tagMatureBad Teacher Ch. 10

Bad Teacher Ch. 10


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age. The feedback on the story had provide me with two very different story-lines. First it could be a degrading of the hot teacher Carmen with a lot of sharing with Ryan's friends, domination and so on. Second it could be a focus on Ryan and Carmen's relationship, not including others in the mix. I have pondered over this for some time and decided to move forward with the latter. It's just where the characters leads me. In my perspective Ryan isn't a sharing type of guy. Sorry if I disappoint some of my readers – but it's my prerogative to make that decision as the story moves on to the finish line :-) Hetup

Chapter 10: Alone at last

After some troubled days at the Grants household my plan came through. Peter and Carmen had had some prolonged discussions about Carmen's pregnancy but in the end Peter accepted a trial separation. Tony was baffled at the news and not to keen on staying in a house with a pregnant woman. He told his mother that he loved her, but that he wouldn't want to move, so he would keep on living with Peter at the house before moving away to college. But he would visit Carmen and they could also talk at school.

I had already told my mother about the trouble in the Grants household and laid the ground for Carmen's request for moving in with me. Hearing the news my mother came back for a day and met with Carmen. She was very concerned and agreed wholehearted to Carmen moving in with me in my parents mansion. As she left she told me, that she expected me to take good care of Carmen and help her with her new living situation.

I drove my mother to the airport and then back home where I changed the password to the gate, so we wouldn't be surprised by unannounced visitors.


The past couple of days had been excruciating. I had kept my distance to Carmen and not even gotten a single kiss. But I had my eyes on the prize and now it was in reach. It had taken more than two months of blackmailing, coaxing, reasoning, flattery and scheming to bring us together. But I had proven I was relentless in my effort to get my dream woman. I had over come Carmen's worries and made her fall in love with me despite the age difference. But now she had embraced her life-alternating decision. In the back of my head I had a nagging thought about our new life together. Would I be content living with Carmen as my one and only woman, now I had won her over, or would the hunter in me seek out new thrills. I just didn't know but decided to relish the moment and intensify my relationship with Carmen.

I called out her name as I walked out from the office where I had changed the password to the gate. I received no response and figured she must have been upstairs in her new room, which were right next to mine. My parents house was very large, and my mother had been surprised, that I had assigned the room next to mine to Carmen. The rooms even shared a bathroom. I had explained my decision with my concern for Carmen and her pregnant state and my mother had accepted this explanation with a smile and thought I was really sweet and caring.

I headed into the kitchen where I had put a bottle of champagne in the fridge. I had just open it when Carmen appeared.

"Mind if I join you?" She asked.

"Of course not, Mrs. G. I think we should toast to "New beginnings", I replied as I fetched two glasses from the cabinet.

"I can't drink, Ryan. Remember I'm pregnant."

"I know Mrs. G. and I love the fact, that you're caring my child. So just take a little sip to celebrate our decision."

"All right," Carmen said with a little smile and we toasted each other.

"How are you feeling? Is everything okay with our child," I asked.

"Oh, Ryan. I love your concern about our child and everything is fine. Remember I'm a grown woman and I have given birth before," Carmen giggled as she caressed my chin with her delicate hand.

"I know you're a grown woman. Although I have to say, you're are looking hotter than any of the girls at school. Even with the stress of the last couple of days you look gorgeous. I have always thought, if anything, having two children only served to make you more feminine and attractive. It has made your body wonderful curvy in all the right places. I just love your beautiful luscious breasts and your mature but still tight ass. So I know you're a grown woman, but you can't blame me for wanting to look after you. I feel like it's my prerogative now you have become my woman."

"It's very sweet that you think so much of me and I like the idea of you taking care of me," Carmen said, setting her glass down and pulling me into a tight hug. Carmen was wearing a papaya colored lightweight sleeveless scoop neck top with a twisted neckline showcasing the top of her full round breasts and khaki colored Capri pants with the waistband hidden behind a sash belt and high-heels. She looked really hot in a subtle way. Of course I'd noticed the way her breasts swayed under the top and the thin fabric outlined her nipples. She was clearly without a bra.

We hugged for a minute before I decided to play it cool and asked with a grin as I broke the hug, "Now woman, I'm starving. Is there anything good?"

Carmen just giggled and said, "I have made us something light, now sit down and I'll give it the finishing touch."

Sitting at the table while Carmen fixed our dinner felt really good and it made me think about how nice it was getting it on with a mature housewife. She knew her way around the kitchen and didn't think less of me as we assumed the classic gender roles. While she went about pulling our dinner together I asked Carmen how her day went.

"I talked with Michelle over the phone today and she is fully behind my decision to get a separation from Peter. She was appealed by Peter's take on my pregnancy. Then I went home and packed my belongings and with Tony's help moved it to your house. I also talked with Tony and he still seems indifferent to our separation."

"I'm glad both your children are accepting your move. I have talked with Tony and I think he is so caught up in dating Janet, that you could take a trip to the moon and he wouldn't care. So it give us a chance to act as a united couple behind this walls and I'll show you how good a man I can be."

"I would love that, but we have to be careful," Carmen replied.

"I agree, so no more taking risks in public before your divorce are finalized."

Carmen placed a plate down in front of me and kissed me before she also sat down and we ate. After dinner we move into the living room and I got up behind the couch, where Carmen was seated.

"Carmen, you're still really tense," I said, placing my hands on her slender shoulders. "You really should have a massage or a soak in the hot tub for a while." I began to rub and caress her shoulders, digging into the muscles with some strength. Carmen closed her eyes and moaned as I rubbed her. I could feel how the tension started to leave her muscles and I whispered, "That's it baby, just let it all go. You can't carry that kind of tension around, it's not healthy."

As Carmen relaxed she started to rest her head against my stomach and I had an unobstructed view down her top. My cock started throbbing and as I felt Carmen relax even more I slid my hands down her front and cupped her exquisite breasts. I felt how both her nipples sprang to attention and Carmen moaned.

I bent down and whispered into her left ear, "Let's celebrate in style. Let's make love in every room in this house and lets start right here and now."

Carmen looked up at me and I bent down and gave her a wet kiss. I broke the kiss and moved around the couch and as I looked at my best friend's mother, she reached with both hands, grabbing the bottom of her top and proceeded to pull it up over her shoulders and head. I watched in awe as she carefree peeled of the top, exposing her full round naked tits. I would never get tired of this wondrous sight. Carmen's olive complexion and her luscious breasts with just a bit of sag and the nipples jutting out proudly was a huge turn-on. I stood still as Carmen continued to strip and soon we were naked.

She got up from the sofa and started coming towards me only wearing her high-heels. I watched her ample breasts jiggle with every step she took, giving me a hard-on almost spontaneously. My eyes roamed up and down her naked form, drinking in her gorgeous breasts, exquisite trimmed legs, slightly wide childbearing hips and bald pussy. She stopped right in front of me, her tits almost touching my lower chest.

"Fuck, you look hot, Mrs. G. Now help me get naked," I said.

As I pulled off my t-shirt Carmen's hands were reaching for the drawstring in my pants. She untied it and then grabbed my pants at each side, shoving it down over my hips. As the pants cleared my swollen cock it sprang out into freedom.

"Oh Ryan, it's so hard and magnificent," Carmen said softly, reaching down to my engorged pole and lightly stroking the underside with her fingernails.

"Fuck Carmen, I'm always hard around you. I want you so bad," I groaned and wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her naked flesh against my own.

She rapidly reached up, wrapping her arms around my neck, flattening her full round tits against my chest. Our mouths met in a lustful kiss and soon our tongues were dueling passionately. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a handful of soft tit, squeezing it kind of hard. It felt as Carmen's breasts had become even firmer than before, maybe as a result of her pregnancy. I broke off our kiss and leaned down, taking her right tit in my mouth, my tongue circling her aureole making the nipple, if possible, even harder. I flicked my tongue over the tip of nipple before I gently bid down.

"Argggg, Ryan. You make me so excited!" Carmen moaned at my actions and I felt her hands on my head and then her fingers sifted lovingly through my hair. Her nails scratched the back of my neck and then her grip tightened after a moment and she guided me to her other breast. I continued to kiss, lick, suck and bite her tits and ran my hands down her sides and around to her tight ass. I fondled her ass with both hands as I devoured her tits with my mouth leaving a couple of potential hickeys.

My action made Carmen stirred up and one of her hands descended to my crotch. I could fell how it caressed my huge shaft before her fingers reached the large mushroom head and massaged it. The sensation of her hand on my cock turn it into a huge solid throbbing pole and I could feel how my pre-cum started to flow and Carmen smeared it around the head with tender touches.

"Oh Ryan!" she moaned excited. "It's even harder than usual."

I pulled my face from her breasts and we looked at each other. Her breath was coming in loud rushes and her tits, wet with my saliva, were heaving up and down with each gasp. Carmen's radiant face with amazing dark-lashed brown eyes and full sensual lips clearly showed her arousal. I felt my cock pulse and just groan, "My woman."

"Ohhhhh, Ryan." Carmen whispered, "What have you done to me. I just can't keep my composure around you. I need you! I need to feel you inside me right now."

Hearing these words from my best friend's mother sent a ripple of lust up my spine. Taking the initiative, Carmen, with her hand still wrapped around my aching hard-on, started walking backwards until the back of her knees hit the edge of the couch.

She let go of my cock and laid down on it, her full round tits swaying alluring as my still married lover got her petite body into position on her back. She spread her fine-looking legs wide and moved one of her tiny hands down and massaged her clit, looking at me with smoldering lust in her eyes. My mature teacher displayed a promiscuous side of herself, she had never showed me before.

"Come on stud, make me feel like a real woman," Carmen panted between deep breaths.

I joined her on the couch, my long hard pole sticking out in front of me. I got between her legs and braced myself over her at arms length. The weight of my large body hovering over her on the couch made her luscious tits sway in an enticing motion. I bent down and kissed one of them, sucking on a hard nipple for a second before I gently bit down and slowly lifted my head.

Carmen just moaned and continued to knead her clit as her tit was lifted by my actions. I released the nipple and moved my head up and sealed my open mouth over hers in a wanton, torrid kiss, thrusting my tongue as far as it would go into her mouth. Carmen immediately responded, clutching her arms around my neck, returning my kiss and attacking my tongue with her own. I moved my head back and soon our lips didn't touch and only our tongues were dueling.

My hips were high in the air and my hard cock hovered over her bald pussy.

"Put me in your wet pussy, baby," I groaned as I broke the kiss.

Carmen reached down and took my cock in her delicate hand, guiding it towards her pussy. She raised her head to look at our crotches and I also looked down. It was an amazing sight, having my petite youthful teacher on her back trying to position my huge cock into her snug opening.

"Oh, my God Ryan. I'm so wet and ready for you. But it's still a wonder, that your impressive cock can fit into me," she moaned and raised her face up, fastening her mouth onto mine, kissing me passionately. As we kissed she moved the head up and down her wet slit before she placed it at her entrance.

Then, just to make sure she was aware of the changed circumstances, I dragged my mouth off of hers and looked deep into her eyes and groaned. "You're my woman now and I'll never let you go."

I thrust my hips forward in a savage charge on her pussy and my large swollen head slid in. She was tighter than I expected, maybe some days abstinence had letting my mature lover's pussy getting back to her previous snug form.

Carmen screamed at my actions and her hands gripped my arms tightly.

"No turning back now. Your mine and I'll fuck you every day," I hollered.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggg, Ryan. It feels like your ripping me apart. Please let me get used to you again before you slide it all the way in," Carmen cried out as she flexed her hips a little for angling.

I moved my hips a little back before I more gently slid my throbbing cock into her steaming cunt. It gripped me like a hot, wet vice, but I kept on pushing deeper into my best friend's mother.

Now moaning softly, Carmen threw her head back and arched her hips, shoving her juicy slit up over my pulsating shaft.

"Much better, Ryan. Ooooooooooohhhhhh, your cock are stretching me and it feels so good," Carmen shrieked into my ear.

"Fuck Carmen, I'm going to give you the best fuck you ever had," I replied arrogantly.

"Arrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhh," Carmen just cried out pushing her hips up at me as her pussy swallowed more of my huge pole.

I enjoyed her snug, but still sopping wet canal. I looked down at my mature lover as I slowly moved in and out of her and groaned, "You're my woman now. Even if you're still married to Peter, you're caring my child and I'll take our relationship to a whole new level. I'm going to make you my wanton slut abiding my every command. Tell me you want me to take control over our relationship."

"Oh, God Ryan. You're are making me feel so desired. You're so powerful and my man now in every sense, so I'll try to be a good woman," Carmen moaned.

Hearing this mature, gorgeous and intelligent woman agreeing to becoming my slut in a moment of passion made me even harder and I began hammering my cock into her wet pussy. Her full round tits swayed with our motion and passion transformed her face. She locked her ankles behind my back, urging me inside her.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful and so wet, my wanton slut." I growled, pounding into her, while hitting her cervix with every stroke.

"Oh, Ryan, you make me feel so sexy," Carmen gasped.

Now that I had seduced and conquered this married beauty and made her aware of my demands, I continued to thrust hard into her cervix. Carmen's luscious breasts had been moving sensually at first, but when I started to speed up they made an alluring sight as they swung into each other with a loud slap of skin against skin. Her nipples was hard as pencil erasers and the sight of them swaying as I hammered her pussy was spectacular.

"Soooooooooooooooooooo, goooooooooooooooooooooodddd, Ryan. Your fucking me so goooooooooooooooooooood..." Carmen screamed as she wrapped her legs around the small of my back, locking her feet together. Her hands gripped my ass, pulling at it so hard with each thrust I thought I might go right through her. I leaned down and our mouths mashed against each other in a torrid kiss.

For some time we kissed as I continued to fuck in and out of her tight pussy with long deep strokes. Then I tore my lips from hers and pushed myself back up on straight arms, not missing a beat, looking down to watch as her incredibly sexy mature body squirmed and lunged up at mine.

"My slut," I hissed as I continued moving my hips in a rapid motion.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesss, I'm your slut, Ooohhhh....Oooohhhhh....Ryan....Ooohhhh.....Ryan.....Oooohhhh..." Carmen chanted to the rhythm of my thrusts. She reached up behind to the back of my neck and pulled me back down on top of her, capturing my mouth once again with hers as her tongue sought out mine. It was a long, wet kiss this time. I could sense, how my mature teacher was giving into her desire and was filled with lust.

I moved my head up and broke the kiss, but our torsos were still slapping ferociously against each other as my long hard pole was sliding in and out of her wet tight pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg, Ryan," Carmen shrieked "Your making me feel sooo goooooooooood...."

"I've wanted to fuck you for years, Carmen. And now you're mine" I growled as I grabbed her ass and kept hammering into her

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss, I'm yours," Carmen cried as I pumped into her even harder. The couch started to move across the floor as I positioned her legs on my shoulders. I was now treating my best friend's mother like a wanton slut as the the back of her ankles was resting on my shoulders. I looked at my teacher as she was almost bent in two as she got the pounding and fucking she now craved.

"Arrggggg.....Arrggggg.....Arrggggg...I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummming," Carmen wailed, "It feels so good, keep fucking me stud.....keep pumping your large cock into me."

Carmen let out a huge scream as her pussy started contract around my cock, milking it like crazy. I kept pounding into her snug canal and Carmen kept on cumming.

After a moment I could feel myself being on the brink of orgasm and with a loud roar I let go of Carmen's legs and pulled out of her clasping pussy. I could feel it would be a massive load. Even as Carmen's body was still writhing by her orgasms, I grabbed hold of my rock solid shaft with my right hand and started to pump up and down violently. Emitting a huge roar I could feel my huge cock expand even more and my balls tighten. Seconds later I climaxed and my cock exploded. Incredibly huge globs of thick, hot cum blasted from the huge head, coating my mature lover in my potent seed. Giving in to my huge release, I kept on stroking my huge shaft as I continued to spray my semen onto my best friend's mother. I blasted huge loads of my cum all over Carmen's beautiful face, hair, chest, cleavage and pussy. For a long time I kept pumping my shaft as this hot milf lay below me on my parents couch. After some time I got up and looked down on my married lover.

My potent seed was sprayed in huge, thick ropes over her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead and nose. Thick ropes of cum was apparent in her black hair and more blasted onto her neck and chest, running down between her spectacular tits. Her tight stomach was also covered and so was her gaping cunt.

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