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Bad Slave


Once upon a time here was a beautiful Mistress who had a slave, that she would whip every morning.

One day the slave didn't crawl into the Mistress's room with the whip held in her mouth as she normally did. The beautiful Mistress got very worried. And then became very angry. She went looking for the slave whom She found still sleeping peacefully.

The Mistress reached down and grabbed the slave by her very long red hair and pulled her naked body from the bed. As her knees hit the floor, she opened her eyes, startled at the rude awakening. The Mistress reached out and slapped her very hard across the face knocking her to the floor. The Mistress looked down at her naked slave sprawled on her belly at Her feet. She raised Her foot and placed it on the chest of the slave who looked up pleading for forgiveness with her eyes.

"Stay, bitch," the Mistress said very quietly and smiled as She walked away.

The slave stayed sprawled on the floor as commanded for many long hours. Much later in the day the Mistress returned to the slave smiling as She looked over her slave laying exactly as she had fallen. The Mistress was pleased that even the hair that had been flung across her face was still there.

"Good girl," She smiled.

"Now I need only punish you once, and punish you I will. HEEL", said the Mistress and the slave was kneeing at Her side in one quick and quiet movement. The beautiful Mistress held out Her hand which held a black shiny collar and leash. Silently the slave took them and put them on holding the end of the leash up away from her bowed head and waited.

The beautiful Mistress took the leash and walked away jerking the leash sharply as She went. The slave walked on all fours silently at Her side. They walked silently down the hall to the punishment room where the Mistress dropped the leash and the slave retreated to the corner and Waited.

The Mistress walked slowly and deliberately around the room....... inspecting her toys........allowing the slave to watch Her and admire Her beauty.

She stopped at the toy of Her choice and without turning clicked Her Fingers. In a second the slave was kneeling at Her feet.

"What are you?" the Mistress demanded.

"i'm a bad slave, Mistress. i should be punished."

The slap that rained down on her face again knocked her to the floor.

"Did I say for you to speak? I required an answer not a damned conversation", the Mistress barked.

The slave lay there for a second. Then in a well practiced movement turned over flat on her belly, nose touching the floor, arms and legs spread and waited. She did not resist as the very long leg spreader was attached to her ankles. This was the spreader that pulled her legs to full spread plus an inch to ensure discomfort.

Then the next very short bar was attached to her wrists.

The little ring on the front of the collar served well as an attachment for the chain that had the clit clamp on it - just an inch too tight to restrict movement.

The sound of the chain attached to the wrist bar sounded heavy and dull as it was hoisted to the ceiling. It lifted the slave slowly from the floor until she hung there motionless and could just barely see her Mistress admire the sight.

"Now...WHAT ARE YOU?" the Mistress demanded again.

The slave did not answer.

"Good girl, you are learning," the Mistress said as She pulled a little on the chain running from collar to clit.

The Mistress slowly spun the slave so she gently turned in the air. Each time the slave's back was visible, one swift strong stoke from the cane.

The slow turns allowed time for the bad slave to answer the strike.

"Thank you, Mistress."

After 20 lashes, the Mistress was very pleased at the pretty marks. Yet She was getting bored.

She decided to find a new toy.

As She pulled the slave out of the spinning, She attached clamps to the slave's nipples. These clamps had chains attached to them that ran down to the lips of her cunt...again just a little too tight.

The bad slave smiled inside at the thought of her Mistress's fondness for chains that where slightly too short.

The Mistress produced a long heavy double knotted flogger and began to whip the slave. She wait to hear the slave confess all the reasons she should be punished. The bruises from the knots in the flogger covered the slave's entire body and legs - back and front.

The beautiful Mistress stood back to admire the pretty marks She had made, and said almost to herself "There seems to be something missing..."

She began the slow turning of the slave again. She suddenly realized what was missing.

"Belt marks," She said, "now that would be pretty."

Pulling over the X frame and clamping the wheels, She turned it so it lay horizontally and clamped it in place. She then lowered the bad slave onto it, face down. She tethered the slave in position. The Mistress examined the slave's position as She stood back just enough to reach the thick heavy leather belt and unravel it from its coil. She pulled it between both hands until it was fully straight. Then She brought it down hard on the bad slave's ass.

Smiling and to no one in particular the Mistress said, "I love that sound!

While the bad slave squirmed in pain, the beautiful Mistress brought down blow after blow on the slave until she had been thoroughly belted from neck to toe while the slave squirmed in painful pleasure.

The sudden disappearance of the blows brought the slave out from the pleasure/pain place in her head with a cruel swiftness.

The slave listened to the sound of the beautiful Mistress moving around until She again stood close by the slave. Her senses recognized the smell of Mistress' perfume in the same second the searing heat poured over her back......candle wax, lots of it running down her spine and spilling over her sides.

Unable to resist the sharp intake of breath caused by the intense pain, the bad slave purred, "Thank You Mistress," with a smile.

Then she drew her breath in sharper still as the beautiful Mistress dragged her nails side ways through the hot wax, stirring the heat and pain.

The bad slave made use of the inch or so movement she had to ride the frame a little, knowing the weight of her body would not allow the chains to move with her. Instead they created pull on her nipples, clit, and cunt lips and she moaned in pure lust at the many sensations going on in her body.

The beautiful Mistress leaned over and gently kissed the neck of the Slave. Then She bit the same spot. The beautiful Mistress listened to the loud moaning of her bad slave and whispered into her ear.

"If you cum, I will release you for one whole week."

The shock of such a threat took the bad slave by surprise. The moans and wriggling stopped immediately and she lay very still, as tears of fear and frustration welled up in her eyes. She had to will herself back from the edge of a climax.

The beautiful Mistress, being a kind Mistress, gave the bad slave a moment to compose herself before She continued.

She then took the pin wheel and ran it firmly through the now cold, set wax. It left hundreds of little holes all over it. The Mistress then added another layer of hot wax while listening to the deep heavy sobs of the bad slave.

She listened to those sobs for the entire time that it took for the wax to set cold again and for the Mistress to belt it all off again.

The bad slave stayed very very still, for fear of displeasing the beautiful Mistress.

When not a trace of wax was left, the beautiful Mistress released the bad slave from her chains, and walked over to a large comfortable bed at the other side of the room and lay back to allow the bad slave to please her. The slave eagerly licked, sucked, and fucked the beautiful Mistress until She was satisfied.

The Mistress then told the bad slave that the remainder of her punishment was not being allowed to play with or even touch herself or cum for the next week. Each day the sessions would grow more intensely pleasurable and intensely painful without ending her frustration.

That was the price for a bad slave to become a good slave again.

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