returned with refills for the both of them.

"Now what?" Jeff asked.

"Does your wife know?"

"Christ, no!" Jeff exclaimed, "Does yours?"

"From the beginning. She's been on travel, but I keep her updated each evening. It's not something I'm proud of, and she doesn't exactly approve, but I think she understands. She's had a few spankings of her own."

"God, what I wouldn't give for that! Mary is not very open about things sexual, and anything even borderline kinky shuts her down completely."

"The girls are going to be here in an hour. They've already told me they're going to be late on purpose. They're expecting to get punished," Harold explained.

"That's just like the little monster. She's always flouting my rules - just a little, just enough to cause more trouble," Jeff laughed a short, bark of a laugh.

"I'm going to ask you something, but you don't have to answer it. I hope you won't take offense," Harold said, taking a deep drink from his own beer.

"Go ahead. I won't say I'll answer though."

"Are you having sex?" Once the words left his mouth, they sounded accusing. Harold quickly continued, "We're not fucking yet, Heather and I, but she's pushing things that way. The last few times have ended with both of us coming."

Jeff stared at him for several long moments, took another drink and seemed to make a decision. "No. Not yet. But it's been damned close. A few weeks ago she used her mouth on me for the first time. And I've been real close to doing the same with her. Just this week I started down that road. I know it's so wrong, but it's also so incredible."

"I don't want to fuck my daughter." Harold finally said. "I do, God, I want to so badly, but I don't want to take it that far. And I'm afraid that's where it's going. These girls are so insistent, so demanding, and so damned sexy."

"Fuck. I know what you mean. Lynn's even asked for it. I don't know how I've managed to say no so far."

Harold licked his lips, his mouth suddenly gone dry. "I think we could teach them that this much teasing has its consequences."

"You don't mean we should do it, do you?" Jeff asked, startled by the turn in the conversation.

"I do. Just not to our own daughters."

Jeff just stared at Harold for a moment. He was trying to dry his sweaty palms on his pant legs. He grabbed his beer and finished it off.

"I think I'm going to need another beer."

* * *

"What time's your mother getting home?" Lynn asked.

"Supposed to be around 7:00," Heather answered.

"So what time should I spring it on Jeff?"

"I think as soon as you get home, after our 'punishment'. You Ok with this?" Heather asked nervously. A whole summer's efforts depended on this.

"I don't know, things are really going pretty good right now. It'd be kind of a shame to mess it up," Lynn laughed.

"C'mon Lynn! It's our plan! Things will only get better after this. We'll get whatever we want!" Heather insisted.

"Ok, I guess, it is the plan, right?"

"Cool, let's go and get our just desserts."

* * *

The girls walked into the house, giddy over their purchases. They'd timed it perfectly, right at 4:15. Fifteen minutes late.

"Daddy! We're home. Sorry we're late." Heather called out.

"Yeah, Mr. Payne. I couldn't find my size so it's really my fault. We're ready for our punishment..." Lynn's words trailed off as she entered the living room and saw her father sitting there, opposite Heather's father.

"Oh, uh, Hi Mr. Klein," Heather said as she took in the lay of the land.

Jeff shook his head. "You girls know you had a deadline, and yet you purposely missed it. This is becoming a bad habit. I don't think the punishment is proving to be the deterrent it should be."

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