Bad Moon Risin'

byBlue Dolphin©

Jonathon was relieved to see that this was the response she had required, as her hand held his cock upright, and she lowered her body slowly onto him. Her pussy looked so small, next to his now extended throbbing cock, but she was not concerned as far as he could see. Her lips parting opening, and stretching around his shaft, as she inexorably lowered herself onto him. He could feel the inner walls of her pussy, tight against his dick, as he went deeper inside, eventually, feeling the head of his cock against what he guessed to be her cervix. She groaned, just the once, and then placing both of her hands on his chest, she started riding him. Gripping the base of his cock with her muscle, when he was fully immersed, and pulling upwards. Before releasing him for the downward stroke.

Although he had been ridden many times before, Jonathon had never known anything like this. A creature of unknown origin she may have been, but she surely knew how to fuck. Every nerve in his body was alive, as electric shocks seemingly coursed through him. He pushed upwards with his hips, trying to match her thrusts, ramming his dick in as best he could, considering his predicament. She went on, and on, he could not believe how long she rode him for, "this endless night lasting forever now," he thought.

"COME YOU BASTARD NOW, fill me, fill my cunt, for fucks sake yes, YES COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME"

She took him by surprise, and like she had said, he came at her command, screaming out in pain, as his semen flew from him, harder, in voluminous amounts that astounded him. Sweat poured from his forehead, mixing with the tears coming from his eyes. She used her sex to milk him, almost sucking on his cock, taking every drop that he had to offer, and more maybe. She leant forward, still joined at the hips, and pulled out the pillow from under his head. Looking at him, she smiled, letting him at last see all of her teeth. His scream was stifled in an instant, by the pillow that she placed over his head, and Jonathon was plunged into darkness.

He could hear sirens, in the distance, getting louder, as he slowly opened his eyes, and looked around. He was in his car, behind the wheel, with the headlights shining up into the sky. The car was a wreck, he knew that instantly, and was thankful that he had been wearing his seatbelt. He felt no pain, and could move both of his legs and his arms. Looking at the display on the dashboard, he noted the time and date.

12:01am Tuesday 1 November

"It could not be surely," he thought to himself, the storm, and the farmhouse. He looked in the rear view mirror, shifting a little for a better view. He still had on his dog collar, even if it was itching a little. He moved his hand, to ease the itching, pulling the dog collar down.

Then he saw them, two little holes, pinpricks almost, caked, in dried blood.

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