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Bad Party


Well when I got there I didn't think the party would turn out to be anywhere near as much fun as it ended up becoming.

John, my friend in university, had invited me to his house as they were having an end of season bash. I should explain, John was captain of the university rugby team and I am one of the campus cheerleading squad. I think, to be honest, he didn't expect many people to come and I know he had invited pretty much every pretty girl on campus, so he seemed surprised when I turned up at his door.

Problem John had was that far from the glamorous 'captain of the team' thing you would expect, our University rugby team was the worst in the various leagues and regularly capitulated every week to better sides. The football team was far more successful; as were the basketball team and the hockey squad... you get the picture.

However, I had always liked rugby and went to support them whenever I could (we cheered for the home games anyway) and I quite liked the rugby boys, they were a laugh -- unlike the football crowd who were all assholes.

Anyway, John let me in and my heart sank -- far from the bouncing party I had been expecting, there were four of us there in total; John, his two housemates Tony and Dave -- and myself. John explained that he had had a load of last minute cancellations and sorrys -- as it turned out the football team were also having a shindig and that's where all the 'happening' people had gone. Still, I was broke (student) and there was no way I was going to be able to get there and besides, most of the girls who would be there are bitches anyway.

Let me tell you about myself; My name is Jess and I'm 21 with dyed red hair, I'm 5'4" and a bit of a 'rocker chick' -- I've never had a problem picking up guys, probably something to do with my lean physique, I spend a lot of time exercising and cheering and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with my body. My boobs are small but very firm and perky, I often don't wear a bra as I don't need to and I enjoy the extra attention a little bit of erect nipple gets me. Let's just say, if I'm braless in a club I generally don't have to pay for a drink all night, which suits me just fine.

I hadn't dressed up for the party, I wore what I normally wear -- a pair of low slung black combats with shocking pink zips and buckles all over them, a tight white tank-top (though for once I was wearing a push-up bra) and a pair of trainers.

'So what's the plan then John?' I asked him after he had finished explaining the lack of people.

'Well we were about to watch a film Jess, drink some beer have a laugh -- maybe play some poker later. Unless you want to do something else?'

'Sounds good to me,' I said with a smile. Like I said, I like John, he's a nice guy and the other boys there were decent enough chaps as well. I've always felt more comfortable around fellas anyway, bit of a tomboy to be honest and the whole girly girl thing really doesn't float my boat. Not to say I don't like pink or having my nails done or whatever, it's just the vapid giggles of my co-cheerleaders generally sets my teeth on edge.

I won't bore you too much with the next couple of hours, the film chosen was the new Clash of the Titans -- god it's terrible. The first half an hour everyone watched quietly, drinking beers and the remainder of the film was filled with increasingly harsh abuse both at the turkey it turned out to be and John in particular for recommending it.

So the film ended and we had all had a few bottles of beer, we chatted for a bit before Tony suggested we play Poker and the boys started getting a table and chairs set up in the living room.

Soon enough we were all sat down and Tony started shuffling. John had brought out a stack of chips and he put them off to one side.

'Right then gentlemen and lady,' John said as he smiled at me. 'How does twenty pounds buy in sound?'

I looked at him, feeling a bit crappy. 'John, I don't have twenty quid mate, I'm broke.' As I said it Dave started nodding in agreement.

'Not gonna happen mate, I'm sorry -- had to pay my fees last week, I'm down to eating beans.'

John looked a bit crestfallen but then he brightened up. 'Well it's not poker unless there is something you are afraid to lose on the table,' he turned to look directly at me, 'so how about we play strip poker instead?'

There was an uncomfortable silence after he said it, I was aware that they were all looking at me expectantly, like naughty boys who've been caught doing something dirty. Fuck it, I thought, three to one odds it's them first anyway.

'Alright,' I said, 'I'm game -- what are the rules?'

Everyone suddenly had excited smiles on their faces and I could feel that the mood of the evening had suddenly turned a corner. These three guys would be going all out to see me naked and the thought made me more than a little wet, I have to say.

Did I forget to mention, I'm more than a little bit slutty when the mood takes me.

'Well,' said Dave, 'the classic is whoever looses a hand takes off an item of clothing and whoever wins doesn't. However when I was out in Germany last year we played a different set of rules.'

'What are they?' I asked, feeling a little apprehensive.

'Well,' he continued, 'you bet an item of clothing before the cards are dealt, say a t-shirt. Then if you fold you have to stand up and take it off, no matter what. But,' he said holding a finger in the air, 'if you lose without folding then the winner of the hand gets to chose which item you take off -- it doesn't have to be the one you originally bet.'

'So,' Tony piped up, 'if you fold you just lost that bit but if you play on and lose you could end up losing something a bit more embarrassing?'

'Exactly so,' John replied. 'Makes it a bit more entertaining I think, also if you win then you get to put two items of discarded clothing back on. That makes people want to actually play through you see and brings in all the bluff and whatnot of a real poker game.'

'When does the game end then?' This was Dave.

'When someone's naked, unless they decide to risk it and play on.'

'Play on?' I asked confused.

'Yes, well they can bet a dare against getting three items of clothing back, if they win then they get the clothes but if they lose, whoever wins that hand decides that they have to do something -- whatever it is they have to do it. They can do that as many times as they like, though I suppose it depends on the dare. Game ends when someone's naked and refuses or is unable to bet a dare.'

Silence again, this was unexpected territory for them I suspect, me too for that matter. It sounded an awful lot like they had a chance to get the one hot girl in the room both naked and at their mercy and I could see the nervous excitement in their eyes. I must admit, I felt pretty small sitting at the table -- these lads are all Rugby players and they were all well over six feet and very strong.

'Alright,' I said feeling more and more turned on, 'let's play those rules then.'


Being honest I expected what was to happen, the beer and the general air of hornyness in the room pretty much dictated how the three guys were going to play. They all wanted me naked and against three of them it really wasn't a fair game at all.

My trainers went in the first couple of rounds after I folded. My socks in the next couple as the cards I had been dealt were dire. Dave was also in bare feet but Tony and John had their shirts off, their muscular torsos not helping my concentration. Realising that I was going to be showing a lot more flesh than I wanted to if I didn't play soon, I decided to play the next one as if my life depended on it.

'Trousers,' I said when it was my turn to ante-up.

For once I had a good hand, a pair of Jacks my best cards. Texas Hold-em can be pretty fickle though so I was a touch worried. The first couple of cards out were a nine and a ten -- good enough I thought and I kept in, even though Dave and John had folded pretty much straight away. The next couple of cards came out, a pair of twos -- two pair, awesome. My confidence jumped with just me and Tony left in as the River card came out -- an Ace.

'So what have you got Jess?' He asked with a grin.

'Two pair, Jacks over twos,' I said with a smile as I laid them down on the table.

'That's a shame then,' he replied putting his cards down. I craned over to see that he also had two pair, aces over twos.

I swallowed and looked up at him, 'So you've won, what's your pleasure?' I asked.

He took a moment and looked at me hungrily, I didn't trust myself to look around but I knew the other guys were staring at me as well.

'Top,' he said with a leer.

Closing my eyes, I stood up, reached down and pulled my tank top over my head quickly. Whilst I was glad I had worn a bra, I wasn't so glad that it gave me quite so much cleavage. I looked around but three sets of eyes were fixed to my chest and my flat, toned belly. I knew what would go next if I gave any of them the opportunity but I had to try and get some clothes back.

The next round saw me play and lose again, I tried to bluff but John had more clothes on than me and didn't care if he lost.

'Brrra....Trousers,' he said with a grin as my heart skipped a beat. I was almost feeling grateful as I stood and slipped my combats down my legs revealing the skimpy, hot pink tangas I was wearing. However, at least for the moment I wouldn't be sitting there with my breasts on display. They were all staring at my chest enough as it was.

I won the next hand, a flush! I put my trousers and top back on as I made Dave take off his shorts. I couldn't help but notice the large bulge in the front of his boxers as he sat back down quickly.

The next two hands saw me lose my top again when I folded, taking it off being a bit easier the second time around, things though, took a downward turn from there.

Feeling confident I bet my trousers again as I had decent cards for once. Not decent enough however and soon I was looking into Tony's eyes as he dragged the moment out.

'Not being funny Jess,' he said finally, 'but I really want to see your tits. So get that Bra off!'

I knew it was going to happen but I didn't expect the rush of heat in my pussy as a strange man told me to expose myself to a room full of guys. Clit tingling I stood up and reached behind myself, unhooking my bra and letting it fall onto the floor as my firm boobs bounced free.

My nipples were rock hard, light pink and jutting out form my body as I looked at Tony again.

'Well, do you like them?' I asked sweetly.

'Oh yes,' he breathed before tearing his eyes away and starting to shuffle. All the lads were either openly staring or darting quick glances at me now and I knew there were three hard cocks just under the table. Well, three hard cocks and one soaking pussy.

I think I made my decision then that if I was the first one naked I would do any dare they set me, whatever it was.

My trousers went in the next hand, I didn't even bother trying -- a three and a nine are not good cards -- and I went into my last hand wearing only my bright pink tangas, trying to hide the wet patch on the crotch.

I lost.

'Well, there's only one thing left then Jess,' said Dave with a grin. Bastard was down to just his pants as well.

I stood up and hooked my thumbs into the waistband and wiggled my panties off, bending at the waist to get them off over my ankles. I stood back up and struck a pose, my legs slightly parted as the four men ogled me. I'm totally shaved and I'm sure that my pink pussy lips would have been just visible. After a second or two I started to sit back down but John stopped me.

'Before you sit down Jess, are you going to bet it all on one more hand? Or do you want the game to end now?' I could see the desperate, horny longing in their eyes as they drank in the sight of me naked.

I smiled even though my heart was hammering and looked around at them all, weighing up my options. I knew staying would lead to me being fucked just as I knew I could have left then and saved myself a lot of bother later.

'I'm game if you are boys.' I said with a confidence I didn't feel. 'What sort of dare could you possibly give to a naked cheerleader that would embarrass her?'

Unsurprisingly, the cards were shocking. I kept on playing -- what did I have to lose -- but it was with a sinking feeling that I put my cards down, knowing they were terrible. Everyone had stayed in this hand as they all wanted to be the ones to get me to do something. In the end though it was Tony who won, pumping his fist in the air with a shout as he realised it was him.

Depressingly I was about to put myself through god knows what on the back of a pair of kings.

The other three, as losers had to remove an item -- at least John was also naked now, he pulled off his boxers to reveal a thick half-erect cock -- and Tony dealt with all of them before turning to me.

'Push your chair back Jess,' he started, 'let's have a proper look at you.'

I pushed my chair away from the table as they all eagerly watched, I sat on the very edge of the seat and swung my legs to the side, I crossed my ankles and put my hands on the chair seat behind me, stretching out my torso and making my boobs stick straight up into the air. Well they wanted a show, didn't they?

'Just like that,' Tony said with a laugh. 'Jess, I think it's plain what the boys all want so if I ask you to do something sexual will you be offended or will you do it and then play another round?'

I looked straight into his eyes, 'I'll do it and play on,' I said, too horny to even think about stopping now.

'Right then,' he grinned, 'put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and hum, I need to discuss something with the boys.

I did as he asked, feeling so horny and exposed now that I couldn't see or hear any of them. After a while I heard Tony shout my name and I opened my eyes to see them all staring at me with nervous little grins on their eager faces.

'Jess, we want you to spread your legs and play with yourself for five minutes,' he lifted up his watch, 'right there in that chair. While you do that we are going to ask you some questions and you have to answer them truthfully. That's the dare, can you do that?'

'Yes,' I breathed, feeling my skin flush and my nipples harden again. What was I doing? I was going to get gang banged in a moment and I was encouraging it.

'Go on then girl, get started,' John grated, his eyes bright.

They all let out a sigh as I spread my long legs wide for them, my bald, pink little pussy opening up and glistening with my juice. I licked my fingers and slid them down my body, quickly finding my clit as I heard the beep of Tony's watch timer being started.

Everything was quiet for a while - well they were, I was letting out contented sighs and little gasps as the waves of pleasure washed over me from my clit and soaking pussy lips. I had brought up my other hand to pinch at my nipples, not caring anymore that I had an audience when Dave's voice startled me.

'What kind of porn, do you like Jess?' He said loudly.

'I have to be honest right?' I asked trying hard to focus on the conversation.

'Yes you do,' he replied, his eyes glued to what my fingers were doing.

'I like Bondage and BDSM porn' I said licking my lips and twitching as another spasm rushed through me.

'Oh-ho!' someone crowed. 'So if we tied you up you'd enjoy it?' That was Tony.

'Uh-huh,' I moaned nodding my head, feeling an orgasm building.

'Do you take it up the ass?' I think it was John; it was getting very difficult to concentrate.

'I love getting my ass fucked,' I moaned before crying out as an enormous orgasm rushed through me. I almost fell of the seat as I bucked and writhed but caught myself at the last moment.

'Keep going Jess, another couple of minutes to go yet sweetheart,' said Tony holding up his watch with an evil little smile.

I nodded and put my fingers back onto my aching clit, feeling it still pulsing with the remnants of my orgasm. I started circling it again, feeling another orgasm building -- I'd always fantasised about being at the mercy of a group of men but the reality was so much more than I had imagined. The humiliation, the feeling of being degraded as I came on demand for a group of grinning boys, the knowledge that they were all going to fuck me and I wouldn't do a thing to stop them.

'Will you do whatever we tell you to do for the rest of the weekend?' Tony's voice again.

My eyes flew open at the last question as I felt my second orgasm start to come on. The look in their eyes was one of triumph and excitement, I knew if I agreed they would treat me terribly and I would enjoy every last minute of it.

'Only if you are really mean to me,' I growled loudly as my second Orgasm crashed through me. I barely heard the beeper going signalling the end of my 'dare.'

I slowly opened my eyes to see them all grinning at me making me feel dirty and ashamed, even though my second orgasm hadn't quite faded yet. John stood up, his naked body hard and hairy and his thick cock jutting out of his crotch menacingly. I slipped out of the chair and onto my knees as he stood in front of me, his swollen glans leaking pre-cum centimetres from my face. Without another word he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed the whole length of it down my throat, filling my petit mouth to bursting as he slowly pumped it back and forth.

I felt more than saw the others come and stand around me as my face was fucked, they were all shouting encouragement to John, Dave wanted him to make me gag which John duly did, holding my nose and forcing his thick cock all the way in until I started to choke. He let go and pulled out but then quickly did it again to the laughter of the others.

'Right, get her over the table,' I heard Tony say as he came in from the kitchen carrying some bunjee cords as Dave pulled away from me, leaving me gasping for air on my hands and knees.

Before I had even started to recover, the other two grabbed my armpits, lifted me up and dragged me forward. I couldn't have resisted even if I had wanted to, they were much stronger than me, as they bent me over the edge of the table.

'Put your hands behind your back slut,' one of them said slapping my helpless ass cheek, I quickly did as they told me to and within seconds I felt my writs being tied together. Next I felt my legs being pulled apart and soon enough my ankles were tied to the legs of the table, leaving my pussy and ass spread open and exposed. I could hardly move a muscle -- even when I felt someone push a couple of fingers into my helpless pussy.

'God she's soaked,' said Dave, obviously the owner of the fingers roughly probing me.

'Stick your fucking dick in her then!' laughed Tony before coming around the side of the table, leaning over and looking into my pleading eyes.

'We're all going to take turns at your cunt Jess and then we're all going to do your ass. Look at me!' he shouted as I closed my eyes, I quickly opened them, gasping as I felt a thick cock slowly push itself into my tight pussy.

'You got a tight little ass Jess?' He whispered, leaning over the table and kissing my cheek.

'Uh-huh,' I managed between moans, the hard fucking I was receiving and the humiliating talk bringing me quickly to another orgasm. All I could hear for a moment was my own moans, the grunts of the man fucking me and the slap slap slap of his body hitting my ass cheeks.

Tony stood up straight and I could see his hard cock sticking out, God did I want to worship it right then. I was a little tied up though.

'Hey fellas; she says her ass is really tight. We should find something to loosen it with!'

They all laughed, except Dave who groaned as he thrust himself to the hilt inside me, I could feel the rush of cum as he pumped himself into me.

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