tagGroup SexBad Penny Ch. 02

Bad Penny Ch. 02


Mike and I enjoyed watching our girlfriends licking each others pussies. They took their time, responding to each other, mirroring each other. Tara was shorter than Penny, so some movements meant that one or the other had to pause and let their partner pleasure them. Eventually Tara came, and then she insisted on making Penny come. She moved Penny's legs to give Mike and me a clear view, and lifted them up to get unimpeded access. Then she said to Mike "Get the blue bag"

He went behind the sofa, and reappeared with a blue denim covered bag like an attache case, containing several bottles and tubes of massage oil, creams and lubricating gel, and a number of dildos and vibrators.

Penny could not see the contents, since Tara was sitting astride her stomach, with the bag between Penny's open legs. She was surprised at the drop of cold gel that Tara squeezed onto her clit. She was even more surprised when Tara turned on the vibrator that she had been gently rubbing the lube in with.

Penny thrashed and cried out when a second vibrator was introduced into her pussy, and came in seconds as Tara rapidly pumped it in and out. She was almost screaming, and gripping Tara's hips, as she was driven to another orgasm, and then a third. Tara looked triumphant as she casually dabbed the vibe on Penny's clitoris at random intervals, making her jump and writhe and whimper. I began to think the game was getting a little cruel just as Tara finally stopped, and after a peck on her pussy lips, she moved up to Penny's face, kissing her gently and holding her softly.

"Time for bed I think," said Tara, beckoning me over. I lifted Penny and guided her to bed, snuggling in behind her as Tara and Mike settled down beside us. herself. Mike threw a Duvet over us, and he curled up with Tara again.

In the morning we were all hungry, and there was some argument about who should cook until Tara said that she was taking Penny to get changed. Toast and mushroom omelets did not take long to make and when we got back up to the bedroom with trays of food the girls were already lounging on the bed in a casually posed display of revealing lingerie.

Tara was wearing a black and gold stripped bustier with matching pants, all trimmed in lace. She had hold up stockings on and lace gloves. Penny was stunning in a black leather gloves and corset, her breasts supported in half cups so her nipples were exposed, and her bare bush framed by the suspender straps running down to her stockings. Both of them had long high heeled boots on.

I whistled, Mike said "Tasty."

"You guys have to dress later." said Tara "But first you may serve us."

It was slightly surreal, sitting naked with Mike while the girls, his girlfriend and mine, were longing in erotic costume. Weirder still when after breakfast we had to try on different outfits for the girls to choose. I ended up in a red leather posing pouch and black silk shirt. Mike was in an outfit that seemed to be mostly leather straps running to a metal ring that fitted over his balls. Tara seemed to be in charge, as usual, and announced that we all needed to rest and build up our strength, so no more sex until the afternoon, and we were going to play cards. And drink tea. Which we did.

Surreal again. Penny is quite competitive, Mike and I don't like loosing and Tara.... Well let's just say I want to be on her side if world war three ever breaks out.

So we played cards, and every now and then I would notice Penny's naked nipples or a flash of her pubic hair, or Tara's ample bosom wobble, or the whiteness of her inner thigh. Mike's cock lay dormant or twitched, sometimes getting a little hard, attracting glances from the girls.

Lunch was light salad and served under house rules - but Tara insisted we didn't get carried away. Until dessert.

Tara brought in the dish of custard, and a hand of half a dozen bananas.

She casually served the custard, peeling a banana for each of us and breaking it into the bowl. She gave one to me, one to Mike, and lifted one to give to Penny, but pulled back the bowl as she was about to take it. "Oh sorry Penny, I forgot you like yours unpeeled."

Penny looked blank for a moment, then blushed, and turned to hit me. "You git, you told them!"

Mike looked blank a moment and said "What?" but then a grin broke across his face "Oh!"

Tara intervened. "I asked him last night if you had ever used a vibrator or a dildo. He said no, but you had used banana. But you should forgive him: I was wanking him at the time and you were riding Mike, so he was not thinking straight. Or at all."

"Sorry, lovergirl." I said, gently.

"So what do you expect me to do with this?" Penny waved the banana at Tara.

"Well, whatever you like really, although I had hoped you would tell us the story of the first time you put a banana in your pussy."

Penny said firmly "First and only time. Oh well, Sean knows anyway, he was holding onto the end of it."

Tara laughed "He didn't tell me that!"

"Well," Penny began "it was after I came back from France. Sean and I had, well done just about everything except have real sex. We were in a hotel in Dublin for the weekend, two nights together. On the first night we had made love wonderfully." Penny squeezed my hand. "Sean made me come, and come and come. Then we spent the day in the museums and cafes, had dinner in a lovely place, and back to the hotel where Sean stripped me to my stockings and threw me on the bed. He went down on me, licking me until I came and using two fingers in me. And then I saw the banana in the fruit bowl. I, I..." she blushed again, but went on "I knew I could take two fingers. I wondered if I could take Sean's cock. I was still a virgin then, at least in the sense that I had not done that. But I knew I had been, well, stretched. I knew I probably wouldn't bleed, or hurt, but you hear so many stories. I wanted to do it then, but I was scared. So I grabbed it, and brought it down to Sean. He looked at it, and at me, and said 'Really?' and I said 'Try it.' So he did. It was kind of nice. Big, round, not like fingers. Cold though. I know Sean was turned on by it. He was really hard and we sixty-nined, and after we both came, he took it out and ate it."

Tara whooped. Penny blushed. Then I said "Okay Tara, since it is story time, tell us about the first time you sucked a boy off."

"Oh that was years ago!"

"Tell us." I insisted. Mike had once said I should hear the story, but I hadn't asked before.

"It was how I met Mike, as I am sure you know." said Tara, giving Mike a withering look. "We were both at a party, and drink had been taken, and I was dying to go to the loo. But there was a queue. And Mike was in front of me. Well when the girl who was in came out I said to Mike 'Please let me go ahead of you I'm bursting' but he said 'So am I - tell you what I'll use the sink'. So we went into the bathroom together, and I only just made it to sit down, and he was at the basin beside me, and we both made big sighs of relief at the same time, and both of us were peeing quite noisily, and we both laughed and looked at each other. He grinned and said 'Hi, I'm Mike' and I grinned and said 'Tara, and I'm impressed,' because of course he was standing there with that huge dong hanging over the basin. Now I had seen a couple of cocks before, but never that size, not even erect. He laughed and said 'thank you' and finished peeing and started washing it. 'Takes some looking after' he said, and turned to the towel rack which was in front of me to dry it, and his hands. Of course the bugger was showing off, and of course I couldn't resist touching it, and he turned to face me, me still sitting on the loo with my knickers down, and there it was, eye level, or lip level, and beginning to rise. It was just an impulse to kiss it. And he made such a nice noise. So I kissed it again. It was all fresh and clean, and with that pointy end it fitted so nicely between my lips, and the next thing he pushed forward and I was sucking it. Then someone banged on the door, and he jumped, and so did I.

"I laughed, and said 'Better go, Mike' and we quickly exited the bathroom. Well of course we were both hyped up on hormones, I was ready to jump his bones on the landing, despite the three or four people there. It was Easter weekend, frosty outside, every room was crowded, I was there with friends who were to give me a lift home, he was with his mates, so we had no car, it was a disaster.

"Especially when my friend who was giving me a lift came up and said we were going. We had hardly had a chance to talk, so I grabbed his hand and wrote my number on it. I said 'Hold that thought, and call me.'

"I spent the next day praying that the phone wouldn't ring."

"Why?" I asked.

Tara rolled her eyes and said "Because I woke up and thought about it and thought I had acted like a complete slut, Sean. I thought if he rang me he would expect me to be on my knees sucking him off in two seconds flat, and probably want a fuck as well. And you know I was kind of screwed up about that back then."

Penny chipped in "You mean like I was?"

Tara looked at her and shook her head "No, not quite, but that's another story, I'll tell you another time." Tara had looked sad for a moment, and I knew why, since I had heard the story, but she brightened up and went on "Anyway, he didn't ring that day. And he didn't ring on the Monday. By the Tuesday night I was no longer trembling if the phone rang. By Thursday I had started to feel a bit aggrieved. How dare he not ring me? I mean, he must have thought he was onto a sure thing. Wasn't I pretty enough even to call up for a quick blow- job?

"So when I got home after school on Friday I was mortified when Mum answered the phone and yelled up the stairs at me 'Tara, there's a boy called Michael on the phone for you.'

"He was so shy and apologetic. He asked me if I would be going down town on Saturday, and we arranged to meet at the City Hall. So we did. And we talked and walked round the shops and up to the museum and found we only lived about two hundred yards from each other and he walked me home. And we met up again on the Sunday. And on Monday morning he was at the bus stop, to say hello before he went off to school. And when I got back he was there as well. And so it went on. Then the next Saturday we went to the cinema, and held hands. He hadn't kissed me by then. So when we got back home I grabbed him at the gate and seriously snogged him. He was so surprised. Even more when I dragged him round the aide of the house and did it again and took his hand and put it up my skirt.

Tara looked affectionately at Mike and said "Gormless loon. Didn't have a clue. But I was turned on enough to get worked up on his fumbling fingers, and rip his trousers off. And there it was, that ravening monster, pale pink and hard as nails, and just ready to suck. So I did. I just wanked him and blew him and he came in my mouth in about thirty seconds. Much to my surprise, but boy was he grateful. And after that I just blew him every time we met. Until we started fucking."

Mike spoke up "Two weeks and thirty seconds, longest blow - job in history."

Penny laughed and said "Sean didn't even last thirty seconds the first time I sucked him. Mind you it was a long time after that before I let him come in my mouth." She laughed again and it was such a light and relaxed sound that it made me smile, and she noticed my expression. "What, loverboy?"

"Oh nothing, just that I realised that you are lying here with your nipples exposed and pussy naked, talking with Tara and Mike about me coming in your mouth. A couple of weeks ago I would not have believed it possible. And I believe that there is every possibility that you will give both Mike and me a blow job in the next two days, and lick Tara's pussy too."

Penny blushed, and her blush deepened when Tara said "But first she has to show us how to use this." She was holding up the banana. "Not right now, but before she is allowed to play with anyone else she has to show us herself playing with this."

"And what is your forfeit?" said Penny.

Mike held up the other banana. "She has to use this. But not the same way as Penny."

It was Penny's turn to look confused, but I guessed what he meant. Tara said, "Hmm, okay, but we need a story from you and Sean, and I set your forfeits."

We agreed. Tara turned to Mike and said "Ok, tell us about the dream you had about Sean and Penny, the week before we all had that hash cake."

Mike grinned, and managed to look shy. "Ah well, that. It was a weird dream, you know. I have always been fascinated by UFO stories, so it kind of made sense. I dreamt that you two came over to visit bit you were dressed kind of weird, and acting a bit strange.

"You were all in black, and wearing black gloves. So you told me that you had something to tell me. You had seen a UFO land, and had met the aliens, and they had given you gifts. They had improved you. Of course I wanted to know what you meant, so Sean took off his gloves. His hands were green.

"The fingertips were clear green like jelly, gradually getting darker and cloudier as they went back until they blended into normal pink skin at mid palm. Sean said 'They said it would take a few days for them to totally adapt, my whole hand was clear green for a couple of days, but they will look normal in a week.'

"Of course I asked what could he do with them, and he picked up a guitar and ripped out a solo that Jimmy or Jimi would have gone to the crossroads for. Then he went to the piano and played some boogie woogie, a bit of Rachmaninov and the theme from Close Encounters. Sean shrugged when he saw me standing with my mouth open, and said 'I told them I like music, so now I can play any musical instrument'"

"That's cool" I said.

"So I turned to you, Penny, and asked what you had wanted to be improved, and you stood up and unzipped your long black coat, and let it drop off your shoulders. You were totally naked, and your breasts were like two domes of green jelly."

Penny and I laughed, but Tara said "Wait for it."

"So then Penny walked over to me, and said 'I told them I liked sex, so they made some improvements. Feel them.' I put my hands on her alien enhanced breasts and they were warm and soft and firm and somehow felt a bit like velvet, and her nipples were hard, and I felt a warmth spread through me right down to my balls. Then she said 'Suck them,' so I did. They smelled sweet and lovely, and tasted like honey and mango, and my mouth was flooded with a sort of thick sweet cream, and the nipple moved around in my mouth like a tongue. I was being French kissed by your tits."

Penny laughed again. Mike went on "And then you pulled away, and just lay down on the floor, and lifted your legs and opened them. I stared between them. Your pussy was bright green, and perfectly circular, like a puckered set of lips, with no hair at all. And you said 'Try this.' So of course in the dream I was instantly naked, and I just knelt down and put the tip of my cock against the green jelly opening, and it sort of expanded out to grasp my shaft and pull me in. It even flowed out over my balls. I just went with it and it was like a hundred little mouths all round my cock, all licking and sucking and kissing it, and pulsing around it in waves. I came instantly."

"Whoa. Sounds good." I said.

Penny asked "What happened then?"

Mike was a bit bashful looking. "I woke up. I really was coming. I made so much noise I woke Tara. So I had to explain and tell her the whole story, which is why I remember it so well I suppose, although it is not a dream I'd forget anyway."

"Poor Mike," said Penny "It must have been such a disappointment when you saw me nude and I looked like this!" she teased.

"Oh no Penny!" Mike protested, "Your tits are lovely, and your pussy feels just gorgeous on my cock. I like fucking you just as you are."

Tara said "And you can prove that later, but it is Sean's turn to tell a story." She looked at me then with a raised eyebrow, and I knew she had something wicked in mind. "Penny told us all about her lovely black boyfriend, and how she nearly fucked him, and how she let him finger her and lick her pussy and make her come. But you haven't told us what you did that summer."

My heart lurched. I had not told Penny what I had done, and Tara knew that. And she knew damn well what I had done because I did it with her. Still, perhaps now was a good time to tell, and I had wanted to get it off my chest for ages. So I turned to Penny and took her hand and said "If you want to hear this I will tell you. I have wanted to tell you for ages, but I didn't want to hurt you. But now things have changed a bit, so perhaps you would like to know. Its up to you, but I want you to know that I love you like no other, and that has never changed. I thought I had lost you, that I would never see you again, and I was sad and lonely, and pretty drunk a lot of the time. And if I had known you would come back to me, well maybe I wouldn't have done what I did, although I have to say I was pretty horny, and I did enjoy myself a lot. So do you want to know?"

Penny looked at me then and said "Yes Sean. I feel so much better for having told you about Jean Paul, and I have wondered about you and that summer. You said you had been with another girl, and I have always suspected that it got pretty serious, but I know that I had been pretty vehement about breaking up with you. I know you didn't expect me to come back. And I am so glad you came back to me, and I don't want there to be secrets, so I would like to know. Everything. Whatever happened."

"Well," I said and took a deep breath. "Actually there were three girls that summer."

"Three!" said Tara, in surprise.

"Yes," I said, glad to have shocked her. "The first two were drunken flings, one time only not that serious. I was staying at Lenny's house after a party, and I got in a clinch on the couch with a girl. It was Kim."

Penny nodded, and said "I knew she fancied you."

"Yeah, well she fancies everyone. We just snogged and fumbled about a bit. I got a hand up her skirt and one finger in her, and made her come, but we were interrupted by someone else coming into the room, and turning on the light. So that was about it. She never got her hands on my cock, and I never saw her tits. The next morning it was all politeness and awkwardness, and we have ever spoken about it since."

"Fair enough" said Penny, "Who was number two?"

"Ah, that was a girl that you don't know. Another party, at Kim's house this time, a barbeque and campfire in the garden, went on all night. At about five in the morning I went to find somewhere to kip, and had just got into one of the spare beds when this girl came in. Elaine Donaldson. She came over and said 'There are no more beds, can I share?' and just climbed in. Well I had already taken my trousers off, and she was in a short skirt, and she snuggled with her back to me, and I had a hard on in two seconds flat. I was so embarrassed and had no way to hide it, and she wiggled her ass at me, pressing back, and then said, 'ooh, what's that?'"

Tara snorted. "Like she didn't know!"

"Well she rolled over and kissed me, and had her hand down my pants and grabbed my cock and wanked me with three short strokes, and then looked me in the eyes and said 'Have you any rubbers?' To which I had to say 'No.' She just said, 'Aw shit, neither do I. No fucking then,' and began kissing me and wanking me again. Well, to be polite I had to join in really.

"We ended up nude pretty quick, and I discovered that she had the smallest tits I have ever seen on a woman. I mean they were like two fried eggs on a plate It was a bit off-putting really. She looked like a boy. But her pussy was really hairy, and she was wet when I fingered her although she didn't let me do that for long. She got on her back and pulled me onto her, so I lay on her with my cock on her mound and my balls against her pussy, and we made out until she was close to coming. Then she said 'Lick my cunt, now, lick my cunt so I can come'. Again, its not the sort of request that a gentleman can refuse.

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