tagMatureBad Teacher Ch. 07

Bad Teacher Ch. 07


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age.

Chapter 07: Carmen and Ryan goes shopping

The next day Peter arrived home and throughout the rest of the week, Carmen and I tried to get together, whenever we could. But it had proven difficult, so on those rare occasions when Peter and Tony was both away from the house, we would get together for an hour or so of fiery copulation. The sex at these times was always incredibly hot and intense because Carmen and I had been watching one another from a distance, checking out each others bodies, smiles, movements and the like. So by the time we were able to have a few minutes together to satisfy our lust, we were both out of control. But I was discontented with this and decided to make advances at Carmen whenever I felt like it.

After ten days an opportunity arrived as the Grants were discussing their annual party for Peter's business affiliations and friends.

"Well, I still have to find a dress," Carmen said at one time in the conversation.

"Why don't you take some of your friends out shopping on Saturday?" Peter replied.

"I have thought about it, but this time of year they are all very busy. Maybe you could take me?" Carmen asked her husband.

I already knew the answer to this because Peter hated shopping, so I became keenly aware of Carmen's intentions.

"Oh, darling. I'm sorry, but I have to decline because of work." Peter said verifying my thought.

"Well how am I to buy a dress alone?" Carmen said sounding a little bit angry.

"I'll take you shopping, Mrs. G. I have time on my hands on Saturday as Tony already have made plans with Janet." I said taking my cue from my married lover.

"I really don't now, Ryan. Why would you spend time with an old woman like me?" Carmen answered back bating her husband.

Peter saw a chance to redeem himself as he interrupted taking the bait, "Now Carmen. Ryan has offered his service and I think it's a good idea. Maybe you could even teach him a thing about clothes, so he have some experience if he ever were to buy something for a girlfriend."

"Very well, I would love to have you accompany me on Saturday, Ryan," Carmen said with a smile.

"The pleasure will be all mine, Mrs. G." I said and blinked knowingly to her.


After breakfast on Saturday, Carmen and I took off, while Peter wished us a good shopping trip. I was happy to see Carmen had chosen a orange silk blouse that molded attractively to her firm ample breasts. She was also wearing black jeans looking utterly amazing. I felt a throbbing in my cock as I thought about spending a whole day with my best friend's mother.

I drove the car and heading for the expressway, we decided on a mall fifty miles away from our neighborhood. This was to ensure we didn't run into anyone who might recognize us. The drive on the busy highway was quite exiting, as Carmen caressed and squeezed my cock through the linen of my pants. More than once I had to remind myself to pay attention to the traffic. It also had an effect on Carmen, as she squirmed in her seat.

Upon arrival at the mall I decided to park in a isolate parking space. I had a full blown erection and Carmen laughed at my predicament. My pants did little to conceal my aroused state, and Carmen continued tracing the outline of my penis through my pants.

"You're a devil, woman," I grunted and continued, "You'll have to finish what you've started before we go shopping."

Carmen blushed and said, "I was just teasing you, Ryan. We can't do it here, what if anyone sees us?"

"No one will see us," I responded keeping her hand pressed against my groin.

A moment later we both released our seat-belts and I opened my pants and my hard-on popped out. Slowly looking to all sides Carmen gently reached forward and her delicate fingers began encircling my long thick pole. Her small hands could barely close around my girth. She opened her mouth and bent down and placed the tip of the head between her full moist lips.

I felt the soft lips of her mouth envelop my cock. Slowly, purposefully, my mature lover began to slide her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock. Her warm saliva quickly began to drip down to my balls. I tried to focus on the cars turning into the parking lot, but often I gazed down at the back of her head. Her black hair felt like silk against my thighs.

"Ohhhh fuck it feels good, Mrs. G." I groaned and caressed her hair with my left hand. My hot Spanish teacher responded by flicking her tongue on the underside of my cock and I became even harder. With my right hand I reached around her chest and cupped one of her tits gently through her blouse and brassiere and with the palm of my hand I began to tease her hard nipple. I heard her moan with pleasure as she continued to suck on my cock.

For some minutes I fought the urge to cum in her mouth, doing my utmost to prolong the sensations she was giving me. But after awhile I had to capitulate. A flick of Carmen's tongue at the opening at my glans was all it took to send the muscles around my balls into convulsions. I grab hold of the steering wheel with both my hands as my hips lurched, and I felt the tip of my cock probe deeply into her throat as a stream of cum flew out of my cock. Carmen didn't flinch and continued to bob up and down on my cock as another round of cum traveled up and out of the shaft of my cock. Another flick of her tongue brought a final explosion of cum from my cock. A moan of accomplishment came from Carmen as she lifted her head from my cock and swallowed whatever cum was left in her mouth. Thick, white fluid covered her chin as she smiled at me.

As I pulled myself together, Carmen wiped her mouth and chins with the a paper handkerchief smiling at me.

"I love the taste of your cum, Ryan. It's salty, yet sweet," Carmen said.

With a smile I responded, "Glad to be of service, now I'm ready to start shopping."

"I can't wait," Carmen said while leaning in for a tender kiss. I had no problem at all kissing her even if she had just swallowed my cum, it was always a great turn-on kissing my married lover while she was soiled with my cum. My arms slid around her and I slowly caressed her back as she tilted her head and captured my mouth with hers. Our tongues danced and writhed together as we kissed deeply and passionately. As we kissed, Carmen moaned into my mouth and almost bit down on my tongue when I found her excited nipple with my left hand and pinched it hard. She pulled her mouth from mine and, gasping for breath as she leaned back on the car seat. After some time we got out of the car.

We walked between the cars in the parking lot holding hands and soon we were consulting the mall directory.

I quickly found what I was looking for, and soon I was tugging Carmen towards Victoria's Secret. As we entered the store, I noticed a few customers, all female, and a young, pretty sales clerk.

"What are we doing here, Ryan? I'm in need of a dress, not lingerie," Carmen whispered.

"Thrust me, Mrs. G. You also need some new lingerie." I looked at her and smiled. "No more granny panties. You have become a woman of the 21. century. We'll have to find some panties, that will utilize your clean-shaven pussy."

"Ohhhh," Carmen hissed and looked desperate around to see if anyone had overheard my comment before she continued, "I don't really think it's a good idea."

"I know it's a good idea. I can't wait to see you modeling in different outfits. The keyword is 'sexy' and I want you to be open to any suggestion." I grinned and leaned forward and kissed my hot teacher. I gently clasped a handful of her hair and tilted Carmen's head back and covered her mouth with mine. I let my tongue slip between her lips and probed deep into her mouth. I was thrilled as my mature lover greeted it with her own and we gently sparred.

"Oh my..." Carmen gasped when we peeled our lips apart, "You're out of your mind Ryan. We are out in the public...you can't kiss me like that."

I just smiled and Carmen blushed again and insisted on walking farther into the store, so we couldn't be spotted by people passing by the store. I steered her towards the panties first and we moved back and forth as I was finding numerous items. Most of all thongs but also some hiphuggers, bikinis and cheekies. The skimpy laced panties made Carmen gasp but she didn't object to my selections.

After some time the sales clerk approached us, but we declined her offer of assistance. As she once again moved to other customers we moved over to the bras. Now I looked for matching bras to the panties. Soon I had found some demi cup bras, some bras with a moderate push-up and some strapless bras.

"Now it's time to try it on, Mrs. G." I said and tugged her to a dressing room in the corner of the store.

"Oh, my..."Carmen just stammered as I pulled her to the dressing room and opened the door for her. It was quite a large cubicle. The inside had a bench and there was a mirror on two of the walls and a mirror on the back of the door.

"Here you go," I offered.

She looked up at me, smiled a shy little smile as she walked past me. I was standing so close she wasn't able to get by without brushing her incredible breasts against me. I looked inside the room and saw her staring at me in the mirror. Looking back at me was a stunning sight and I almost couldn't believe I had seduced this hot mature woman with her long shiny black hair, such deep seductive dark eyes and such smooth, olive complexion and with such perfect, naturally large breasts and a curvaceous but still tight body.

"Please, no peeking." Carmen said smiling shy at me.

"Okay, I'll go for a minute but I'll be back. But first a goodby kiss." I grinned at her and blinked.

"All right, but just a small peek," Carmen said as she turned facing me.

Not taking her serious I dipped my face and covered my mouth with hers. Carmen reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and held onto me. She gave a sultry moan, when I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue against her lips until they parted and my tongue slipped into her mouth. Her arms around my neck tightened as I sought for and found her tongue with my own. In seconds our tongues were coiling and dancing together. I was in heaven having my married lover kissing me back in public. As I broke the kiss I loved the feeling of Carmen's moist lingering lips on my own.

"Back in a sec, Mrs. G." I said and turned and walked over to the sales clerk, while Carmen closed the door to the dressing room.

As I approached the young sales clerk she looked up at me with a smile as she just had finished up a sale. She asked "Can I help you?"

I decided on a direct approach and said, "Are you the owner of this store?"

"No, I'm just a sales clerk. The owner has taken the day off." She said looking questionable at me.

"Great, you noticed I'm accompanying my girlfriend. She has just experienced a distressful divorce. Her former husband didn't treat her very well and made her believe she wasn't attractive at all. She have been through a lot the past couple of years and have turned into a shy, timid housewife. I have decided to help her find her spirit again, but she really has no confident at all. So I'm trying to push her boundaries." I said lying

"Okay," the sales clerk said looking wary at me.

"Pardon me asking, but do you get commission for each sale?" I said.

"Yes, but why are you asking." The young girl asked.

"I'll promise you a huge sale if you would help me." I said baiting the girl.

"How would I be of assistance?" She asked.

"You'll just have to let me and my girlfriend be undisturbed for some time in the corner dressing room." I replied.

"But..." The sales clerk began.

I interrupted her," Bare in mind...a huge sale. You'll be rewarded generously if you lead the other customers away from the corner dressing room and dismiss the sounds. A huge sale."

After some time the girl accepted my offer, "Okay, but only for half an hour and try to keep the noise down. You'll promise me a huge sale."

"Of course. We have a deal," I said and turned around and walked back to Carmen in the corner dressing room with a swagger.

I opened the door quietly and there my mature lover was standing in front of me facing the large dressing room mirror on the wall opposite the door. She wore a laced red demicup bra and matching red thongs. Those big, luscious tits of hers were barely contained in the skimpy material and her perfect tight ass was really on display.

Startled, Carmen looked shocked at me, and said with a soft voice, "Oh, Ryan. What are you doing in here? You have to leave, it's not allowed."

Grinning, I said cheeky "I thought you might need some help. You're my woman, so just let me take in the sight of you."

Fuck, my cock became hard as my eyes drank in my teacher's body. Her ass was perfect. The thong covered almost nothing, certainly not the gorgeous valley that separated those two magnificent round ass cheeks. I looked down and then up catching Carmen's reflection in the mirror. The demicup bra was also doing wonders to her luscious tits. Each of her breasts, full and perfect in their own right, formed an impressive cleavage as Carmen unknowingly squeezed them together. Her gorgeous face was flushed, but I couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or excitement.

With a whisper Carmen said, "Oh, Ryan. You shouldn't be in here. What if anyone notice us?"

I ignored her and decided to see how far I could take it, "Wauv Mrs. G. You look so fucking hot in this. You're making me so hard."

I took a step nearer Carmen and standing just behind her, I said in a low voice "I want you right here, right now."

I reached out and caressed her bare shoulder. Her skin was soft and smooth and electric. I slowly moved my hand, tracing a path with my fingertip down the back of her arm.

Carmen hissed at my actions, but didn't move or object as my hand moved over her arm. I reached out and placed my other hand on her shoulder. Slowly, I moved that hand down her other arm. With my hands resting on her elbows, I moved closer still and pressed my hips forward. My cock, as hard as it's ever been, pushed against those two glorious ass cheeks. Carmen just stood still staring at me in the mirror. Her beautiful brown eyes betrayed her emotions as they grew big when she felt the hardness of my cock pressing against her thong-covered ass and she drew in a short, quick breath.

I stood close behind my best friend's mother just drinking in the reflection of her body. Her nipples were hard and certainly not hidden in the shear material of her bra. I leaned forward and let a slow, hot breath fall against the side of her neck. Leaning in, I softly kissed her neck. I started to trace my lips along the gentle slope of her neck, pausing at her earlobe where I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled on it. My eyes were never leaving hers in the reflection of the mirror.

"Love you so much," I murmured, "You make me feel like a real man for the first time in my life."

"Ohhhhh, Ryan. I love you too," Carmen just whispered.

She turned her face to mine and our lips met and parted, our tongues lightly dancing. The kiss was so sweet and light and delicious. My erection was now rock hard. I moved my hands to her ample tits.

As I cupped one in each hand, I thought to myself, "Fuck it's so cool. Carmen is letting me do this in public. She is totally devoted to me. Oh my God, those tits! What would my pals say, if they knew I was caressing those big, beautiful tits we have dreamed of and wanted for so long."

I could feel her nipples, hard and stiff, against the fabric of the red demicup bra. I affectionately squeezed them and Carmen moaned softly. I continued fondling those full tits, each so soft and heavy, but still firm to my touch.

Carmen moaned again and pressed her ass against my cock. Slowly, she began to rotate her hips, her ass massaging my long hard pole. Without saying a word, I reached back behind her and unclasped the bra. In a matter of seconds I dropped it on the floor while saying, "Place your hands on the mirror, Mrs. G."

Looking at my reflection, Carmen leaned forward and put her hands up on the mirror making her full breasts sway as they were freed. She pressed back against me, her ass caressing my huge cock. What a magnificent sight she made, a picture of sexuality and sensuality. I noticed how her hands trembled as I reached down and gently took hold of her waist.

I moved my hands to the front of the red thong and began to touch her vulva outside of the skimpy laced fabric. Slowly I slid some of my fingers inside and moved up and down her moist slit. Carmen moaned and I felt her wiggle as my fingers came in contact with her swollen clit. I parted her pussy lips and began to finger fuck her, while kissing and liking her delicate neck.

Carmen moaned again and wiggled, as I began sucking on her neck, while pushing my fingers in and out her soaking wet pussy.

"Look at us," I said as she bucked against my hand.

Carmen looked into the mirror as I continued stimulating her pussy. All of a sudden, she shuddered and began shaking. Her breath drew in sharply and a burst of fluid splashed over my hands and the red thong, as my mature lover just experienced an orgasm.

As Carmen slowly regained her senses, I quickly unbuckled my pants and pushed them to the ground. I grabbed her hips, positioned my huge cock at her moist entrance and stared at her in the mirror.

When our eyes met in the reflection of the mirror, I grinned and pulled her back on my long hard pole. Her wet, yet tight cunt slid quite easily over my large mushroom head and she gasped as my cock stretched her pussy.

"Aaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg...." Carmen moaned loudly as she pushed back, taking the length of my cock inside her. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my shaft. We stared at each other in the mirror as I slowly moved her forward and then back again, feeding her pussy with my big cock. Carmen's luscious tits were gently swaying with each of our movements. Her pussy felt like heaven and I was very excited about the notion of taking my hot teacher in a dressing room.

I tighten my grip on Carmen's hips and began slamming my cock in and out of her. Her pussy slid up and down my shaft and my balls slapped up against her with each thrust.

"Oh Ryan," she moaned as I began to move my hips so I trusted my spear deeper and deeper inside her moist canal.

"Oh year, that's it baby....," Carmen said seductively looking into my eyes. "Fuck me with your beautiful long cock."

I knew I wasn't going to last long, so I looked into the mirror and into her eyes and said, "I'm going to fuck your brains out, Mrs. G."

My words made Carmen's pussy muscle tighten around my dick and she moaned, "Ooooohhhhhhhh, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah."

I started to fuck my mature lover for all I was worth, stretching her tight pussy with my large meat-club. I no longer cared I if anyone in the store would hear us.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Carmen almost screamed as I thrusted my cock deep into into her pussy. She still had both palms of her hands planted on the mirror, and her tight ass was looking glorious framed by the red thong. I took a better hold of her hips and thrust my groin forward, slamming my cock into her again and again. The sounds of my thighs slapping into hers combined with the sloshing of my hard pole into her wet pussy and her moaning could definitely be heard outside the dressing room. Carmen's body was rocking back and forth into my as she kept her hands planted on the mirror. Her full heavy tits were swaying back and forth with our rhythm.

"Aaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh, stud. Oh, yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss. Keep fuuuuuucking meeeee, I'm soooo close," Carmen shrieked as I was thrusting into her with a ferocious pace and I was determined to make her cum like never before.

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