tagBDSMBad Party Ch. 02

Bad Party Ch. 02


So...yea, that totally happened then.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was showering, washing the stink of three men's cum from my body after a deep, exhausted sleep when my phone rang.

'Hello?' I said, naked and shivering in the cool air of my room.

'Hi Jess, it's Tony.'

'Oh hi Tony,' I said not knowing really what to say.

'Erm...' he started, 'we were wondering if you were ok and things? You know, after last night?'

I let him stew for a second, the cheeky git had obviously woken up horny and wanted to know if I was still interested.

'Im fine Tony, had an amazing time with you three.' I said finally, grinning.

He laughed, sounding relieved.

'So, are you still up for some more fun then Jess, you know like you said last night?'

'Maybe..' I replied carefully, 'depends what you have in mind.'

'Well,' he said, 'it's two o'clock now so why don't you meet us in the Red Lion at four and we can talk about it then?'

The red lion is the pub down the road from their house, I've been there a couple of times, it's a complete and utter shithole. Cheap and dirty, as you can imagine it was very popular with old men and hard drinkers.

'Ok,' I said, 'I can do that,' I said with a nervous flutter in my belly. 'Do you want me to bring anything?'

'Hang on,' he said before covering the phone with his hand. I could hear a muffled conversation going on but no detail.

'Keep an eye on your email Jess, we'll send you something once we've had a think about it.'

My stomach lurched as I heard laughter in the background just before he hung up, what the hell was I getting myself into here? I mean, an unexpected evening of kinky sex is all very well but this is something else, something that could rapidly spiral out of control if I wasn't careful.

Still, there was that thing going on when you know you shouldn't do something but it's exciting and turns you on....

Yea that.

I dried my hair and put on some makeup - I assumed they would want me looking sexy so I went for heavy dark on the eyes, super long lash mascara and a deep red lipstick that went well with my dyed red hair. Luckily I take very good care of my skin so there was no need for layers of makeup - hate the stuff anyway.

Once I had finished that I glanced at my computer screen to see an email from John pop up. I took a couple of deep breaths to steady my nerves and clicked 'open':

Hey Jess,

So this is your chance to back out before this becomes something other than a dirty night.

We like you - a lot - and last night was amazing but none of us want to make you uncomfortable.

You don't have to come and if that's your choice then we'll chalk it up to experience and never mention it again. But if you do come along then we totally want you to be wearing your shortest skirt, highest heels and tightest top with no underwear.

Oh and be prepared for some filthy action!


Hmmm, they were giving me an out here, did I want to take it? I could back out of this right now and get back to my normal life.

Balls more like, my pussy was dripping and all I could think of was being helpless in front of them last night as they fucked me...

An hour later I strutted into the pub and the attention I had been getting on the walk over didn't stop as every man who looked stopped and stared at me.

I don't often dress sexy on purpose but when I do I like to think I make an impression, my bare legs were tight and toned above five inch, platform heels and almost totally on display as my black satin wrap miniskirt only reached a couple of inches below my ass cheeks and was shorter than my jacket.

My braless breasts were barely coved in a tight boobtube that left little to the imagination and my stomach and shoulders bare. Small though I feel they are, my boobs are very well perky and I was very conscious of the fact I might as well be topless in the wrong light.

Spotting the boys I sashayed over, enjoying the hungry looks they were giving me. Carefully - being very aware that my bald pussy was only barely covered my by skirt - I sat down on the spare chair, grinning when I saw a large gin and tonic waiting for me.

'You look fucking gorgeous Jess,' Tony said as I shucked off my coat.

'Well you said you wanted me to dress up?' I said with a nervous grin, very aware of all the attention I was getting from the older men around me.

'Lets just take her home now boys!' Dave said with a nasty smile.

'No no,' Tony replied, 'we want to talk about some things first, don't we Jess.'

'I guess so,' I replied taking a long sip of my drink.

'Well,' John said, 'I'll start, first up Jess we want to do what we did last night again, like a lot more!

'Uh-huh,' I mumbled, feeling a blush colouring my cheeks.

'So we were thinking that if you are up for it then you could come round our house on the odd weekend and we can all have some no strings fun. That way we get to indulge ourselves with a red hot woman and you get plenty of free time to do your course and cheer leading and all that.'

'Exactly how often are you thinking?' I asked breathlessly, my mind already made up.

'Well...' John drawled, 'maybe once or twice a month or something?'

They all looked at me with a gorgeous mixture of lusty and bashful that made me weak at the knees.

'How about,' I said quietly, breaking the silence, 'on any weekend, if any of you want me you call and I'll be there?'

They all looked a little shocked.

'Well that, erm, that works too..' Dave said with a surprised laugh.

'And the things you said last night, the things we did to you?' Tony said with a nasty glint in his eye.

I nodded. 'I meant every word boys, I might act like a Tomboy but I always knew I was submissive and last night showed me that I love being treated, you know, like that. So yea, whatever you want to do to me, we'll its alright with me. All I ask is that if I say no to something then you stop or don't try it - otherwise the deal's off.

Bless them, they looked like excited schoolboys in a toy store, nodding along with my, very reasonable condition and exchanging grins. Hell, they were a second away from high fiving and despite the churning nervousness in my belly I couldn't help but grin and bat my eyelids at them.

'When did you become such a slut Jess?' Tony laughed.

'Mostly since puberty sir,' I replied feeling my pussy tighten at his use of the word, 'but mainly after I lost a game of cards last night.'

They all laughed again.

'So what do we do now?' Dave asked, eyeing my hard nipples which were clearly on show through my skimpy top.

They seemed suddenly awkward at the reality of the situation, so despite my nervousness I thought I'd better take the lead until they were a little more comfortable with it all. I had to remind myself that these lads were rugby boys, not s+m lifestylers and they'd probably need time to grow into the role a bit more.

'Well,' I said quietly, 'Ive promised a lot to you but you probably need some proof that I'm being honest when I say that I'll do whatever you tell me to. So why don't I get another round of drinks and you three can come up with something which will be funny for you and horrid for me, to test me out as it were?'

'That sounds like a great idea,' Dave said as I stood up, 'three largers and whatever you want.'

With that I left them to it.

The pub wasn't busy but the staff are dreadfully slow, so I was waiting to be served for what seemed like ages, highly conscious of my slutty outfit and the fact I was the only female in the room.

I was checked out, a lot. To be honest it was a little creepy - especially when I caught the eighty year old, hardened drinkers in the corner eyeing me up.

All in all I was pretty grateful to be getting back to the table with the round of drinks, though as you can imagine, that wasn't to last.

'So then Jess,' Tony said as I carefully sat down, trying desperately not to give the whole pub an eyeful of my hairless pussy, 'since you seem up for becoming our own little porn star, we'd better set some ground rules.'

I put on my cutest, butter wouldn't melt face and waited quietly as they exchanged excited glances.

'First up,' he continued, 'when you're with any of us you do exactly what we say, when we say it. No arguments, moaning or fucking about - as you want to be treated like a slave that's how we'll expect you to behave.'

'Of course sir,' I said meekly, fighting an odd mixture of adrenaline nervousness and the urge to break out in hysterical laughter.

'You'll come when we call and always be dressed as slutty as possible, no underwear allowed, ok?'

'Yes sir.'

'Oh, one more thing, we don't want to do anything you don't want to do but we really do want to hear you saying 'no' and begging us to stop.' He paused, grinning at my expression. 'So your safe word is 'Bananas,' probably best not forget it.'

'I won't sir,' I whispered, starting to breath heavily.

'Now then,' Dave said as Tony sat back grinning, taking a sip from his drink, 'you mentioned testing our your resolve?'

'Yes sir,' I said, my mouth suddenly dry.

'Hmmm,' he said, looking me up and down. 'What size are you?'

'What do you mean?'

'What actually are your measurements, like they put under page three girls, like Lucy from Essex blah blah blah?'

'Erm... Thirty four B, twenty four, thirty four sir,' I replied, wondering where this was going.

'Nice,' he said with an evil look. 'You work hard on your figure?'

'Yes sir, I'm always in the gym or cheering and running or something and I'm very careful with my diet.'

'Thirty four B though, on your frame those are quite big tits right?'

'I suppose so sir, they're full but they won't be by my knees when I'm forty,' I replied.

'You like your tits Jess? Are you proud of them?'

Yes sir,' I said with a smile, 'don't you?'

'Well we we just thinking that we haven't seen anywhere near enough of them,' he looked at the two other lads who were both looking at me excitedly. 'So lets have a look.'

'Pardon sir?' I said.

'Are you deaf? We want to see your tits Jess.'

I felt a little faint, I was expecting them to take me back to theirs and... Well do things, but here, sunday afternoon in a pub full of old men?

'We're waiting,' Dave said slowly, drawing out the syllables.

With my pulse pounding in my ears and acutely aware of the slick feeling I between my legs as my pussy went into overdrive I reached up, hooked my fingers around the top hem of my boobtube and pulled it down, feeling my boobs bounce free - my small pink nipples hard as bullets.

'They are nice Jess,' Dave laughed, 'looks like everyone else thinks so as well!'

I couldn't help but glance around as he gestured, I didn't want to but I had to. Every man in the room had his eyes on my naked breasts and the ones behind me were craning their necks to get a view.

'Stand up Jess, let them have a look. Shame to keep tits as nice as those to yourself,' John laughed, looking at my horrified expression.

Well I'd asked for it and taking a deep breath I stood up, put my hands behind my back and did a slow turn, seeing the surprised and lusty looks. I sat back down and looked pleadingly at the three of them, feeling my pussy leaving a mess on the chair seat.

'Best cover them up Jess, people will be getting ideas.'

Feeling incredibly grateful I pulled my top up and took a long pull at my drink.

'So, what do you want to do now Jess?' Tony asked. 'Come up with something good or we will make you do that again, but this time without the skirt as well.'

Oh god, what the fuck? They wouldn't would they?

'Come on Jess,' Dave said with a leer, 'beg us for something that'll be more fun than seeing you walk around this pub naked. You've got,' he looked at his watch, 'ten seconds.'

'Oh god sirs, Erm, please, please please take me home and beat me, beat me and fuck my ass. All three of you, rape my ass and cum on my face. I'll clean your cocks afterwards I promise, after you take me!'

'What do you think fellas?' Dave said, still keeping eye contact with me.

'Sounds like fun to me,' Tony said.

'Me too, though just cumming on her face?' John muttered.

'What are you thinking dude?'

'Well, how about we do that and then she walks home without cleaning it off?'

They all laughed as I cringed.

'Sounds fucking hilarious John boy,' he turned to me again, 'convince me Jess, what do you mean when you say beat you?'

I was very uncomfortable and acutely aware of the men in the pub looking like they would eat me alive, I couldn't believe I enjoyed their glances earlier. I really, really didn't want to be paraded naked in front of them.

'However you want, slap my ass, my tits, my face, take a stick to me when I'm helpless. Please don't make me be naked in front of them!'

'Beg us to beat your pussy Jess, before we all take a turn on your tight little asshole, then we'll think about it.'

I took a deep breath, this was all happening so fast.

'Please Sirs, please.....'

'Go on,' John said laughing.

'Please,' I closed my eyes and the words came out in a rush. 'Please beat my pussy and the rest of my body before you all use me.'

'And then?'

'Then cum on my face and hair, smear me in it and make me walk home covered in your sperm. Please sirs, please?!'

'Well then, who are we to deny a beautiful young woman her heart's desire eh lads? Tony said before finishing his pint and standing, closely followed by the other two. I could see their cocks were all swollen in their jeans and I have to say I was as terrified as I was horny.


I got home about five hours later, I was tired and very sore. My boobs, vulva and inter thighs were still pink from the slaps and pinches, while my shoulders and wrists hurt from having my hands tied behind my back for so long.

The worst though was my poor ass, the muscle was bruised from all the slaps while my little hole felt stretched and slack, stinging when I moved or sit down.

Putting down my phone I turned on the shower, peeled off my tiny outfit and sat under the hot water, feeling the dried cum dampen and run off my face and out of my hair as I relived the evening in my mind, my hand involuntarily rubbing at my sore clit as I made myself orgasm again and again.

They walked me back to their house, Tony carrying my coat 'so that everyone could see me' and the night really got underway as soon as they closed the door.

They immediately made me strip before they bound my wrists and elbows together behind my back.

Taking turns, one of them would hold me while the other two slapped my boobs and pinched my nipples hard, though once they got bored of that they forced me to my knees and took turns ramming their cocks down my throat, laughing as they made me choke and making me beg them to use my mouth (when my mouth wasn't full that is).

After that they carried me upstairs to Dave's big bed where they were they did exactly as I had asked them to and so, lying on my bound arms with one of them holding each ankle, the third slapped my thighs and my helpless little pussy while I squealed and begged them to stop.

They did, but only to take turns.

Tony was the first up my ass, his thick cock hurting me as he ground himself inside. He fucked me long and hard before pulling out, yanking my head back by grabbing a fistful of my hair and jetting thick ropes of cum all over my cheek and neck.

Dave was already easing into position as Tony pushed his softening cock into my mouth. I sucked him greedily, tasting my ass, cum and sweat as Dave started to pound away at me.

Dave didn't last very long and soon enough he was leaning over me and blasting his sperm onto my forehead and over my nose. Once again, as John took his place in between my now limply spread legs and pushed himself inside me, Dave's thick, slimy cock was pushed into my mouth and I spent almost all of John's fucking with my nose buried in Dave's sweaty pubes.

I felt John pull out as Dave moved away, leaving me feeling very empty. I waited for the yank on my hair and another face full of goo but John had different ideas. He knelt on the mattress next to me, put the end of his cock on the back of my head and shot his load straight into my hair before wiping the end of his dick on my forehead.

He pulled me into a sitting position before making me clean off his softening cock, then after a few seconds, he turned around and walked out and a minute or so later I heard him walking downstairs and the sound of laughter.

I was naked, bound and covered in cum and they had left me alone but I knew what I had to do.

Gingerly I stood, walking carefully as every step caused a throbbing ache deep in my abused ass. I walked downstairs where they were lounging around sated and drinking cold beer. They all burst into spontaneous laughter when they say my dishevelled, cum smeared state but, despite the wave of humiliation and shame, I walked to the centre of the living room and knelt on the floor, facing them.

'Thank you for using me sirs,' I said prompting another round of laughter. 'May I be set free and get dressed so I can walk home while your cum is still wet?'

'Fuck me,' John said, 'you are a proper slut, I honestly thought you wouldn't go through with it but you love it, don't you!'

'Yes sir,' I said, 'I love being used by you.'

Dave told me to stand before untying my hands, then sat back down.

'Well Jess, get your shit and fuck off and we want proof you walked home wearing our cum.'

'Proof sir?' I said, wrapping my tiny skirt around my hips.

'Yes, take a photo of your face in your bedroom and text it to us as soon as you get home.'

'Yes sir,' I said, 'thank you sir,' before pulling my boob tube on and starting towards the door. Feeling a thick rope of cum sliding down my hairline.

To be continued.....

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