tagBDSMBad Party Ch. 03

Bad Party Ch. 03


So it had been a hell of a weekend, a party that started badly ended up with me volunteering to be the whore for three horny boys.

I'd been tied, humiliated, beaten and fucked. In fact three is a gang bang so yes, gang banged twice on consecutive nights and you know what? I loved every second of it, I mean I'd always known I was a bit slutty but submitting to those guys seemed to fulfil a deep rooted need in me that I couldn't wait to explore further.

The week passed slowly, I went to my classes and the gym (though I missed cheer leading training on Monday as I was way too sore to be doing the splits 24 hours after the boys had had their way with me), I handed in an essay I had been working on and went out a couple of times with my friends.

All in all a very normal week, except that I was wet - all the time.

Seriously, I must have spent at least two hours a day with my hands down my pants and my fingers jammed inside me.

It wasn't that I enjoyed what happened, especially on the Sunday, that was humiliating and painful but I realised that the anticipation of it and the subsequent memory of it were such a powerful aphrodisiac for me that I was utterly hooked.

I saw the three of them around campus, Dave is in a couple of my minor classes, but they all ignored me. Well they didn't ignore me, they just made sure that there wasn't any interaction even though I caught them glancing at me more than a few times.

Friday night I got home from the gym and checked my email, buried in amongst the spam was a message from Dave.


When you read this reply immediately that you understand. Then take off your clothes, put on some makeup and meet us in the town square wearing a pair of high heels and a short coat - the shorter the better.


I didn't think, I just stripped off, thanking god that I had showered in the gym. I did my eyes, they seemed to like the mascara and heavy eyeliner last week, and styled my hair a little before strapping myself into a pair of four inch sandals.

Then, my heart pounding and before my nerves could stop me, I shucked on a rain-jacket that came to just above mid thigh, belted it and walked out of the door into the cool evening air.

An hour later I was still waiting in the square when they finally showed up, I'd been getting glances from all the various groups of lads heading out for a night on the town - it did look very much like I was naked under my coat I suppose. Long, lean legs on display will get attention anywhere in my experience and a lone woman standing nervously with them out doubles the attractiveness.

I'd politely fended off the third advance of the evening, this time from a young Asian man, when I caught sight of the three lads coming towards me. Strutting on my heels I went to meet them, carefully managing my coat so the bottom didn't blow open in the light breeze.

'Evening Jess, you made it then?' Tony said with a smile. 'We would have been here earlier but we stopped for a pint first.'

'I hope you enjoyed it sir,' I said, standing with my shoulders back and my hands clasped behind my back.

'Are you wearing what we told you to?'

'Yes sir,' I said, quickly lifting the bottom of the coat to flash my (very) damp pussy.

They all laughed and Dave slipped his arm over my shoulders, steering me towards the south end of town.

South of the square is a bit of a run down area, the kind of place that the students union tell groups of girls not to rent a house, but I was with three huge lads so I wasn't too worried.

They took me further and further out of the town centre, past betting shops, ethnic markets and pawn shops. I didn't know what to think and the boys were chatting amongst themselves so I kept quiet and listened to their conversation.

After a while they came up to a seedy looking sex shop, you know the ones with metal shutters covered in graffiti pulled down all day and no real sign outside.

John opened the door and went inside, I followed him and found myself looking at a dingy shop full of DVDs and sex toys. It was quite large but very cluttered and it smelt like stale sweat.

John walked up to the greasy fat guy behind the counter and shook his hand, I didn't hear what they said to each other but they were obviously friends.

Dave picked up a DVD and pointed at something on the cover that made Tony snort, all in all I was feeling very out of place.

Well, out of place and very aware that I was naked under my coat.

'Jess, come over here and meet Chris,' John said waving me over. I walked through the narrow aisles to the counter, my heels clicking on the linoleum floor.

'Hello Cris,' I said with a bright smile, trying hard not to cringe as he very obviously checked out my legs before eventually looking up.

'Hi,' he said, his eyes flicking down to my chest.

'Chris went to school with me,' John said, 'took over his dads shop a couple of years ago didn't you Chris?'

'Yep,' Chris replied. 'Don't often see you in here though John.'

'Well don't often have the need dude,' he replied, 'but as it happens we're in need of some things that happily you can supply.'

'Oh yea?' He said, 'what kind of things?'

'Well, it's not really for us per-se,' he said indicating Dave and Tony as they joined us, 'it's more for her.'

For my part I was hoping for a hole to open up and swallow me, I had a terrible feeling that I knew what was coming next.

The fat guy looked at me again, a long, slow look that made me cringe.

'So what does she need?' He asked.

'Well a ball gag, some ankle and wrist cuffs, a collar, some clamps for her nipples and,' he laughed, 'elsewhere, one of those vibrators they use on those bdsm sites, the big ones you plug in?'

'A Hitachi?' Cris said looking at me and licking his lips.

'Thats right, a hitachi and there were a couple of other things..'

'Butt plugs,' Dave said, 'and a dildo or two, oh and some sort of whip good for tits and cunt.'

'There you are, you got all those things?' John finished.

'I should have,' the man replied carefully, 'you want them all now?'

'If we can but,' he turned to look me in the eye, enjoying my embarrassment, 'but for a discount you can make sure they all fit first.'

'Yea?' He said looking at me, I was pretty sure he was rubbing his crotch under the counter.

'Yep, what kind of a discount could we get for that?'

'Let me get the merchandise and we can talk about that later,' he said grinning like his Christmas had come early. 'Should I close the shop?'

'Nah,' Tony said grinning, 'Jess here doesn't mind do you Jess?'

'No sir,' I said meekly, swallowing past a suddenly very dry mouth.

'So I think the gag and the cuffs first Chris?'

'I'll go get them,' he said excitedly.

He came back with an armful of leather and trailing cables. Dumping it on the counter he picked up a ball gag and fumbled with it before grabbing the two ends.

'Turn around and open your mouth,' he said to me and with the three boys grinning on he stood very close behind me and lifted the thing over my head.

The rubber ball was wide and he buckled it tight, pulling my hair over the strap. It tasted of, unsurprisingly, rubber and it forced my jaw wide open, making me feel even more vulnerable than I already did.

I turned back around and looked at them with wide eyes as they grinned at me.

'So what's the deal here?' Cris said, still grinning.

'Jess here lost a bet mate,' John said, 'ended up getting fucked by the three of us.'

'Is that right?' Cris said as he buckled more straps to my wrists.

'Yep,' John said, 'and it turns out she loved it so much she decided to become our personal little slut.'

'Seriously?' Cris exclaimed.

'Yep, do anything we say, seriously it's like living in a porn film. Would you like to see?'

'Fuck yea!' The slob said.

'Jess,' John said looking into my big, pleading eyes, 'take off your coat and then sit on the counter so Chris here can put those cuffs on your ankles.'

With a deep, breath through my nose I undid the belt on my coat and slowly unbuttoned it, Chris' eyes turned very bright as I opened it and slipped it off my shoulders, revealing my slim, naked body.

Quickly I put my palms on the counter and hopped up onto it, crossing my legs and covering my breasts with my arms.

'Come now Jess, that's not a good look,' Tony said sternly, 'put your arms down by your sides, your shoulders back and spread those knees apart.'

I did as he said, trying to stop myself from shuddering as I exposed myself to the four of them, the gag in my mouth meant that my quiet whimper went unheard as Chris lifted my ankle with his clammy hand and wrapped the first of the cold leather cuffs around my ankle.

He'd done my other ankle and stood back, his eyes flicking between my pink little pussy and my out thrust breasts, the other three were not really paying attention, looking around the shop though Dave did glance over and chuckle at my predicament.

'What next?' Chris said with a leer before turning to the pile on the counter.

'Clamp those tits,' John replied grinning at my panicked expression, 'and then we can talk about a price.'

The clamps he had were like rubber tipped crocodile clips with a little adjustable screw to make them tighter and a heavy chain between them. He held them up in front of me menacingly, clipping them close to me and making me flinch, laughing every time he did so.

Eventually he got bored and grabbed my right boob with his sweaty hand, pinching my hard nipple with his thumb and forefinger as he squeezed my flesh, then with a nasty smile he snapped the clip shut on my sensitive nipple, making me squeal through my gag.

He'd grabbed my left breast and was getting ready to apply the clamp when the shop door opened and a strange man walked in.

I froze, panicking and looked desperately at John who was the closest of the three lads. John however, just grinned at me and pointedly looked at my legs which had closed of their own accord.

With a supreme effort of will I tried to master my breathing and returned my legs to their open position and that was the moment Cris snapped the second clip shut on my flesh.

I squealed again, and the strange man looked up and saw me with a stunned expression, which quickly transformed into a dirty, furtive grin. He walked over and just stood there, watching me shudder as I got used to the intense sensations in my nipples.

'So,' John said totally ignoring the man who had pulled out his phone and was taking pictures. 'We were talking about a price and the discount you are going to give us?'

'Well,' Cris said, 'all this is going to come to a little over £300 and ill do you 25% off for giving me a laugh with your slut here.'

'25%!,' John cried, 'you're having a laugh right, when was the last time you got to play with a red hot woman like this? I want 75% off.'

'Mate you're going to have to give me more than a quick grope and a bit of kink if you want that much money off,' the fat man replied.

'Well, what would you want for a 75% discount?'

'Nothing, I won't give it to you,' Chris replied eyeing my body again. 'Tell you what, I'll do 50 if you let me fuck her.'

'Fuck a prime, young sexy submissive like this for a lousy fifty percent?' John replied, 'she's worth a lot more than that, I mean she'll let you do almost anything you want to her.' He stopped, looking thoughtful. 'How about you get to shove that butt plug up her, right now, for fifty percent?' He pointed at a large, red flanged cone in its packet on the shelf.

I closed my eyes in shame as they talked about me like a prostitute.

'Hmmm,' he murmured, looking thoughtful, 'still not happy with that.'

'I've got an idea,' Tony said, joining the conversation, 'why don't you do that for forty percent and then she can pay off the rest in kind.'

'What do you mean?' The fat man said, looking at him.

'Well, what's your busiest day of the week?' Tony asked.

'Saturday,' Chris replied, running a paw up my leg.

'Well there you are then, you give us forty as a discount and then she can come to work here tomorrow as, I don't know, your shop slave for a few hours and then any money you think is left over at the end we'll pay up when we come and collect her.'

'I don't know Tony,' John said quickly, before Chris could answer. He looked me straight in the eye. 'That sounds a little 'bananas' to me" he said, emphasising my safe word and patting his wallet pocket.

We had decided that my safe word, should things get out of hand or I really wasn't happy with what was happening would be 'bananas,' they liked me saying 'no' after all and it wasn't likely to come up in conversation all that much.

John, bless him, was letting me know they would happily take me out of this situation and just pay up if I wanted and don't think I didn't consider it. Problem is that as it turns out, I really, really get off on humiliation.

I gave him a quick shake of my head to tell him I wasn't going to quit yet and he very smoothly moved onto Chris who was looking a little confused.

'So, what do you think of my buddy's plan? You could dress her up, use her to drum up business for the store. I'm sure with a red hot slut like this doing whatever you tell her to for a few hours you'll make a lot more money than the measly cost of this kit?' He waved his hand at the pile of sex toys on the counter.

Chris looked thoughtful as he briefly glanced at the stranger who had a very obvious erection even though he was pretending to browse the shelves.

'Its a deal and I have just the outfit for her,' he said grinning and shaking John's hand. He briefly disappeared before coming back with a PVC schoolgirl's outfit on a hanger. 'Have her here at midday and you can pick her up at eight.'

They were all smiles now and I was looking forward to getting out of here but I had forgotten part of the deal.

'Now then Jess,' John said, 'get down and put your palms flat on the counter, spread your legs and arch your back. Cris here wants to stuff your asshole with some rubber.'

I swallowed and hurried to obey, slipping off the counter onto my high heels I turned my back on them and stood as directed, spreading my legs wide and feeling the cool air on my soaking pussy as my lips peeled open with my stance.

I felt Chris' body heat as he stood close, in between my wide legs and I shuddered with lust as he ran a thick finger down the crack of my ass. This ugly, fat pig was touching me in front of strangers and all I wanted him to do was degrade me further.

I felt some cold lube being squeezed on my little hole as I heard the shop door opening again. I didn't care though, I was in submissive heaven and every part of my senses was fixed on what was happening in between my cheeks as the hard, rubber tip of the plug nudged against my ring.

It felt enormous and Chris obviously enjoyed making me squeal as he just kept a steady pressure, forcing me open as I panted and tried to relax my muscles to accept the thing.

With one hand he grabbed my hip to stop me pulling away and with a plop and a screech form me, my poor little ass slipped over the widest part and closed on the stem, flexing as the heavy lump shifted inside me.

'Stand up and turn around' John said after I had recovered and resumed my position.

I did so, wincing as I felt the plug shift and twist inside.

'Now then Jess, tell Chris that you will do what ever he tells you to tomorrow as you work to pay off your debt.'

I tried, but the thick ball gag muffled me and all I really achieved was to dribble onto my chest, making them all laugh loudly.

'Take it out you dozy bitch,' Tony said grinning.

I reached up, wincing as the clips on my nipples tugged as I moved, and unbuckled the gag, working my jaw after I pulled the uncomfortable thing out.

'Now then, lets try that again Jess.'

'I will come tomorrow at midday and be your shop slave until eight o'clock,' I said feeling the familiar wave of shame accompanied by a burning need to orgasm. 'Ill do anything you tell me to in order to pay off my debt, sir.'

'Excellent, well lets leave Cris to plan what he wants to do tomorrow,' Tony said, 'Dave and I have somewhere to be. Put your coat on Jess, you're going home with John.'

I did so, moaning as my nipples yanked against the clips as I put my arms in the sleeves. We left, John carrying a few bags of kit and then the other two kissed me and walked off into the night.

John pushed me roughly up against the wall and shoved his tongue down my throat, his broad chest hurting my clipped nipples and his hand groping my sopping pussy under my coat hem.

'Fuck me that was so horny,' he said a little breathlessly as he pulled away, he held up his hand which was glistening with my juice. 'You seemed to enjoy it too!'

'Yes sir,' I replied, 'will you take me home and fuck me please?' I begged, not caring any more.

'Definitely,' he said, 'but first..' He put down the bags and unbuttoned the middle of my coat, pulling the chain through the opening before buttoning it up again.

'The you are, now I can pull you along if I think you're being slow. How's your ass feeling?'

'Full sir,' I said with a pained expression, 'I like it though sir, it makes me feel owned.'

'You are such a slut,' he grinned, 'and I expect you're not going to enjoy the taxi home much.

We walked for a while to a taxi rank, the plug making every step feel like I was being assfucked. It wasn't helped by John occasionally reaching out and tugging on the chain either. We got there and stood quietly for a while before a car showed up.

'Sir,' I said after the car was underway, trying to find a comfy way to sit with the plug, 'you know that tomorrow Chris is going to fuck me? And he's probably going to let his patrons fuck me as well?'


I shuddered.

'Are you ok with that sir?'

'Why wouldn't I be?' He replied, reaching out and tugging my nipple chain, 'I gave you the chance to back out but you seemed very keen to go ahead with it. So frankly to you only have yourself to blame.'

He was right too.

He took me back to his house where he handcuffed me to his bed before slamming his thick cock inside me. The pressure of the thick plug and his pistoning cock made me cum again and again before, with a grunt, he shot his load deep inside me.

He rolled off me and unceremoniously unclipped my nipples, making me scream out loud as the blood rushed back into my tortured flesh.

'Right,' he grunted as he uncuffed me, 'take that thing out of your ass and once your done, go and wait in the spare room. We've put a mattress on the floor for you so stay there and I'm sure the boys will want you when they come home.'

Three hours later I was lying on a stained, bare mattress in an otherwise empty room wondering what I was doing. My mind kept running through the way my life had gone but however I looked at it I couldn't get over the fact that a normal person wouldn't do this and certainly wouldn't enjoy it.

My nipples were still a little sore, as was my ass but I enjoyed the pain. I lied when I told John I 'like' feeling owned, I totally fucking love it and I had never felt this way before, so uninhibited, so free and so fucking aroused - all the time.

I heard the other two come home and after a while Dave opened the door and crooked a finger at me to follow him. He took me to his room where he simply stood there and dropped his trousers and pants to the floor.

Knowing my role I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth, worshipping his cock, licking his shaft and balls as I used my hands, pushing him deep into my throat and everything else I know men like.

After a while he grabbed my shoulders and threw me onto the bed, turning me onto my hands and knees before ramming his cock into my sopping pussy and fucking me doggy style like a maniac.

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