tagGroup SexBad Penny Ch. 06

Bad Penny Ch. 06


I was woken by the sensation of a soft wet mouth on my cock. Penny was sucking me gently. In my flaccid state she could take all of it inside her, and swirl around it with her agile tongue. It didn't stay flaccid for long.

I threw back the duvet and looked down at her. Her face was hidden beneath the mass of curly dark hair, but I could see her bare shoulder and back. She had shed her nightie. Almost certainly her pants as well. Twenty one, naked, sucking my cock and ready for more.

I smiled.

Who wouldn't?

My hips needed to flex. Tension was building. My balls were drawing up and my cock had grown so that now she was only working half the shaft when she dipped down.

I had to groan. I had to push my cock deeper. I had to gasp as she pulled her head back, sucking strongly, so she parted from my cock with a loud noise, and looked up at me. She swept her hair back with her free hand, while wanking me with the other. "Good morning, sleepyhead," she said. She grinned.

I grinned back as I looked into those sparkling hazel eyes and saw the flecks of green and gold that always looked so prominent when she was turned on. Her pointed chin and high cheekbones, clear honey skin with a hint of excited flush, and that little nose with the round tip, were all framed in her luxuriant hair, making her look elfin, wild, Romantic, and very, very sexy.

I marvelled once again at how she could look so innocent and girlish, and yet be the most adventurous and active sexual partner I could imagine.

We were in the spare room in Mike's house. Mike was in the main bedroom, with Naimh. Tara had Alan in the other spare room.

It was Saturday morning, after a rather wild Friday night.

A few weeks had passed since the weekend of the wedding at which we had first shared a bedroom with Naimh and Alan. This time, sadly, they had not brought the delectable Lucy with them, but over dinner Naimh had suggested we draw lots for partners on that night, with a rotation on Saturday and Sunday.

I was happy to have drawn Penny. I felt that I hadn't spent enough time with her recently. But I was pleased that I would be taking on Naimh next. I rather liked Tara's red headed cousin, and it would be good to spend a day in bed with her. And then Tara tomorrow. As weekends go it didn't sound too bad. Exhausting though.

"Good morning, sexy girl. Are you allowed to do that now? I thought I was Naimh's plaything for today, and you have to save your energy for Alan."

She wanked me slowly, still grinning. "Yeah. I suppose so. But I thought I would wake you nicely before I go. I heard someone going to the bathroom and then downstairs so I reckon breakfast will be on soon, and I will have to give you up."

She sounded a little wistful, and I said "You don't have to if you don't want to. The others won't mind, and we don't have to stay, you know. If you want to go..." I jerked my head towards the door.

She shook her head, smiling. "No, I wasn't meaning that. I'll have fun with Mike and Alan, and I wouldn't dream of dragging you away from a double dose of redheads. But I wanted to spend a minute more with you."

We kissed and hugged and shared a few secret moments before there was a knock and a call at the door. Then we slipped on robes and went for breakfast.

House rules as usual. I had to feed Naimh, she fed me. Orange juice was passed mouth to mouth. Hot drinks you were allowed to handle yourself. I had two glasses of orange.

Naimh was wearing her leather bracelets and ankle cuffs, but no collar. Mike had apparently been playing Master. We had decided to keep the game going.

Breakfast fairly quickly became an orgy. It was Tara's fault really, although the sexual tension could have been cut with a knife and served on the hot toast that Tara kept supplying. She was with Mike, and playing Mistress. So she fed him by placing small pieces of toast on her nipples, marmalade side down, and making him suck the sticky stuff off.

That gave Alan the obvious idea of doing the same thing on the end of his cock, so his slave girl, Penny, could lick him clean. Naimh laughed at that, and said "I'm still a little hungry, Master. Could I have some toast, like Penny?"

"Only if I get some honey like Mike," I replied.

She reached for the honey, and smeared each nipple with it.

For those who have never tried sucking honey off an eighteen year old girl's nipples, let me say it takes a great deal more sucking than you might have thought. That is not a complaint of course. And Naimh didn't mind in the least. But it took a while to get her un-sticky, and she had to wait for her toast.

But eventually toast happened.

I looked around, and marvelled. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was beaming through the French windows in the dinning room. It gleamed on Mike's blonde hair as he pushed his long pink tongue into Tara's ginger fringed slit. It picked up the contrast of her dark pink nipples as they sat like hard raspberries on the pale mounds of her ample breasts, and it set her red curls on fire as they spilled around her ecstatic face where she lay back across the table between the milk jug and the overturned butter dish.

The light was shining also on Penny. Her golden skin was further gilded by the rays that fell on her thighs and stomach and breasts as she rose and fell on Alan's pale cock. He was lying on the floor with his eyes closed, a hand on each of her knees, while she rode him with her eyes closed, neither slow nor fast, but steady and with little twists and flexes of her hips as she pressed his shaft deep inside herself. She was beautiful. It made my breath catch in my throat when she smiled to herself as she pressed down onto him.

I wondered what that felt like for her. The warm sun on her skin, the hard cock sliding up inside her body, opening her, stretching her, filling her, pushing against her pussy lips as she pressed down on his root. It was something I could never know.

But I couldn't be jealous of her pleasure. After all she would never know what it felt like, or looked like, for me, when I dropped my gaze to my lap. Naimh was slowly wanking my cock, and pressing her nose between my balls, as her tongue rasped out beneath them to catch the drop of melting butter and marmalade that had run down from my glans.

Naimh's deep red curls were not in the sun, but her pale naked bottom was. The light made a tiny halo of the fine hairs on the outline of her buttock. My breath caught again as her mouth moved up to suck my cock deep inside her mouth. Her eyes sparkled with delight.

It is always so much more fun being sucked by a girl who really enjoys it. And it wasn't just the sweet stuff that had her smiling. Naimh just loved making boys gasp and jump and, in Alan's case, faint. So she smiled, as much as she could given what she was doing, and deep-throated me, and closed her lips around the base of my cock to suck me hard.

I made an appropriate noise, and she bobbed her head twice before pulling back off me and grinning. "You like?" she asked, but didn't wait for an answer.

While she buried me in her mouth again I caught Penny's eye. She had obviously heard the noise I made and was looking at me with an amused smile. Her face was crossed by other fleeting expressions as she continued to ride Alan, but she blew me a kiss.

I returned it, and she mouthed "Love you," as she bobbed up and down on Naimh's boyfriend's cock. I managed to silently reply "You too," before the sudden tongue lashing that Naimh unleashed on my tip made me groan and arch my back.

When I looked up again Penny was leaning forward over Alan, the tip of his cock just caught in her pussy, her nipples over his face, one being sucked hard, the other squeezed in his hand. The sunlight lit the hair that hung around her, concealing her face, and gave her brunette locks a touch of rust.

Tara was looking at me, but only half focussed. She made a grunting noise as Mike slammed home his cock. He had flipped her over and was taking her from behind. I could tell from the way her arms were trapped beneath her that Tara was frigging herself as he shafted her. I caught sight of the butter dish beside her again, and thought of 'Last Tango in Paris'. My cock twitched.

Naimh took it as a sign of approval for what she was doing. Which it must be said, I did approve of. She was wanking me with a finger and thumb curled round the joint of my shaft and the glans, and licking the hole in the top, while cupping and gently fondling my balls.

I looked down at her and she smiled up at me. "Would you like to come in my mouth or my cunt, My Lord?" she said, with a wicked glint in her eye.

I almost laughed. I had got used to Penny calling me 'Master' and meaning it in a quite sincere and serious way. Naimh's 'My Lord' was a quite different matter. It was playful, almost sarcastic.

"My Lord?" I asked with raised eyebrow.

"I found Alan's stash of 'Gor' books," she grinned. "He was most embarrassed, but he liked it when I started playing it up."

I laughed. "Good god, 'Gor'! I haven't thought about that for years. Fantasy for fourteen year olds!"

"Pretty advanced for fourteen?" said Naimh

"I was as horny then, as now. But I never guessed I would ever hear a beautiful girl ask me that."

Naimh looked coy. "Well..." she said, shyly.

I took her chin in my hand and drew her up to bring her eyes level with mine. "You are beautiful you know. And I know just how lucky I am. And I don't take it for granted, or even believe it sometimes. But I would very much like to come in your mouth, after I have been inside your gloriously tawny fringed cunt, which I will also come in today. But before I do that, I want to lick you all over. I want your tits again, I want your slit, I want your toes. I want the back of your neck and the tendons behind your knees. I want all of you, in my lips and teeth and hands."

I was touching her and stroking her, and kissing her between phrases. The hairs on her back and her arms rose up, and she made a throaty sound before saying "I'm yours, My Lord."

It enflamed me. The sounds and sights and smells around me of Tara and Penny both approaching orgasm simply fuelled the fire.

I ravaged her. I devoured her, licked her, bit her (not too hard) clutched and groped and clawed at her, penetrated her with tongue and fingers and cock. I turned her and spun her, pressed her mouth to me, pulled her from me, made her come, made her gasp, made her cry out and swear. And I came inside her. Deep in her, pressing hard with my hardness, pumping my come into her, grunting and blaspheming,

When I recovered she was grinning at me. I was lying like a starfish on the floor, and she was sitting beside me like a Danish mermaid. Above her head, poking out over the edge of the dining table, was Tara's face. She was grinning too.

"Good show, Sean." said Tara.

"Thank you," I said "Although it wasn't really a show. I was just inspired by this fiery muse."

Naimh smiled and blushed as I stroked her arm.

"Well your other muse has gone to the bathroom with Alan. You didn't use the irrigator on her this morning, Sean, so they are off to correct that oversight," said Tara, with mock reproach.

"Not oversight, deliberate. Penny is his for the day, and I told her not to do it, in case he wanted to do it, or he might have no interest in it at all. Although the latter is clearly not the case."

Naimh snorted. "Clearly!"

I remembered the video I had seen of Alan and Naimh. It had been clear she wasn't keen on anal penetration, but Alan was. Her tone suggested both amusement and annoyance. I wondered if she was annoyed at Penny as well as Alan. To change the subject I asked "Where is Mike?" It didn't work.

"He's gone with them to show Alan how the irrigator works." said Tara. "I suspect he is really just after a chance to play with Penny's bits. I expect she'll end up in a three-way in the bathroom. Spit-roasted at least, but probably doubled up in a sandwich. We could all go and watch if you like." She smiled. She was as much a voyeur as me.

"I thought he was supposed to be attending solely to your needs today?" I said.

"I have been well attended to this morning, and last night by Alan, and tomorrow I expect you will be suitably attentive. I'm fine. And I can fuck him any time. But Penny getting one in the ass and pussy at the same time is a treat I couldn't deny her. Even better, if you join in she can suck you at the same time. A full house. It would be her first, I think."

Naimh laughed again. "Oh well, if you think she'd like that we should do it!"

"Are you sure?" I asked. I still wasn't certain about her feelings about Penny and Alan.

"Yes. And don't worry, Alan won't mind, as long as he gets to fuck her in the ass. He's been talking about it all week, since Tara invited us over."

Again there was an edge to her voice. I looked at her closely and said softly "You don't sound too happy about that. Which is okay, but maybe we should talk about it?"

She shot me a glance. Then said "I'm sorry. Yeah. I suppose I am a bit cut up about it. You know he doesn't remember anything about the night of the wedding? Really. He was too drunk, and then Penny flipped his lid and he clocked out. So he wasn't even sure who was riding him when he fainted. When I told him it was Penny he was amazed. Couldn't believe it. He was so annoyed with himself for not remembering."

"Which made you jealous?" I said, gently.

She shrugged. "Yeah. He went on and on about how gorgeous she looked at the wedding, and how he couldn't believe that he would forget it if he had a chance with her. And then Tara called about this weekend. And I said 'okay' because, well, 'cause I thought I would have a nice time with you guys. But I passed the phone to Alan, for him to agree, because I thought he might say 'no' because he felt stupid about fainting and all that."

Tara chipped in "Yeah, I was surprised he didn't sound keen. But then..."

Naimh interrupted "You told him you wanted to get Penny hooked up with three cocks at the same time."

There was a moment when Tara was silent in embarrassment. I raised an eyebrow. "You told him that?" I said, trying not to smile.

Tara blushed, then looked at me and saw I was not annoyed. She flapped a hand at me and said "Yes. Yes I did. I know damn well, and so do you, that she will love it. She loves being fucked. She loves sucking cock. She loves taking it in the ass. She loved it when you double teamed her both ways with Mike. Of course she wants a full set. So I told Alan that. And he agreed."

Naimh laughed ruefully. "Agreed? Leapt at the idea, more like. He talked about it all week. Not about sharing her with Sean and Mike, I mean. He just kept coming back to the idea that she wanted anal sex. And he kept on about how pretty and elegant she is, and how he couldn't believe she would let him have sex with her, or that Sean would let her sleep with other guys, never mind that she would let him fuck her arse. Even though he knew she was the one who he fainted on. He still half thought I was winding him up."

"Ah." I said.

Tara summed up my thoughts succinctly by saying "The stupid bastard! Oh that's terrible. I bet he never thought what you would feel about that!"

Naimh shook her head and gave a rueful grimace. "Course he didn't. Alan's a bloke. I mean Sean here can see that it would make me jealous, but Alan?" she shrugged. "So, yeah. I am a bit pissed off about it. Not with Penny, though," she added, sincerely. "She hasn't done anything wrong. I mean, she is pretty, and elegant, and it is unexpected when you see her in full flight. When she kissed me I was shocked. So he is right about all that. It's just Alan obviously thinks it's okay to let me shag other blokes because I'm not so pretty, and elegant."

I had to smile. And I had to touch her chin and bring her gaze up to meet mine, and say "My dear girl, you are quite wrong and quite right. Penny is pretty, and Alan is being a prat, as well as a bloke, but you are pretty, and elegant, and very sexy, and every bit as wonderful as Penny. Whose faults I know all too well after many years of her company. Anyway, I am glad you aren't annoyed at her, and I understand you are a bit jealous. So why don't I take you to bed and show you just how beautiful you are?"

"What about Penny and the three cocks?" she asked.

"Another time. I'm sure it will happen. But this is about you. I am sure Alan has no idea of what he did or intention to do it. But I have some very good ideas, and intentions. So come with me." I said, rising and holding out my hand to her.

"Can I come too?" asked Tara.

"Well, my plan is to show Naimh how sweet and sexy and lovely and pretty and beautiful and gorgeous and simply wonderful I think she is. So I will be concentrating entirely on her."

"Well I think she is pretty and elegant and sexy and lovely too. Maybe I could help pamper her." Tara pouted a little.

Naimh laughed and said "Okay, you may pamper me."

On the landing as we passed the bathroom door I heard the sound of Penny getting fucked. Flesh on flesh, breath forced from her throat, the grunt of the man who was taking her. I couldn't tell if it was Mike or Andy. Or both. It was hard to resist the urge to open the door and see. I imagined her standing naked, leaning on the basin with both hands, Andy sliding balls deep into her from behind, Mike kneeling beneath her to suck on her nipples, a thumb on her clit, fingers in her pussy. Or was she riding Mike while Alan took her ass?

I laughed at the image. She would be beautiful and so vital, so innocently pleasured. I could see why Naimh would be jealous.

Naimh looked back at me when I laughed. She raised an eyebrow. I smiled and said "Sounds like they will be busy for a while."

I guided her on towards the bedroom, my hand on her naked back, sliding down to cup the curve of her bottom.

She turned as she reached the bed. I took her in my arms and kissed her, surprising her, but taking my time to make sure she realised I meant it.

After a few moments she broke off and looked at me with a curious smile. "Sean?" she said, and the question hung between us.

I kissed her lower lip so softly and gently that she closed her eyes to feel it.

"I told you, Naimh, today you are mine, and I am yours. But you are not my slave. You are my goddess, to worship." I said and ran my finger down her spine, and touched my lips to hers as I spoke, and tasted her tongue as I kissed her again.

I was hard again. It felt her body melt against me, one knee moving between mine, so she could press her sex on my thigh and crush my cock against her stomach. Her hands came up to my hair and down to my buttocks. Her kiss was fierce and free. Her nipple was hard as my thumb passed over it and she grazed my chin with her teeth as she moved to kiss my neck.

Tara had walked around the bed and climbed up onto it, but simply knelt and watched us and waited. I looked over Naimh's shoulder at her, and said "Take off her anklets and wristbands."

As Tara fulfilled my command I kept up my kissing and caressing, and murmured in Naimh's ear. I told her how beautiful she was, how I admired her figure from afar, and was fascinated by her curves. I ran a hand or finger along the lines of her hips and waist and breasts, her thighs and buttocks, the triangle of her pubis, the curve of her pudenda. I described her fire-fleeced softest mound, her crinkled areolae, dark pink and rough, sweet smelling and kissable. I told her about her deep navel an her utterly edible earlobes. And then I fell to my knees to worship her.

She lay back on the bed as I gently lifted her legs apart, her wet and glistening sex on a level with my eyes. I touched her with a finger. Slowly, gently, opening her up, spreading her lips to each side, round and round her opening, up over her clit and down the lips, spreading her wetness around. Some of the sticky coating was my come from earlier. I beckoned to Tara, and she bent her head to lick it up.

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